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12 Week Challenge

First Assessments Winners



Most Pushups: Joe Dziuban Most Sit-ups: Carrie Miller Best Distance: Carrie Miller Best Sit and Reach: Kathryn Laethem

Ask how you can get the 12 week challenge for Be sure to check out our Group Exercise Schedule For class updates!

Wins 1 Personal Training Session

Midway Assessments, week of November 5th Most classes attended: Wins free smoothie & 1 personal training session Biggest increase in push-ups: Biggest distance improvement: Wins free personal training session Highest % of weight lost: Wins $10 gift card & 1 personal training session

Final assessment week is December 16th - 22nd

Closed Thanksgiving Day! November 22, 2012

(Nov. 23rd only) 45% Off 1 month membership

($41.25 limit 12)

Black Friday Special!


$10 off Personal Training Session

(limit 10)

Trainers Corner
Astrauski, Joshua Astrowski, Lenard Bickel, Kellen Bierlein, Dorothy K. Bishop, Jeffrey Borchard, Mary Jane Braman, Craig Brandt, Mark Bresemann, Perry Caldwell, Laura Carroll, Brooke Compton, John Connell, Jack Holmes, Gail Hoyt, Terri Jamrog, Shelly Jenniches, Bart Johnson, Thomas Kenny, Jennifer Kischnick, Earl Koch, Matthew Koch, Nicole Kuhl, Jessica LaFave, Robert Laubsch, Amy Leach, Angel Rau, Doris Raymond, Derek Rogalski, Jeff Rondo, Carrie Rummel, Annette Schiefer, Gary Schmandt, Briana Schumacher, Alberta Schwarm, Jane Shepard, Teleatha Smith, Christopher Sommer, Diane Spaulding, Keith Stolz, Linda Toth, Joe Toth, Kathy Trinklein, Cory Turner, Jean Utter, Gladys Waltson, CeNedra Warren, Joy Warren, Richard Weiss, Lori Wellman, Gary Weycker, Aaron Williams, Curtis Woizeschke, Delores Young, Wendy Zdanowski, Jeff Zehnder, Karen Zehnder, Tracy Jean Turner
Personal Trainer, Certified Yoga/ Pilates Instructor, Lifestyle Fitness Coach

Diversified Fitness Club has been approved to be a SilverSneakers fitness facility, joining more than 11,000 locations nationwide to help adults 65 and older keep fit. If you belong to SilverSneakers you are entitled to full access of our facility, a complimentary 30 session with one of our certified personal trainers and specialized fitness classes. Danielle and I went to Toledo for a full day of training to become certified in teaching 2 of the SilverSneakers classes, Muscular Strength & Range of Movement , and Cardio Circuit . We were quite impressed with the health benefits these classes offer and are anxious to pass them on to you! We now offer the Muscular Strength & Range of Movement class on Tuesday @ 1:00 p.m. taught by Danielle and Thursday @ 10:00 a.m. taught by me. This class is beneficial to all fitness levels and ages. Due to the benefits, Diversified is opening this class to all members, not just SilverSneakers members. CLASS DESCRIPTION: Total Body Conditioning using hand weights, chair, elastic tubing and small ball. Everyone works at their own pace according to their fitness level. 4550 min. BENEFITS: Increased Strength, Range of Movement, agility, balance & coordination which leads to improved functioning in day to day activities. CLASS RULES: SHOW UP, GET FIT, HAVE FUN, MAKE NEW FRIENDS! (wear comfortable clothing and bring water)

Conzelmann, Thomas Lemminge, Laurie Courbier, Jesse Daily, Scott Dowis, Andrew Duvernois, Don Jr. Eickhoff, Zachary Eischer, Christina Elnick, Alan Fischer, Dennis Fritz, Ashley Fritz, Tara Germaine, Todd Goff, Brian Harrington, Judy Hart, Tim Hauck, Barbara Henion, Kyle Herzog, Jim Hines, Kevin Lewis, Kineta List, Ben Loesel, Rudy Lonsway, Eric Mcdermitt, Jennifer Mcintyre, Jake McKimmy, Karen McMartin, Charles McMartin, Ruth Merchant, Samantha Merten, Marsha Meyer, Tom Muschiana, Richard O'Connell, Andrew Parlberg, William Piesko, Susan Pietsch, Betty Prexl, Kerri

Hope to see you soon. Jean

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