1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background:
Our world is now in modern globalized era. At this 21st century our world has become speedy based on the developed technology. So the people living standard is being changed tremendously and for this many things are used for people to make their life comfort. Soft-drinks are the products to make people refreshing. Coca Cola is one of the popular soft drink in the whole world. This report has been prepared on this product on the topic “Customer Satisfaction is related to the Marketing Mix of Coca Cola.” This is a great opportunity to know about this product very closely through our report. This market is a competitive market by nature as several soft drinks companies is working in the market. So here marketing is very much important to be competitive and achieve goal and plays significant role to the business. So as a student of BBA under school of business we should make us as an efficient business executive to learn achieving business goal with practical knowledge. So it is mandatory for BBA student to prepare a report under BBA as a partial requirement. So that we can achieve the practical knowledge about the business world. For this reason we have to prepare a report about my internship program from where we achieve the practical knowledge. This report is prepared on topic “Customer Satisfaction related to the Marketing Mix of Coca Cola.” we got the opportunity to observe various principles and procedures followed in this department for Marketing operation and control. With the consent of the Company Managing Director Mr. Muhtar Kent and the approval of my advisor at Bangladesh University of Business & Technology, Lecturer, Mr. Moniruzzamam, we have prepared this report on our experience of work at Coca Cola Company on its “Marketing Mix Analysis of Coca Cola”.

1.2 Significance:
In the soft drink company Coca Cola is trying to give customer a better quality service in the World, rather then the other competitor of soft drink company. Coca Cola has been conducting their business through dealers’ whole over the world from their beginning, then they contract with the distributor, so it is compulsory for them to maintain regular contact & maintain regular monitoring system about customers purchasing, their behavior, employees’ performance, sales growth rate, current market situation and brand competitiveness. The output of this report may help to bring the situation of the current market and it help to take effective and efficient decisions to achieve the business goal.


1.3. Scope of the Report:
This report has been asked to prepare for analyzing competitive force of Cocacola based on the customer opinion and observation the market through visiting the market closely. This report is covered by the soft drink market positioning of Coca Cola company & the level of its competition. Hopefully this report can cover the competitive market situation of Coca Cola and how they can maintain their position in the soiftt drink industries.

1.4. Objectives:
1.4.1. Broad: • The major objective of this report is to identify & analyses the competitive force of coca cola and find out the opportunity for this product. 1.4.2. Specific: • To find out problem related to Coca Cola. • To provide some solution regarding to current marketing state of Coca Cola. • To analyze the customers perception about the products and these provided services. • To analyze current marketing strategies practiced by Coca Cola. • To identify the marketing mix of Coca Cola. 1.5. Methodology: 1.5.1. Descriptive Research: It is a descriptive research by nature. 1.5.2. Sources of Data: Primary: Data organized by the researcher for the specific purpose of addressing the research problem. Secondary: Data collected for some purpose other then the problem at hand. 1.5.3. Data collection procedure: Secondary: Company profile, Magazine, News paper add, Annual reports were used as secondary. Primary: Customer survey, observation, in-depth interview were conducted to collect primary data. 1.5.4. Questionnaire: Size: 3 page an a4 size paper. Administer time: Average 15 minutes per questionnaire. Type: Both close ended and open ended questions are used in the questionnaire. 1.5.5. Sampling plan:


1.5.5. 4. Lack of time for conducting a large scale survey.5.2. Lack of Records: Sufficient books. 1. 1. 2. Population: All the consumer of Bangladesh who drink Coca Cola.1. Sampling procedure: Non. 1.5.5. publications. These constraints narrowed the scope of accurate analysis. 3.5. 4 . Sample Frame: There was no sample frame found. 35% 15% 15% 10% 11% 09% 05% 100 1.6.5. Lack of customer co-operation. facts and figures are not available.5.probability convenience sampling….4. The research only covers the customers of Coca Cola in Bangladesh. Sample element: Individual customer.6 Limitation: 1.1.3. Sample size: Division Dhaka Chittagong Rajshahi Khulna Barisal Sylhet Rangpur Total Number of Respondents.5..

1.PART-2 COMPANY PROFILE 2. Background of Coca Cola Company: 5 .

concentrates and beverage bases for Coca-Cola. Syrups. Mission: • • • To refresh the world… To inspire moments of optimism… To create value & make a difference. more than a century old. marketer. Goal: The ultimate objectives of the business strategy are to increase volume. the Company's flagship brand. expand company’s share of worldwide nonalcoholic ready-to-drink beverage sales.2.1. Georgia. Fulfill customer needs and wants and Develop customer relationship. 2. technical assistance and other demonstrations of support in thousands of communities worldwide. local businesses are authorized to bottle and sell Company soft drinks within certain territorial boundaries and under conditions that ensure the highest standards of quality and uniformity. 2. employee volunteerism. Vision: Coca Cola Company has to focus on customer’s satisfaction and value and ensures quality of product. to social responsibility through philanthropy and good citizenship.4.The Coca-Cola Company is the world's leading manufacturer. 2. It also Grow share of customer. By contract with The Coca-Cola Company or its local subsidiaries.Social Responsiveness: The Coca-Cola Company has a commitment. 2.3. with world headquarters in Atlanta. maximize company’s long-term cash flows and create economic-value-added by improving economic profit. and distributor of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. 2. The Company's reputation for good corporate citizenship results from charitable donations.000 people around the world.1. and over 230 other Company soft-drink brands are manufactured and sold by The Coca-Cola Company and its subsidiaries in nearly 200 countries around the world. The Company and its subsidiaries employ nearly 31.5. ORGANOGRAM of the Company: 6 .

Chairman Executive Director Financial & HR Director General Manager Unit sales manager Market Development Manager Market Development Executive Customer Executive Merchandisers 2.Coca Cola Company.6 MARKETING MIX ANALYSIS OF COCA COLA COMPANY: 7 .

Coca Cola Company has designed its products in well manner. .Several brands belong to the several qualities on the basis of the product variety. Year of establishment. 2. Cola Lemon. the company takes back those defective products without any condition. Coca Cola has a policy to provide the best quality products to its customers. Cola Lemon Lime. Cola Orange and Cola Raspberry.1.Coca Cola Company has mentioned the price of the product into the size of bottle.2.Product  Product variety.  Discount.  Feature. Net Weight of coca cola.  Return.  Credit terms.  Quality.It has only one brand name that is Coca Cola. 8 .Price  List Price.Coca Cola Company provides discount only towards its loyal Distributor.Logo of the Company. name of the flavor of coca cola.2. Such as Cola. Cola Lime. which helps the customer to know the accurate price of the product. remembered for the customers.  Design.  Packaging. Cola Green Tea.6. which protects the cola pack from sun heat. rainfall and natural damages.If there is problem with the product.  Brand name. which attract the consumers positively. It also attracts the customers buying perceptions. Like.Coca Cola Company provides many credit terms towards its dealers or retailers.Coca Cola Company has added various types of features into its products.Coca Cola Company has many types of products.Coca Cola Company has packaged its all brands in such way.6.

04.00 80.Coca Cola Company has different category of product but it is easy to carry in all over the world and quite comfortable also. Sl. 02.  Assortment. Coca Cola Company has budgeted a big amount in this segment to increase a friendly relationship with its customers.6.Coca Cola Company provides short-term incentives towards its customers.Coca Cola Company offers different types of gifts to its Distributor and wholesaler.In Whole World Coca Cola Company is highly demanded and the company is successfully filling up the demand of target customers.00 Commission Per Bottle Nil Nil Nil Nil Coca Cola (250ml ) Coca Cola (500ml ) Coca Cola (1000ml ) Coca Cola (2000ml ) 2.  Coverage. Micro Wave.4.00 30.00 50.6. Coca Cola Company offers these gifts to whole Bangladesh. No.Promotion  Sales promotion.Place  Channel. Iron. Name of the Brand and size Per Bottle Rate (Tk.) 12.Coca Cola Company distributes its products by shop. 01.Fridge.  Direct marketing. Dealer’s use several types of cargo by which they bring the product to their selling area.There has so many advertising for the customer.  Transportation. dealers and retailers.Coca Cola Company has maintained direct marketing by the distributor and whole seller. 2.3.  Public relation. Box Fan and many other attractive products to the Distributor and wholesaler.Coca Cola Company has its own transportation. Like.  Advertising.Market Price Situation Coca Cola Brands: The following list is the price of various brands of cement as on 8th February 20. 03. Factory End User Sales Departmen t Dealer Retailer 9 .

 Lack of promotional program for Dhaka market and other market 2.3.  It has skill & efficient employee.7.7.  There is no any branches in Bangladesh to deliver the product. Opportunity:  The attraction of the people towards coca cola is increasing day by day.The process starts from the sales department and the demand of the customers After producing the coil from the factory distributor purchases the product from the company Then distributors sale the products to the retailers and customers.  Increasing new soft drinks company in Dhaka city. Weakness:  Dhaka is its main target market. 10 .  Lack of government facility to address soft drinks.1. Threat:  Many of its competitors’ prices are lower than its rate.4. 2.7.2. 2.7.7 SWOT ANALYSIS OF Coca Cola: 2. Strength:  Coca Cola Company is the growing up Soft Drinks Beverage Company. Lastly end users/ consumers buy products from retailers 2.  Coca Cola Company is using quality drinks to produce Cola.


it is ready to begin planning the details of the marketing mix. packaging. promotion and place) into a coordinated program designed to achieve the company’s marketing objectives by delivering value to consumers. product-This is the good or service that the company provides. price. Marketing Mix Marketing mix is the set of controllable tactical marketing tools that are product.1. this is done by using the four P`s to establish what the produce is. a basic tool of marketing managers. combining them to achieve a grater result from there combination then each of the individual effects of following. used to promote the sales of a product`` (2000). The marketing mix constitutes the company’s tactical tool kit for establishing strong positioning in target market and that is why. 12 . once the company has decided on its overall competitive marketing strategy. The Marketing Mix can be adjusted on a frequent basis to meet the changing needs of the target group and the other dynamics of the marketing environment. It is important to understand that the Marketing Mix principles are controllable variables. An effective marketing program blends all of the marketing mix elements (product. the price.3. The Marketing Mix model (also known as the 4 P`s) can be used by marketers as a tool to assist in implementing the marketing strategy. pricing. Marketing Mix Marketing Management Introduction The Marketing Mix. Marketing managers bring the elements of the Four P`s together. and advertising. price. one of the major concepts in modern marketing. the particular mixture of marketing Mix is also known as the Four Ps. On the other hand. the place an promotion. marketing mix is the set of controllable marketing tools the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market. However it is more than product or service itself. it is also the benefits that meet. Marketing managers use this method to attempt to generate the optional response in the target market by blending 4 variables in an optimal way. is defined by Microsoft Encarta World English Dictionary as:” marketing mix (plural marketing mixes) noun mixture of marketing techniques. promotion and place that the firm blends to produce the response it wants in the target market. Four P`s stand for  Product  Price  Place  Promotion The Four P`s the Marketing Mix is used to market product or service.

acquisition.Product Variety Quality Design Features Brand Name Packaging Services Promotion Advertising Personal Selling Sales Promotion Public relation Price List Price Discount Allowance Payment Period Returns Credit Terms Marketing Mix Place Channels Coverage Assortments Location Inventory Transportation Logistics Figure: Four P’s of Marketing Mix The elements of marketing mix are described in the following manner 3. Product We define product as anything that can be offered to a market for attention. products include physical objects. persons. idea or mixes of these entities.1. service events. place. Product includes more than just tangible goods. use or consumption and that might satisfy a want or need. organization. Broadly defined. 13 .1.

does the organization create what its intended customers want? Define the characteristics of your product or service that meets the need of your customers.  Quality: Product quality consists of the ability to satisfy customer’s needs and wants as well as the ability of a product to perform its function.  Feature: A product can be offered with varying features. 14 . Product quality has two dimension that are level and consistency. It is better for a company that there are present of provision of return defective product. it includes the product’s overall durability. Therefore the question on product has become.  Design: Style simply describes the appearance of a product. Features are competitive tools for differentiating the company’s program. Product may be described in following ways: Product Variety: Marketers present their product in different ways. Design is a larger concept than style.  Return: It refers to provision of defective product back to the producer. The company can create higherlevel models by adding more features. Being the first producer to introduce a needed and valued new feature is one of the most effective ways to compete.However there are no bad products anymore in today’s highly competitive markets that he perceives as bad. The activities of designing and producing the container for a product. It should be easy to pronounce.  Brand name: A good name can add greatly to a product’s success. ease of operation and repair and other valued attributes. It should suggest something about the product’s benefit and quality. recognize and remember. reliability. that identifies the market or seller of a product or service.  Packaging: Packaging involves designing and product the container or wrapper for a product. In addition to design or a combination of these. precision.

suppose that “X” company spends more than 1 million each year on advertising to tell consumers about the company and its product. For a example. PROMOTION Promotion means activities that communicate the merits of the product and persuade target customers to buy it. the buyer can deduct 2% if the bill is paid within 10 days. It refers to the promotional money paid by manufacturers to retailers in return for an agreement to feature the manufacturer’s products in some ways. Permanently competing on price is for many companies not a very sensible approach.1.  Discount: Discount is a price reduction to buyers who pay their bills promptly. A typical example is “ 2/10.  Credit terms: Is there provision of credit term? If any then what are characteristics of that. Dealership sales people assist potential buyer and persuade them that “X” company is the best cement for them.  Payment period: What are the processes on way of payment is it flexible for customer or not? It should be flexible for customers.  Allowance: Allowances are another type of reduction from the list price. which is written on the product.3. How much are the intended customers willing to pay? Here we decide on a pricing strategy. net 30” which means that although payment is due written 30 days. Although competing on price is as old as mankind. he consumer is often still sensitive for price discount and special offers.1. 3. “X” company and its dealers offer special 15 . PRICE Price refers to the amount of money charged for a product or service or the sum of the values that consumers exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service. you must realize that this is a conscious decision and forms part of the pricing not let it just happen! Even if you decide not to ask (enough) money for a product or service.3.2.  List price: The price. Price has also an irrational side: something that is expensive must be good.

setting advertising budgets. It overcomes the major times. goods or services by an identified sponsor. promotion. PLACE Place includes company activities that make the product available to target customers. personal selling. It may be described in following manner:  Channel: The distribution channel moves goods and services from producers to customers. developing advertising strategy and evaluating advertising campaigns. public relations and direct marketing to reach customers. They are described in following manner:  Sales promotion: Sales promotion is short-term incentives to encourage the purchase on sale of a product or service. The customer in target market may be got the product easily. negotiation etc. cash rebates.promotions lice sales promotion.  Direct marketing: Direct marketing consists of direct communication with carefully targeted individual customer to obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationship.personal presentation and promotion of ideas. stories and events.  Public Relation: Another major mass promotion tool is public relations that building good relations with company’s various publics by obtaining favorable publicity. place and possession gaps that separate goods and services from those who would use them. sales promotion.  Advertising: Advertising is any paid of non. 16 . matching. Marketers use the normal promotion tools that are advertising. contact.  Coverage: Producer’s product should be cover target market area. It helps to complete transaction in such way – information.1. 3. and low financing rate etc as added purchase incentive.4. building up a good corporate image and handling or handling off unfavorable rumors. Marketing management must make 4(Four) important decisions when developing n advertising program that are setting advertising objectives.

17 . The choice of transportation carries affects the pricing of products. not the buyer’s view.  Inventory: Inventory levels also affect customer satisfaction. Here we can mention that it holds that the four (4) Ps concepts take the seller’s view of the market. All of which will affect customer satisfaction. From the buyer’s viewpoint. The major program is to maintain the delicate balance between carrying too much inventory and carrying too little. customers see themselves as buying value or a solution to their problem according to their needs and wants. delivery performance and condition of the goods when they arrive.  Transportation: Marketers need to take an interest in their company’s transportation decisions. Four (4) Ps Four (4) Cs Product Customer solution Price Customer Cost Promotion Communication Place Convenience Thus while marketers see themselves as selling a product. Robert Lauterborn suggest that the sellers four P’S correspond to the customer four C’s. Assortment: Product should be assorting some or various category so that producer transports it easily and customer use it easily or in comfortable way. in this age of connectedness. In inventory decisions management must balance the costs of carrying larger inventories against resulting sales and profits. the four P’s might be better described as the four (4) C’s.

W.1. VISION Vision is a statement that is not so much clear objective of an organization.4.3.Price is the most important factor regarding buying and selling products. SWOT analysis is a very important factor for a Company. 3.Strength.2. Promotions make the customers aware and well communicated with people. Customers want the products and services to be a conveniently available as possible. SWOT Analysis SWOT states for S. GOAL Goal is a gross diversification. To remove illiterate. 3. Customers are interested in more than the price. That is mission is more clear than vision. It indicates that to achieve all the purpose of the organization in the long run. O-Opportunities and T. because price has a significant role in selecting the product and customers are now more concern about their cost. 3.Weakness.5. 3. To reduce corruption.5. STRENGTH 18 . Most of the people are thinking about product availability. To get properly communicated with people a company has to promote their products in a good way to the targeted customers.Threats. 3. Finally. To compete with rivals and measure the current position of the Company it is must to analysis SWOT. MISSION Mission is a statement of the organizations purpose.what it wants to accomplish in the larger environment. they want two ways to first think through the four C’s and then build the four P’s on that platform.    To build poverty frees Bangladesh. Most convenient products usually got preference by the customers.

Example: Rival’s introduction of chapter products or better products. Example: Obsolete facilities.5. Example: Diversifying business. Example: Superior technology. Prospect of entering new markets. It is an unfavorable trend in the external environment. Lack of managerial talent.5. OPPORTUNITIES: An opportunity is something that a company may grab for company growth and profitability.4.2. WEAKNESS: A weakness is something a company lacks or does poorly or a condition that puts it at a disadvantage. high quality product. 19 .Strength is something that a company is good at doing. Strength can be skill.5. THREATS: A threat is something a company may be exposed to in the external environment that may cause suffering in growth or profitability. and a valuable organizational resource or competitive capability or an achievement that gives a company a market advantage. 3. 3. falling behind in R & D. excellent customer service. a competence. It is favorable condition in a company’s external environment.3. 3.


 Consumers are must loyal to their product. Uro Cola Mojo  Strong distribution system. pricing.  Problem in marketing segment. Coca Cola  World wide brand leader.  Strong campaign in advertising. nice looking design. attractive sales promotional program among Cola beverage industry. packaging.  Appearance of their pack size & bottles.  One standard product.  Heavy competition in marketing.1.4.  Follow relationship marketing. Competitor Analysis: The main principle of pure competition is to survive in the market at any cost. modernized advertisement.  Promises standard quality.  Higher pricing strategy. Pure competition influences them to maintain better quality level.  Target consumer are children & teenage. Virgin Cola 21 .

2.  Poor marketing strategy.  Creates image in young generation  Doesn’t follow societal marketing concept.  Poor distribution channel.  Attractive TV advertisement.  Maintains standard quality level.  Strong distribution side.  Getting failed to meet the customer’s satisfaction properly. Struggling in the soft drinks market.  World famous brand name. 4.  Failed to meet customer’s satisfaction properly. Overall Market Share of Soft Drinks Company: The overall market share of different types of soft drinks companies are started in the following figure: Positio n 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Beverage Company Tabani Beverage Limited Bangladesh Beverage Limited Partex Beverage Limited Globe Soft Drinks Limited Market Share 25% 19% 29% 06% Figure-a: Market Share of Soft Drinks Company 22 .

The company keep large amount of their budget for advertising.1. Partex Beverage Ltd. Demographic Analysis: 4. 4. is the 2nd higest position captured. Bangladesh Beverage Ltd.From the Figure-a. Gender Identification: 23 . takes 4th place. it is found that Tabani Beverage Limited captured 35% of total market share. The advertise in different mass media.5 million every year for every year for advertisings.3.4. takes the leading position. Bangladesh Beverage Limited hold 24%.1. Partex Beverage Limited hold 30% & Globe Soft Drinks Limited hold 11% market share. takes the 3rd position & Globe Soft Drinks Ltd. Here we have shown the rate in which companies use Medias.4. Coca Cola spends 7. Project Part: 4. Different companies use the Medias to promote their product in different rates.1. Brand Name Coca Cola RC Cola Pepsi Uro Cola Mojo Double Cola Rate 34% 30% 10% 3% 20% 3% Share of Expense of Major Operators in Various TV Channels in 2009: 4. Tabani Beverage Ltd.4. Expence TV advertisement of competitor Vs Coca Cola: Beverage companies undertake different promotional program to attract the people and end the traders.

Age Composition: Here. Gender Percentage (%) So it can be said that majority customers Male 75% are male.4. 75% are in male & 25% are in female. it is tried to find out the gender discrimination of customers. the age distribution is analyzed for customers.In this section. Age Below-13 13-21 21-25 25-35 35-40 Percentage (%) 6% 50% 28% 12% 4% 24 .2. Female 25% 4. According to the Figure: It is found that out of 100 customers.1.

it is tried to find out the feeling about cola product. Therefore. the result indicates that age 13-21 is the majority customers. 4% are in the 35-40 age groups and 0% are in the 40 age above groups. 12% are in the 25-35 age groups. Feelings about Cola Product: In this section.3. 50% are in the 13-21 age groups. 69% are in the below-13 age groups. we have divided the customer’s according to the age.4. It is found that out of customer’s.40+ 0 From the Figure. Feeling Prestigious Mobility Both Percentage (%) 10% 20% 70% 25 .1. 28% are in the 21-25 age groups. 4.

4. Taste and flavor of cola product: The objective of this section is to know about the taste and flavor of cola product. So it can be said that majority customers feeling about cola flavor is mobility and prestigious both. 4. Taste & Flavor Excellent Good Moderate Percentage 22% 48% 30% 26 .From this Figure: It is found that out of 100 customers.4.1. 20% said that the feelings about cola flavor are mobility and only 10% said that the feelings about cola flavour are prestigious. 70% said that the feeling about the cola flavor is Prestigious both.

So it can be said that majority customers comments about taste and flavor of cola product is good.From the Figure. 48% said that the taste & flavor of cola product is good. 30% said that the taste and flavor of cola product is excellent. 22% said that the taste and flavor of cola product is moderate. 27 . it is found that out of 100 customers.

PART 5 Major Findings 28 .

They feel prestigious as well as mobility while they drink cola. Pepsi spend more Coca Cola. 29 . cause of its quality and price.  Large portion of customer who are using Coca Cola.  Most of the consumer who’s most preferable brand is Coca Cola.  There are many cola brands with different prices & pack sizes in the market. But they are very satisfied about the pricing strategy of Coca Cola.  Most of the consumer expects free item or discount from the Coca Cola. To achieving that. they also want to change in quality & taste of their brand.  Price and quality both are important for any product. In term of media spending. Coca Cola had to offer a big Budget for the winner. But they prefer more “Brand image as well as taste” regarding cola product. Maximum number of customer does use it for its reasonable price. Such as color.  Majority consumer says that Coca Cola keeps refreshing capacity & they also know the other brands of cola flavor. Most of the customer drinks cola flavors. brand image & price. Coca Cola can compete with them by spending more money in media to strengthen the image of their brand.  Coca Cola can offer the consumers a coupon with every 2-Litre PET bottle. So they should appoint some research person for better improvement of their product. It would increase the brand loyalty of Coca Cola. The distributions of Pepsi are not timely distributed. taste.  Consumer considers various matters when they take Coca Cola. The distribution of Coca Cola is much better then Pepsi & RC Cola. they will take it more. The coupon would be about the information of Coca Cola. The consumers have to fill up the coupon and submit it to the Retailers.  The advertising is lower in media. Somebody consider color & price also. The distributor of Pepsi & RC Cola meets the customer two times in a month. They are not friendly with the customers.  Most of the consumer influences by the TV commercial & their most preferable TV advertisement.  Customer had held bad impression about the Vergin & Uro Cola.  Other companies have no researchers in their company to continues research about their product. If the company offers any free item or discount with their preferable cola product.  Consumers take other flavors occasionally when cola flavor is not available in that place. But the Coca Cola distributed their product more then four times in a month.  Most of the customer gets product shop near by home. then.

PART 6 Recommendation 30 .

as all rewards are mostly designed for individual levels like EOQ. then off the job training sessions of fifteen days or a monthly package may use to boost performance. we have to shed a light over those areas which are valuable. also it should push employees in a way to boost their competencies and work understanding. organizations have more curiosity towards group tasks which needs great interaction and communication between departments and it only work if all department employees rewarded equally. According to our research.Now we are able to give proposal or a fair advice to Coca Cola according to our comparison between theory and what is going on currently in Coca Cola. In start of our recommendation. There should be criteria for employee to consider their opinions at management level respectfully. it should manageable in a way to remove ambiguity at all levels. it would definitely positively boost organization’s performance. On more important recommendation should be to design both financial and non financial rewards in a way to give a fair importance of both for top and lower levels. it would only be possible if the system is equal for all employees of organization. For us. make the move and sales dangle. they are doing on the job but we recommended that a fair amount of budget should be declared for this purpose. We have to recommend Coke to design their system in specific way to define employees’ career path. We are on the view to increase this 31 . they have declared 3% for rewards with respect to whole revenue. and realistic and time bound (SMART). vales and standards. Training and development should be more used to Coke to groom career of their employees at all level. recognition and future goals. It should need to reduce gap between management and employees so as to increase overall results. but it is less because system is not working for all departments equally. so it should be highly recommended to have it for all so as to make system fair. For us goals should be specific. Reward management of Coca Cola should be highly functional to make employees committed to organizational goals. We recommended to Coca Cola management to utilize this system to all employees so as to increase effectiveness and productivity. so as to increase organizational efficiency. we would like to add that nomination of EOQ criteria more benefits to sales employees. creative and useful for Coca Cola but they are not considering to them. In this step. Because now a days. definitely it reduces productivity. measurable. Reward management of Coca Cola should be addressed to group tasks. achievable. Reward system is an effective technique to support and change culture of the organization optimistically. it would definitely increase overall effectiveness.

bonus and other fringe benefits. improve the productivity. These all points beautifully explain the reward management system consequences and its more value. reduce the dissatisfaction of the employees on salary. We would like to recommend Coke to introduce alternative of reward management like wise profit sharing. reduce the dissatisfaction of the employees on appraisal system. We are keen to make system significant for the sake to reduce the dissatisfaction of the employees on promotion criterion. it is easier for management to understand and analyze what employees actually want and allocate them reward properly. There should be a system of consultation between employees and management about employees’ career path.budget to minimum 5% so as to treat all employees equally. pay for knowledge program and goal sharing so as to increase their productivity. There should be proper check and balance system between goals and performance have to be introduced. for high motivational level. high quality it demands quarterly bases. 32 . and reduce the perceptional gap on reward management system and develop a culture of high performance. and improve the work performance. Employees should be involved in decision making to increase quality and productivity. reduce the level of occupational stress that arises from feeling of inequality on reward. currently yearly bases performance evaluation has been going on.


The demand of soft drinks is increasing day by day in developing countries like Bangladesh. With this soft drink Coca Cola is working to provide the best quality product with a reasonable price. 34 . It removes our thirstiness & makes us fresh & comfort. It is very much important for Coca Cola to ensure the customer satisfaction in surviving in this market as this is very competitive market and customers are both quality & price sensitive.

PART 8 Bibliography 35 .

S. Other Publication: Report on Tabani Beverage Limited.A… www.Text Book: Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong.worldofcoca-cola. U. Websites (URLS): www.tabanibeverageltd. Upper Saddle River. New 36 .“Principles of Marketing” 11th Ed.Hall.

PART 8 Annexure 37 .

No 7. More than 50 Thank you for having answered this survey! 38 . How old are you? A. What sort of drink do you prefer (class your answer)? A. No 2. Between 30 to 50 D. Do you like soft drinks A. Female 9. Sex? A. Mojo 5. Are you sensitive to price when you buy a drink? A. Always 3. At home B. Yes B. Between 20 to 30 C. At work C. Other 4. Yes B. It's very fast to answer! 1. In Party D. other than Coca-Cola? A. Yes B. Rarely C. No 6. Coca Cola B. Do you drink sometimes Coke with others products? A. Have you already taste different brand of Coke. RC Cola C. Pepsi D. No 8. Often D. Male B. You just have to follow the questions and it will be easy to do. Where are you used to drink soft drink? A.Questionnaire: Welcome on this survey which is an exercise I have to do in English. Yes B. How often do you drink soft drinks? A. Never B. Less than 20 B.

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