VaYera 2012 And He Appeared Gen. 18:1 – 22:24. I.

This Parsha begins with what seems an innocuous phrase, „And He Appeared‟. However, we‟ve learned the Hebrew language always reveals things that are hidden - buried from the casual observer. So, let‟s begin our trek with this phrase in Hebrew:  And He Appeared,

‫ .ו ר‬The numerical value of VaYera equals 217, the same as that of Strong‟s #2415, ‫ חטר‬choter, a masc. noun indicating a rod or
branch, and we see it nuanced in context in Is. 11:1 to mean a fresh shoot or twig, I.E. The Messiah, who would come out of the stem, #1503, ‫ גזע‬geza` stock or „race‟ of Jesse, #3448, ‫ ישי‬Yishay. [The name Jesse means My Husband, as well as, Yah or Yahweh Exists (NOBS Study Bible Name List). As such the name Jesse contains the most profound notion that human marriage reflects divine revelation.] These Hebrew words, vayera, geza & Yishay become the panoply of descriptive terms revealing the One Who Appeared in this Parsha. Furthermore, a Modern Hebrew term related to geza - gezai, Gimmel-ZayinAyin-Yod, is used to describe one of Pure Racial Stock. This passes by most that are looking at this Parsha, but, remember we‟re dealing with the coming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah because of sexual perversions, which include homosexuality, bestiality, and the co-mingling of seed with the Fallen Ones. Thus, it is not a coincidence that YHVH (In the person of Messiah Yahshua) appears to Abraham on day-3 of his circumcision at the eve of Pesach just before judging these cities for their “Root Stock” – their origin. Time doesn‟t permit us to delve into proving sexual relations with the Fallen Ones, but, scripture does have a body of evidence to support such, (Gen. 14) as does some extra-biblical works: [Ecclesiasticus 16:7-9, Book of Jubilees 20:5]. Abraham‟s Circumcision plays an integral part as well, to remind us that all ties to the flesh – the vehicle used by the enemy – are severed, cut off, which are exactly what the root stem of #1503, geza‟, means; to shear, cut off. The One Who Appeared would need the pure root stock of Abraham – the one with the Covenant of Circumcision – to succeed; else He himself would have

no blood-line in the earth to issue from! How appropriate this meeting takes place at this Moedim of Passover, where the Blood of the circumcised Lamb (the one cut off from life) would be applied to the doorposts of the house/heart representing the loins or procreative area of the man being regenerated! Ironically, it is at this season that Abraham is given the Promise of the coming SEED – ISAAC. This is the door opened for the introduction of Messiah into the earth. If we double the numeric value of 217 it equals 434, the same as that of DALET – DOOR! Thus, Yahshua would come through the vehicle of a woman of pure stock – no serpents‟ seed - and Jesse – YHVH My Husband! Again, how ironic that Abraham is sitting at the Tent‟s door in the plains, #436,


'elown, terebinth or long-lived tree when this occurs. These trees are planted where covenants are implemented. An exchanging of positions occurs: Abraham becomes a Son of YHVH while Yahshua becomes The Son of Man; both endure death of the flesh! Now, let‟s put a perspective on the timeframe: Most Rabbinic Scholars agree that Abraham was 48 years old when the Tower of Babel incident occurred. He is 99 years old when this incident “VaYera” happens. This is a difference of 51 years. 51 is the numeric value of #4224, ‫ מחב‬machabe', a masc. noun meaning a hiding place, a place of safety or refuge. Is it possible that from the Babel incident, Abraham is charged with protecting the Hebrew language, the DNA of creation, the Seed of YHVH? This is the Spiritual Seed, which when planted, spoken, produces physical results! Thus, Messiah, the Spiritual Seed, appears to Abraham to become a Rhema or spoken word and results in the birth of Isaac. This seems consistent with the hidden meaning of this name, Isaac.  Isaac, #3327, ‫ יצחק‬Yitschaq, is usually translated as laughter. It does seem fitting since Abraham and Sarah were barren and thus cursed. Sarah laughs out of excitement, and this excitement is connected to the intimacy of the marriage chamber! So, it is fitting. However, the Yod-Tzade root conveys the idea of coming out or bursting forth, to be released, while the Chet-Qof root, choq, means law, ordinance – Torah! He was named “The Birthing of Torah”. Remember, Abraham has also battled the same Nephyillm/Giants the offspring of the Fallen Ones, just as Noah, Moshe, Joshua & David. Abraham has been faithful and obedient to protect the Seed-Line – the Hebrew Race, those charged with keeping a pure stock to house the SEED – Hebrew – The TORAH – The Word of YHVH!

Now, it is fitting to look at the principal cities slated for destruction: Sodom & Gomorrah.  Sodom, #5467, ‫ סדם‬Cĕdom. Strongs‟ doesn‟t give a definition here, only that it was destroyed because of egregious sins. If we look at the root stem, the Samech-Dalet, #5465, sad, a masc. noun designating stocks, shackles, specifically to bind ones feet from walking and the Mem which indicates chaos and the womb, we have more light given to see the truth here. Other words beginning with Samech-Dalet convey either order & arrangement or something cracked, cleft or split. It would seem then Sodom is destroyed because they left a specific order, arrangement (boundary, framework) and engaged in specific sins that cracked, split (crossed over a boundary) and thus bound the feet, bringing chaos to the womb. Hmmm? In Torah, the feet could serve as a euphemistic term for the pudenda, the external genitalia. Strong‟s #7272, regel, reh'-gel; from H7270; a foot (as used in walking); by impl. a step; by euphem. the pudenda: This explains quite a bit! Those who participated in the sins of Sodom left an order, a boundary, which bound/crippled the seed resulting in chaos birthed in the womb! Sodom has a gematria of 104. The 104th chapter of Torah should then give us some insight at what is happening here. Lev. 14 is that chapter. It deals entirely with Leprosy – which the Sages believe is a direct result of an EVIL TONUGE, if found in a man or house or vessel, it has to be removed, it cannot be tolerated. Why? Evil speech is evil seed, which will cripple what is planted in the womb, producing a monstrosity!  Gomorrah, #6017, ‫` עמרה‬Amorah, translated submersion? Again, a travesty in translation! Let‟s examine this one as well: The root, AyinMem-Resh, omer, is a familiar word (the counting of the omer) indicating bound sheaves of grain. It carries the idea of bondage, slavery, to treat harshly, without consideration. It is a cognate of #562, `omer, an utterance, to speak, a word. Another usage as a noun indicates a lamb! These beings, in collusion with Sodom, found a way to bind, to enslave (To reduce a thing or enslave it for your own purpose) the Word/Lamb/The Seed. Ironically, the gematria of Gomorrah is 315 and this connects us to the 315th chapter of Torah – 2Kings 2 – which deals with Elisha‟s succession of Elijah and the healing of the waters of Jericho and the subsequent mocking of Elisha by the 42 “children”,

#5288, ‫ נער‬na`ar, here is translated as children, but, it is wrong! It should be Young men, the root is from #5287, which means to shake oneself violently, to shake ones bonds, also to roar with violence. These men are violently angry because Elisha has healed the waters – SEEDWORD! They were from Jordan where the headwaters came from and were making their living controlling the waters of Jericho and enslaving the people accordingly! Ironically, 42 is the number of months the enemy will attempt to change times and Laws in order to wear out, enslave the people! These 42 men are destroyed by 2 she-bears, #1677, ‫ דב‬dob, translated bear, also to walk or move slow. However, it is connected to #1680, which means to cause to speak. It is the root of DABAR – Word! The root of the Hebrew word for two, is shanah, which means to alter, to disguise oneself. These 42 men were perverting the waters/seed of YHVH and were destroyed by the same PERSON who destroys Sodom & Gomorrah. What a curiosity to note the gematria of ‫ שנים‬shĕnayim ‫דב‬ dob = 406, the same as the Hebrew word Tav. The letter meaning sign, mark, covenant! Now, let‟s note what is said here in 2Kings 2: 21: Thus saith the YHVH, I have healed these waters; there shall not be from thence any more death or barren [land].Look at the phrase „I have healed these waters…‟ The word for healed is #7495, ‫ רפ‬rapha', which can mean healed, but, it is also the same word used for #7496, #7497, #7498, meaning shades, departed spirits, dead ones, GIANTS! YHVH is literally speaking to the Fallen Ones and saying, “Rapha – dead ones, I have healed these waters/seed and there shall be no more death or barrenness! These were the same waters that Joshua crossed over (Jordan) and Abraham crossed over – to become a Hebrew! This is the same scenario being shown us. The Hebrew language is being restored to those who will cross over – Hebrew – these waters – will restore, heal and bring eternal life! The Sages teach that the number 42 is connected to the Divine Name and Creation. Fittingly, each column of Torah contains 42 lines. There were 42 generations from Abraham to Messiah! The angle at which light produces a rainbow through a water drop is 42. How appropriate this Parsha begins at Gen. 18:1 with 42 Hebrew letters! This Parsha is all about the battle between the Seed-Lines! YHVH cuts off those who engage in sexual immorality with the Serpent (Idolatry or Adultery) and establishes the True Lineage of Messiah through Abraham-Isaac! Abraham proves

his faithfulness in caring for the True SEED, the Hebrew language, the spiritual Seed, until the Seed made flesh appears! The curse of Barrenness is broken – Isaac, the Promised Seed results! Isaac is born at Pesach, the time of Unleavened Bread –

‫ ,לחם עני‬lechem ani, the bread of affliction, which has a value of 208 the same as Isaac, #3327, ‫ ,יצחק‬Yitschaq, which is from ‫ צחק‬tsachaq, meaning laugh. The
Yod prefix indicates a future tense action, “I Will”. Thus, YHVH in naming Isaac is declaring He will have the last laugh over His enemies! This is a theme throughout Torah! Ps. 2: 4, 37:13, 53:6, 59:8, Jer. 31:4 in each case the word indicates YHVH will Isaac those who trust in Him! He will make fruitful the barren place and return again to visit us, mocking His enemies who would attempt to pervert His Seed/Word! It is this Bread without leaven, the Living Torah vocalized in the Hebrew tongue, that determines ones Root Stock – The Stump from which you‟re born. Are you a Branch out of Jesse – YHVH, the Husband Who Exists – One who though, cut off, is now grafted back in by way of the DNA change provided by Messiah? Or, like Sodom & Gomorrah, are you entertaining another “husband” whose seed exists through the corruption of the DNA of Torah, thus, binding your feet, crippling your walk, and your seed which in turn will produce a Genetically Modified Creature that YHVH must destroy? Noah Found Grace, by becoming the guardian of the Seed-Line – the Hebrew Torah, so did Abraham, Moshe, David, Yahshua and finally this Generation. Noah, Abraham, Moshe, each were found righteous, Tzadek, the value of which is 90, the same as the word gezai, (To be of pure racial stock) I.E. the Hebrew typed their Blood – Life is in this blood, it had nothing to do with being perfect men, just men who guarded the Word. Finally, the same root word for Sodom, sad, is the word which means a deep mystery, the Sod level, that which is hidden from the casual seeker. One is a blessing the other a curse, yet the same word. Relationship is the key.

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