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International Indexed & Referred Research Journal, October,2012. ISSN 0974-2832, RNI- RAJBIL 2009/29954; VoL.

IV * ISSUE- 45

Research Paper - Physical Education

Comparative Study of Physical Fitness of Volleyball and Basketball Players at State Level
* Sandeep
*Research Scholar (Singhania University, Rajasthan) Introduction:The motto of sports especially in the internationally meets is to bring and preach peach and unity among the nations and the prestige and honor of a country depend mainly on the behavior, culture and dignity of its sports persons. The term "Sports" has been coined from the word "Disport" which means diverting oneself merely for fun or merry making. The primitive uncivilized man used to engage themselves in play and games mostly to kill time and for enjoyment. Sports and games in modern times have taken a definite shape in comparison with the immature and unscientific plays of ancient times.Today sports have got tremendous national value. Today sports are becoming professional; players are earning a lot through games and sports. Sports in recent times are mainly of a competitive nature through their procreative values cannot be underestimated or denied. Despite the fighting attitude between the competitors, sports bring the different nations closer and establish brotherhood and friendship between the people of different countries. Sports now-a-days has changed with a lot of characteristics e.g. more scientific and mass oriented, well organized and mostly health directed, elevate mental and physical fitness of the participants, increase mental concentration, bring honor and social dignity to the successful participants. "Physical fitness is one's richest possession, it cannot be purchased, and it has to be earned through a daily routine of physical exercise." Physical fitness is the capacity to carry out reasonably well various forms of physical activities without being unduly tired and includes qualities important to the individual's health and well-being. Many scientific studies over the past twenty years sports the value of regular exercise as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Studies have documented a sedentary lifestyle as risk factor for major degenerative diseases. National Health Statistics indicate that a high percentage of visits of physicians are for vague complaints such as chronic fatigue. In many cases, the cause of fatigue is the lack of regular physical exercise. Regular participation in vigorous exercise increases physical fitness. A high level of physical fitness is desirable for a full, productive life. Sedentary living habits and poor physical fitness have a negative impact on both health and daily living. Sports are essentially that aspect of human activity, which strengthens the integration of the body and the mind. It is also pointed out in the literature that such performance provides stimulation to the Center Nervous System to such an extent that the under developed, dead or dying cell will either be rehabilitated or their function will be assumed by other or newly generated cells. Physical Fitness Variables Selected for The Study Efficiency in Work and Performance A fit person is in a position to work efficiently to put up better performance as compared to a person who is unfit. A fit person can carry at the task for a prolonged period without undue fatigue. Strength Strength is subdivided into Static Strength and Dynamic Strength. Static Strength is observed when muscles are working without showing movement. For example, the muscles of the forearm show static strength when holding a bat. The muscles of the abdomen and the back show static strength during the acts of miming, walking, or standing. Dynamic strength is again divided into Eccentric and concentric Strength. Concentric strength is shown when you lift a weight and the two ends of the concerned muscles are moving towards each other. The front muscles of the thigh when you are climbing down a staircase or when you start squatting from a standing position exhibit eccentric strength. In this case muscle is offering resistance even as its two ends are going away from each other. Flexibility Flexibility is divided into Static Flexibility and Dynamic Flexibility, Static Flexibility is apparent when a player holds his toes without bending his knees and maintains his position. Dynamic Flexibility is shown when fielding a ball even while running. Dynamic flexibility is always a little more than static flexibility, therefore, if you increase your static flexibility, the dynamic flexibility also increase. October ,2012



International Indexed & Referred Research Journal, October,2012. ISSN 0974-2832, RNI- RAJBIL 2009/29954; VoL. IV * ISSUE- 45

Objectives:1. To study the effect of physical fitness in the context of the strength of volleyball and Basketball players. 2.To study the effect of physical fitness in the context of the flexibility of volleyball and Basketball players. Hypothesis:There is a significant relationship between strength and flexibility of Volleyball and Basketball players. Methods:Sampling A sample consisting of 100 male students were selected on the basis of stratified random sampling technique. The subjects belonged to different districts of Uttarakhand. Tools For measuring physical fitness variables we used some tools(a) Standing Broad Jump Test for measuring strength. (b) Bend and Reach Test for measuring flexibility. Findings:The mean difference, SD and Z ratio comparison of Volleyball and Basketball players relating to physical fitness variables is discussed below:-

Table and Figure 01 depicts that the mean scores on standing broad jump test of Volleyball and Basketball players were 2.15 and 2.18 respectively. The Z-ratio of mean difference is 0.75 which is not significant. Table- 02 Descriptive Status and Z-ratio for Volleyball and Basketball players S.No. Variable Volleyball Basketball Z-ratio
players Mean 1 flexibility 4.25 SD 2.2 players Mean 3.36 SD 3.0 1.89

Figure- 02 Table and Figure 02 illustrates that the mean Table- 01 Descriptive Status and Z-ratio for Volleyball scores on sit and Reach test of Volleyball and Basketand Basketball players ball players are 4.25 and 3.36 scores respectively. The S.No. Variable Volleyball Basketball Z-ratio z-ratio of mean difference is 1.89 that is not significant players players even the level of .05 level of confidence. It means that Mean SD Mean SD the difference between the flexibility component pos1 Explosive 2.15 0.28 2.18 0.3 0.75 sessed by Volleyball and Basketball Players is not significant. strength

Figure- 01

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