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Vol. 73 No.36 November 7 - 13, 2012 50 cents

Chris Fedden Wins PBA East Region Dominick DiCicco Memorial Senior Open
By Russ Mills GLASSBORO, N.J. – Chris Fedden of Albany, N.Y. defeated Kevin Quinn of Bordentown, N.J. 236-204 to win the PBA East Region’s Dominick DiCicco Memorial Senior Open at Glassboro Bowl and Recreation Center. Fedden posted an 8-3-1 match play record and led Quinn by 39 pins after match play. The victory was Fedden’s third career regional title and earned him $1,500. Quinn earned $800 as the runner-up. In the first stepladder match, Gary Shultis of Levittown, N.Y. defeated Darryl Bower of Middletown, Pa. 204-196. Quinn defeated Shultis 19-18 after they tied in the semifinal match with 216. Shultis earned $700 for third while Bower earned $650 for fourth. Final Match Play Standings (after 20 games, including match play bonus pins) 1-Fedden, 8-3-1, 4,978, 2-Quinn, 9-3, 4,939, 3-Shultis, 6-6, 4,799, 4Bower, 7-5, 4,736, 5-George Tignor, Winchendon, Mass., 5-7, 4,731, collecting $600, 6-Bob Caruso, Dayton, N.J., 7-5, 4,713,

Kenny Lee 812 at Wallington
By Gloria Volpe WALLINGTON, NJ - It was an exciting night at Wallington Lanes when Kenny Lee Shot 279, 267, 266 for an 812 series in the Public Safety League and earned a bowling pin on their wall of fame. Tito Jackson rolled 248-248-238 for a 734 followed by Dennis Figueroa with 245 and 237, Robert Day 227, Steven Mocarski 225-215. John Petrosino 224, Emilio Jimenez 224-221, Billy Zika 217, and Wally (watch that average climb) Wehrhan tossed a 206 game.

Jason Paro, Ryan Branson 300 At Majestic Lanes
HOPELAWN, NJ – Jason Paro and Ryan Branson each rolled a 300 in the Middlesex County Classic League at Majestic Lanes. Daniel Lopez rolled 238-269257-764, Nelson F. Alves 255264-235-754, David Smith 204266-279-749, Marcus Stevens 234-232-232-698, Jason Gomez 212-247-233-689, Glenn Mohr, Jr. 221-222-246-689, Ken Rask 206234-249-689, Bob Balogh 226228-233-687, and John Longberg 264-241-686.

Bobet Viray 300 at Lodi Lanes
USBC Photo

Sam Maccarone, manager of Glassboro Bowl & Recreation with champion Chris Fedden. $575, 7-Sam Maccarone, Glassboro, N.J., 6-6, 4,702, $550, 8-Dale Eagle, Laguna Niguel, Calif., 5-7, 4,675, $540, 9-Pete Bryan, Laurel, Del., 6-6, 4,666, $530, 10-Mike Hastings, Millsboro, Del., 6-5-1, 4,641, $520, 11-Jay Boyle, Garnet Valley, Pa., 4-7-1, 4,617, $510, and 12-David Kneas, Annapolis, Md., 1-10-1, 4,404, good for $500. Bill Neumann and George Tignor each posted a 300 game in the events competition.

LODI, NJ – The Monday 4-man started out the week right with Bobet Viray blasting a 300 and then finishing the session with a 778 high series at Lodi Lanes.

Chuck Ontal and Fred Gutierrez threw high games of 288 and 279 with Anthony Buonnano and John Gualteri finishing with high sets of 773 and 760.

Dan Pridham 300 at Plaza Lanes
MADISON, NJ- Dan Pridham found perfection with a 300 game in league play at Plaza Lanes. Fred Crowell shot 279-715, Karl Kastner 267, Oren Warter 653, Stephanie Rahn 257-649, Felice Schneir 186, and Lisette Tapanes 177.

Ken Carson 800 at T-Bowl Lanes
WAYNE, NJ – Ken Carson earned top honors in the Coors Light/Ebonite Trio League at TBowl II firing games of 279-278249 for a high series of 800. Billy Ely rolled near perfect with a 298 game followed by Harvey Ely posting a 747 set, Gary Vicente 266, Dave Pfeiffer 689, and Keri May 650.

Dave Hulsizer 300, John Rankin Jr. 299-812 In Montvale Major League
By Robert Balzarek MONTVALE, NJ - Dave Hulsizer had the high game of the night shooting a 300 game and John Rankin Jr. had the high series for this week with an 812 series shooting a 299, 257, 256. Rankin’s series led team JR3 to a 21/8 victory over Dennis O’Flaherty’s 278 in a 715 series in the Montvale Major League at Montvale Lanes. Dennis Hanowitz followed in series with a 782 on a 279 game. Jeff Rovetto and Toto Roldan each had a 279 game with a 755 and 732 series respectively. Andrew Hederia 279-691, Joe Rizzi 277-706, Arnie Komet and Larry Toppin each with a 268. Larry also had a s92 Series, Eric Honor rolled 269, Rich Naclerio and Mike Rovetto with a 699, Bob Higgins 690, Rich Pizzutti 686, Gerrit Overeem 674, Bob Greenwood 671, Joe Alfano 665, Ray Keim 662, Justin Hawkins 661, Matt Rovetto 656.

Kenny Ryan 782 at Ocean Lanes
LAKEWOOD, NJ – Kenny Ryan led the scoring in the Saturday Scratch Trio League at Ocean Lanes firing games of 247257-278 for a high series of 782. Matt Russo shot 260-211-248719, Madison Lukosius 268, John Coupe 257, Tyler Wolfe 256, Ryan Melia 255-246, Shawn Kollmer 246-243, Brendan Williams 235, Amber MacLeod 234, Karsyn Lukosius 226, Tori Boughton 216, Amanda Nardiello 215, Kaity Lash 214-205, and Brandy Collins 204.



November 7 - 13, 2012

Ana DeLeon, Rob Gilbert Jr. Pace Youth Travelers
By Vince Albrecht HACKENSACK, NJ - 10-14-12 - There was an aura of discontent emanating from many of Stan Niemiec’s youthful keglers as challenging lane conditions had them searching for a decent path to the pocket. Those that found it included Paramus Catholic senior Ana DeLeon who had the afternoon’s high set 217-201-595. Her teammates’ Nick Cilento and Brian Rizzi chipped in with 214,204-578 and 205-568 respectively as Holiday I took five points from Fair Lawn; the latter salvaged game three behind Madison Perry’s 179. On the strength of a strong opening 863, Bowler City II gained three points from Montvale, holding on to wood, 2411-2356. Austin Bonacum 192-561, Justin Garcia 200,197 and Kyle Schellberg 188 were on target for BC II. Montvale newcomer Michaella Raab scored +26 over average in helping her squad pull out a tight second game, 783-755; Matt Russell, Shannon Rossi and Katie Didonato strung together 150+ scores to capture the third encounter, 826-793. Bowler City I’s Rob Gilbert, Jr. had the day’s second best set, 200-590, John Draney added 192-541 and Eric Grabusnik 184-524 as they held off Holiday II, 5-2. After a lackluster start, Holiday II exploded with a 918 to take the finale; Austin Hackett sparked the comeback with 217, anchor Joe Malyack had 198 and Frank Olandosi 188. In a tight match, Bowler City IV finished with 894 to outscore Bowler City III, 2538-2478 as newcomer Nathan Tombo had 167, the team’s best single; Mariah McKelvey posted two strong above average scores while Alijah Jackson came through with 163 and Nick Ferrante a pair of 162 games. High for BC III were Nick Reyes 179 and Patrick Sucero 176,172. In other action, despite 194 highs from Justin Puchalski and Patrick Teshima, Boonton was unable to match the vacancy scores and slipped to 5-9.

Senior Men: Alby Pezzella 246/709 Joe DelGreco Sr 255/665 Frank Seggio 255/646 Herb Frank 247/664 Frank Jara 244/638 Sam Lass 235/668 Thursday Match Point Kris Carbonaro 289/713 Steven Maruffi 255/725 Jeremiah Readie 245/716 Fleetwood Men Paul Palumbo 279/641 Dom Ciaccia 269/639 Friday Night Mixed James Grover 270/741 Becky Novello 244/609 Teens Mixed: Gary Pacheco 256/667 Michael Martell 246/661 Emmanuel Vazquez 205/552 Anthony Ramirez 192/558 Cameron Wong 192/551 Alexis Ramirez 157/382

John Boughton 232
LAKEWOOD, NJ – John Boughton led the scoring in the Saturday Junior Classic League firing a high game of 232. Brian Lash rolled 226, Robert Guzman 219-210, Vicky Spirio 209, Andrew Lazarchick 206, Lisa Director 203, Alec Hehir 199, Chris Swindell 197, Alex Laurenzano and Gianna Brown 189, Gabby Damato 183, and Christine Jones 180.

Livia Spalluto197
In the Saturday Pin Hitters League Livia Spalluto shot 160182-197, Angel Gonzalez 178, Joey Tedesco 165-168, Anthony Tedesco 142, Michael Schamber 141, Joey Schamber 129, Emily Hehir 115, Amber Hauser and Hannah Foray 111, and Alexis Fitzmaurice 103.

A couple years ago a judge ruled that jockeys have the right to wear advertisements and logos on their uniforms. Why not? Few, if any sports, don't have some form of commercial advertising on their clothing, equipment, or strategically placed sinage of all sorts. I don't know if bowling was the first, but it was an early approver of the idea, going back to the 1900s and before. In the booming days of bowling during the major part of the 20th century, bowling shirts were akin to walking billboards. The earliest advertisers were beer, cigars, bowling equipment, bowling centers, banks, amusement centers, and many an industrial organization, as well as a good sprinklinq of religious organizations. But what seemed natural in bowling was viewed with scorn and deprecating smiles by too many outside of the game. That didn't stop the bowlers and their sponsors. When there were some 10 million league bowlers, almost all had bowling shirts and the better teams also had slacks, and often jackets to match. Most of the sponsors were local---restaurants and bars, gas stations, barber shops and beauty salons, banks, insurance agencies, all types of stores, and even politicians, but many of the top national firms also joined as sponsors. For a comparatively small sum, money for league entry fees and shirts, a sponsor could have advertsing for 36 weeks and five or six bowlers and their families boosting a product or service by way of mouth. These days bowling shirts in low average or regular house leagues are mostly gone---and in some leagues there are more bowlers wearing hats than bowling shirts. There were a number of bowling apparel companies that gave bonus

prizes for bowlers who rolled a 300 game while wearing a shirt, belt, skirt or slacks of a certain firm. The prizes ranged from $100 to $1,000, mostly in savings bonds. That wouldn’t be a good idea in this time of high scores. Teams went out of their way to come up with beautiful, and often garish shirt designs. Embroidery was an accepted art and could be costly so at times the writing on the back cost more than the shirts. The International Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum has a classic collection of shirts spanning a century of male and female uniforms of all sorts. When the PBA first started its tour it was anything goes and bowlers could wear any kind of shirt advertising almost any product. On TV only the bowler’s name, very huge, was allowed. The PBA then went to no names on shirts and a bowler, according to his finish, was allowed to choose from a variety of colors, and those following had to choose different colors. For a time Ernie Schlegel and Guppy Troup were the kings of surprize uniforms, from tux styled outfits to those with each leg adorned with a different color. It all settled down and most will agree that bowlers are dressed neat and colorful these days. The big laugh is that almost every sport was critical of bowling because of bowling shirts with names and now just about every sport has adopted the same practice. They should have known. Back in the 1890s era the top teams wore stiff starched, long sleeved shirts and ties when they competed in important matches. Anyone who went through that can’t be all bad. Few are still being used, some rest in closets and attics, but most were sent to needy people around the world when for decades clothing drives concentrated on them.

November 7 - 13, 2012



Mike Kenney 759
OAKLAND, NJ – Mike Kenney led the scoring in the Sal Marino Classic League firing games of 278-278 for a high series of 759. Lou Lavecchia shot 257-256-758, Dave Ritter 269-257-741, Brian Stackhouse 256-719, Vin Castiglione 256-717, Joe Cotton 245-245-714, Jim Hosier 257-703, and Neil Scheck 236-699.

Al Winkler 741
OAKLAND, NJ - Al Winkler led the scoring in the A/C Challenge Mixed League firing games of 278-238-225 for a high series of 741. Shawn Aiello rolled 239-236-234-709, Scott Goldberg 258-700, Shannon Kelly 257, Joe Cronk 259-691, Charles Anderson 236-671, Linda DePope 214, and Sharon Chrzanowski 203.

Jake Rollins 279-717 Tops Stan Niemiec Youth League
By Vince Albrecht MONTVALE, NJ - The pins at Montvale were flying everywhere in a high-scoring session of the Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League. There were eight huge sets ranging from 632 to 717, the highest achieved by 16-year-old Glen Rock H.S. junior Jake Rollins. Jake, anchoring for the Fair Lawn quartet, strung games of 279-190-248; with add-ons from Hassan Izzard’s 193 and steady outings from Tyler Nappi and Steven Plaszky, he pushed Fair Lawn to a 2694-2571 three-point effort against second-place Montvale. The latter, led by Kyle Ladewig 186, Matt Russell 170, Katie Didonato 164 and Michaella Raab’s strong +39 above average score, grabbed a 934-928 opening nail-biter. Hackensack H.S. senior Rob Gilbert, Jr. flirted with perfection, blasting nine rocket strikes before being foiled by a stubborn 4-pin in the tenth, leaving him with a closing 276-693 series. Aided by Matt Trento 199 and Vin Santoro 188, Rob’s Bowler City I squad managed a hardearned five points, 2663-2632 over Bowler City II. Giving the victors all they could handle. Sizzling Boonton, behind Justin Puchalski 254-236: 683, Karl Kattermann 202-264: 639 and Pat Teshima 236-202: 632, stormed past shorthanded Bowler City III, 7-0; Arielle Wallace led BC III with a 174. Despite Holiday II’s season high 2358 scratch set, Bowler City IV managed to take four points, thanks to huge over-average games from Alijah Jackson 187, Nathan Tombo 180 and Mariah McKelsey 163. Holiday II received three-deuce sets from the Malyack’s dynamic duo Joe 247-679 and Colette 237-658; anchor Kevin Macchia added 225-611. Rounding out the afternoon’s play, league-leading Holiday I earned seven points from the vacancy behind Graham Mulligan 211-603 and Ana DeLeon 202-596.

If you don’t see the

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Cathy Seco Rolled 267-736 In George’s Memorial at Parkway
By Jim Viola ELMWOOD PARK, NJ – Cathy Seco lead the field with a 736 series with great scores of 267, 224 and 245 rolling in the Monday George’s Memorial Bowling League at Parkway Lanes. Paul “Sticks” Stuart continued his hot streak with a 279-720 series raising his average to 251. Teddy Burden rolled 266 for a 704 series. Alfred Del Vecchio bowled 248-684, Greg “Chic” Ciccone 289-682, Bob Battersby 238-664, Ryan Musciotto 238-661, Dominick Capozzoli 235-657, Helen “Doc” Cool 236-637, Ed Reder 251-609, and Johnny McCarthy 227-606.



November 7 - 13, 2012

Jon Russo 248
MADISON, NJ – Jon Russo rolled high game of 248, Laura Russo 245, John Maso 227, Scott Harnish 224, and Linda Bogert 200 in the Pharma Plus League. In the Monday Night Ladies League Jodi Belli hit 203, Emily Aprea 197, and Alice Bednarik 194. In the Ladies Trio League Jane Inch shot 195, Joyce Brokling 191, and Joan Shiel 181.

By Gloria Volpe

Larry Sullivan 772
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Larry Sullivan led the scoring in the Friday Nite Mixed Quartets League firing games of 258-278 for a high series of 772. Jared Wichnovitz rolled 254-247-726, Derek Gilbert 268-674, Ken Soto 245, and Ross Gottlieb 247.

Monday Night Trios
Mike Kavanagh looks to be the top bowler of the night with his 269-239-724, Joe Leardo Jr. 248. Ken Green 247, Wallington’s own Steve Cicchetti 246 along with Joe Szewczyk. Charles Petros posted a 245, David Livelli 238, Dave Gabrabowski and Adam Fingerroth each with a 236, Alan Kowal 235. Our own up and coming bowler 1st time in the Sports Reporter, Jose Corniel rolling a 233 game in a 631 set, Austin Masser 231, and Dom Mancini 231.

Andrew Barbato 770
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Andrew Barbato led the scoring in the Michael Carbonaro Mixed League firing games of 245-258-267 for a high series of 770. Gary Reebe hit 290-747, Scott Walsh 247-677, Dominick Viciardino 665, Bob Jacobson 256-666, Sue Campbell 253-640, Joe Acacia 259, and Joe Comitini 242-248.

Stephanie Rahn 714
MADISON, NJ – Stephanie Rahn led the scoring in the Wednesday Trio League firing a 267 game for a high series of 714. Larry Gallo rolled 257-682, Dave Krivak 254-668, James Sirica 248, Vinnie Pagnotta 642, Sally Lauderdale 207, and Cheryl Killeen 202.

Dan Pridham 712
MADISON, NJ – Dan Pridham led the scoring in the Tuesday Doubles League firing a 257 game for a high series of 712. Scott Harwood hit 222, and Joe Fosko 221.

Ray Laursen, Jr. 762
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Ray Laursen, Jr. led the scoring in the Getaway League firing games of 267-628 for a high series of 762. Richie Lopez, Jr. rolled 246-278-754, Timothy Folkes 249-700, Mike Pero 268-677, Robert Hynes 268, Sean Sejecki 254, Kenny Jacobs 247, John Vierno 263, and Wilfredo Apo 244.

Tuesday Early 5 Man
Mike Semanick posted the high game for the night with his 278. Micky Travagilo found his spot and shot 268, Matt Dunning had a nice 259, and Fred O Callaghan hit 258. 257 was a hot number of the night with Charles Worth , Mike Semanick, Craig Bagnoli and Ed Lisi all shooting 257. Tom Twist rolled 256, Tom Smith 255, Dan Snyder 254, and Brian Jones 249.

Donald Bryant 279
MADISON, NJ - In the CMIL League Donald Bryant shot 279, Joe Parisi 730, Jennifer Drury and Emily Euanko 201. In the Bantam Prep League Rebecca Bednarik rolled 136, Jessica Moran 134, and Joey Verbazo 133. Alice Bednarik rolled 200, and Jodi Belli 190 in the Monday Night Ladies League.

Anthony Sergi 707
STATEN ISLAND, NY –Anthony Sergi topped the scoring in the Richmond County American Legion League firing a 279 game for a high series of 707. Gerard Whilborg hit 273, Mark Langell 245-675, Joe Vizzini 256, Joe Valente 247-699, and Mike Ponsiglione 269.

Curtis Kyzima 704
MADISON, NJ – Curtis Kyzima led the scoring in the Junior/Major Breakfast League firing a 260 game for a high series of 704. Kevin Ammon hit 242-626, Evan Weinberg 242, Jack Vannoz Meulen 619, and Jenny Wasserman 234. In the Tuesday Doubles League Dan Pridham rolled 248-628, Jason Falasco 236, and Frank Fillimon 211.

Don Schwed 700
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Don Schwed led the scoring in the Senior League firing games of 236-229-235 for a high series of 700. Joe LaBargo rolled 247-255-688, Joe Albanese 204-249-226-679, John Gino 246-244-675, John Eadicicco 207-258-639, Tom Mannino 223224-625, and Ray Keller 209-242-631.

Thursday Early Mixed
Matt Dunning Super Sub had the high game of the night with his 279 245 729. Joe D Amico 268, Glen Bonomo 240, Leo Castillo 238, Jim butcher 238, Nick (not Dominick) Mancini 237, Mike Biggy 234 233 223 .

Ben Johnson 695
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Ben Johnson led the scoring in the Senior Men’s League firing games of 228-244 for a high series of 695. Tom O’Sullivan rolled 202-205-213-620, John Castro 216-202-609, John Lenzo 211, Wilbur Koenig 237-616, and Dan Cioffoletti 200.

Bill Piccola 691
MADISON, NJ – Bill Piccola led the scoring in the Livingston Business Men’s League firing a high series of 691. Scott Nelson and Tim Klein shot 248, and Mike Ferlise 246.

Mike Stoyko 630
MADISON, NJ – Mike Stoyko paced the scoring in the Thursday Mixed League firing a 245 game for a 630 series. Dan Mello rolled 239, Thomas Litland 236-639, and Carolyn Dolby 150. In the Pharma Plus League Joe Izzo shot 246-629, Dan Smith 245-648, Jon Russo 227, Les Barnum 639, and Linda Bogert 243.

Public Safety
Robert Truppner was on fire with his 279, Bill Ochiuzzo 242, Kenny 800 Lee 236 625, John Petrosino did a great job with his 224 235. Emilio Jimenez not practicing this year shot 226, Billy Lyons 225, Tito Jackson 224,225,665, ‘The Pres’ Dennis Edgar 222.

Kevin Buono 681
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Kevin Buono led the scoring in the Adult/Child League firing games of 196-269-216 for a high series of 681. Daniel Costantino shot 224, Anthony Venturine, Jr. 233, Jessica Monachino 232, and Karalyn Buono 212-215-611. In the Tuesday Earlybirds League Linda Napolitano rolled 214-207618, Anne Marie Rubilotta 213-201, and Joanne Soto 200.

Charles Wilfong 665
MADISON, NJ – Charles Wilfong paced the scoring in the Thursday Mixed League firing a 258 game for a high series of 665. Jeff Harvey shot 258, Jim Hilligas 235, and Karen Evangelista 203. In the Bantam Prep League Zachary Lindez hit 149, Miles Cook 118, and Joey Verbaro and Jessica Moran each bowled a 117 game.

Tom O’Sullivan 648
STATEN ISLAND, NY – In the Senior Men’s League Tom O’Sullivan shot 209-247-648, Fred Schweizer 200-210-217-627, Chip Bonano 209, Aldo Depetro 203, and John Castro 205, and John Lenzo 201. In the Golden Oldies League Vincent Pisciotta hit 256, Howard Weiss 236, Bob Lampariello 205-234, Dotty Bellantoni 216, Sid Hershkowitz 211, and Clem Palumbo 210.





November 7 - 13, 2012

Monday Early Birds: PJ Lee 234-585, Brian Soo Hoo 224, Kevin Sikora 223, Kathy Bradley 196-511, Leeann Chervbskik 190510, Judy Larick 182-467 County Tuesday Night Mixed: Kevin Swaze 259-630, Matt Franke 258-652, Bill Ratliff 257-642, Nichole Spratford 279-700, Sandy Turner 233-528, Dot Newsome 226-612 Fox Hills Seniors: Robert Forte 201-554, Rich Martone 183-535, Dom Caricato 179; Carol Forman 193-398, Johanna Hofgesang 158-397, Helen Lovero 151Morris Hills Mixed: Manny Barraqueiro 200-509, Sal Antoniello 174, Bill Woodbury 173-492, Beth Williams 191-454, Linda Mabee 189-528, Pam Antoniello 170-476` Rockaway Women: Tammy Baldwin 201-557, Marybeth Kanouse 196-524, Colleen Boyd 185-489, Lois Kehmna 178-479, Susan Chillemi 170-471 NorBu Lodge: Charles Wright 225-566, Jon Klejmont 218-586, Tim OGrady 207, Stacey Titus 190-507, Lisa Bischer 183502, Kathy Buonocore 171

Richard DeLorenzo Jr. 723 At Parkway Lanes
ELMWOOD PARK, NJ – Richard DeLorenzo Jr. led all pin attackers with scores of 244-256-223 for a strong 723 series in the Wednesday, Teterboro Bowling League at Parkway Lanes. Michael Guglielmino tallied a 257-711, Roberto Roman 266-701, Matt Dunning 268-669, and Carole DeGroot 221-650.

Frank Lunghi Tops LIGBT
EAST ISLIP, NY: Frank Lunghi, a senior bowler from Farmingdale, NY, won his first LIGBT title and the $1,000 top prize at East Islip Lanes. Frank defeated Eddie Cintron, Laurelton, NY 207-197 (handicap) to win the title. Eddie took home $500 for his second place finish. The final shootout was low scoring as the match wasn’t decided until the 10th frame. Frank chopped a spare in the tenth frame which meant Eddie had to fill 20 pins to win the title. But a 5-10 split ended Eddie’s chance at his first LIGBT title. The East Islip tournament attracted a crowd of 123 entries with 20 bowlers cashing for the day. Scoring was on the low side as Kegel’s Highway to Hell pattern was put down. The cut scores ranged from 678 to 711. High series of the day went to Eddie Cintron with a 753. The top 5 bowlers in the first squad won DV8 balls donated by Brunswick. The total payout for the day exceeded $3,000.

November 7 - 13, 2012



In the Monday Seniors: Michael Sala 222, Bob Haskin 208, Joe Marsiello 206. In the Monday LIA: Peter Taormina 279, Ed Werbeck 257, Justin Sternberg 255, Joey Orlando 254, Jen Zappolo 246, Sally Gibilterra 236, Joanne Perry 224. In the Tuesday Early Birds: Liz Faust 231, Jennifer Traina 210, Louise Bernha 209, Anne Zajack 203, Regina Sander 202, Heidi Castor 202. In the Tuesday BK Sweeneys: Mike Gregorio 264,255, Rich O’Neill 256, Erin Leone 219. In the Wednesday Seniors: Bob Haskin 247, Pete Thomasefsky 244,234,682, Bob Sandkuhl 213, Joe Cagna 203, Cappy Caporusso 245, Gene Kelly 222, John Barrett 205. In the Hicksville Elks: Steve Rebuth 249, Bill Goldrick 242. In the Charles McShane 3-Man: Tommy Sabbagh 299, Joe Paciullo 289, Ed Stadtlander 279,760, Omar Cerutti 279, Wayne Wright 278, Todd Klarikaitis 267, George Woodwiss 266, Bruce Dargie 708. In the Astoria Federal Men: Ed Snevily 290, Mike Clark 237. In the Friday Party Mixed: Gerry Terracciano 221, Mike Gamdo 229, Chris Mueller 222, Carol Price 212. In the Saturday K of C: John Leary 245,680, Dean Halverson 236, John Pinto 234, Lisa Trumpy 211. In the Sunday AM Trios: Sal Guidice 267, Dave Diamond 266, Keith Hengel 257, Shawn Blessinger 242.

Tony Caridi 696
FARMINGDALE, NY – Tony Caridi led the scoring in the Friday Late Mixed League firing games of 279 and 222 for a high series of 696. Lou Rimi rolled 255-672, Anthony Ammirati 254-682, Adam Krauss 224-236-222-682, Anthony Crocitto and Joe Johnson 248, Tom Will 247, and Eleanor Vallone 223.

Matt Traina 670
FARMINGDALE, NY – Matt Traina led the scoring in the Saturday Nite Fun League firing a 234 game for a high series of 670. Chuck DeCarbo hit 236-645, Bob Ciaccio 237-629, Artie Moon 244623. Nathan Smith led the St. Martin’s Majors League firing a high game of 244. Emily McLaughlin hit 227, Carly Light 222, Meghan Wing 213, and Brandon Soedarmasto 209. In the St. Martin’s Seniors League Jake Diamond rolled 222, Joseph Smalkin 214, and Brigid Kapuvari 200.

Steve Flapan 667
FARMINGDALE, NY – Steve Flapan led the scoring in the Saturday Nite Friends League rolling games of 255-215 for a high series of 667. Paul Nappi rolled 244-227, Tommy Dorsey 232-222-633, Tom Altamura 232, Rich D’Amico 231, and Jim Cramer 221.

Lloyd Hasluck 652
FARMINGDALE, NY – Lloyd Hasluck led the scoring in the Wednesday Party League firing games of 259-226 for a high series of 652. Brian Siemers rolled 256, David Brand 255-227-686, Mike Marrazzo 246, Mike Siry 213, and Katie Rahner 225. In the Friday Sunshine Kids League Jerry Keenan rolled 203, and Joe Livolsi 180.


Gabe Ferrari 742
HOPELAWN, NJ – Gabe Ferrari led the scoring in the Raritan Bay Men’s League firing games of 279-248-215 for a high series of 742. John Plescia rolled 257-235-245-737, Glenn Mohr 242-253-222-717, Angelo Fallacaro, Jr. 222-247-246-715, Ed Hayes, Jr. 253-230-230-713, Evan Simon 237-217-256710, Joey Weisenstein 257-210-237-704, Bruce Mohr 202-215-245-662, and Dena Simon 223-224-634. In the Thursday Nite Mixed League Vinny Medvetz shot 210-208-614, Scott Akalewicz 216, Thomas Poulos 223, and Daneille Medvetz 225. Tom Zumpetta shot 202-225-606, Nick Holiday 224-604, and Anthony Scutari 234 in the Merck League.

November 7 - 13, 2012

Mark Mawkinski 638
HOPELAWN, NJ – In the Knights of Columbus League Mark Mawkinski shot 209-236-638, Joe Rossi 223-223-619, and Mike Dellamanna 204. In the Sunday Nite Mixed League Frank Nebus rolled 254-210-639, Rich Nieratka 246-621, Cid Stentella 258, Suzie Bleacher 219, and Sean Williams posted games of 214 and 223.

Thomas Poulos 638
HOPELAWN, NJ – Thomas Poulos rolled 207-235-638, Andrew Phillips 201207-216-624, Andrew Smith 218-203-617, and Kyle Jannuzzi 224-616 in the Thursday Nite Mixed League. In the Merck League John Strauss rolled 212-212-608, Anthony Scutari 210221, John Halliday 230, and Mike Eglesia 204. William Bailey bowled 210-209-216635, Brian Petretta 244-215-632, and Rolando Vazquez 221. In the His & Hers League Don Anione rolled 206-214-222-642, John Vignola 255-629, Andy Shefer 224-200, Bill Smith 236-210-614, and Tom Poulos 210-237.

Richard Hecht 657
HOPELAWN, NJ – Richard Hecht led the scoring in the Garden State Mixed League firing games of 201-285 for a high series of 657. Michael Raemer rolled 235-630, Jose Medina 236-243-629, Kyle Jannuzzi 213206-614, Dana Soto 201-202-211-614, and Debbie Edmonds 230.