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color wake up. lubimova nadya 4 .

. Awareness often happens after the rush of the moment and in most cases. 5 . by tiago rosado There‘s a quite narrow line between living a moment and being aware of it.insight. it‘s better that way..a mix of voyeurism with new feelings and crazy thoughts... but when it occurs on the spot. then it‘s quite an experience.

I let my mind seize that reality as if it was a beautifully composed cinematic take. But who can control his thoughts when strong feelings emerge? all my thoughts.As the intimate moment unfolds itself. sarah loven 6 . a sense of unloyalty by not completely surrender myself in body and mind. This new layer of thought often brings mixed feelings.

7 yours. sarah loven . shades . alin ciortea 8 .

tiagorosado. And after framing that moment everything else is thrown aside and I can slowly let myself go. While rarely revisiting those images later.I guess we all get this sort of experiences sometime in life and perhaps those can become some of the best imprinted memories we Tiago Rosado 9 . the sole fact that I‘ve taken them provided new ways to experience reality albeit becoming a voyeur for an instant. www.

untitled. lauren peralta 10 .

edward olive .11 ^.

inhale / exhale. leah sweet 12 .

13 .

playfull morning. yulia mustakimova 14 .

15 under cover. julia mustakimova .

nude. viola cangi 16 .

yulia mustakimova .17 can‘t stop the morning light.

but I continued to fight it.. I wanted to stay longer. 18 ..a glimpse. boarding the limits of normality with card games and not falling short on mind absentness. It was in one of these moments that my eyes journeyed across the room to notice someone coming into the house. At the time. I always did. only that it was my turn to play and that I didn‘t. most of my nights were spent in the company of other soul dwellers... by luis monteiro From the before and after very little remains. The thick smoke and the late hours were already numbing by senses.

basvasilich .19 dasha.

old memories. sandy manase 20 .

and that was all I needed. She was a floater.. as if warned about what she could find. 21 revival. the ones that drag themselves from place to place. the ones that just walk either on their toes or on their heels and the ones that float.I could tell she was entering with caution.. sandy manase . crossing the hallway to the other room. The moment challenged time itself as it went to a graceful slow motion of her walking. no doubt about that. There are three kinds of women in this world. The elusive time fragment allowed a glimpse at what went across my peripheral vision.

lauren peralta 22 .delicate things.

23 untitled. lauren peralta .

marly hernandez 24 .110/365.

A clear and enhanced perception of my surroundings took over the foggy and dozed look.She walked over the wooden floor as if it was made of a fragile crystal glass. she didn‘t want to be noticed but that was already too late. 25 . A taunting imagery of a sexy presence. Immediately my senses jumped into readiness and I was overwhelmed by the smoothness and sensuality of what was disclosing before my eyes. an everlasting reminder of forgotten desires buried deep within a shy character.

Outside this time frame the world continued at the speed of light. A creamy white skin.A brown sweeter. knitted from an endless wool ball. defiled by the rebellious ink of a tattoo. seen only in the in-betweens of her long dark hair. hanged tilted to the side. steering my attention to the velvety naked elbow. 26 . dogs barked and cars drove down the street as I continued phased out from the world surrounding me. Portraying her essence in more ways than I could acknowledge.

lauren peralta .27 untitled.

sarah loven 28 .midsummernight.

sarah loven .29 dusk.

bravasilich 30 .life moments #94.

. Even if only for those seconds. just in time to lay my cards on the table... 31 . Had I day dreamed the whole thing? Maybe so. It was to late to worry about that! She existed... Two seconds had passed but it felt as if it was three..She was long gone by the time I synced back.

32 .com/photos/violetberry/ 24-25 / marly hernandez www.21 / sandy manasa http://sandymanase.28-29 / sarah loven 4-5 / lubimova nadya thanks to all the 11 / edward olive 16 / violaidi / yulia mustakimova 12-13 / leah sweet www. no image may be copied or reproduced without the express permission of it‘s text ‘‘insight‘‘ / tiago rosado 8-9 / alin ciortea / basvasilich www.26-27 / lauren peralta all images published in DOF magazine are sole property of the contributing photographers.deviantart.issue #7 online photography publication / contributors cover / meburobcotto http://mecurobcotto.

a one way road to that beautiful place in the back of our minds../ final thoughts sensuality. It‘s a residual memory of that first look.. To put it bluntly. by luis monteiro “So. Sensuality is all about what you can‘t see.. forged in the backspace of our most intimid desires. it‘s. wait!” It was only when I was asked to describe it that I actually noticed that I could not easily put it into words.... I‘m sure it is different for many other people.. What is it then?” “Well. It‘s in all those hidden or undefined elements that ticks your imagination and transports you to that fantasy you‘ve been working lately. tell me what you see. 33 . it‘s about what‘s implicit in a scene or a fragment of a moment.. yet it is the unconscious source for passion and all beautiful things..” And then it hit me..... You know. It is our very own interpretation of exterior stimulus that arouses our senses. That‘s it. but one thing is certain.! It‘’s when you.... “No good! Start again. that first feeling towards someone that made you day dream for weeks long. But this time. Hmmmm.. it’s a projection of our fantasies onto the outside world.. I took a second to think about it. It lives in our deepest thoughts. Sensuality derives from an acute sense of our own sexuality. and then slowly started enumerating what I remembered from the research I had done.

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