SUJANA TMT, an advantage called quality

The Ultimate in TMT STEEL
Re-heating furnace


Sujana TMT bars find wide applications in different spheres including coastal and marine environments which are susceptible to corrosion.

Quality Implementation
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Strict adherence to sampling & testing of steel chemistry Detailed sampling of finished products Rolling in negative tolerance Advanced products through technological upgrades Strict cost cutting in processes to deliver value to the customer Ensuring systematic working procedures High team motivation to meet the Company’s vision Strict adherence to ISI standards & procedures

We also have the facilities to manufacture, fabricate and erect power transmission and telecommunication towers. Sujana Metal Products Limited has always been known for its stringent quality and process standards. Little wonder, when you consider that our demanding clients for Transmission and Telecom Towers are Reliance, Airtel, TATA Projects, BSNL, AP Genco, GRIDCO, TNEB, KEB etc and our other products are choosen by Kirby Building Systems, Nagarjuna Construction company, IVRCL, KMC, APHML etc. At Sujana Metal Products Limited, we manufacture Sujana TMT and structural steel products complying to ISI standards in an integrated Rolling Mill that incorporates the best of world-class infrastructure, equipment and machinery. We also source our steel billets from our own sister company in order to have a complete control on the quality of the raw material that goes into making each and every Sujana TMT bar.

General purpose concrete reinforcement structures (i.e., homes, apartments. etc.) Hospitals Hotels Auditoriums Bridges Flyovers Dams Thermal and Hydel Power Plants Industrial structures High-rise buildings Construction in Earthquake areas Underground platforms in Metro Railways and Rapid Transport Systems

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Quality Assurance
Safety First, consistent delivery of products with improved specification, through constant technological upgrades Economy Always, developing high-strength products, aiming to reduce the customer’s material consumption and ensuring competitive prices

Sujana Metal Products Limited
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SUJANA TMT, the magic is in the process

Sujana TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) bar is rolled out of the world’s proven German technology process. The process involves three stages of treatment i.e quenching, self-tempering and atmospheric cooling.
Grades Yield (min.Mpa) BIS

UTS (min.Mpa) BIS 485 545 585 Sujana 540 630 690

Elongation (min%) BIS 14.5 12.5 8.0 Sujana 24 18 12

Sujana 450 530 580

Higher Strength

The first stage - Reheated billet goes through rolling process and is passed through the quenching process, where the surface of the bar is instantly cooled to martensite, while the core is still austenitic. The second stage - Heat from the core of the bar dissipates to the surface allowing to form tempered martensite, while the core remains austenitic, this process is called self tempering. The third stage - Atmospheric cooling, wherein the bar is cooled on the cooling bed, results in the austenitic core being converted into ductile ferrite-pearlite core. This gives Sujana TMT the superior qualities of strength and ductility.

Fe-415 Fe-500 Fe-550

415 500 550

Better Elongation

Sujana TMT is brought to you by Sujana Metal Products Limited (SMPL) of the Sujana Group, a reputed steel manufacturing company located in Hyderabad with a wide and specialised range both in TMT and Structural Steels. Sujana Metal Products Limited, in a short time has established itself as the first choice supplier of steel products for the construction sector delivering world-class quality to a vast spectrum of clients.


BIS Standard

Sujana TMT
Tolerance grams / mtr. Min. Max. 367 574 844 1500 2396 3735 4685 6120 395 617 888 1580 2470 3850 4830 6310 Saving by weight 7% 7% 5% 5% 3% 3% 3% 3%

Excellent Weldability

SUJANA TMT, inbuilt with inner strength
Sujana TMT can be used for a number of high-specialty and custom construction purposes. Its high corrosion and rust resistance make it the first choice for buildings in coastal and other areas with high humidity. Its ductility and bendability on the other hand mean that it is the perfect choice for buildings in seismic zones and for construction that is under stress. Build with Sujana TMT, it’s the best way to build.
Vertical stands

What is special to the “SUJANA TMT” bar?
       8 10 12 16 20 25 28 395 617 888 1580 2470 3850 4830 6310

grams / mtr. Min. Max. 367 574 844 1500 2396 3735 4685 6120 423 660 932 1659 2544 3965 4975 6499

Higher strength Higher UTS / Yield ratio (enhanced elongation) Higher fatigue strength Higher resistance to heat Higher resistance to corrosion Excellent weldability Excellent ductility

Earthquake Resistant

Heat Resistant

SUJANA TMT, the new age Steel
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Sujana TMT is the new generation high strength and ductile steel bar. Sujana TMT has high corrosive resistance, good weldability, good strength and ductility and high bendability. Sujana TMT is manufactured under strict quality and process standards compatible to international standards. Sujana TMT has good bond strength between the bar and the concrete. Sujana TMT stands far superior to the conventional CTD bars with respect to all quality standards.

The “SUJANA TMT” bar advantage
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Superior Ductility

Saves 14-19% steel compared to CTD bars Better safety of structures, owing to higher strength & durability Suitable for seismic loadings (ie: in earthquakeprone areas) due to enhanced fatigue resistance Improved resistance to corrosion than CTD bars Pre-fabrication of meshes possible
Characteristics Design Strength Quantity Required Over CTD 415 % of Savings in Weight CTD 415 415N/ 1,000 MT Sujana TMT 500 500N/ 0854 MT 14.6% Sujana TMT 550 550 N/ 0.809 MT 19.15%

Easy Workability

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BIS weldability Carbon (max.%) Manganese (%) Sulphur & Phosphorous (%) 0.25 0.5 to 1.2 as per IS:1786/2008

Sujana weldability 0.25 to 0.30 0.5 to 0.8 as per IS:1786/2008
Rack type cooling bed

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