Descriptive text Descriptive text is a kind of text that describes characteristics of detailed things, detailed places, and other

detailed object. Generic structure of descriptive text are identification and description, while its lexicogrammatical features usually focuses on specific participant, using linking verbs since it describes an object; and using simple present tense because everything described must be true. Related to this research, visualizing the reading of descriptive text, because descriptive text is close to the visual aspect.

Generic Structure of Descriptive text are : Generic Stucture: a. Identification: identifies the phenomenon to be described b. Description: describes parts, qualities, characteristics Significant lexicogrammatical features: Focus on specific participants, use simple present tense

Social function of Descriptive text, are : To describe a particular person, place or thing Example of descriptive text: I have a friend, good friend exactly, he is so kind person. Every day we always help each other. He also pretty amusing person. He is tall, thin and has narrow eyes. His straight hair sometime make people laugh. That is my best friend

they are so cute. and bananas. Compared to is small body. Although Bubu is younger then Tutul. rabbit has My rabbit Hello friends! I want to tell you about My Rabbits. They are the female and the male. small mouth. A rabbit is a small mammal with a short tail and pointed ears. Their name is Bubu and Tutul. I have two rabbits. . They eat grasses. I got them at petshop when lebaran holiday. Tutul is bigger than Bubu. I am waiting to have the rabbit babies. carrots. The rabbits have sweet gray and brown fur. They are very want to have the rabbits. so I can give or sell to my friends. I got from my neighbor who the time ago also had rabbit. I keep love my rabbits very much. Rabbits live in burrows in the ground. she can jump to out from their cage which was made from bamboos. but it death. guavas. small nose. red eyes. And the cage. Each burrow is the home of a single family. Because from my argument is the male rabbit is older then the female rabbit. The first fossils which can be attributed to this family came from North America but now they are found in every part of the world. now until that time.Example of descriptive text. melons. big and short tail. vegetables.

The hair here is called the mane. Both the lion and lioness hunt for food. He has long hair on his head. Like tigers and cats. neck and shoulders. they can . They have dark spots which disappear later. A lioness measures about three meters. they are about the size of domestic cats.LION Except for the tiger. When her cubs are born. usually at night. the lion is the largest member of the cat family. The lioness has no mane and is usually a little smaller. The lion stand over one meter tall at the shoulder.

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