The Tail of Two Brothers

By Anthony, George, Ilmi and Jake

Main Influence

Main Themes
Poverty, greed, conflict.

Our animation deals with the struggle to break free from economic poverty through ethical diversity between the two brothers.

Outline Summary
Liang is a humble, poor man who discovers a formula to create gold. He and his brother, Tao, are both alchemists. Tao is a greedy, arrogant man who wants to develop the formula to increase income. During the creation, Tao becomes excessive and impatient as he strives to take over production from his older brother. After distracting Liang and placing the wrong ingredients in his mix, an explosion occurs, creating a mixture that is gunpowder.

Character Profiles
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Humble Poor Small build Chinese Has a brother Tao

Greedy Arrogant Large build Chinese Has a brother Liang

Early Character Designs

New Art Style – Inspired
Limbo Mark of the Ninja

Catch Me If You Can





Scene 1 [Ext. Three buildings shown Oriental hut Left and right run down Shack Right, Alchemist hut center forward. Intro Lamp, Moon in the sky] Liang and Tao leave their homes and head towards the Alchemist hut. [Int. Room within the Alchemist hut] Cut to inside the hut with both characters opening a kit Once Liang presents to Tao a formula which he has discovered, which shows how to create Fireworks. Liang humbly offers to share the formula with his brother, Tao gets very excited as he realizes that the formula is worth millions, his greed overcomes him and he has an idea to enhance the formula in order to create a larger produce. The complication begins when Tao starts to add to the mix that Liang is preparing.

Scene 2 [Int. Camera facing Liang at a desk surrounded by equipment and his mixture.] Liang is stood, carefully stirring the mixture; Tao is stood over his shoulder with a menacing grin on his face, and impatiently fidgeting and is desperate to “help”. Liang grabs a vile and very slowly swills the solution. Tao, sick of waiting rushes up, snatches the vile, shakes it furiously and dumps it in the mixture. Liang then reaches for a pestle and mortar, and delicately grinds away at an ingredient, while Tao beings to pace up and down in the background furiously. Sick of waiting Tao knocks Liang out of the way, grabs the pestle and smashes it into the mortar, then throws the whole thing into the mixture. After this, Liang signals that the only thing left now is to wait and patiently stands watching the bubbles pop from the mixture. Tao stands waiting also, but beings to fidgets, tapping his foot and looking at his watch (wrist) and finally snaps, walks up to the flames and pulls out a fire bellow, and increases the size of the flames to speed up the mixing process. The flames reach a great height and the mixture begins to bubble violently, followed by smoke. And then there is a violent explosion.

[Int. interior of the hut] The explosion blows the roof off of the Alchemist hut, there is a pause and the camera switches back to Tao and Liang stood in the hut, facial hair singed and pointed upwards with smoke coming off. Both Liang and Tao grinning widely the camera focuses in on both their faces, suddenly with the realization of money in their eyes. Scene 3 Shot of the two Brothers stood at a stall selling gunpowder, reaping the rewards from there invention. The camera follows a firework that is shot from behind the stall and the final flash leads out.