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Connecting Asia Pacific and Africa March / April 2012

Focus on CQ2
Presidents Health and Safety Awards ASEAN Ranger Challenge

Going Further in APA


Joe Hinrichs
President, Asia Pacific and Africa Ford Motor Company

Hello Everyone,
I have recently returned from Taiwan, where we unveiled the all-new Focus, the all-new Ranger pickup truck, and the one and only Mustang! Ford is bringing four new vehicles to Taiwan this year, demonstrating our aggressive growth plans in APA. A few hours after we took the wraps off the Mustang in Taiwan, Michael Boneham, Felix Guillen and several officials in India laid the foundation stone for the paint shop at our new USD 1 billion integrated manufacturing facility in Sanand, Gujarat. At the end of March I joined Peter Fleet and the ASEAN team in Thailand for the Bangkok Motor Show, where we introduced the all-new Focus, the Fiesta 1.5-litre, and tested the waters for bringing the Territory to markets outside Australia. The Fiesta 1.5-litre is a great One Ford story. After the Thai government introduced a tax rebate for vehicles with 1.5-litre displacement and below for first time customers (our 1.6-litre Fiesta did not qualify), our APA team sprang into action. Kumar Galhotra, Dave Filipe and many others worked with the engine plant in Chennai, vehicle PD in Europe, calibration and homologation in North America, and the plant in Thailand to bring the 1.5-litre Fiesta to market in just six months. Before One Ford it would have taken us 24 months to do this. This is a great example of how we are Going Further to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. These continue to be very exciting times in APA. We just opened the second Chongqing assembly plant and we are launching the all-new Focus in China. At the Beijing auto show in April, we will have a global product reveal along with many other great new products to discuss. The new plant in Thailand Ford Thailand Manufacturing will open on May 3, as we roll out the all-new Focus across ASEAN later this year When unveiling the Mustang in Taiwan , we also talked about our global brand promise - Go Further. Go Further inspires and informs us, and reminds us that we Go Further so our customers can too. I know you are all Going Further for Ford and our customers. Thank you for all you do for us, every day. Joe





03 Global Watch
Genius in Geneva

04 Cover Story
Fords massive new plant, CQ2, goes online

07 ASEAN Ranger Challenge

Ready to take on the toughest?

08 Japan
An exclusive interview with the new MD

09 Global Electronics Forum

Ford technology in SYNC with the future

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Presidents Health and Safety Awards

Health and Safety Heroes

News roundup
A look at whats happening throughout APA

Ford faces
Pillar people

@Ford March / April 2012

One Team One Plan One Goal
@Ford is published for the people of Asia Pacific and Africa, Ford Motor Company, by Ford Communications 20th Floor, Lake Rajada Office Complex, 193/82-86 Ratchadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand. Director/Publisher: Whitney Foard Small; Managing Editor: Leigh Murray; Editor: Gregor McClenaghan; Writers: PRISM Asia Pacific and Africa Content Factory; Design: Smarty Pothithet A publication of Ford Communications Network. April 2012. Please send questions and comments on this issue to

global watch

In snowy Switzerland, Ford displayed an avalanche of eyecatching new models at the Geneva Motor Show, including the B-MAX and Fiesta ST, the all-new Kuga and the Tourneo Custom Concept.

Genius in Geneva

This was the second year in a row that the B-Max has wowed Geneva

It was a display that emphasised Fords commitment to new products and its confidence in the future. The B-MAX is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that caused a stir at last years Geneva show and was back this year in production-ready guise. Based on the companys global B-car platform shared with the Fiesta the compact multi-activity vehicle (MAV) will be one of the most technologically advanced small cars in Europe when it goes on sale in late 2012. A key feature is the Easy Access Door System, which provides unobstructed entry and exit through hinged front doors and sliding rear doors which integrate the central body pillars. As well as space, access and flexibility, it has superior fuel economy and CO2 emission performance for both petrol and diesel engines and is the first European car to offer SYNC, Fords voice-activated, in-car connectivity system featuring Emergency Assistance. Measuring just over 4 metres in length - 11cm longer than the Fiesta five-door and a full 32cm shorter than the new C-MAX the B-MAX slots into todays fast-growing demand for downsized cars which are suited to congested urban conditions but which dont compromise interior space and comfort.

New Direction
The Tourneo Custom Concept model indicates a new design direction for the companys commercial vehicle range. The concept model is based on Fords new global one-tonne platform, which has been engineered to deliver car-like dynamics, including agile, responsive handling, enhanced comfort and reduced noise-levels. It is not only the driving dynamics that are car-like; the vehicle also has a new interior design with the high-quality materials of a modern saloon, as well as high levels of technology. Among the smart, innovative features included on the concept are Fords advanced low-CO2 features including Auto-Start-Stop and Smart Regenerative Charging. Visitors to the Ford stand in Geneva were also given the first opportunity to try out the companys first-ever all-electric passenger car, the Focus Electric. The B-Max goes on sale in Europe later this year
A version of this story originally appeared in the European edition of @Ford.

The Tourneo Custom Concept

n @Ford APA March / April 2012 3

cover story



Fords China joint venture has opened one of the worlds most efficient and sustainable auto plants in Chongqing
A glittering ceremony marked both the opening of the new plant and Job One for the all-new Focus, which will go on sale in the second quarter this year. The first official model came off the line wrapped in a bow and showered with gold confetti, to be admired by special guests including the Mayor of Chongqing, Huang Qifan. The Changan Ford Mazda Automotive (CFMA) Chongqing Assembly 2 plant, or CQ2, is flexible, efficient and environmentally friendly. The USD 490 million facility will increase CFMAs production capacity by 150,000 units, to more than 600,000 vehicles per year. With CQ2 coming online, CFMA now has two assembly plants in addition to an engine plant and a transmission plant under construction making Chongqing Fords largest global manufacturing hub outside Michigan. This new plant represents a decades-long investment that will transform the lives of thousands of people, said Dave Schoch, chairman and CEO of Ford China. This investment follows Henry Fords philosophy of building vehicles where we sell them, and it will create opportunities to help the new CFMA team members buy the vehicles they build.

4 @Ford APA March / April 2012 n

cover story

Home of the Focus

The all-new Focus is the first global car to be built on Fords mid-size vehicle chassis but it wont be the last, with up to 10 new vehicles due to be launched on Fords global C-platform over the next few years. The all-new Focus is an incredibly popular and successful global vehicle and we are delighted to introduce it to China, as the first of 15 new vehicles we are bringing here by 2015, said Schoch. This new flexible plant will help give us the capacity to realize our aggressive growth plans for the worlds largest automotive market. The Focus will be available in two body styles: a sporty five-door hatchback and a four-door sedan, with 12 variants. It will be powered by a choice of two fuelefficient new engines, a 1.6-litre Ti-VCT and a 2.0-litre Ti-VCT GDi. Weve made tremendous progress in fuel economy and performance by combining direct injection and Ti-VCT technologies, said Nigel Harris, general manager of Changan Ford Sales Company. The enhanced powertrains will allow more Chinese consumers to benefit from better car handling and fuel efficiency. In addition to new powertrains, an array of advanced smart technologies are introduced in the all-new Focus, which includes Fords award winning SYNC system that provides easy-to-use, hands-free, voiceactivated in-car connectivity to customers. The all-new Focus is also the first Ford vehicle in China to offer the SYNC Other driver-assistance technologies available in the all-new Focus include an advanced collision-mitigation system called Active City Stop, Active Park Assist and Blind Spot Information System (BLIS). Many of these features are a first in the C-segment in China. The all-new Focus will bring to the Chinese market features and smart technologies that were previously not available in the C-segment, said Marin Burela, president of CFMA. We are confident that the new Focus will capture the hearts and minds of Chinese customers and will build on the strong heritage of the Focus brand in the Chinese market. The all-new Focus was revealed to ASEAN customers at the Bangkok International Motor Show in March.

Sustainable, flexible, quality manufacturing

Ford is committed to China and a greener future, said Schoch. This new plant and the all-new Ford Focus produced here are the culmination of global best practices in manufacturing and vehicle development. This is the One Ford plan in action. Its about giving our customers what they most want and value, in a cost effective and sustainable way. Before CQ2 opened, Fords global head of quality, Bennie Fowler, spent two days inspecting the plant to make sure it met the highest global standards and he was impressed with what he saw. CFMAs manufacturing operations are among the best in the world in terms of quality there have been unprecedented improvements of 40 to 50 per cent in quality standards over the last three years in China, he said. When you look at the customer satisfaction results for 2011 they are quite stunning. You just have to take your hat off to the team and thank them for the results that they have achieved. He said now the plant was up and running there would be a sustained effort to maintain the highest standards. The quality journey never stops, he said. We have to constantly improve with every vehicle we build, using the fundamental aspects of our production system repeatable, consistent quality throughout our processes and the supply chain, and empowered, well-trained operators.

n @Ford APA March / April 2012 5

cover story

Rotational dip technology


Three-Wet High Solids paint



Before a car is painted, it has to go through dip tanks for cleaning, degreasing and corrosion protection. With the rotational dip technology, the car body rotates 360 degrees through the tanks, resulting in a more uniform coating, and dirt particles are flushed out even from hard-to-reach cavities. This system saves water, chemicals and electricity.

Vehicles are painted in three wet coats before being baked just once in the oven. This saves electricity, cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 15 per cent, and reduces the amount of waste volatile organic compounds by 20 per cent. The high-solids paint delivers a superior finish with greater durability and better resistance to scratches and stone chips.

More savings than ever

58 mil. kWh of electricity


Power almost 20,000 households for a year
Stamping and Body shop

Paint shop

Final assembly shop

Using state-of-the-art technology and smart ideas from re-circulating the air in the spray booth to recovering heat energy from the oven exhaust the paint shop is able to return massive savings every year. Electricity: 58 million kWh Enough to power almost 20,000 households in a major Chinese city for a year or to light up the entire Bund in Shanghai day and night for almost two and a half years Water: 61,000 m3 Enough to fill 24 Olympic-sized swimming pools or supply 510 Chinese households for a year USD 2.5 million

The stamping press will be one of the fastest in the world: 15 shots per minute with a die change time of 4-5 minutes 116 robots in the body shop for spot welding CQ2s body shop employs automation for critical welds to ensure quality and safety Rotational dip technology car rotated 360 degrees in dip tanks during pre-treatment. Three-Wet High Solids paint technology vehicles are painted in three wet coats before being baked. 40 spray robots Electric smart pumps circulate paint only when needed. Thermal oxidizer recovers energy from oven exhaust to heat water. Scissor lifts on the conveyor system are ergonomically designed for employees ease of movement Kitting system improves efficiency and quality by delivering model-specific parts to the line sequentially Robots ensure quality by applying sealer and installing the windshield Quality Leadership System tracks parts and processes, electronically error proofing the production process Wheel alignment checked by 3D laser beams for greater precision.

Environmentally friendly workplace

Buildings are naturally ventilated and designed to maximise natural light. Energy-efficient LED lights are used. A roller belt conveyor system is used instead of a chain conveyor, saving energy and reducing noise.

Less Waste

Zero-discharge of wastewater: All wastewater is treated in an onsite facility and reused in the plant. Carbon dioxide emissions at the factory are less than 40g/sq m.

6 @Ford APA March / April 2012 n

ASEAN challenges

As the all-new Ranger gears up to launch in ASEAN markets the public have the chance to put the tough truck to the test



The Global Ranger Challenge has seen the award-winning pickup climb mountains, cross rivers and pull jumbo loads including a boat and an elephant in the rugged terrain of Australia, South Africa and Thailand. Now the contest is rolling out to other ASEAN markets to coincide with the launch of the Ranger in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Members of the public enter online, writing a short description of how they would like to challenge the Ranger. All of the challenges will be entered from the same geo-targeted Facebook page, so somebody logging in from a Vietnam IP address, for example, will be automatically directed to the Vietnam Ranger Challenge page. Finalists are sent out with a film crew to record the Ranger tackling their tasks, with the videos put to an online vote. The challenger who gets the most votes in each market will drive away in an all-new Ranger of their own. Previous Ranger Challenges have been documented by hired film crews, but for this leg of the programme Ford is trying something new. Film schools in each of the three countries have been selected as partners and will use the challenges as part of their courses, with student film

makers getting a rare opportunity to showcase their skills. We are looking for not only local stories for the global Ranger, but local execution of those stories, said Steven Tan, manager of ASEAN marketing and sales. They are getting real world experience and will showcase their film to a global audience. Its a great opportunity for them to be able to produce a film for a multi-national company, and they are very excited at the prospect of making it part of their curriculum. They will have a piece of work that can give them a lot of credibility. He said the finalists would be chosen based on how their stories could showcase the Rangers capabilities and help tell the story of Ranger versus the world. They have to be authentic, real and interesting, and we want the stories to bring out the culture of the country. With the challenges in Thailand, for example, we had a Ranger towing a trailer with an elephant, and another that involved reaching a hill tribe. The local element is important - we want people to see the films and think this is what the all-new Ranger could do for me and my business, my family, my friends and the community.

n @Ford APA March / April 2012 7


A year on, stronger than ever

The massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami in March last year devastated parts of Japan and impacted Fords operations in the affected area. But when Toshio Morita took over as managing director of Ford Japan in October, the company was well and truly on the path to recovery.

Immediately following the catastrophic events, and in the months that followed, it was a different story. Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture was one of the worst affected areas, and is the location of Kamei Auto, which has been dealing in Ford products since 1929. Thankfully, it was not damaged and was able to reopen within days, though access to supplies of food and fuel was challenging which is where Ford stepped in to help. Ford was swift to provide whatever support was necessary to ensure each dealer was able to resume normal operations as quickly as possible, and that all employees were safe. We successfully overcame the challenges, and in fact, even managed to increase our 2011 sales by 18 per cent from the previous year. Of course its not only due to our efforts, but also our dealerships and customers, Morita said recently. It was certainly a unique time to transition into the top job, but despite setbacks from the tragedy, Morita says Fords employees in Japan are highly motivated. We have a clear plan and strategy for the future, he said, adding that the arrival of the all-new Ford Explorer last year and the future launches of the all-new Ford Focus and other global One Ford vehicles will further strengthen Fords growth in the market.

The Japanese market is very competitive, there are a lot of good Japanese manufacturers and most of the foreign automotive companies are putting good products into Japan. But I believe our One Ford global products are much better than what is out there, Morita said. Morita joined Ford Japan in 1994, and during his 17-year career has worked in many areas of the business from sales and marketing, to production planning, and finance. His priority since becoming managing director has been to help accelerate Fords better plan in Japan, and continue to build on Fords positive image. Everyone is excited about our new One Ford products, he said. And its my responsibility to continue driving the business forward with the introduction of these new products, as well as further enhancing our relationships with our loyal dealers and customers. Of course, we are always looking for new and unique ways to Go Further, added Morita.

8 @Ford APA March / April 2012 n


The high-tech future of Ford

Ford is becoming more than a car company as it embraces technology, APAs connected services manager told the Global Electronics Forum.

Don Kowalski gave a keynote speech on SYNC and Fords other smart innovations to the prestigious invitation-only forum, where top executives from the worlds leading technology firms have the chance to meet and swap ideas. He told @Ford that with the launch of the all-new Ford Focus in APA, SYNC will provide a platform to offer more high-tech features, including voice control and greater integration with smart phones and that the company itself was changing as a result. Ford is becoming more than just a car company its now a technology company, he said. Like a smart phone is more than just a phone, our cars are becoming more than just cars. He said 60 per cent of midsize car owners in China now have a smart phone and use it for instant messaging, internet searches, music and social applications. They are having this positive experience on their phones and theyre going to use them in the car so as part of our safe pillar we want to work with the developers to integrate those apps and continue that positive experience in a safe way that allows people to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, he said, adding that Ford needed partnerships and to work with the leading technology firms. With SYNC we have a strong partnership with Microsoft, and as we move in to new technologies and are bringing smart phones in to our cars we need to work with the people developing apps for those phones, so they can seamlessly integrate them into our cars, he said. Here in APA we have the opportunity to

establish partnerships with companies like Baidu, the biggest search engine in China, QQ, which is the worlds largest social networking site, with about 1 billion users, and Sina, which is bigger than Twitter. He said Ford is looking to integrate features that customers value, including location based services, social media, and entertainment like internet radio and that a key challenge was keeping up with the pace of the consumer electronics industry. SYNC is an open platform that is flexible and upgradeable, he said. We take four years to design and build a car, but the development time for new cell phones is around six months, and the software changes daily so our technology has to be able to adapt. A new vehicle should not be equipped with yesterdays technology. Ford has established a team based in Shanghai focused on driving the integration of new technology into future Ford APA programmes that will keep customers connected. He said that hypothetically, future Ford vehicles might feature docking stations, integrated tablet computers and more. He also said Asia was leading the world in adopting new technology. Smart phone use in Asia is phenomenal, certainly more than the US. Its changing the way people live and its going to change the way they drive. Its really exciting stuff - were new in the consumer electronics market, but were getting our name out there and hopefully building some strong partnerships.

Don Kowal


Drive Connected

Ford Technology

n @Ford APA March / April 2012 9


and Safety Heroes

The Ford Presidents Health and Safety Awards (PHSA) are a chance to thank the people who work hard to prevent accidents, promote health and save lives

Dr Yun Xiao knew she had to act fast to save the mans life. It was the end of the working day at the Chongqing Assembly Plant when the employee had come to see her at the onsite medical centre, complaining of chest pain and discomfort. He was given a physical exam and told to rest in the waiting room, but within minutes had passed out and his heart had stopped beating. Dr Xiao and nurse Xueqin Tan administered CPR, revived the patient and arranged a company car to drive him to hospital, where he spent the next month before making a recovery. He was unconscious for less than a minute. I went to see him in hospital the next day and the doctor there told me he was suffering from heart disease, said Dr Xiao, who together with nurse Tan has received a Lifesaving Award in recognition of their actions in March of last year. Ive been working at the Ford plant for nine years and only had two cases like this most of the patients I see have had minor accidents and abrasions. As well as dealing with accidents after they happen, Dr Xiao sends out a bi-weekly email titled Angel on Thursday, giving advice to employees on how to look after different aspects of their health. That type of preventative care is an important part of Fords health policy throughout the world, and projects in APA have been recognized as 2011 PHSA winners for helping raise awareness of health issues among Ford employees, suppliers and contractors. We see that as part of our social responsibility at Ford we not only want to have a positive impact on our own employees but also on the wider community, said Kurt Bothman, Human Resources manager at Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa, where the Struandale Engine Plant Wellness Team won a Special Contribution Award for helping supplier firms

adopt an HIV/AIDS testing and prevention programme. HIV is a big issue for us in South Africa, and its important for employees to first of all understand their status at Struandale around 97 per cent of our employees have been tested. When they know their status we can then offer advice on how to manage their lifestyle for employees who test HIV positive we can advise them on how to live longer, and for those who test negative we can help them remain that way. Teams from throughout the region have also won awards for their work to improve safety at Ford facilities. At Ford Indias Chennai plant, the Stamping team won the Excellence in Safety Culture and Standards Award for their project Die bolt error proofing. With more than 2000 tonnes of force delivered with each body part stamping, safety is paramount. As we have implemented the error proof system, the importance of manual checking in the clamping and unclamping process has been eliminated, said R. Radhakrishnan, general manager of the Stamping team. This has assured 100 per cent safety for our employees and equipment as well. Alan Mulally, president of Ford Motor Company, congratulated the winners and urged everyone to follow their example. It is critical that we ensure the health and safety of our employees as we continue working together to maintain the momentum behind Fords exciting transformation, he said. Our entire team is so proud of these achievements.

A quick response by Dr Xiao (r) and nurse Tan saved a colleagues life last year

10 @Ford APA March / April 2012 n


APAs 2011 PHSA

winners and finalists
Career Achievement Award: Tim Crough, Safety Manager, APA (In Memoriam) Regional Winners Excellence in Safety Culture and Standards Award: Ford Australia Geelong: Pedestrian Exclusion Zones Ford India: Die Bolt Error Proofing Regional Winners Excellence in Health Award: Ford Lio Ho Assembly: Employee Personal Health Promotion Ford Philippines: Health and Wellness Fair Performance Gold Award Winners - Manufacturing Facilities: Geelong Aluminum Casting Nanjing Engine Plant Performance Gold Award Winner Non-manufacturing Facilities: Nanjing Research and Engineering Center Special Contribution Awards: Dr. Bonakele Qabaka, Straundale Engine Plant: Outstanding leadership in health and safety Straundale Engine Plant Wellness Programme Team: (Ivy Appolis, Serano Vardy, Kurt Bothman, Siphiwo Dyani) Implementation of HIV/AIDs prevention program Lifesaving Awards: Chongqing Assembly 1: Xueqin Tan and Yun Xiao Successful response to an employee cardiac arrest by plant medical team Regional Finalists Excellence in Safety Culture and Standards Award: Chongqing Assembly 1: Safety Dojo for Orientation Training Ford India: Reduction of In-plant Vehicle Accidents Ford India: Enhancement of Crane and Die Loading Safety Training Ford Thailand Manufacturing: Test Track Safety Processes Ford Vietnam: Improved Working Conditions in Paint Shop Regional Finalists Excellence in Health Award: Ford Australia: Workplace Health Checks Program

HIV / AIDs awareness is a top priority for health teams at Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa.

n @Ford APA March / April 2012 11

News Roundup
Taiwan launch for Fiesta
More than 130 journalists attended the launch of the 2012 Fiesta in Taiwan, with Fiestas on display in a variety of stunning colours. The all-new Fiesta is viewed as a game-changer in Taiwans small car segment, where its low fuel consumption is bound to win fans. In addition to the five-door hatch, it will also be available as a four-door sedan. The launch of the new Fiesta represents a milestone in Fords business in Taiwan and it is also a beginning of our next five-year plan, which will see Ford Lio Ho introduce four new vehicles in the next two years, said Anderson Liu, marketing and sales director of Ford Lio Ho.

The Ford Otway Cycling Classic saw more than 400 riders raise AUD 57,000 (USD 58,700) for the charity Give Where You Live, which funds over 70 community projects in the Geelong region. With of a choice of 23km, 70km and 140km routes, the event attracted a mix of serious cyclists and families enjoying a day out among the stunning forest and coastal scenery of Apollo Bay. It was a beautiful ride, one of the best Ive done in terms of scenery, said Kent Fuller, an engineer at Fords research and development centre in Geelong, adding that around 30 Ford employees took part in the event. Its a fairly difficult ride, but the weather was good it was about 32 degrees, but because a lot of it was through the forest the temperature wasnt too bad.

Charity Pedal Powered by Ford

Ford China holds sports session for media in Beijing

Ford invited over 90 journalists to a Chinese New Year gathering and sports session in Beijing, giving them the chance to meet executives including Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford APA, and Dave Schoch, chairman and CEO of Ford China, and to compete for prizes in sports including badminton and football. As the sports session started, journalists were divided into six groups. Each represented a Ford nameplate in China: Edge, Mondeo, Focus, Fiesta, S-Max, and Transit. Players from every group participated in games like Fancy Football, Badminton Alley-Oop and Tug-of-War. The Focus team, ahead of the runners-up by 12 points, earned the highest marks as the champion team of the session.

Ford Vietnam launches fifth year of DSFL

Ford Vietnam kicked off its fifth year running the Driving Skills For Life programme by launching a No Horn campaign. Vietnams Vice Minister for Transportation, Nguyen Ngoc Dong, and representatives from the National Traffic Safety Committee, the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation and VOV Traffic joined Ford for the launch and took part in the training. In 2011, Ford Vietnam provided DSFL training to more than 1,800 people, bringing to 5,000 the number of Vietnamese drivers who have participated in DSFL since it was launched in 2008. In 2012, more than 1,500 drivers are expected to be trained.

12 @Ford APA March / April 2012 n

news roundup

Focus makes ASEAN debut in Bangkok

The 33rd Bangkok International Motor Show saw the All-New Focus make its ASEAN debut, with both a five-door hatchback and four-door sedan taking pride of place on the stand. Also on display was the full range of the class-defining, globally-engineered all-new Ford Ranger, which has met with extraordinary demand since it was launched in Thailand in December, with customer bookings of more than 15,000 units to date. The class-leading Fiesta was represented in a number of variants, and ASEAN customers also got a preview of the new Territory, which has been a big hit in Australia since launching last year.

Huge demand for Explorer in Japan

The all-new Ford Explorer has been met with stronger than expected demand in Japan, prompting the company to increase supply to the market. The initial response to the all-new Explorer has been an extraordinary, said Morita Toshio, managing director, Ford Japan. Japanese customers love its styling, handling, comfort, smart driver interface technologies, and powerful yet fuel efficient powertrain, which qualifies the governments eco-car subsidy programme. The all-new Explorer was introduced in Japan last September, and in its first four months of availability, sales more than doubled yearover-year from the previous Explorer.

Ford Club Philippines 10th Anniversary

To mark Ford Club Philippines (FCP) 10 year anniversary, Ford Philippines introduced three new variants of the class-leading all-new Fiesta. More than 200 FCP members attended the event at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig to see the new Fiestas and more than 180 other Fords on display. I came all the way from the province of Tarlac to convoy for the FCP event. I wanted to meet new and current members since with Ford Club Philippines, they really foster camaraderie. I also wanted to see the new models of the Fiesta variants, said Cyrus Rogel, an FCP member and owner of a Fiesta 1.4-litre Manual Trend.

Ford India expanding sales and service centres

Ford India simultaneously opened 45 sales and service outlets in 35 cities and towns in a single day, expanding Fords footprint in one of the worlds fastest growing auto markets. This is an historic moment in Fords growth, and were proud to now be present in 230 outlets across 123 cities, said Ford India President and managing director Michael Boneham. This is part of our new brand promise to Go Further - to bring you worldclass vehicles like the all-new Fiesta and recently unveiled urban SUV EcoSport, locating a service outlet closer to where you live and reducing the cost of ownership of the vehicle.

n @Ford APA March / April 2012 13

Ford faces

Pillar people

Fords brand pillars of Quality, Green, Smart and Safe allow the media and customers to understand what the company and its products are about. Fords communications teams look for ways to bring stories about Fords business, products and pillars to life.
Scott Chang Job title: Sustainability Communications Manager, Ford China Communications lead for which pillar: Green Praew Jitjuajun Job title: APA Technology Communication Strategy Manager Communications lead for which pillars: Safe and Smart

Alisea Ann Chetty Job title: Corporate Communications Manager, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa Communications lead for which pillar: Quality

What is the most important message carried by your pillar?

Customers expect top quality vehicles and service. Our job is to find creative ways to tell the stories of how we ensure every vehicle we build meets and exceeds global standards and how our dealer partners are going further to take care of our customers. Our goal is to deliver best-in-class fuel economy. We are introducing 20 new powertrains in APA by 2015 which will improve our fleets fuel economy by 20 per cent. Ford is also delivering world-class environmental engineering technology in our plants. Projects like our Conservation & Environmental Grants, China (CEGC) are contributing to our communities as well. Smart: Fords smart technologies help our customers stay plugged in. Safe: When we say safety is our top priority, its because its true - we dont take the trust our customers have in us for granted.

How do you help newspapers and magazines spread that message?

We find new and interesting ways to tell our story. The best way to communicate any of our pillars is through the stories and experiences of the men and women at Ford who are working hard every day to be best in class in their areas of expertise. We try to be like journalists and look at story ideas from the specific benefits customers can enjoy from our products. Through new technology or our people, we try to find powerful emotional hooks that resonate, interest editors and get people talking about Fords green side. All good news or feature stories have an angle or a hook. It is what interests or attracts readers to read an article or tune in to a program. When pitching stories to the media, we always ask ourselves Whats in it for consumers?

What was your most successful pillar story of the last year? Which media ran it, and why do you think it worked?
In South Africa, True Love magazine and the Sunday World ran features on how our colleague Nomzingisi Spaile found success in the male-dominated world of motor mechanics and how Ford afforded her the opportunity. It shows how Ford gives opportunity to grow in such a large organisation. Fords CEGC programme continues to be a one of the first projects reporters think of when they are asked to identify a successful CSR programme in China. Ford has supported CEGC for 12 years, long before being green or CSR was anywhere near as trendy as it is today. The cloud car story from T3 magazine in India was one the best smart stories last year. These kinds of stories confirm Ford as a pioneer in future technologies.

Looking forward, which events, launches or other stories do you think will have a big impact for your pillar in 2012?
The openings of the new plants in the region are proof of our growth and let us talk about our quality systems. In South Africa the Supplier Incubation facility celebrates its first anniversary this year. The launch of the New Focus ST is eagerly anticipated in our market and EcoBoost is always a great story to tell.

2012 will be a year when we get to show off all the benefits of EcoBoost as markets across APA introduce more vehicles with this technology. All of our new plants have world class environmental technology, so we will continue telling our sustainable manufacturing story as they come on line. Were launching SYNC across APA starting with the all-new Ford Focus launch in China. SYNC will be available in Mandarin and can also recognise different Chinese accents from up to six different regions in China. Well also be launching SYNC in Australian English later this year.

14 @Ford APA March / April 2012 n

the 2012 - Mad Sam at Not Mad Max in Geelong Ford Day Kiwanis All-

Wishing Ford good fortune from the engine plant

Dave Schoch and Joe Hinric hs ready to take on the m edia at sports day



r for quality Going Furthe

Winners of th e National Skills Contes t

The APA purchasing team winning the annual 5S competition

ications team The commun Ranger take on the are ready to

Using the ho

South Africa
rn during a Ku ga drive

The 2012 dealer conference at the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali

Lou Ferraresi and Mark Ka ppler from CFMA show off their calli graphy skills


lassic raised ay Cycling C The Ford Otw Give Where for the charity USD 58,700 You Live

Ford Vietn re am for be ceives the st for Golde eign c n Dra ompa gon A ny ward
school the Tatva play Children from in Chennai rd visiting MPL Fo