Transgender Awareness Week is a series of statewide events and educational opportunities dedicated to educating people about the transgender community and raising awareness of the pressing issues facing trans and gender nonconforming people in Massachusetts. TRANSGENDER 101 Transgender is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity or expression di ers from societal expectations of how they should look, act, or identify based on the sex assigned to them at birth. Transgender is used to describe a diverse group of people: male-to-female (MTF) and female-to-male (FTM) transgender people, genderqueer individuals, and many others.1 According to a survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, transgender individuals face significant health disparities 2:



medical providers about transgender care

50% reported having to teach their 28% reported being subjected to
harassment in medical setting

reported being refused care due to their transgender or gender non-conforming status


reported attempting suicide compared to 1.6% of the general population, with unemployment, low income, and sexual assault raising risk factors2.


Transgender Awareness Week culminates with the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), which memorializes those who have died because of antitransgender discrimination and victimization. Find observances online at

on the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition’s website at

HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE! Attend a Transgender Awareness Week event. Find events

Join the conversation on social media. Let your social network know you support the trans community. Tag your Transgender Awareness Week tweets with #TAW12. Fenway Health and the Borum will be posting information and graphics you can share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Educate yourself. Learn more about transgender issues and health
care at

@FenwayHealth @TheBorum

1. Fenway Health “Glossary of Gender and Transgender Terms” Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition “Transgender 101” 2. National Center for Transgender Equality and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force “National Transgender Discrimination Survey Report on Health and Health care”

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