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Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant

(EECBG) & other programs

May 29, 2009 Florida Local Environmental Resource Agencies

New Green Funding Opportunities through

Florida Local Environmental Resources Agencies

Our Mission FLERA aims to strengthen the role of these local environmental programs and to encourage the formation of new programs. FLERA provides for enhanced communication of information regarding local environmental protection efforts and promotes delegation of state and federal operations to local programs.

Presentation Outline
Grant opportunities Energy Policy Act Tax Benefits Florida Green Local Government Discussion

Grant Opportunities
Weatherization Workforce- green jobs Smart Grid Energy Star Appliance Rebates EECBG Green Government Rule Rural Energy for America Clean Cities Various EPA grants and resources

Weatherization (WAP)
Weatherization Assistance Program $5B
Per dwelling unit limit raised to $6,500 Training/Tech Assist 10 to 20% Income level raised from 150 to 200% of poverty level Matching funding waived
$175M to Florida

Are you looking for summer help? $3 million in stimulus funds WORKFORCE CENTRAL FLORIDA the Summer Job Connection program will pay the wages of 1,200 young adults ages 16 - 24 to work with local employers.
Hotline: 407-531-1286

Smart Grid
DOE -$4.5 billion Competitive grants. No detailed guidance issued, RFP posted for Smart Grid Clearinghouse. Uses of these funds could go towards:
advanced utility metering, demand-response technologies, advanced transmission, distribution, and control technologies, planning and analysis efforts, and other purposes.

Energy Star Rebates

$300 million States to receive funds on a formula basis Provide rebates or other incentives for ENERGY STAR-certified residential products.

Florida -$18 M, 20% rebates in fall

Purpose Reduce fossil fuel emissions; Reduce the total energy use of the eligible entities; Improve energy efficiency in the transportation, building, and other appropriate sectors; & Create and retain jobs.

EECBG overall funding

$3.2 B total $2.7 B via formula $1.9 B to cities & counties $770 M to states & territories $54 M to tribal governments $450 M via competitive grants

EECBG Florida funding

FL EECBG: $168.6 M
Cities/Counties must file its spending plan to the Federal Cities/Counties must file its spending plan to the Federal Government by June 25th Government by June 25th

$73.6 M to 17 Counties with population > 200,000 $64.5 M to 69 cities with population >35,000 $37,000 to Tribal Governments: Miccosukee + Seminole $30.4 M to the State Energy Office
$18 M (60%) of this money must go to cities and counties that did $18 M (60%) of this money must go to cities and counties that did not receive direct funding from the Federal Government not receive direct funding from the Federal Government $12 M is discretionary spending consistent with Federal Guidelines $12 M is discretionary spending consistent with Federal Guidelines which target these dollars to reduce fossil fuel consumption which target these dollars to reduce fossil fuel consumption

$73.6 M to 17 Counties
BrevardCounty CollierCounty EscambiaCounty HillsboroughCounty LakeCounty LeeCounty ManateeCounty MarionCounty MiamiDadeCounty $ OrangeCounty PalmBeachCounty PascoCounty PinellasCounty PolkCounty SarasotaCounty SeminoleCounty VolusiaCounty $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 2,939,700 3,036,000 2,361,900 7,665,200 2,807,500 3,046,600 2,404,200 2,452,400 12,523,700 7,522,900 6,587,600 4,216,900 3,791,300 4,448,600 2,524,800 2,925,100 2,411,200

State Energy Program: $126 M
State must file with the Federal Government This money is designed to reduce reliance on foreign fuels by enhancing renewable energy generation throughout the state and by increasing energy efficiency

Federal Government: $400 M Competitive solicitation All states apply No guidance as to date, and no date for applications to file

Important Outcomes
Energy Efficiency New jobs & retained jobs Accelerated deployment Improved air quality & health indicators Coordination across jurisdictions Increased energy security Leveraging of resources Transform markets

EECBG Eligible Activities

Project Examples
Community Projects Transportation Projects Energy Efficiency in County Buildings Capture of Methane Administrative Costs

Community Projects
Launching Community-wide Climate Change Program More Efficient Lighting at County Ballfields Community Incentive Programs Waste Reduction Plan Class III & C&D Photovoltaic at Cooperative Extension Science Center- energy efficient A/C

Transportation Projects
Upgrade remainder of traffic signals to LED 100% green traffic lights LED saves energy and labor costs

Energy Efficiency Projects

$3M Energy Efficiency & LED lighting retrofits in County Buildings Software monitoring

Methane Capture Project

$.5M Biogas Project WW Plant
Capture methane gas for energy Install grease receiving station Cogeneration system - electricity on-site Cost savings to pay for project

Project Example
Administrative Costs Max allowable ~$750,000 over 3 years
Make sure we have resources in place to meet timetables

Submittal requires an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy (EECS)
Two Options: 1. Request $250,000 to develop EECS 2. Submit EECS and if approved, obtain 50% of allocation. Due by June 25, 2009

Green Government Grants

Pending rule Cities, Counties & School districts Eligible projects must be in conjunction with a greening government initiative (FGBC, USGBC, GBI, EPA, DOE or ICLEI)

Rural Energy for America

Grants & Loans & combos Due July 31, 2009 $1,500 - $250,000 grants Annual max $750,000 (RE & EE) Loans $5.000 - $10,000,000 Grant for Energy audits and RE assistance Due June 9, 2009 Maximum grant award is $100,000 $2,200,000 available nationally

Eligible Areas

Clean Cities Grants

Green job training expected 6/30

Petroleum Reduction Technologies 4 areas of interest Next available September 30, 2009

Various Grants- Resources Grants EPA Source Reduction EPA Wetlands EPA Brownfields Water quality 319 state


Florida Local Environmental Resources Agencies 2009 FLERA Annual Conference on July 29-31, 2009 in Sarasota