Mt Scott Arleta Neighborhood Association – Nov. 7th, 2012 – Minutes Meeting started at 6:31.

Board members in attendance: Erika Wilson, Jed Roberts, Scott Vala, Meghan Humphreys, Marcel Hermans; Dan Portis-Cathers, Nicole Green -- Overall, about 18 attended including board members. Josh from Mt Scott Learning Center – mural on Holgate between 61st and 60th is at the stage of having funding ($3,000) but disagreements between the original mural coordinator and the building owner (who lives in NV) stymied it. He found an artist a few weeks ago who wants to take on the project. City permit process takes three weeks and requires notifying the neighborhood. A meeting at the school on Nov. 20th at 6 p.m. with the artist will give people a chance to comment. Project must be completed by Dec. 15th to qualify for the graffiti abatement grant requirements. Neighborhood concerns? Erika updated the group on the neighborhood watch. Brad Taylor will hold a meeting with Erika soon to train interested folks on foot patrols. Kelsey asked about crime on Foster – bars being robbed, threatening transients on Foster, etc. Brad Taylor is asking for businesses to form a Business Neighborhood Watch. Vickie from Holgate Library says that you can possibly file a trespass agreement with the City, and people can be arrested if they re-enter your business. Sun 11/18 – Oregon State Rep. Alyssa Keny-Guyer is hosting a meeting at Pieper Café soon for public to talk to her. Posters with the exact time will be posted on the MSANA Blog and at Pieper Café soon. Dan Portis-Cathers said a neighbor of his sold her house (at a significant loss) recently due to repeated drug activity that was going on between two apartment buildings she lived between. The landlords have been unresponsive, and this is a larger problem than just this one location in our neighborhood. Scott noted that NRT officers are not able to attend meetings – the officers who fill in are unfamiliar with the issues in the neighborhood. Dan said he would ask Brad Taylor to work with him on that. Brad is also doing a patrol in the park with some members of Mt Scott Presbyterian Church before and after the Thursday dinners to look out for suspicious activity. SE Uplift – Scott reported that SEUL is revisiting its best role in the community currently; more to come there. He has encouraged SEUL to outreach to neighborhood associations to get a sense of our priorities. SEUL is hosting a Good Neighbor agreement workshop on Nov. 14th to help people who want to negotiate those agreements with neighboring businesses or organizations. Wikman Building – the business plan has been submitted to the County and negotiations are proceeding on value of the building. Transportation – Foster Streetscape Plan – have ha d two meetings with the Citizen Advisory Group. So far, meetings are going well. There was a question regarding the City adding flash beacons to Foster for crosswalks, which will come out of Foster Streetscape funds. We can add four beacons, and the issue for the next meeting is where those could be installed. Existing crosswalks could be options, but input is welcomed from this group. But the more long-term fixes are still on the table as well (lowering speed

limits, limiting lanes or other options) The Nov. 15th meeting is open to the public and will focus on traffic data about specific sections of the road and how that might affect possible options like a “road diet”. Speed signs are in place and will be moved about every 6 months to different locations. Land Use -- The School of Urban Planning at PSU is looking at helping the Foster Green ecodistrict with an Innovative Alleyways Project – to put our underused alleys to more use that would lower crime and improve these locations. They are willing to do the work if we can contribute $100 to $200 to help with expenses. Jed made a motion up to $250 for the MURP if they get a grant by Dec. 4 th; Marcel seconded. Motion passed unanimously. There is a survey to SE 72nd Ave. businesses going out soon that will gather info about what those businesses are interested in having help with. The Lents Urban Renewal Advisory Committee will be receiving a joint letter from MSANA and Foster NA asking that they do not remove funding paid in by our neighborhoods to spend all funds only in Lents Town Center, as the Lents NA is currently requesting. This letter is asking for funds to benefit the entire corridor, not just the town center. Marcel moved; Scott seconded the motion. Discussion question: there are funds already allocated and a plan in place? Yes, but Lents NA is asking PDC to prioritize the projects only in the Lents Town Center. Erika mentioned that we do not have a representative from Mt Scott Arleta NA on the committee, and PDC declined to allow us to join the committee. The motion was passed unanimously. Recognition of Chris Hill – related to the pro-bono work he did on the celltower issue. Erika would like to honor the work of Chris Hill doing this pro-bono work. The group agreed we would all write something to him about his work and nominate him for a statewide volunteer award Treasurer’s Report – Jed submitted a general budget that sets general ceilings for spending in different areas, and fundraising goals. Meghan moved and Marcel seconded the adoption of the draft budget, and the motion passed unanimously. Neighborhood Surveys – last chance to turn in surveys is Nov. 16th. In the next phase, the group will be analyzing the data collected and hosting a party to unveil the results. Library – the District passed by over 60% yesterday. The library will get these funds a year from now; hours will be changed as of July 1, 2013. New catalog will be online (mymcl) in a few weeks; it will be much easier to find materials in addition to getting recommendations and connecting library users. Portland Mercado – entering design mode on the project. Erika talked to the project manager, Ellen, and she indicated they would be coming to the MSANA and possibly ask a neighborhood association member to join the committee. The meeting adjourned at 8:03. Minutes taken by Meghan Humphreys

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