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C.P. AKNOLEDGEMET It is manifestly impossible to extend my appreciation to every individual person for support exhibited to the association during our leadership term which is now coming to its end. Basically I sincerely prefer to record my thanks to all people who worked shoulder by shoulder with us despite hardship situation we faced during our term of leadership. Recognitions should firstly go to MUHAS management for support in various areas whenever we needed. Special thanks to the Dean and all staff members in school of nursing for commendable financial contribution every time we requested for any UNSATA events. We also honor all other inputs given to us throughout this period of time. I also like to extend my thanks to all principles of all schools of Nursing at MUHAS as well as School of Advanced Diploma in NM which operates under the MOHSW for their support in UNSATA movements. Thanks to TANNA management for its cooperation and recognition of UNASATA as its part and parcel in nursing activities. Last but not least, thanks to all UNSATA members, students from Muhimbili and other Schools of Nursing all over the country for deliberate solidarity as evidenced by participation in many events that took place at MUHAS and other places for the term 2010 /2011. I realize that there are many other partners who played big roles to assist UNSATA in prospering. We ask them to accept our gratitude appreciation as well. It is my anticipation that this good altitude will not ends up here but will continue to advance more and more for benefits of members and the society. INTRODUCTION The UNSATA leadership(outgoing by that time) which by virtue of constitution handed overpower to us in August 2010.However handing over ceremony was not properly carried out as there was no proceeding report given by the former leaders including office documents. Files and other documents were produced by the former general secretary after a period of time, which still had many deficits. The former treasurer also handed bank documents to her successor afterwards that included bank statement/ balance of 18,527.54 and a list of debits of over

1 million shillings, although after careful scrutinizing, a debt of 312,480/ was confirmed genuine. Till now the debt has not been paid due to financial crisis the association encountered in the term 2010/2011. Financial problem also affected much UNSATA activities such that all important events entirely depended on member students, staff and other charity supports. In this regard UNSATA could not manage to conduct other basic programs including scientific conference. IMPLEMENTATION REPORT 2010/2011 During our term we planned to do the following: To strengthen UNSATA chapters in the country through sensitization of students to join it and participate fully in all activities regarding the association. Improve relationship among nursing students and staff in universities through meetings and event participation. To encourage launching UNSATA branches in the nursing schools not launched yet. To site and solicit fund for UNSATA from other sources. To encourage Nursing students to participate fully in social and academic events within nursing school and other disciplines To conduct general UNSATA election which will involves all chapters in the country

To a good extent we have done our best to fulfill our pledge regardless the great challenges we faced, basically financial constraints. 1. STRENGTHENING UNSATA CHAPTERS Strategies have been implemented to sensitize students including the freshers through white coat ceremony and visiting them in their schools during class sessions at MUHAS. Students from other universities have been involved through their leaders, encourage them to join and plan activities to make the association gets recognition in respective schools. Visiting to other schools e.g. Bugando (BUCHS) was done for the same purpose whereby students strongly agreed to launch a chapter soon after completing formal procedures. Recently we managed to print and send UNSATA certificates for graduates and leaders to St John University, Dodoma. We still wait another order of certificates for graduating diploma students and their leaders from BUCHS. UDOM launched the chapter in April 2011 and KCMC is in process of opening a branch soon. We promised to join them on their launching day when their preparations mature. I hope the incoming phase will continue to collaborate and encourage students in other schools to proceed launching chapters. 2. RELATIONSHIP AMONG NURSING STUDENTS AND STAFF We have been in good term with nursing staff both in clinical and social activities although there some sorts of areas which needs improvements both to students and staff. Problems include poor supervision and academic support to student from staff in few areas and absenteeism and

absconding of some students in clinical areas. I am sure this is within UNSATA, MUHAS and MNH solving capacity. 3. UNSATA INCOME GENERATION Until now the only UNSATA fund source is through the stationery which is run by a grantor who soon renew contract for a rent of 130,000 per month (paid all money in June 2011 to end contract in April 18th 2012). SO long we have some money now we hope we can start some fund raising procedures. It is planned that UNSATA will begin operating its stationery project upon end of this contract next year. UNSATA managed to open a new bank account as the former one became dormant for long period and the reactivation process ended in vain. Process of establishing diabetes and other community health problem project is at a good stage. The proposal has been sent to the dean (Dr Malima) and Dr Kohi for comment and other inputs. This will help to get fund support from various voluntary agents and other partners. GENERAL ELECTION Most schools and UNSATA chapters have been informed to be prepared for national general election that will be conducted soon after accomplishing elections of leaders in all branches within nursing schools in the country. UDOM UNSATA chapter has requested to host the election. However it has come to our understanding that some schools are expected to start University Examinations this June. Modalities of election will be sought out later after confirmation from all branches. CHALLENGES ENCOUNTERED Despite achievements described above, UNSATA confronted a list of shortcomings during our leadership phase. The most and primary hindrance was financial constraint which resulted from lack of reliable source of fund and untimed payment of membership fee by most of UNSATA members Next problem was poor turn up of members to regular meetings held by UNSATA leaders from time to time. Finally, participation of some of committee members and the committees per se in their respective responsibilities was poor that contributed to hardship in meeting UNSATA goals. CONCLUSION/RECOMMENDATION I would like to urge to all UNSATA members and all nursing students to unite all our efforts by joining the association for fruitful and prosperous nursing profession country wide. TOGETHER WE ARE THE SOLUTION LONG LIFE UNSATA