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Submitted By: Swarvanu Medda and Rahul Barman Guided By : Chiranjit Poddar

Table Of Content
1. Synopsis 2. Project Approach 3 Feasibility Study 4. Module of the Project 5. Data Tables 6. Data Flow Diagrams 7. Entity Relationship Diagram 8. Screen Shots of Form 9. Conclusion 10 Future Scope of the project 11 Bibliographies

Project Synopsis
Purpose of job portal:
Purpose of job portal system is to facilitate General administration system to manage various information from job seeker and the processes involved in the placement of the company. So that organization can access accurate information quickly and easily as and when it required.

The project would help in systematic and effective record keeping that is storing and retrieving useful data. The main objective of developing this project . It should inform both job seeker and job provider when a appropriate person is found for a job It should contain all information of company and vacancies which is registered in this site. It contain all information of job seeker like personal details, educational details and professional details It should posses and evaluate jobs registered by companies

FEATURES: _ Secure _ Easy to us _ Reliable and accurate

Project Aproach
Job Portal is a web-based application, which has two main entities Job seeker, Job provider. Job seeker can register themselves, modify their details, search and apply for the jobs

Job seeker can upload new resume, update his profile and can view his status of jobs he/she had applied


User interface as: HTML, J2EE

Database: MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2008 R2 IDE: NETBEANS Querying language: SQL

Feasibility Study
1.) Economic Feasibility:
Economic analysis is most frequently used for evaluation of the effectiveness of the system. More commonly knows as cost/benefit analysis the procedure is to determine the benefit and saving that are expected from a system and compare them with costs, decisions is made to design and implement the system . This part of feasibility study gives the top management the economic justification for the new system. This is an important input to the management the management, because very often the top management does not like to get confounded by the various technicalities that bound to be associated with a project of this kind. A simple economic analysis that gives the actual comparison of costs and benefits is much more meaningful in such cases. In the system, the organization is most satisfied by economic feasibility. Because, if the organization implements this system, it need not require any additional hardware resources as well as it will be saving lot of time

2.) Technical Feasibility

Technical feasibility centers on the existing manual system of the test management process and to what extent it can support the system. According to feasibility analysis procedure the technical feasibility of the system is analyzed and the technical requirements such as software facilities, procedure, inputs are identified. It is also one of the important phases of the system development activities. The system offers greater levels of user friendliness combined with greater processing speed. Therefore, the cost of maintenance can be reduced. Since, processing speed is very high and the work is reduced in the maintenance point of view management convince that the project is operationally feasible.

3) Behaviour Feasibility:
People are inherently resistant to change and computer has been known to facilitate changes. An estimate should be made of how strong the user is likely to move towards the development of computerized system. These are various levels of users in order to ensure proper authentication and authorization and security of sensitive data of the organization.

Module of the project:

Project can be divided into three main modules: Login section Registration module Job seeker administration section

Module 1: Login section: In login section both job seeker can login

Module 2: Registration module which is further subdivided into

Job seeker registration

Module 3: Job seeker administration section which is further subdivided into

Resume registration under vacancy category Search for job according to his skill

Module 4: Job provider administration section which is further subdivided into Registration vacancy Update vacancy Check job status

Site working:
Case A: Job seeker administration Job seeker has to register himself to this site This is a free site for job seeker After full Login job seeker can register his resume Job seeker can register his full Bio data in a particular vacancy category He can also update his resume He can also search for vacancy according to his skill and can apply for a job He can also check his job status from where he can get a response

System Analysis

Working principles of Existing System:

This site is an attempt to make the task of administrator and job seeker much easier. This site ensures the consistency by enabling the job seeker to register themselves and to find the desired information of jobs, get them involved with the job site and can access various types of jobs provided by the job site. Administrator has the right to know everything. He has the right to know the details of job seeker. He can change any service that the job site is currently providing or he can add any service that is not being currently provided by the site. Even the administrator has the power to access password of a customer and he can access all hidden files. Job seeker can contact company officials by email or his contact number. But first he has to register himself by filling up a registration form through online Aim of this project is to provide a helpful environment for job seeker as well as job provider.

Features of the proposed system: Provide full information of employer/ employees various places at a site Provide full information of total vacancies at various regions at one site Provide full information of total vacancies of various industries/company at
one site

Experience Mobile

password emailid name

location Job seeker Last_date Date of birth



Key skill Job manage ment

jobdb id

Job Applied

Company Name



location emailid


Database Design:
In our data flow diagram, we give names to data flows, processes and data stores. Although the names are descriptive of data, they do not dive details .So following DFD, our interest is to build some details of the contents of data flows, processes and data store. A data dictionary is a structured repository of data about data .It is a set of rigorous definitions of all DFD data elements and data structures .The data dictionary for the current system has been given as under

Tables for Project:

JOBDB: This table maintains upcoming interview dates of all registered companies in our site. Field Name Company Location Position Eligibility Last_date Job_title Id Data type Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Bigint Allow Nulls


APPLIED: This table maintains Field Name Emailid Id applicationno Data Type varchar varchar varchar Allow Nulls

Step1: This table maintains basic registration details of recruiters. Field Name Emailid Password Name Location Mobile Gender Dob Photo Data Type varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Allow Nulls


Step2: This table maintains detailed registration details of seekers. Field name Emailid Experience Keyskill Industry Area Graduation Cv Data type Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar varchar Allow Nulls


Home Page

Registration (Step 1)

Registration (Step 2)

This is a well defined job of our team that has taken four weeks to analyze the situation in which this project will work and the environment of the company that will use this project. It was a good experience for us to work in a company that has a very friendly environment and learning atmosphere. We are very thankful to Chiranjit Podder. He has good programming skills and so many company related skills which help us to develop this project

Future scope of this project

In future this project may be treated as a product of any organization according to specification and of the organization If this project is uploaded it can be used as a job site and any organization can register itself to carry out their recruitment It can also help jobseeker to find his appropriate job according to his qualification

Limitation of this project

Since every system has some limitations our system has also some limitations. Although it includes many features but it does not have different kind of access for different users.

Reference Sites Reference Books Software Engineering by Pressman