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Calendering Converting Extrusion Nonwovens Paper


The Measure of Quality

Major Applications/Customers
NDC is Proud of our Customer List Which Includes Many Industry Leaders.

- Pressure sensitive adhesives - Tapes and labels - Extrusion coating and laminating - Abrasives - Specialty coated films and papers - Customers include: 3M Company and Avery Dennison

Nonwovens and Textiles

- Spunbond - Meltblown - Carded - Airlaid - Wetlaid - Needlepunched - Textile finishing - Coating and flocking - Customers include: Kimberly Clark, Freudenberg, Dan-Web and PGI

Precise infrared measurement of film profile on polypropylene film

Composites and Saturates

Resin saturated paper and board Resin and fiberglass Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Prepregs

OEM Partners (Partial List)

- Albany International - Amut - Alpine - Bielloni - Black Clawson/ Davis-Standard/ Egan/ER-WE-PA - Brckner Machinenbau GmbH - Comerio Ercole - Cloeren - EDI - Gloucester Engineering - Hirano - HPM - Huyck - Kroenert - Luigi Bandera Machinery - Polytech - Polytype - Reifenhauser - Welex

Measurement of nonwoven fabric with gamma backscatter sensor

- Cast film - Biaxially oriented film and sheet - Blown film - Solid and foam sheet - Customers include: Propex, Bemis, Pliant and Alcan

Pulp and Paper

- Basis weight and moisture of paper dry end - Felt-press section, drainage analysis on the fourdrinier - Consistency measurement - Moisture in the dryer section - Customers include: International Paper and Weyerhaeuser

System with gamma backscatter sensor for blown film thickness

Rubber/Vinyl Calendering
- Rubber and PVC calenders - Textile coaters - Belts and gasket - Customers include: Goodyear, Bridgestone and Gates

Measurement of coating thickness on a film substrate at the dryer exit using a beta transmission sensor

Sensor and Systems Technology

NDC system platforms provide a range of capabilities from simple product measurement, to complete control integrated into plant-wide data networking.

Near Infrared Absorption (NIR)

- Fast, non-contact measurement - Single or dual-sided measurement - Film thickness, coatweight, moisture - Thousands installed

Superior Operator Interface

- Via touchscreen - Intuitive and easy to learn and use - Available in 17 languages - User-configurable displays

Controlling film thickness with an NDC beta transmission system

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X-Ray Technology
- Transmission sensor for high performance measurements - Cost effective x-ray backscatter - X-Ray Fluorescence for selective mineral coating measurement - Hundreds installed

Automatic Controls for Web Products

- Speed: Line, nip roll, haul-off, extruder screw, gear pump, etc. - Calender: Dual gap, roll bending, cross axis - Profile: Automatic control of extrusion dies

Gamma Backscatter (GBS)

- Unique to NDC - Small, one-sided basis weight/ thickness measurement - Simple, low cost, easy to install - Thousands installed

Communication & Data Logging

- Open Access Two-way communications with host computer, recipe management, and more - OPC connectivity - Data Historian II - gathers data for analysis by popular spreadsheet and database programs - ProcessAnalyzer reporting package with 3D roll mapping

Measurement of coating on paper using a gamma backscatter sensor

Beta Transmission
High precision, fast scanning Minimized source activity Compact, rugged, easy to maintain Coatweight, thickness measurement - Hundreds installed

Proof of Compliance
- Reports for ISO 9000 - SPC/SQC analysis - Roll defect mapping - Automatic screen prints

Installation of an NDC scanner on a 10.5 meter BOPP line infrared technology

Laser Caliper
- Non-contact - Single or dual-sided measurement - Proximity compensation

Total Distributed Intelligence (TDI) Architecture

- Data processing distributed to individual devices within the system - Ethernet-based communication - Common processor board for each sensor and scanner - Easy to install, start-up, use and maintain

Other Sensor Technologies

- Microwave - Contact caliper

Measurement of moisture and coating thickness in converting process with infrared sensor

The Leader in On-Line Measurement and Control

Who We Are, WhAt We Do
NDC Infrared Engineering is a leading supplier of on-line gauging and control systems for the continuous web processing industries. We offer a wide range of sensors and systems for comprehensive on-line measurement and control of extruded products, coated and converted products, calendered products, textiles and nonwovens, and paper applications. NDC Infrared Engineerings business mission is To provide measurement and control solutions that meet the needs of our customers and enable them to maximize process profitability and product quality. Strive for ever increasing simplicity and convenience in the application of our technology. Maintain our world leadership and reputation for the supply of accurate, reliable, and robust systems and instrumentation.

Our Exceptional Growth Over The Last Five Decades Is The Result Of Many Factors
n Unique Sensor Technology n Value-Added Measurement and n n

n Systems Division

Control Solutions Superior Operator Interface Exceptional Reliability in Harsh Environments Comprehensive Customer Care, Service and Support Worldwide Distribution with Representation in Over 60 Countries

NDC pioneered the use of the gamma backscatter sensor for a wide range of applications, and continued development to include the most comprehensive offering of measurement sensors and control systems in the industry. There are now over 7,000 systems installed worldwide. Based in the United States, the company joined Spectris plc in 1997.
n Sensors Division

Customer Care/Worldwide Support

NDC prides itself in delivering quality systems with customer care and support which is unequalled in our industry. Our technical support engineers, 24-hour hotline, customized maintenance contracts, and comprehensive spare parts packages, allow our customers to tailor their own maintenance to meet their specific requirements and to help develop their own self-sufficiency.

NDCs Infrared business pioneered the use of near-infrared technology, specializing in on-line measurement for the web, food, chemical, tobacco and wood industries. There are now over 20,000 sensors installed worldwide. Based in the United Kingdom, the company joined Spectris plc in 1992.



NDC Infrared Engineering was created in 1998 through the merger of two leading measurement and control companies, NDC Systems and Infrared Engineering.

NDC Infrared Engineering Irwindale, California, USA

NDC Infrared Engineering Maldon, Essex, UK

NDC Infrared Engineering is represented in over 60 countries worldwide

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