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Tao Yuan, Taiwan, ROC

Date: Jan 18th, 2008
Time: 19:00 -- 21:00 (meeting time); 21:00~21:30(social time)
Meeting place : 桃園市中央街26號B1會議室-中央街桃二街口
B1, No.26th, Chung-Yang Street, Tao Yuan City

President: Roger Jien (Acting:Doris Chen) Timer: Stella Huang
T/M of the Evening: Lily Chen Ah Counter & Vote Counter: Organic Lin
~~~ AGENDA ~~~
19:00 Opening ------------- Conducted by ---------- Sgt-At-Arms
The mission of Tao Yuan Toastmasters Club is / to provide a mutually
supportive and positive learning environment / to develop communication
and leadership skills, and to foster self-confidence and personal growth.
19:02 Words of Welcome, Introduction of Guests,
Announcement & Officer Reports (5-8') Roger Jien, President
19:10 Introduction of Toastmasters & Programs(3-5') Conducted by T/M ------ Lily Chen
19:15 Induction Ceremony Conducted by Induction Officer --- Doris Chen
19:15 Variety Session(10”) Conducted by Variety Session master---- Randy Wei
19:25 Prepared Speech Session Conducted by TME --- Lily Chen
(Timer & Ah Counter Reports)
1. Alex Hsiao Communication & Leadership-C2 Organize Your Speech Arthur. Tsay (2-3')
2. Ann Chiu Ugly Duckling How to Say It C4 Brian Lin (2-3')
3. Michelle Lee Never Land –A1 Folk Story- Story telling Lola Jan (2-3')
20:10 Intermission (10´)
20:20 Table Topic Session (10´) Conducted by Table Topic Master --- Sunrise Lan
20:30 Individual Evaluation Session (10´) Conducted by General Evaluator --- Eugene Tsai
(First Timer & Ah Counter Reports for Prepare Speech Session)
20:40 Language evaluation Conducted by Language Evaluator --- TBD
20:45 General Evaluation (3-5´) Conducted by General Evaluator ---- Eugene Tsai
(Second Timer & Ah Counter Reports for Individual Evaluation Session)
20:50 Comments from Guests, Announcement of
Trophy Winners & Closing Remarks ------ Roger Jien, President
21:00~21:30 Social time! We welcome friends and guests stay for the social time!

Second Round 真鍋咖啡 桃 園春日路 150號 03-3335865 東門國 小後門
Tao Yuan Toastmasters Website:
President: Roger Jien- /Mobile: 0938-347-682
EVP: Doris Chen- /Mobile: 0987-328-540
MVP:Arthur Tsai /Mobile: 0928-874458
PRVP: Ann-Chiu /Mobile: 0913-869-825

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