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droppedthe bucket and broke into a rlln." it. met one of yollr neighbors the general I at storein town.right-angled world."He misses ribs protruded His like tlre black keys of apiano." l0 Jamiesaid. Jarnie turnedto me then. which I saw echoed Jamie'sface. where everything was either right or wrong and there was no doubt which was which." "That'swhy I'm here. "l'm not gonna argllewith you today.It was like glimpsinganotherside of him.Ebolinesaidthev'd be or downthis weekend..He held his hands out." "Oh. neverto lie awakenightswonderingwhat if.Jamie." me "Wiry didn't Ebolinedriveyou?" '"Oneof 20 the girls wasn't feelingwell.and had a sudden irrationalurgeto do so." "l"m gladyou didn'twait." Henr1."he said. and so dici Jamie. Finally he blurtedout.''Henrysaicl.I stepped backhastily. "Don't sugarcoat now. Clapped each other on the back. insubstantial.He doesn't makeexcllses.the dear. Jamie. Aware of his eyeson me." I ''You too. I fèlt a ripple of envy. "To play in the snow and eatfancy fbreignbread. He dropped ofï at the bridge. brother." ''You look like hell.I stoodoutside it andwaited.andGreenville. "Welcomehome" . Then he saw Jarnie.but he seemed to noticeit." I2ANSEMEl P age' . not of I realized neverseenmy husband I'd run before. I thought. replied.I couldpickhim up. 25 I went to him and gave him a hug.] [. "You'd think a son would seef-rtto sreethis father. is thatthe excuse he'susingthese days?" "'No." l.'' l you t "lf you say so." said. of "You look good. "Henry! Your brother'shome! Henry !" Henrl''emerged fl'om the barnholding a fèedbucket.J I was abouta hundredfeet away from him when Pappyhollered.How simplethingswere fbr Henry! on How I wished sometimes that I couldjoin him in his stark. Henry was the only one of us who seemed impatientwith Jamie'sstories."Laura. which got deeperand deeperas the eveningwore on."saidJamie. you "He's missecl too." saidJamie. looking at me in that way he had-as if he were really seeingme and takingme in whole. Henry shrugged.Henry's bad leg madehim awkward. it's mighty good of you to havetakenhim in and put up 40 with him all these months."he bellowedfrom the porch "Ah. ATSLIPPER'rHAl'NIGIIt.flustered.sweetvoice of our pâppy."You alwaysdid love fàrmins. instead cominghome?" of "l needed sometime. pulled apart."What?''he yellecl."I think he's ionely 3_j here. know that. . "Yott needto put solrlemeat on thosebonesof yours. What unimaginable luxury. neverto wrestlewith whetheror why."' Henrvsaid. How areyoll liking it herein Henry'sversionof paradise?" 30 I was spared from lying by the old man. He felt light against me. .But I haveto say."Jamiesaid.'' Hetln' pickedLlpone of Jamie'ssuitcases we headed and towardthe house. coulcltell by the I crease betweenhis eyebrows. "And that's what you've beendoingall thesemonths.throwing an arm aroundHenry's shoulder. searched eachother'sfàces:ritual. regaled with stories Jamie us abouthis travels overseas."I'd forgottenhow much I missedhearing it."Henrysaid.s "l lor'v'd get here'J" 1'or-r or-rt "l hitchedmy wav fiom Greenville. He peltedforwardwith thejoyous abandon a schoolboy. He whooped. Sick headache somesuchthine. They came together ten feet in fiont of me. secret andunsuspected. get somegood Mississippisun on your fàce."lt's goodto seeyou. sweetsister-in-law." "He's oLlrfàther.214 50 ."he said.

grin he'd gittenme on 1: 5.le caséchéant. des minimale. a) Who arethe characters they relatedto eachother? b) How are c) Who is telling the storY? 2. de fois ."And fhaf whal you'r.60-6 "|{ot the vtearysmile he yvoretonight. a) Describe reacts reveal about him to the narrator?Answer in your own b) What does the way Henry words (20 words). him. exemple: 8b) o faire précéderles citationsde la mentionde la ligne .55 60 "We all healin our own ways.The veinson thebackof his handstoodout like bluecords.Not the weary smile he wore Hotelso manyyearsbefore' floor of thePeabody grin he'd givenmeon the dance him. would cook food to strengthen I would tonight.UncleJamie?" be was "Everybody hurt somein thewar. [. but I wouldbringhim backto himself. candidats T. play musicto soothe I healhim. which particular Say in one sentence Why did Jarniego away? 's 1. his a healing. a) b) c) d) takeplace? Wheredoesthe scene on eventis happening that day. à brièvement la question répondront les d'indication. worriedly." the dance . Jamie.floor of the PeabodyHotel so n'tan)) in a) What doesthe change Jamie'ssmilerevealabouthim? (30 words) reveal about the characters'relationshipso many years befbre? sentence b) What does this 12ANSEME1 : P a g e3 1 4 .Justifyyour answer at Henry's feelings seeing 4.ebeendoing all thesetnonths .2008 Hillary Jordan. DescribeJamie' composer phrases à complètes chaque qu'il leur estdemandé rédigerla réponse. 1. asked Isabelle "Are you hurt.nI'absence .50.but the radiant.But I'11 all right. Thewarhaddimmed Mttdbound. little Bella. with two quotes. if this is what you call Henry made a gestwe that took in Jamie'sappearance.(numéroet et .but the radiant. respecter nombre de mots indiqué qui constitueune exigence le posée. respecter I'ordre des questions reporter la numérotation lettre repère.U. ." Jamiesighedand passed handacross face. I thought.]" him.I'd hateto seewhat hurting is. fiom the text. .reckless tell storiesto makehim smile. NOTE AUX CANDIDATS traiterontle sujetsur la copiequi leur serafournieet veillerontà : Lescandidats sur la copie . Answer in your own words and justify with two quotes 3.'?" Explainwhat he has been doing.COMPRÉUEXSION present the scene? in 1. reckless years bqfore." "Well.

Do you think havinga simplevisionof lifè contributes happiness? wordS. Imaginethe diary entry the narratorwrote after the evening"on the clance floor o.(30 words.10%) l2ANSEME1 P age:414 . l0%) t/to (300 or 2.Justifl. EXPRESSION Choose one of the followingsubjects: 1. quotesnor included).quotenot her included) II . (300words. words.61). What do you understandabor-rt narrator's feelings towards Jamie now? Justifu with two the quotesfrom two different parts of the text .+l.your answerwith as two quotes.(30 words. 7.fthe Peabody Hoïel''( quote fbr each part.quotes included) (30 not b) What doesthe porlrait the narratordraws of Henry tell us about the narrator'spersonality and the way shesees own life? Justifyyour answerwith one quote. a) DescribeHenrv's personality seenthroughthe narrator'seyes.

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