Former Chief Councillor Marjorie McRae

Candidate for the British Columbia Assembly of First Nations
Regional Vice Chief
Marjorie McRae is a member of both the Tsimshian and Gitxsan First Nations. Her traditional name is Gasbagos and she is a member of the Wilps Sto’om Hloxs (house). Born and raised in Hazelton, BC, she continues to reside in the village of Gitanmaax within the Gitxsan traditional territories. Marjorie and her husband Randy have been happily married for twenty-nine years. They have a lovely son and daughter and three beautiful grandchildren. Very early Marjorie learned to overcome many challenges at an early age due to the untimely passing of her parents. With the support of her maternal grandparents and foster families, she learned how to resolve her pain and grief in a positive way. Today, she shares her story with students, at-risk youth, and community members. In sharing her story, she encourages young people to overcome their circumstances and take the positive steps necessary to achieve their dreams. As a teacher, she inspires and challenges her students how to live in the larger society without losing their identity. Community Effort The Gitanmaax community has demonstrated their confidence in Marjorie’s leadership skills by re-electing her to the Band Council for 27 years. She was elected as Deputy Chief for four terms and has served as Chief Councilor for five terms. She worked diligently and collaboratively to develop governing, personnel and financial policy and due diligence practices to ensure accountability and transparency in her government. Marjorie is a champion and strong advocate for the advancement of Health, Child Welfare and Education programs and services for all First Nations people in British Columbia and has represented Northwestern British Columbia at the regional, provincial and national level. Marjorie’s determination and drive and ability to collaborate and bring together diverse groups is demonstrated in the many achievements and improvements in Health, Education and Child Welfare.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”
-Martin Luther King Page 1

An outstanding communicator, she has developed a wide network of regional, provincial and national contacts and has facilitated major program innovations and strategic alliances among adversarial stakeholders in order to achieve community development goals in which all parties benefit. All communities of the Gitksan and Wet’suwet’en Nations have benefitted from the many programs and services, including the Gitksan and Wet’suwet’en Unlocking Aboriginal Justice Program, the Gitksan and Wet’suwet’en Tribal Police, the Youth Healing Lodge and First Nations High School to name a few. Provincial & National Efforts For the past ten years and in addition to the work Marjorie does for her community, she has served as a representative for the First Nations of Northwestern British Columbia on matters related to Health, Child Welfare, Education and Employment. The First Nations Chiefs’ Summit appointed Marjorie to the First Nations Chiefs’ Health Committee (CHC) and the Chiefs’ Education Committee. She was later elected as the Chair of the CHC and was appointed to the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs’ Committee on Health. Marjorie enjoyed working with the Chiefs and leaders to improve the health of First Nations regionally and nationally and took pride in carrying out the First Nations Summit and Assembly of First Nations mandates for health and Education. As a member of the Chiefs’ Negotiating Committee, Marjorie supported the negotiations that resulted in the Regional Framework Agreement and Regional Bilateral Agreements with Human Resources Skills Development (HRSD). These agreements provided First Nations organizations with the responsibility for administering training programs and services. Today, Marjorie remains committed to working for the wellbeing and advancement of all First Nations. She is aware of issues at the local level and with your support hopes to effect change at the provincial and national levels as an advocate for the First Nations peoples of British Columbia.

   Teaching Degree from Simon Fraser University The 1st Aboriginal person to be awarded the Governor General’s Award for Crime Prevention. As Chief Councilor, Deputy Councilor and Council member for 27 years Marjorie has demonstrated leadership, a strong voice for Economic Development and Social Planning and ability to build a strong team with a Vision to make a difference in the community. Demonstrated a strong vision in all leadership activity. Demonstrated ability to work through “the tough” issues and achieve good results at all levels of government

 

Committed to First Nations issues for over 27 years
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”
-Martin Luther King Page 2

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