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QS Colo Delivers High Performance Co-Location Services for Online Traders QS Colo announced today the launch of its

new high performance colocation servic es, powered by QuadStationTM Technology. The QS Colo Cloud and the QS Trader Pro solutions provide online traders and analysts with rock solid, super-fast 24 x 7 Direct Market Access (DMA) to financial markets and secure anytime-anywhere ac cess to their data and trading models. New York, Ny And Naples, Fl, US, November 02, 2012 -- QS Colo announced today th e launch of its new high performance colocation services, powered by QuadStation TM Technology. The QS Colo Cloud and the QS Trader Pro solutions provide online traders and analysts with rock solid, super-fast 24 x 7 Direct Market Access (DM A) to financial markets and secure anytime-anywhere access to their data and tra ding models. Direct market access that improves liquidity; exceptional reliabilit y and IT we dont have to think about. Speed in our processing and hardware that l ets us build and run more models and test faster this is what QS Colo and QuadSt ationTM Technology does for us. We are delighted to be one of their anchor custo mers says Gary Esayian of Corridor Capital, LLC, and co-development partner of th e QS Colo Solution. Using the best high performance hardware is now one of the ke y competitive advantages in trade execution and in driving profitable trading re sults. QS Colo deploys QuadStationTM Technology that drives faster trade execution and step-change efficiency gains in building and deploying trade strategies. Typical co-location services have as many as 50+ users sharing hardware resources, with CPU and memory allocations rationed across all users. This approach means dropp ed connections, abrupt stopping of trading logic and lost or missed trades. Says Len Osborne, Chief Technologist at QS Colo: QS Colo is professional grade and un leashes full Intel i7 processor and memory power delivered in a dedicated config uration or shared on a QS Server. Even in the lower cost virtual account configu ration, we onboard no more than 4 total users to a QS Server. In our virtual acc ount solution, each QS Colo user still receives a dedicated allocation of CPU (p rocessing cores) and memory greater than that of any other top tier solution in the market and processing performance not available in typical OEM hardware. QS Colo servers are located in secure data centers near financial exchanges prov iding Direct Market Access (DMA) to exchange matching engines, brokers and marke t data. This means faster access to market data, faster signal and trade process ing and faster signal and trade processing and faster order entry meaning the ab ility to take advantage of improved pricing and improved liquidity to drive high er profits. With the marriage of the QS Colo Cloud and QuadStationTM Technology, automated, semi-automated or manual trading (and high-speed trading analytics) is possible from anywhere accessible from most any mobile device interface. Inte rnational traders can now enjoy the benefits of ultra-low latency and trading co nnections, with their trading models and accounts in physical proximity to most any broker / broker platform based in the United States. The QS Colo Cloud and the QS Trader Pro solutions benefit a wide range of trader s, from at-home day traders, prop traders, small/mid-sized Hedge funds, as well as larger buy and sell side institutional firms offered in a variety of standard pricing options, including the QSTrader Advantage Pro i7 processor-based multimonitor hardware bundles or the fully-dedicated or virtual dedicated QS Colo Clo ud service. Cross connection charges apply with automated back-ups included in a ll standard packages. Set up charges are free and special introductory pricing a nd discounts are currently available through Spring 2013. More information is av ailable at About QS Colo QS Colo was founded by highly experienced traders and information technologists looking to build and deploy rock solid, super-fast trading systems in a secure d

atacenter environment. We bring over 50 years of experience in trading and build ing automated trading systems (traders helping traders get better). QuadStationT M Technology has been developed over the past 18 years and deployed in thousands of trading workstations and analytic systems in use throughout the world. QS Co lo is based in the United States, with operations in New York, New Jersey, North ern Virginia and Naples Florida. Contact : Jim Campbell QS Colo 10493 Patrician Woods Court Great Falls, VA 22066 703-966-5579