Reinventing Gravity


New Space-Time Reality

Vital Knowledge to Evolve and Survive
By John Paily

An Humble Request
The ideas presented here are based on observation, contemplation and imagination of nearly three decades, being in nature as a free enquirer [Not Associated with any schools of thoughts]. As a biologist, I have difficulty to express what Nature and Her Master revealed to me in mathematical language. It does not mean, that I have over looked all schools; rather I simply stuck to ideas emerging from deep within me from my free association with life and nature. I traversed every school of thought, hoping to break the ideas that emerged in me. But every school of thought and their ideas not only fitted the idea and visions but explained sensibly the questions physicist left behind making it difficult for me to throw it away. The fact that, I have inability to express this idea mathematically makes its expression little voluminous. But I assure you that at the deeper level it incorporates all schools of thought in science. It can go ahead to cause vital evolution in our knowledge of Life and Nature and help humanity survive "Accelerated Climate Change" and develop ways to live in harmony with nature. It brings out a "Parallel Space-Time Reality" or field that opposes the gravity field which Einstein searched for and also the "Higgs Boson Particle/Field" Or "God Particle or Field" sensibly. In doing so it helps unearth the ancient spiritual knowledge beyond religion and thus avert the world edging to self destruction in the name of God. In view of our global situation I humbly request you to give attention to it. Scientist who consider themselves very busy, I suggest pick and read from index


Abstract Preface Chapter -1: Introduction - The need for New Realm of Understanding Chapter -2: Rediscovering Gravity
• 2:1] Fundamental Observations • 2:2] Understanding Gravity and Differentiating Light and Atomic Matter • 2:3] Origin of Gravity • 2:4] A Critical Evaluation of Turning Point in Science - ReVisualizing Electromagnetic Force • 2:5] Discovering New Space-Time - The Origin of Information Pathways or Life Spaces • 2:6] Fourth Dimension - Origin of Dark Energy • 2:7] The Key Discovery that Changes our Perception of Universe • 2:8] Review of Basic Facts

Chapter -3: Vital Observations and Logical Arguments that can Awaken Humanity to Truth
3:1] Energy and Nature • 3:2] Life, Energy and Nature • 3:3] Visualizing Life • 3:4] The Reinvention of Big Bang as Information and Knowledge Unfolding and Enfolding

Chapter- 4: Spirituality, Scriptures and Nature

Chapter-5: Unity of Spirituality and Science Chpater-6: Understanding the Universe Chapter- 7: The Point that World Should Stand Up and Take Note Chapter-8: The Future Technologies
• 8:1] Energy Generation and Use • 8:2] Life, Health and Medicine • 8:3] Hour Glass - A Simple Technology to Counter Water Stress and Accelerated Climate Change • 8:4] Visions in Food and Agriculture

Chapter -9: The Superiority of Ancient Spiritual
Knowledge of Life Chpater-10: Living Knowledge of God and its Social and Organizational Implications Summary


The idea and thinking presented, I must admit came to me By His Grace than my effort. The abstracted points are 1] The Gravitational property of a system comes from certain “Principle and Design” in three dimensional space. Origin of Gravity is the product of non-equilibrium design governed by a principle or instinct to seek equilibrium. In other words, origin of motion and force is traced to the existence of right and left in a ratio [say 4:3] and a Quantum Flow of Energy. Max Planck’s quantum nature of the energy flow now leads to a "Perpetual Quantum Dance" between two states 4:3 and 3:4. The observed motion accompanied by spin, curved and relative displacement in space is traced to this non-equilibrium design. Note - The principle governing the motion is an instinct to seek equilibrium in space but the design denies leading to Perpetual Dance. It thus leads to perpetual pulsating dance where the flow direction changes. 2] Motion is not only intrinsic but also is relative one. Nature is understood as a product of two basic types of systems; one that has relative non-equilibrium in space and seeks equilibrium [material systems] and a system that has relative equilibrium in space and works to protect its equilibrium [living system]. 3] The experiment leading to discovery of electromagnetic force is re-visualized thus presenting a new ground breaking vision of fundamentals of nature. A single force; electromagnetic seems to govern everything in nature. The gravity, strong and weak nuclear force is visualized as different manifestation of principle and design. The whole system appears to work on ratios. It strives to


maintain certain energy to matter ratio and thus the heat of the system within some limit. 4] The most important realization is the perception of a “Parallel Space-Time Reality” that transforms gravity force into antigravity thus sustaining the world from collapsing. The "New Space Time Reality" is located inside relative equilibrium systems or living systems. The anti-gravity manifests as its attempt to protect its equilibrium. The universal picture is now built on two basic forces; the force of gravity or cosmos emanating from material world and force of anti-gravity emanating from the living world. In short “New Space Time Reality” is located in Life. This brings observer or the enquirer and his mind as central to our understanding. The "Inner space-time reality" of life now takes a pivotal position as the store house of ultimate information and knowledge. 5] The new perception helps us reinvent "Big Bang" creation and existence of the universe sensibly. It now could be traced to a single unique "Primal Soul", which through certain acts works as "White Hole" unearthing all the information and knowledge that was lost to humanity so that humanity can escape impending disaster and evolve to "Golden Age". Big Bang and existence of the Universe can be understood as consciousness and intelligence of the Creator unfolding and enfolding. This brings the ancient spiritual knowledge into lime light breaking the barriers of religion and has potentials to avert self-destructive end to which the world is leading in the name of religion and God.


Matter written here is the product of lifetime quest to know the Truth. It was a journey from complexity to simplicity seeking the "Principle and Design" on which Nature and Life exist and functions. Though it began as my quest, the Truth came to me as a Grace when "I" surrendered my mind and accepted death in Higher Mind. The quest began nearly three decades back when I was a researcher in the field of biotechnology. During this period it became apparent that our understanding life has severe loopholes. Staying with my consciousness I quit the job with a multinational company, sidelined offer to start and lead biotechnology unit for other private players hoping to take an academic line. Eventually I broke loose from the Plato’s Chair of science at the mouth of the cave to walk into freedom. I separated my means of livelihood from my quest. I returned to my village settled to help my parents and made agriculture my means of lively hood. However, I continued my quest for Truth making Nature my laboratory. In freedom, Nature began to reveal simplicity behind the complexity. A new frame work of thought and thinking emerged in quick time. Nature revealed many simple techniques and technological ideas that can influence various field of human interest. These technique and technologies were luring me to go after it and make money. But a bigger force from within was driving me to seek higher levels of Truth. Eventually I gave in and settled to seek the "Truth of Origin" and cyclic existence of the universal system in Time. It was one thing to perceive the simplicity, but it was entirely different thing to communicate to people who exist in complexity and are bound to chairs and have their face turned away from Light

and Truth. My quest to reach out to the temples of science to discuss these aspects was total failure. With no one to evaluate my thoughts and ideas, I began to exist as a beggar with precious gem in hand! It was weighing on me as a stone. My human nature was restless. In 1996, after years of contemplation Truth revealed in all simplicity. With it I was initialized into spirituality. It happened in a great moment in a “Retreat Center”, when I surrendered my mind unconditionally and accepted death to the Master who controls Nature. This brought calmness to my life. The need for a human evaluator was gone. The revelation was clearly speaking of the world edging to disaster in the ignorance of Truth. A call to bring the Truth to the world remained. When I saw the "Twin Tower collapse" and people jumping out for life, the call within me grew strong. I left my means of livelihood as I shifted to the city in an attempt to make use of internet as means to share the thoughts and strive to awaken the world. My life now became more unsecure. I now had no dependable resource for my livelihood. Way back when I began to enquire into nature from freedom, I realized the destruction of humanity on two principle interrelated counts 1] Human reckless activity releasing heat into environment leading to Accelerated Climate Change destroying humanity through increasing natural catastrophes both in magnitude and number. I could visualize the environment shearing under increasing heat released by reckless fossil fuel burning and industrialization leading to huge fire and wind bound destruction. We all know that when matter loses energy it winds. The earth’s counter reaction to the unwinding of spirit of matter is to wind. Thus I visualized earth’s reaction manifesting into huge earthquakes, flash floods

and flash snows. The end results I could visualize is huge volcanic eruptions. These destructions could peak to such situation that much of the civilization would be destroyed. I also visualized other associated destructive steps. I visualized the shearing of environment pushing all ecological system and the life contained init to uncertain and disturbed state. The human mind that is an important and determining part will turn unstable and begin to take the path of revolt and self-destruction. It also means the social fabric that humanity has developed begins to break down. The field of energy, food/agriculture, health, economy all will tend to collapse. 2] The second and more important threat I realized was Humanity destroying humanity in the name of God and religion. It is apparent that when a system is unstable and unhealthy, evil strikes. Our religious institutions are filled with self-centered people, who strive for power and wealth. I could visualize the troubled state of the world becoming a fishing ground for religious people to strengthen their respective religion by virtue of increasing the number using the unseen God. The scenario is creating religious fanatics, who in their ignorance of Truth are ready to kill and destroy. It is a reality that the entry into power centers of nations and major political decisions are influenced by religious institutions. We must note we have accumulated weapons of mass destruction that can destroy much of human population in few minutes. All these visualization are increasingly coming true. The scenario of the world can be compared to a person • who is breathing his last few breaths • a women who is undergoing the critical phase of giving birth. Before my spiritual initialization, I had a negative mind and tended to believe the first option. But now I believe in the second option. Very clearly we are in a critical state. The system is stressing us to

evolve into new realm of thinking and knowledge that can help us take guard of earth and build a peaceful world. By His Grace I hope that humanity would awaken and fight the evil in every realm. I am striving against odds to contribute my little bit towards the Divine Goal The idea presented below not only incorporates all great developments in science, but presents it in a sensible manner such that it could be understood by all. This not only can help us survive from increasing natural catastrophes that is emerging from vitiated natural forces but can save the world from self-destruction because of our ignorance of God. Importantly it incorporates spiritual knowledge of the ancient, thus forming a platform for humanity to evolve the knowledge of Nature to higher level. It also can give platform for many new technologies. We all know that great knowledge pertaining to life, health, food and agriculture existed with ancient India, China, Maya, Egypt and so on. They are still practiced in pockets and are experienced as superior practices. But these practices have existed as inferior to the partial knowledge that the modern science has developed by focusing the mind unilaterally to the external world. The Truth discussed here can help ancient knowledge into a scientific platform and help its growth In a world where people strive for money and chair, where Trillions of dollars are spent on research to acquire Truth and knowledge, I have spent nearly two and half decade of my life to the same objective, without having any support. Today I am only striving to transfer it. Please give it little attention. At this critical juncture, I once again appeal in all humbleness to intellectuals in temples of science and spirituality to give some non-attached attention to it. My resources and health are deteriorating; I may have to wind up my struggle and retreat to my village. This possibly is the last attempt to write and communicate

to temples of science. May be, if His will permits, I would concentrate on the Spiritual side, trying to brings out the parallels in various scriptures and make it simple so that common man can understand God

Chapter -1

Introduction - The need for New Realm of Understanding
Though science has made immense progress partially, its comprehension of interrelationship and oneness of nature and its perpetual existence in time is wanting. Physicists not only have failed to comprehend what property gives gravity to matter, but have left behind many fundamental questions. We are yet to comprehend what is mass? What is energy? What is the difference between light and atomic matter. Why gravity is very weak force compared to electromagnetic force? Why electro magnetism manifests. Why speed of light is the maximum speed? Why wave particle duality? What is life? Why gene is triplet code? Why DNA is double helical? And so on – The questions have grown in parallel to advancement in science. The most important reality that has challenged scientist is the second law of thermodynamics that relates to Energy or Spirit. According to this all system should collapse and meet death. Einstein confronted with this reality strived to invent a second force or "New Space-Time net". The particle scientist confronted with same problem needed a "God Particle or Field". A God field and its understanding thus became inevitable for scientist to understand nature and the universe sensibly. In the absence of complete comprehension of nature, our partial understanding is leading to self destruction.


The survival of humanity and its evolution calls for Truth and answering the above questions that scientist left behind and reordering the partial achievements and visions on to a simple "Principle and Design" such that Truth of Nature and God can be understood in simplicity by all, not few scientist and intellectuals. Gravity is the fulcrum of science. It is an attractive force between two or multiple matter/objects. It is understood as centripetal force directed to a center. It is known as the force that drives the electron and planets to revolve around a nucleus. Yet this force is the least understood one. Newton who invented gravity and coined the word "mass" failed to answer what property gives mass and gravity to matter. When Newton was questioned he reacted saying "I Frame No Hypothesis". Discovery of electromagnetic field force, strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces brought complexity to Nature. These developments began to break Newtonian mechanical world-view. Einstein rescued the situation with new assumptions, new language [Riemann’s Geometry] and visualization of space-time as a net that is curved. His equation E=mc2 dramatically changed the scenario of scientific thinking and vision of nature. Discovery of uncertainty and Quantum Mechanics challenged Einsteinian world-view thus breaking the foundation of science. Uncertainty necessitated that Nature be described by new language; statistical mechanics. The world-view thus changed from mechanical to relativistic to chaotic world-view, where order emerges spontaneously from disorder and vice-versa Scientists have failed to unify the four forces and comprehend the co-existence of different visions. In short scientist failed to comprehend the Truth of Nature, its origin and existence in time sensibly. Fallowing Einstein’s discovery of E=mc2, “Energy field” or "Sprit Field" became central to everything. The matter is

assumed as the wound form of energy. This meant no understanding can be complete unless it involves the two fundamental unflinching Laws that relate to Energy. They are called the two laws of thermodynamics. 1] The first law states nothing can be created or destroyed, they can only be transformed. 2] The second law states that a system in motion and in transformation is bound to loose some energy creating a time direction. This means the planets or electrons that are revolving around nucleus, should loose energy/heat and eventually should fall into the nucleus. This inevitable reality eventually led to Big Bang origin of the universe from a point, the concept of Black Hole, Information Loss, Dark Energy, String Theory, Parallel and Multiple Worlds and so on. The perception of the universe became increasingly complex. The second law of thermodynamics implies that environment or the space in time gets very much energized and the universe shears down. From the point of matter it amounts to loosing energy and condensing to a point at which all the laws of physics fail. Einstein, who gave us General Theory of Relativity, probably knew that extension of his theory leads to such nonsensical ends. Thus he strived to introduce a new force; Anti-Gravity and Cosmological Constant and so on, such that it gives opposition and stability to the system. He introduced it and then retracted it. In his auto biography he even spoke of replacing the constants of physical science with ratios. He was striving for a force that opposes gravity such that energy to matter ratio is sustained and the universe is perpetually sustained.

The discovery of non linear science gave another dimension of thinking to the origin of the universe. It tells that when in time, a system loses energy and disorder increases to a critical point a spontaneous order can emerge in it around a "Great Attractor". But these scientists too fail to comprehend and explain the cause for the initial perturbation that creates new order. In short they fail to explain 'why' and 'how' order is created out of disorder and 'how' and 'why' disorder is created out of order. The advent of Quantum Mechanics and the inseparable role of observer or experimenter gave impetus to spiritualistic thinking that universe is conscious and intelligent living system. The "Gaia Hypothesis" of Noble Laureate James Lovelock gave much wanted impetus to this thinking. Thus "Biblical Creation" and "Intelligent design" also emerged on the race to explain origin and existence of universal system in time. Meanwhile reckless exploitation of Nature by material centered greedy humans and nations, without understanding the interrelationship and oneness of Nature has created instabilities of the environment. It has accelerated the climate change increasing the natural catastrophes from the four forces of Nature. Further, instability of human mind at individual and collective levels is emerging as threat to humanity. The instability of human mind is being exploited by religious institutions for their advantage. Religious awakening without Truth of God is emerging as the greatest threat to humanity. It is leading us to self destruction. The world is polarizing in the name of religion and is poised to convert earth into killing field in the name of life giving God!!!!! We must note that the world has already developed and stored weapons of mass destruction that can destroy earth in minutes. The increasing natural catastrophes and instability of the environment and earth can be conquered by awakening to simple understanding of energy cycle of Nature and knowing how Nature

functions to sustain energy to matter ratio and thus the heat of the system. However, the threat from religions calls us to evolve scientifically to know the Truth of Nature and God beyond religion as a science. We need to Know "God particle" and "God field". Only this can transform people and illuminate his intellect to know God and Truth. Only Truth can release humanity from the bondage to religion and lead him to salvation and save him from impending self-destruction. In depth knowledge and answers to the critical questions [Why and What] that scientist left behind also becomes a necessity to evolve our knowledge to attain new energy technologies to sustain the system without increasing the heat of the system. In short world can only survive by evolving its thinking and advancing science to know God and the whole Truth. This calls us to review the foundation of science and lead it from complexity to simplicity putting together all the developments in science in a sensible manner

Chapter -2

Rediscovering Gravity
1:1] Fundamental Observations
Before we review and understand gravity, let us first observe and put together some basic aspects of Nature. The fallowing points stand out when you observe Nature 1] Nature, from its fundamental smallest building block to the whole is interconnected by energy and quantum flow of energy or


Spirit. Systems are in motion because of flow of spirit or energy within the system and between systems. 2] The flow of energy in quantum manner leads to spinning and curved motion of the particle/systems - The Quantum Dance 3] Everything in Nature exists in pairs. This means there are pairs of particles, pairs of atoms, pairs of systems and thus parallel worlds 4] The flow of energy in quantum manner leading to Quantum Dance, manifest as force. It is communicated to its pair in the world instantaneously and in time. 5] Energy flows not only within the particle creating quantum dance, there by force and motion, but also between the parallel particles or worlds leading to quantum dance of the paired system. 6] This means the quantum dance and the generation of force, is both intrinsic as well as relative. Note - If any one has failed to comprehend the observation, leave it aside. As we go further one will understand it in all simplicity. It is also discussed in various contexts repeatedly in my site - 2012 Science meets Mind of God. Now let us lay down some basic requirements for such observation and discover the Principle and Design 1] The flow requires two parts, a right and left and non-equilibrium between the two. This means there is a fundamental nonequilibrium in Nature. Note - The theory of gravity was developed by Newton on the assumption of basic non equilibrium. It also means mathematical language that tries at equating the left and right of the equation may not be the right language to describe Nature 2] The eternal "Quantum Dance" and motion invariably means there should be a "Ratio Design", wherein the flow of energy in quantum manner changes the ratio relationship between the left and right leading to a reverse flow. Thus the particle or system

exists in two states. [For example 4:3 and 3:4]. Flow now happens from right to left and then left to right. Now we come to a “Principle and Design” underlying eternal motion in Nature. The principle is an instinct to seek equilibrium, but the equilibrium is denied by design and quantum nature of flow of energy or spirit. This leads to perpetual Quantum Dance. The best way to comprehend it is to imagine number 8 with one of the arm being smaller than the other in the ratio 4:3. See Fig below

The above vision gives us • the cause for the flow, • The cause for resistance and eternal motion. The flow is powered by the instinct to seek equilibrium. The equilibrium however is denied by non equilibrium design and quantum nature of energy transfer. • The predictable path - in the initial state particle or system favors flow to equilibrium point. • The non-predictable path - half way through the flow, it reaches near equilibrium state. Now the system resists the flow and goes into uncertain state. Here in a complex system it goes into disorder. However, time direction is inevitable. Thus the system tends to third critical point of the system and collapses to go into new order changing the direction. This manifest into action and reactions process. See Fig below.

The dance becomes inevitable by virtue of quantum nature of energy transfer. It collapses to go into new order when it touches the third critical point. The particle in the process of energy flow gets compressed and then breaks down, flips, turns inside out and goes into expansion and collapses to new order changing the twist and direction of the flow. The process of compression and expansion is repeated again and again. This creates a typical pulsating motion, accompanied by spin and curved displacement in space. This manifest as uniformly accelerated motion. This motion is one dimensional. We can imagine here a field and spiral wave being inherently associated with the particle. We also can imagine a spiral path in which force is ejected in the opposite direction of the movement of the particle. Imagine here a drill working.

2:2] Understanding Gravity and Differentiating Light and Atomic Matter
Let us now go ahead to understand gravity and differentiate light and atomic matter. It is important to take note of two facts here. It is critical to our understanding

1] Newtonian world was built on the observation of matter. Newton assumed a uniformly accelerated motion or a "Basal Minimum Speed", without explaining how this basic motion possibly occurs. In the above part we visualized how and why motions occur in nature. 2] When Light particle and electromagnetic wave was discovered, a new force emerged that contradicted gravity. It failed to fit into Newtonian vision. Einstein rescued Newton, by assuming speed of light as the "Maximum Speed". He changed the vision of space and time into Space-Time Net, adopted a new language, [Riemann's Geometry] that deals with curvatures to accomplish it. In Newtonian world, Gravity is visualized as instantaneous force. However, in Einstenian world it was discovered as the property of imagined space-time net that connect the objects. But Einstein failed to differentiate light matter and atomic matter and failed to explain why light has maximum speed. The biggest black hole in science is its inability to picture, comprehend and differentiate light and atomic matter and the principle on which they functions The quantum dancing particle that we imagined in the form of 8 with a right and left in a ratio 4:3 and existing perpetually dancing between two states 4:3 and 3:4, gives us a picture of eternal pulsating particle at maximum speed. This particle could be understood as light particle or energy particle. It is the building block of nature. It is eternally associated with a wave. Now we can imagine how a field forms and moves around a particle. This particle call it "A" exist in relation to another particle “B” that has opposite twist and has a 4:3 ratio relationship with it. This ratio is universal. Without such design, particle/systems cannot pulsate and communicate [receive and give out energy]. We all

know that equal and opposite force cancels. Thus a fundamental non-equilibrium design exists in the smallest particle to whole universal system. An important point to note is that this thinking necessitates the existence of "Parallel World" in which their counter parts exist. The light particle "A" that we visualized is unstable in space. The instinct of the system is to gain higher equilibrium in space. Thus the particle strives to unite with its recessive pair. "B". These pairs are instantaneously connected. Movement in one is instantaneously perceived by the other. This reality of Instantaneous Communication is well proven by quantum mechanics and Bell's Theorem. The particle "A" and "B" move towards each other in a spiral manner. Here, when one particle moves in clockwise direction the other moves in anti-clockwise direction. The force now is directed back wards in clock wise and anti-clockwise manner. These particles and its movements are one dimensional. When they unite they give rise to a paired system that has higher stability in space. We can visualize this as first matter or hydrogen atom.

We need to make some important notes here 1] We need to visualize two "Parallel Worlds" from where these particles emerge and a middle world where their manifested material reality exist. See Fig below

2] Since the particle move siphoning field to the opposite side, we have to imagine matter being born in pairs. This accounts for H2 molecule Having introduced a term "space" in the above paragraph, let us visualize and comprehend what this space means. The space here is imaginary 8 equal component systems. To understand this, we can take an apple and cut it vertically twice at right angles through the center and once horizontally at right angles to the vertical through the center. This gives us 8 equal components, with three possible right and left frames and three dimensions.


Now a hydrogen atom formed by the pairing of two particle of light "A" and "B" existing in the ratio 4:3, becomes a "Two Dimensional System". It can also produce a Quantum Dance and spin and displacement motion in relation to its pair. The existence of pair is proven by the existence of Hydrogen molecule [H2]. Two important points should be noted in a atomic system 1] The power of Quantum Dance in atomic system largely gets cancelled because the pairs of particles exist as one 2] The non- equilibrium that drives the Quantum Dance in a atom is directed to the center of the atom. This is unlike in light particle where it is directed away from the center Because the light particle is separated in space it shows maximum speed and matter the minimum. We are here differentiating Light or Einsteinian matter and Newtonian matter or Atom and why gravity is weak force. It is important to note that the equilibrium point of light particle in space exist outside it, between the pairs separated in space. It travels towards its pair separated in space with maximum speed. When hydrogen atom is formed it gains one level of stability, with the equilibrium point existing within the system.

2:3] Origin of Gravity
Since Newton's gravity is built on non equilibrium, a logical thinking of origin of gravity is non-equilibrium in space. The matter of Newtonian world has minimum non-equilibrium thus minimum attraction. The light particle has maximum non equilibrium thus has maximum attraction and speed. A hydrogen atom is also unstable in three dimensional spaces. A higher stability is formed when two hydrogen atoms with opposite twist [in ratio 4:3] co-exists [H2 Molecule]. A still higher stable

system or atom in space is formed when two hydrogen atom in the 4:3 ratio fuses to fill the eight component space. We now see the formation of helium atoms. Helium atoms are three dimensional systems and are stable in three dimensional spaces. See fig below

Note – The fig above shows near equilibrium state. By virtue of non-equilibrium design this in reality is a four layered structure. Even helium atoms also should exist in pairs with a ratio relationship 4:3. One will have an over all right twist and another left twist

2:4] An Critical Evaluation of Turning Point in Science - Re-Visualizing Electromagnetic Force
The Quantum Dance and force we visualized presents us a spiral nature of force between parallel worlds. This spiral nature of force can be interpreted from the very experiment that proved the existence of electromagnetic force. The fallowing Fig. shows a school level experiment that shows electromagnetic force and its new interpretation.



When we are connecting two ends of a battery we are actually connecting two near non equilibrium system that seeks equilibrium with flow of energy. This movement is spiral. When non equilibrium of the same type flows through two wires the fields become additive force. See fig above. It must be noted that a field also should be moving from negative to positive. This is a necessity for the flow to occur. Observe the drill working to know the Truth. Drill cannot move a bit unless matter moves in the opposite direction. The observed current manifests from the nonequilibrium and the instinct to seek equilibrium. The “charge” that science deals with is a field twisted in opposite direction to the field of parent matter or atom. See Fig below. This unpaired existence is the cause for force that is many time stronger than gravity

2:5] Discovering New Space-Time - The Origin of Information Pathways or Life Spaces
It is important here to visualize that when a particle moves, it moves in a spiral manner. When it moves it develops a spiral groove through which the opposite field from the parallel world is siphoned out. This grove in light particle is 3/4th open. In an atomic system this grove is 1/2 open. This spiral grove forms the communication and information flow channels. This inner space in a helium or inert system is ¾ closed. In helium atom that is in near equilibrium state it becomes nearly closed. This inner space of helium atom becomes amenable only when the system is stressed to critical limits and is forced to Quantum Dance. Here the inner space is opened by 3/4th and collapses [Turns inside out] exchanging the information in inner space with outer space. Thus it explains the characteristic of inert and non-inert atom of the periodic table. Here we are rediscovering the periodic table from a new perspective.


Note – If we are to imagine parallel world [male and female], we can even imagine two parallel periodic table that give a central space with inert atoms now forming the left right of the middle. Two inert atoms, one right winding and another left winding, can from a highly stable system that can show creativity against external forces stressing it. When time and gravity stresses it to its critical state, it can add matter on itself thus resisting the external force. It can open to create its own images [Form new worlds] and thus dissipate the force acting on it. The spirit in inner space of the dominant can even pierce into the inner space of recessive world to conquer time direction. In biological system this is understood as DNA build up, cell division and reproduction. Imagining this happening is vital to our understanding of nature In reproduction, the Spirit of the Father through a chosen cell leaves its body and enters Mother’s body and unites with a chosen cell. The Spirit of the Father creates the little perturbation or life that ensures that time is conquered and life survives. One should recall that String Theorists have discovered Parallel Universes and Dr.Neil Turok, Dr.Paul Steinhardt and Dr.Burt Ovurt have revisualized singularity by visualizing time in one world piercing the parallel world and emerging on the opposite. Knowing truth is now a matter of scientist reordering what they have discovered in a sensible manner. The key here is to look at the universe as Living One. Note - All material systems in Nature including inert atoms are forced to Quantum Dance, opening up to exchange energy and to find new order in relation to heat/energy cycle manifesting as day and night, climatic cycle and Universal Time Cycle. This means the whole universal system is interlinked to form one whole quantum dancing system. From spiritual scriptures and the knowledge of ancient people, we are in that critical point when one Universal Time Cycle is giving way to new one.

An inert system gives us the picture of a New Space-Time and carrier of information within a system that is amenable for opening and exchanging. The DNA formed is only a reflection of inner Spirit and its creative ability and its potential to work against the forces disturbing it. This inner Spirit is capable of perceiving even the smallest change and act accordingly to balance the system. This could be compared to a vendor balancing the balance with addition and deletion of weights. It leads to a vital conclusion that gene in biological system do not exist in pairs as modern science thinks but as dynamic clusters consisting of minimum of 4 pairs. These clusters are linked to other clusters formed in time. Here 3 pairs form the central core and the remaining one form the linking unit with adjacent dynamic units. Let us not discuss it further here. Note – This capability to build up a material body [DNA and creation of its own images] exist only for those, inert-atoms and its pair that exist in the middle part of the quantum scale. The information is formed when it is pushed to the critical zone to its right or left. See fig below.

When we rewrite the quantum scale for parallel worlds or a pair of inert atoms it becomes as fallows

Note we are heading to an imagination where the inert atoms take the role of “Living Particle” or “Soul” around which life comes into being. The space contained in the inert atoms now becomes crucial. It actually contains information about the whole system in spiritual or energy form. We can now imagine life from two inert particles in union. See Fig above. The phenomena of life now could be related to quantum flow of energy or spirit from inner space of the dominant to the recessive world and back. The question of time direction now possibly could be related to some energy being lost in the space of the recessive and getting accumulated as “Black Energy”. This creates the time direction. I am sure the readers trained in different schools of thought would have problems to comprehend this revolutionary thinking I am projecting. Please set it aside and read on


2:6] Fourth Dimension - Origin of Dark Energy
In our above thinking we are visualizing the actions of two basic systems; the hydrogen and helium. Hydrogen by virtue of its nonequilibrium in space seeks equilibrium and thus winds to form more stable helium atoms in space. The helium atoms exist in pair; right and left wound one. Though they are stable in three dimensional spaces, they are not stable when it comes to fourth dimension or dimension of time. The fourth dimension or direction of time is inherent to the system. It has its root in non-equilibrium design. The two inert atoms forming a pair cannot be equal. This means they should seek higher equilibrium and it should then result in quantum dancing existence. This leads to winding collapse and reorganization changing the direction of the flow from time to time. Every time energy flows from inner space of dominant particle to recessive and is retuned to original point some energy is lost this possibly end up as "Dark Energy". This gives the inevitable fourth dimension or dimension of time. Time direction is inevitable both from material vision and living vision of nature.

2:7] The Key Discovery that Changes our Perception of Universe
The key discovery that we have come across is the existence of “Inner Space-Time” or field that is intelligent, which perceives, creates and carries information and controls everything. It could be understood as "Conscious and Intelligent Space". It opposes the external space-time or field. This space converts gravity into antigravity and thus opposes the gravitational collapse. We are imagining here two basic atoms; inert and non-inert atoms and two basic opposing forces. The non-inert atoms because of its asymmetry and non-equilibrium create winding force or centripetal force. Inert atoms however by virtue of its relative symmetry in three dimensional spaces do oppose this force. It transforms

gravity into antigravity in its inner space. It shows creativity by building information. In relation to its pair, it has self-replication and division capability creating multiple universes Note - We have come to assume and picture that a pair of inert atoms that coexist forms the “Living Particle” or "Soul of Life" and there are parallel worlds. The singular state is transitory state, when system needs to conquer transform and initialize time. The inner space of life especially of human who enquire into nature now calls for attention. Truth of nature now needs to be understood as interaction of two basic space-time realities and forces emerging from it. These two space-time realities are 1] A space-time reality of outer material world directed to a center 2] A space-time reality that exists in living world. See Fig below

When space-time of material world directs to a central life, the space-time reality inside the life directs away from the center. Universe needs to be understood as interplay of forces between

two basic systems one that seeks equilibrium and the other works to protect its equilibrium. In short, universe needs to be understood as interaction of “Cosmic Force” [Material force or gravity] and “Living or Conscious Force” [Anti-gravity], which opposes gravity because of Principle and Design. However, a “Living particle” and life is not beyond second law of thermodynamics. Thus it becomes vital that we understand how time direction is conquered and the system exist perpetually. The answer exists in the parallel world; the existence of male and female universes that exist as one. [See fig below]. Now when the cosmic force winds the system to critical state leading to death the Life giving spirit contained in the inner world of the male universe can escape into the feminine to conquer and initialize it. Spirit of the male now goes into recreation phase and emerges again. This reality is already understood by science as they reinvented singularity using String Theory and concept of Parallel worlds. [The work of Dr.Neil Turok, Dr.Paul Steinhardt and Dr.Burt Ovurt]. All we need now is to understand it from biological point and extend it to Spiritual world. Full comprehension of this thinking will emerge when we discuss the matter form spiritual context.


The second law of thermodynamics comes into effect in every Quantum Dance. Some energy from the dominant world gets lost into the recessive and is held back as "Black Energy" or Spirit. This means souls of living beings especially humans form the store house of Black Mass. This means a gravitational collapse is inevitable unless this Black mass is transformed into White Mass. Understanding this transformation thus becomes vital to our understanding of life and the Living Universe. This calls for observing Life and knowing its quantum dances. Life basically has three types of quantum dance, where in, it exchanges the energy in the left and right to create new order and work against time directed collapse. They are 1] Breathing 2] Mitotic division – This is creation in image 3] Meiotic Division – The recreation by conquering of time and time initialization. A parallel phenomenon can be observed in nature they are 1] Day and Night cycle 2] Climatic Cycle 3] Universal Time Cycle. Let us not go deep into it now. As we go on we will see the reality.

2:8] Review of Basic Facts
1] Flow and motion is intrinsic as well as relative and is powered by a principle to seek equilibrium which by design is non attainable. 2] The relative equilibrium point in an atom exists towards its center. In contrast to this the relative equilibrium point of light particle exist out side it, in relation to its pair. This explains the difference between light and atomic matter. This also brings up a

picture of two parallel world that are bound by light or energy particle moving towards each other and middle area where atoms or material system exist. 3] When atoms form, because of the non-equilibrium design of the particle they develop an inner spiral space. They form the communication channels or a space that sustains the system. These channels are created in pairs. 4] The force can be one dimensional as in the case of motion of light particle, or two dimensional as in the case movement of atom and various material system, or three dimensional as in the case of force induced by inert atoms manifesting as heat. See Fig below. In all these cases force is a spiral phenomenon and effects in four quantum steps.

5] Very importantly it tells us gravity and mass is the result of the non-equilibrium in three dimensional spaces. Light and stellar

systems are non-equilibrium particle or system and its force is directed away from the center in relation to its pair. In contrast material systems are born from one or more pairs of the nonequilibrium particles. Thus their force is largely neutralized and it manifest as weak gravitational force. 6] This means Gravity, weak nuclear and strong nuclear force are simply manifestation of electromagnetic force. 7] The pairs of inert atoms give us the picture of mini “Black Holes” into which information is lost. 8] The Quantum Dance we figured also explains many other aspects of science. For example • Why wave particle duality exist • Why matter wave exist • Why and how gravitational and inertial mass coexist - This can be understood from the instinct of the system and ratio design and Quantum Nature of energy transfer. • It tells us how predictability and non-predictability co-exist The instinct of the system is to seek and exist around the equilibrium state. System works to sustain equilibrium. However, when the equilibrium is endangered it creates disorder or chaos. Disorder and Chaos is way of resisting the system from moving away into non equilibrium. Time direction however is inevitable. The existence of time direction in disordered system is proven by non-linear scientists. When this disorder peaks, the system then tends to collapse around a “Great Attractor” into new order. 9] It explains the existence of "Dark Energy" and its place of existence.


10] Explains, why gene is triplet code, why DNA is double helical, the creativity and information build up in life and why the whole living process happens the way it happens. 11] This also explains the changing perceptions of the physicist about the macro world and micro world. 12] The quantum dancing particle we imagined in the form of 8 with right left ratio 4:3 fits with "String Theory" and its imaginations. Since I do not belong to any schools of established thoughts, it would be confusing if I discuss it further. The fact is that all these schools of thought some how fits into the picture that revealed to me by Grace. It has given me the strength to strive against odds to keep this thinking alive. .

Chapter -3

Vital Observations and Logical Arguments that can Awaken Humanity to Truth
3:1] Energy and Nature
If you observe Nature in which we live we note that earth has minimum of two parts or worlds - East and West. When west awakes to sunlight/heat and goes into apparent disorder, east simultaneously sleeps to darkness to create a new order. When west peaks in disorder, it gives way to darkness and simultaneously east peaks in order and gives way to light/heat and thus to disorder. The earth seems to be designed to sustain certain ratio of energy to matter and thus the temperature within certain limit. The second law of thermodynamics applied to the above picture invariably means, the earth should either get increasingly hot or cold. The material earth is a one dimensional

system in terms of energy flow in time. It tends to loose energy and winds to collapse to a point. The Big Bang picture of origin comes from this. Note – For ease we spoke of dual world. In reality earth is dynamic consisting of multiple worlds. With inner and outer cores that helps it for instantaneous communication as well as time bound communication. The observation of day and night and climatic cycle speaks this Truth. Let us not dig into it and get confused.

3:2] Life, Energy and Nature
Plant life we note absorbs sunlight and heat. It assimilates the light and heat and creates the biological mass that grows against gravity force of the material world. In other words it works against disorder. Life has inner space-time in which the gravity force is converted into anti-gravity. If plants are not controlled it can lead the world to anti-gravitational collapse. Thus the existence of herbivore control plants and the existence carnivore control the herbivore. Earth with plants now becomes a two dimensional system. Earth with plant and animals now becomes a three dimensional system. Nature thus becomes self-sustaining Gaia as Noble laureate James Lovelock hypothesized. It will not have unilateral time direction. However, a time direction to gravity and gravitational collapse emerges when we take adult human beings who have lost connection with their consciousness and the intelligence within. Such people become self-centered and exist as slave to material world. Their mind aligns with material force and thus creates a time direction to disorder and gravitational collapse or death. Note – The concept of anti-gravity and a new inner space-time reality that opposes outer space time reality that modern science deal with is a vital introduction to evolve our

understanding of nature to a new level. It can turn and change the way think and visualize universe. According to modern science, the gravity force leads to singularity and collapse or Big Bang Origin. From the above context, this singularity should be directed to one Single Soul and its inner space. The Spirit or Energy or information contained in this soul now takes central stage to understand the Universal existence in time. This and many more arguments logically turn our vision of universe as non -living one to living one. In this context even spiritual knowledge of the ancient becomes sensible. Before we explore it let us visualize Life

3:3] Visualizing Life
Life is instinctively anti-gravitational. Now since gravity is founded on non-equilibrium in space, logically this means life should be based on some form of equilibrium. It is characterized by 1] The existence of an inner space, where gravity force is transformed into anti-gravity force. 2] The existence of male and female or parallel worlds. Observation of life shows that life is a continuous struggle to sustain certain equilibrium. It pays the price for sustenance of life. All life has two basic phases; the creation phase and created phase 1] Creation Phase – Here the Spirit/information of the dominant or male exist in the recessive state. This then gives way to birth or the created phase 2] The Created phase – This begin with birth and it in turn has four phases.


• •

Child hood phase – a phase of expansion or Golden Age [The early Inflationary Universe] Early Adulthood – An uncertain state where mind “I” begins to make its beginning and yet it is attached to the source. In the Quantum Scale we saw previously it is a phase beyond the first critical point. Late Adulthood- Where mind fully manifest and “I” expresses fully and disconnects from the source force. Deterioration begins in this phase. In the Quantum Scale it is a phase beyond second critical point. Old Age – This is the last phase leading to death. In the Quantum Scale it is the phase beyond the third critical point.

Life is bestowed with a capacity to conquer time and perpetuate in time cycle through reproduction. Technically this means death does not exist. Assuming universe as living, we can now overlook gravitational collapse, singularity and pursue a thinking where time direction is conquered in a biological way in which spirit and time from dominant and determining world pierces the recessive [feminine] and goes into creation and emerges to start new cycle. Creation phase of Life begins when spirit from the inner space of masculine world enters the feminine. It is the Masculine Spirit that gives life to the egg cell in the womb and initiates the conquering of time and time initialization. Note - Biology tells us that one sperm cell, with one set of information or DNA enters the Egg cell. As it enters the female nucleus, it gives up everything except the DNA. The DNA of Male and Female unite to form the first cell or world from which the whole life comes into existence. In short, the creation begins with dissolution of dual and multiple worlds. Modern man has only enquired the realm of the seen. The Gene and DNA is only built up information in time to survive. If we extrapolate further, behind genes and DNA there should exist an entity that perceives and

survives and perpetuates. This entity is the Spirit that exists in the inner space of Soul or Living particle. This holds the original blue print of the information. It is conscious and intelligent. What we see as DNA and Gene is the mirror image of this blue print. The blue print changes and evolves in response to the forces acting on it. The creation phase here is a singular phase, in which the spirit of two worlds unites. It is the phase of conquering of time and death. This union of spirit is fallowed by a phase of creation in its image. [DNA duplication]. The initialization of time and the new time cycle begins with the formation of stellar object called centriole outside the nucleus. The centriole divides and separates and twitches the one cell into two to begin a New Time Cycle. The knowledge of inner space and spirit contained in it as fundamental Master Print of Life can take our knowledge and understanding life to higher level and can bring revolutionary changes in the way we think about life and health. It exposes the serious draw back in our attempt to genetically manipulate life. It has potential to revive spiritual knowledge beyond religion as a science that can help humanity get liberated from the bondage of religion and darkness and emerge into light. Let us not go into it now. This is an extensive exercise and would take our mind away from the basic objective of knowing the Truth. The origin of time and time initialization or creation and existence of universe now needs to be understood as spirit or information or knowledge unfolding from a Primal Soul and enfolding back to it. Creation now needs to be understood as transformation of the system well in line with first law of thermodynamics. Here Human Souls/Spirits who are the cause for time direction calls for attention. Here the origin of time and time initialization of the universe should be traced one Primal Soul and the spirit or information or knowledge contained in it. Since time

direction and death originates from human beings, the time conquering and time initialization should be understood as transformation of human soul and illumination of intellect of human mind.

3:4] The Reinvention of Big Bang as Information and Knowledge Unfolding and Enfolding
The thinking and thoughts presented does not do away with time direction and Big Bang instead it gives a new dimension to Big Bang. The discovery of Inner Space in life that has potential to transform gravity into anti-gravity helps us trace the Big Bang to a Single Soul or Primal Soul and the Spirit contained in its Inner Space. Universe now could be reinvented as information or spirit unfolding from a Primal Soul and enfolding back onto itself. This can bring sense to Big Bang concept and give a foundation to explore and understand universe as Living Being. Earlier we noted a time direction to energy cycle on earth and its collapse occurs, when we involve mind of humans. This means universe can never be understood in isolation of human life and its mind that investigates into it. Quantum Mechanics has proved this reality. Earlier we noted, human mind that is disconnected from its consciousness and intelligence, becomes self-centered and exist as slave to material force. A self-centered human mind accumulates Black Mass. Humans thus become the key force driving time and leading the whole system to disorder, destruction and death. The “I” and” self” and negativity of human mind thus is the destructive force. Death cannot be end to the Living Universe. A recreation and restoration process or conquering of time and time initialization should happen for the universal system. In other words some mechanism by which the Black Mass is converted into White Mass should exist.


The sensible way is to imagine universe as living one with parallel worlds; male and female. Now we can imagine a scenario where, the Spirit from the male, entering the parallel world and conceiving thus conquering time. This leads to a phase of Creation and expansion from within which eventually give way to Birth of Spirit. The Big Bang and origin of time and time initialization can be visualized to occur from the Spirit contained in the “Primal Soul” to which all force of material world directs. The Spirit here is the conscious and intelligent thing that perceives everything. It creates and sustains the universe by a process of unfolding and enfolding of information to form parallel and multiple worlds. The process needs to be understood as information /knowledge or light unfolding and enfolding. This reality should confirm with the two laws of thermodynamics that deals with Spirit or Energy. The first law states that nothing is created or destroyed and everything is only transformed. The second law states that a time direction is inevitable. The Big Bang creation needs to be understood as transformation of human soul by conversion of his Black Energy into White Energy and illumination of his mind by the Creator, such that he once again lives in harmony and in Glorifying the Creator. The full implication of this statement emerges as we discuss the ancient spiritual knowledge.

Chapter -4

Spirituality, Scriptures and Nature
Note – Anything I speak on spirituality should not be taken as a support for any one religion and negation of others. It is an attempt to liberate humanity from the bondage of religion into Truth. I strongly believe that the biggest impediment in human evolution to

know Truth and God is the so called multitude of religious institutions and their ignorance. Most of these religions present God as an entity situated in Temples, Churches and Mosques, who is amenable through a special class of people called priest or clergies, who proclaim themselves as mediators. Thus human mind from childhood is impregnated to seek God in the four walls of Churches, Temples and Mosques and seek God in idols and so on. This in spite of the fact all spiritual scriptures does write very clearly that we are made in the image of God and God exist within every body as Pure Spirit. No religion seems to encourage people seeking God by inwards approach. The ancient Indian philosophy considered one of the most advance scientific philosophy of Life and God, clearly defines well drawn out simple methods and practices to connect to God. Unfortunately this superior knowledge and their importance have been put behind idols and dumb religious practices. When Christ manifested and made the self-sacrifice and He ensured the Spirit of God or Living Light is amenable to all, yet we humans made a religion out of it and bound God into four wall of a Church again. Humanity thus exists in darkness, fighting in the name of God leading the world into self-destruction. The world is silently polarizing in the name of religion because of religious institutions failure to grow beyond their “self”. They stand in the gate to Kingdom of God, neither do they enter it nor do they allow others to enter it. They strive to create their kingdom working on peoples mind and exists exploiting people for their self. I am sure any attempt to grow beyond religious institution and exposing the Truth will be met with severe opposition by the religious institutions. But it is inevitable every religion sees the Truth and awakens to Truth. This is the only way for the world to survive. Touching voluminous spiritual knowledge existing under multitude of religious sects and institutions could be a huge exercise. To write this knowledge in few pages could be injustice.

But in view of its importance and its relation to our thinking, let me briefly discuss the gist of it as revealed to me. Fundamental aspect of spirituality is very simple. It perceives an all-powerful Sprit/Soul that creates [Holy Spirit, Brahman are different names given to it]. Spiritual knowledge centers on Love and Faith relationship with Creator and a call to uphold Truth and Justice. Here Love is the Creative Force and Truth and Justice is the sustenance force. In creation He manifest as Love and this then gives way to created phase where Truth and Justices becomes primal. In creation phase the Creator exists within in its recessive or feminine counterpart. This is a phase of oneness where reorder and restorations process occurs through Free Will. When this phase ends it gives way to duality. Here the Creator exist as perceiver and judge Note – We can compare and comprehend this reality from the fertilization of egg cell and first cell dividing to give rise to two cells. This division is preceded by emergence of a radiating object called Centriole, which splits and moves towards the polar end twitching one cell into two. Spirituality forbids “self” and turning once face away from the Creator. The "Forbidden Tree" is "Tree of Self" or the gateway to darkness or Hell. It calls us to live in connectivity with The Creator Spirit. Faith is what makes the Creator to give the dominion of the created world to humanity. Dominion invariably means the Truth and knowledge and all the necessary information to govern and sustain the whole universal system existed with humans. But the knowledge or Light probably was lost when humanity broke the Faith and Love relationship with Father and Mother [God]. This could be understood as humanity turning away from his consciousness and intelligence within and beginning to live a mind

and self-centered life being a salve to material world. Self-centered human mind thus powers the time directed to death. Since the “Time Direction” and death comes from “self” of humanity or the created souls, the life should come from arresting this flow and reversal of it. No human can do this act. This invariably means Creator himself should act to arrest the time direction and reverse the situation. Since “Self” is the cause for time direction and the fall, the arresting of time and reversal of the situation calls for “Absolute Self-Sacrifice”. To know the Truth or God one must enquire in to spirituality from this logical fact. The Vedas [Spiritual scripture of the East] tells us that Universe is conscious and intelligent being and we human are individuated consciousness and intelligence born from the Universal Consciousness and Intelligence. This reality could be understood from comparing humans as cells of one whole being. Humans in reality are images of the Creator, each having complete information of the whole being. Bible tells us that humans are created in the image of the Creator and He gave dominion to humans to rule the kingdom in full faith. This means humanity once lived in Golden Age of True Knowledge where peace and order and prosperity existed. But this Faith was broken by humanity. Thus a time direction became inevitable to the universal system. Jesus came to save humanity and initialize humanity back to Kingdom of God. It says He made the “Absolute Self-Sacrifice” thus arrested time and death. Bible tells us Jesus came and made the self-sacrifice to give humanity a New Life and reestablish Kingdom of God. Thus it gives the logical conclusion we sought earlier. Bible now becomes a science. Let us explore this fact further Vedas speak of "Universal Time Cycle" in terms of deterioration of Truth and Justice in four quantum proportions. It thus speaks of

four ages; Golden age, Silver age, Bronze age and Iron age where Truth and justice deteriorates. This speaks of increasing self, and material attachment. This invariably means increase of Black Mass and thus deterioration. Every time a human souls does something against his consciousness and seeks “self” he is doing something against God and thus against Truth and Justice. The Kingdom of God thus deteriorates. We can compare it to cancer cells forming in body. When individuals goes against his consciousness and seeks “self”, it creates “Black Mass” or Negative Energy within the soul. Life works constantly to dispel this Black Energy. The Black Energy is not formed in child hood state. Child hood is "Inflation Universe Scenario". But this growth begins to drop when mind and "self" manifest. When Black energy or negative energy accumulates and life force fails to deal with it, it creates diseases. Body has capacity to fight these diseases and set it right provided the mind's interference seizes. Life and its processes are deigned to fight the accumulation of the negative energy. When Black Mass increases in soul it leads to the fall of individual in the ladder of four part “Quantum Scale”.[See Fig below]. This is qualitative deterioration. The first part of the quantum scale is the Golden Age or Heaven. This is a period of Knowledge, peace and order. In a Life cycle, it is childhood phase. This is where the Creator wishes that all of us and the system to exist. But in time the created souls forget the Creator expressing his self. Eventually it leads to second critical point at which the created souls turn their phase away from the Creator. Humanity here steps from Light world into darkness. The phase of disorder and Chaos begins here. This eventually leads to the last phase of maximum disorder and destruction. This is described as hell or old age leading to death. See fig below


The fall of individuated souls affect the universal being of which it is part. The God soul now has to pay a price to sustain the system. It is from this context we find the knowledge of spiritual scriptures and the significance of Christ and His Calvary sacrifice emerges as crucial point in the Universal Time Cycle. Spirituality and spiritual scriptures speaks of God manifesting and in all these phases of deterioration. History of eastern spirituality speaks of God manifesting and leading the war for justice and Truth [Lord Rama and Krishna]. It also speaks of many prophets manifesting on earth to guide humanity in the right path. But none of these seems to stop the deterioration entirely. The knowledge revealed to me tells that the deterioration of individual and all collective realms of the society of the world happens when “self” manifest and it reaches a critical point. The fall begins with the fall of spiritual institutions. The eastern spiritual scriptures seem to have much more wealth than western ones. But these eastern philosophies collapsed to give way for western ones. I feel this happened when intellectual community of

east [Brahmins] peaked with Ego. When Christ manifested in west, He critically condemned the Jewish priests. The faculty of Brahmin and Priests and so on are supposed to hold light to the world and ensure Justice and Truth. Because of their ego they fail in their duty. In the history of spirituality there is only one moment exist when this “self” oriented deterioration of Truth and justice was arrested. This is Calvary Sacrifice. Calvary sacrifice tells us that God does not find ordinary people responsible for the fall. He condemns the Ego of His own people, who becomes responsible for the fall. One must note that • the serpent that coaxed Eve and Adam to eat the forbidden fruit was a fallen angel or God’s own people. • Christ was sacrificed by God's own people and Christ condemned these clergies and priests more than any other people. If one were to analyze the manifestation of Christ and Bible logically it was essentially to liberate people from the clutches of these deteriorated spiritual institutions and lead them to light. When the Light deteriorated in the east, it emerged in the west. Christ did not select any scholars of scriptures or the people from established temples as his disciples. The only possibly reason why Jesus selected ordinary people is that these priests taking such high positions in society have highly stratified "ego" and thus are not amenable to Living knowledge. This "ego" centric resistance is seen in every field and exists also in scientific hierarchy. The Biblical picture of Jesus’s birth and His Calvary sacrifice and the Biblical preaching’s now calls our attention. It fits as the creation phase of the universe, where Creator intervenes and unfolds a Divine Plan to conquer time and initialize universe into a New Time Cycle. Even the Eastern scriptures the Vedas also seems to speak about the Calvary Sacrifice as the Creation point of the Universe. Yajurveda VS 30-31 tells us that universe was

created through the self-sacrifice of the Creator and this sacrifice was conducted by His own people. Very clearly Vedas also becomes a science of higher order. Provided we seek Truth and God beyond religion. In fact Vedas and Philosophies that generated form it are the most logical and simple explanation of Nature and God This Koran also seems to have evolution significance the Divine Plan. Prophet Mohammed came in post Calvary speaking about Truth and judgment to come. He came at a time when Christianity was in-filtered by evil minds and was engaged in amassing wealth in the name of God. The call to disciples was get anointed by the Spirit of Christ and work to transform and liberate people. They were called to bring qualitative changes in people and win souls for God. The Spirit of Christ was displaced as the evil minds entered the Church. The Church then splintered and it began to get engaged in quantity and accumulation of wealth in the name of unseen God virtually taking people for a ride. They got reduced themselves to preaching a God who is to come to judge and punish, than who has come and exist with them trying to save souls and give New Life. With Christ sacrifice humanity was released from the clutches of darkness. The curtain these spiritual institutions had put separating humanity from God to rule over them was torn in the middle opening the altar of God for all. The evil minds that entered the Christian church succeeded in reestablishing the curtain that the Spirit of God tore as they began to rule the mind of humanity. The bread and wine that Jesus shared with disciples and the statement He made became the center point around which modern day Christianity was formed. The phase that fallowed Christ’s Calvary Sacrifice is a phase of Spirit functioning to transform to humanity. This Spirit came to Earth on the 50th day after Calvary sacrifice on Pentecostal day. It exists on Earth as free flowing entity, giving Free Will to all souls to transform and return from death to Life.

The post Calvary can be compared to G1, S2, G2 phase [inter phase] of fertilized egg, which eventually gives way to cell division with appearance of bright stellar object called centriole, which later splits and moves to the polar ends twitching the one cell into two. The scenario can also be compared to child forming in the womb of Mother. It grows from within. A body that is conceived cannot remain in the womb forever. Bible very clearly compares the time prior to the Second Coming of Christ to pains of pregnant woman. It also tells He comes as light sweeping from east to west. All this suggest knowledge or light emerging to liberate Humanity. The Calvary Sacrifice could be understood as God revealing His Soul and the Second Coming His mind. It also could be compared to a centrifuge that has potentials to separate. Those who shed their Black Mass rise up, those seek God with material and evil intent, finds himself collapsing to the center. The reality shows it self when the Mind of God decides to stop and reveals. Jesus speaks this reality in terms of parable of harvest

The one world state is a creation phase, where in Creator Spirit exist conceived. One world phase is just as part of the whole cell

cycle or life cycle. The reality is the duality. This dual world design is evident everywhere. We saw this dual world design in Earth that helps it maintain its energy to matter ratio within certain limit [Chapter 2:1]. The souls are distributed in four realms of the Quantum Scale. The souls in uppermost and lowermost realms do not carry a body. Souls in these realms are incapable of creativity and building a body. They simply exist as two light emitting worlds; one being dominant the other being recessive.

Chapter-5 Unity of Spirituality and Science
One key aspect of modern science is ignorance of the force that creates and sustains the universe. By virtue of second law of thermodynamics, electrons revolving around the nucleus, planets revolving, the galaxies all should collapse in time to a center- The Big Bang. All the laws of physics fail here in this point. Thus science needs a force that creates and sustains the universe perpetually in time. Science failure can be traced to explain this fact sensibly. The search for "God Particle" that gives mass for all particles, the search for Unified Theory and Anti-Gravity Field that opposes gravity all relates to this. Max Planck one of the key founders of modern science said "There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together ... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter." Thus this great scientist suggested the role of human consciousness and intelligence in the existence of the universe. It is this reality and force that we explored in the above ideas. The whole universe originates from one Central Soul

and its Mind. This means the idea that universe is conscious and intelligent being that is written in ancient spiritual scriptures is very much true. The Vedas of the ancient east very logically argues the reality of God very elegantly. But its biological conclusion seems to happen through Christ. The only way the endangered world to survive is Christ Second Coming revealing His Mind or Truth that could liberate us from the darkness of religions into the Light of Knowledge of God. By the Absolute Self-Sacrifice Christ, the time direction to death was arrested. A "White Hole" was created within the "Black Hole" into which information was getting lost. A gate way to Life and Light was created through Christ. Free will came to human souls to evolve and find new relative positions in the Quantum Scale. The time initialization to start a New Time Cycle happens when God reveals His mind and illuminates the darkness. It is event horizon, when the world growing within breaks the world of darkness. The Spirit of Christ is working to Transform Human souls and Illuminate our intelligence. Both first and second law of thermodynamics is met in this process. Every thing remains the same, but humanity evolves from darkness to light and finds a new freedom.


Understanding the Universe
The universe needs to be understood as living one. It is the manifestation two basic forces; the cosmic force [material] and force of consciousness or Life force. We saw that material force manifest because of the non-equilibrium in space and the Living

force manifest because of certain equilibrium in space in the system. Life works to protect this equilibrium. Since time direction to the disorder and destruction comes from Humans we can try to understand the universe in terms one Unique Soul or Primal Soul and its relationship with the souls that go to form the body of this soul. I have tried to show this relationship in the fallowing figure

The Primal Soul works against gravity or material force directed to a center. Human souls forming the body of Primal Soul are supposed to work one with the Primal Soul against gravity directed to a center. God’s forbiddance to Adam and Eve need to be understood as forbiddance form becoming self-centered and slave to material force. The following figure explains the possible distribution of Souls on the Quantum Scale of Universal being. The human souls are distributed in four realms of Primal Soul. Every time a human soul takes the forbidden path, it falls into Black Hole. The Primal Soul now pays the price creating a

quantum dance. It enters the Black Hole and returns- The Primal Soul works to balance the system. The Creator loses some spirit or energy in every breath and division through creation. This leads to loss of energy/information /knowledge

There is a golden period in Universal Cycle when humanity exists awakened with all the knowledge. He basks in light. The fall begins from God’s own people. Their “ego” makes them take the forbidden path. The fallen souls from heaven, then they try to build their kingdom virtually manipulating the minds of earthly beings. This reality is what is expressed in story of Serpent [a fallen angel] luring Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Through Eve the Serpent succeeds in making Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. Serpent here is the mind. We observe this reality manifesting into hundreds of religions, sects forming in the name of one unseen God. The present world that is inching to self-destruction in the name of God is consequence of human mind that has turned away from God.

The only way humanity can survive is to know God as science beyond religion. Every time a soul breaks the resistance of God to seek self the balance is disturbed. The God force that perceives everything now lifts one soul from left to right to balance the system. The fall continues with more and more souls falling. We can now re-picture our figure above where black and white are getting mixed up and tending to fall to lower levels [the system getting compressed or winding]. The Primal Soul pays a price when each soul breaks the resistance and takes the forbidden path. When the Second Critical Point is reached, the system goes into disorder or darkness. The time direction continues, when it reaches the Third Critical Point, the balance is upset and the system edges to Quantum Collapse. Unless the Creator Spirit/Soul or Force now acts form within the system it is bound to collapse. In other world the Creator Spirit now should go into recreation and restoration phase. The Masculine Spirit, should leave its world to get encapsulated in feminine parallel world to transform the souls and thus restore it back to its initial state. This great act probably took place when Christ Sacrificed His Life selflessly. The knowledge I speak to you comes from His Grace, than from my strength. Scientifically we are peaking with mind that is increasingly attached to material world. Thus the disorder and destruction is peaking to its maximum. At this peak science tells us that a great “Attractor Point” emerges around which the system collapses into New Order. This “Attractor Point” is the knowledge of Christ and His Self-Sacrifice. The universe remains the same, everything in it is transformed and initialized to begin a New Time Cycle, what deteriorates is Light and what conquers and emerges is Light or Knowledge. Very clearly we have two parallel world interacting. The Spirit of the masculine world is the creating and sustaining entity. The Time

force necessitates that creating entity leaves its world to penetrate the parallel world to conquer time and death and initialize time cycle through transformation of souls through Free Will from time to time. This forms the Great Time Cycle. The String Theorist already has discovered such possibility of time from one world piercing the parallel world and emerging on the opposite side. Mother Mary showed how we humans should react to come alive. She connected to the consciousness and yielded to Divine Spirit by surrendering herself. The greater Divine Act of surrender was done by Jesus Christ as He surrendered His Life and His “Self” accepting the most torturous death, listening to His consciousness and Spirit with in. We are in that phase where the system is trying reorder and initialize and enter back into Golden Age. Every soul is given a Golden chance to move up or down and to gain a new position in the quantum scale. It is your choice.

Chapter- 7

The Point that World Should Stand Up and Take Note
We humans take a critical role in nature and her enfolding and unfolding. We are here with a purpose. The purpose is to know oneself and evolve and lift our souls to higher levels. It is our choice, whether we move down the Quantum Scale or move up the Quantum Scale. Soul is understood as indestructible. The concept of saving souls may not matter for modern man who is selfcentered and is engaged in making money at all cost and exist as slave to this material world. Some might even argue, why bother about God heaven and hell, after all the souls will not remember its past life. This is left to your freedom.


But everyone needs to stands up and take note of the fact that, the earth beneath us slipping. The life of every one is danger. What is at stake is the very existence of our future. The castle you built is threatened in its foundation. It is apparent that any system that is unilaterally heated will break down. We humans in the ignorance of the "Principle and Design" of earth and its functioning to sustain its energy state are digging our own grave. Earth is designed as parallel worlds. When one part of earth [say west] awakes to sunlight/heat and disorder, the east sleeps to darkness to create a new order. As the sun peaks in west it gives way to darkness and simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and gives way to light. The right and left, east and west of the system is instantaneously communicated. This cycle as we know manifests as day and night cycle. This is embedded in another cycle of 12 month that manifest as climatic cycle. There 12 year cycle and so on to form the Universal Time Cycle. A time direction to the universe is inevitable reality. It can be towards increasing heat or cold. Very clearly we are in a period the heat is increasing unilaterally and exponentially. This is happening because of reckless human intervention into energy cycle by virtue of mindless burning of fossil fuel and reckless industrialization. It is common sense when heat increases all system begins to shear. The situation is further augmented by 1] By our intrusion into the night cycle when earth cools to create order. 2] The Loss of plants and greenery that converts sunlight/ heat into biological mass thus cools earth. We have stressed the earth to the critical point of break down. The exponential increase of heat in the environment is shearing all the ecological system. All life enclosed in it are unstable. The instability of human mind manifesting into violence, war, revolt etc., could be related to it.

This reality of earth’s climate needs to be understood from the fact the earth is not only has a dual world design, but has multiple world design. Thus, it has many grid points, [inner and outer] through which the climate changes slowly. When the heat of the system is unilaterally increased, we dissolve the grid points unilaterally. The consequence of this dissolution of grid points is "Accelerated Climate Change" with sudden peaks in heat and fall. The increased natural catastrophes we witness around the world are related to it. The increasing fire and wind bound destruction we observe is natural expression of the highly energized field. The reaction of material earth is to wind and oppose the unwinding force. This is leading to increased earth quakes, flash flood, flash snows and so on. As this proceeds it is bound to increase the volcanic eruption and eventual break down of the whole system. Science tells us that volcanic dust can cool the environment. We had huge volcanic eruptions in the past. We cannot allow these grid points to fall below certain critical limit. This could be highly destructive. One cannot imagine the destruction that this brings forth. Noble Laureate James Lovelock has warned this tendency leading to large scale annihilation of human population because of heat. Intellectuals around the world are pessimistic about the future of this world I feel Humanity can not only survive but enter the Golden Age provided the occupants of temples of science and religion break the chains by which they are bound to see the simple realities of Nature and Her Master. We need to awaken to our consciousness and the "Living Reality of Nature". We need to know the "Reality of the Energy Cycle" in which we live and take immediate steps, to alleviate the situation. We need to stop the unilateral increasing of heat of the environment and our intrusion into the night cycle in which she works to create new order. We need to develop comprehensive energy management of the earth's environment, which actually support all the life.


The Future Technologies
Much of modern world technologies are developed by a mind that is turned away from its consciousness and intelligence within towards the material world. Thus modern world is driven by material knowledge and exploitation of material world. The consequence of this is very much there for us to see. We are inviting self-destruction by reckless and exponential use of fossil fuel. In the ignorance of design and function of earth this exponential and reckless use is contributing heavily to exponential increase of environments heat and causing "Accelerated Climate Change" which is manifesting into huge climate catastrophes as we saw earlier. The whole system is unstable. There appears to be only two choices. Either humanity gets destroyed as Noble Laureate James Lovelock predicted in his book “Vanishing Face of Gaia - The Final Warning” or evolve to know the Truth to survive. Knowing the Truth calls for two immediate actions 1] Develop energy management of Earth’s environment 2] Develop new technologies that release less heat into the environment. In my mind’s journey through nature, I could perceive many simple technologies that could influence diverse fields of human interest, such as energy, food/agriculture and health/medicine and so on. However, my finances and situations did not even allow me to test some of the simplest ideas to its completion on field. I reserved my energy and resources to call the attention of world to the fundamental reality. I believe once the foundation is understood, the minds around the world can quickly transform and develop the technologies in quick time.

Here I hope to write some of these thoughts very briefly.

8:1] Energy Generation and Use
As a biologist, I have always wondered the working of a living system. For example, human heart, the size of his left fist, pumps blood along 100.000 km, carrying over 50 trillion cells. It does this function nearly 20 times per minute. Human body does this function in addition to various other simultaneous functions, using energy taken from few glasses of water and few pieces of bread. What is more important is that the heat released by life is negligible when compared to the heat a motor car, a laptop, mobile phone releases to the environment. The question arises how does life use energy? The key vision of our thinking is that 1] Force is a three bit spiral unit. 2] There is a second space-time reality 3] The living systems are built around pairs of inert atoms. This now gives possibilities of using energies of inner space of inert atoms in a controlled way. It probably could be controlled at single atomic levels as well as in collection of atoms. This would generate less heat for the pairs form into nearly closed system. This line of thinking gives huge potentials to use energy without distorting nature of which it is part. It could also emerge as the future atom replacing silicon in information processing. Our line of thinking tells us that non equilibrium is energy. This means the non-equilibrium and energized state of the environment itself can become a huge source of energy. Use of this energy actually can help us reverse the situation of the world and bring stability.


Today I see on internet many people thinking in this line. The works of Nikola Tesla is worth relooking. I hope my line of thinking gives it a platform.

8:2] Life, Health and Medicine
Life is Spirit/Soul, Mind and Body that exist in relation to the environment that is eternally changing. Life is a struggle to sustain certain balance left right of the body, mind and soul in relation to the environment. Much of our modern science deals with only balancing the body. It does not deal with its relativity with the environment, does not deal with mind and soul. Modern world has built its knowledge and picture of life from the dissected dead bodies than the living ones. Much of the knowledge it has built is partial. It still exists in the mechanistic world view and has failed to understand life from the relativistic, quantum and chaotic world view. It rarely integrates the role of mind and spirit/soul’s into the knowledge of life. Our thinking tells us that The Spirit/Soul, Mind and Body are one and exist as dynamic systems that are inter connected. In short every soul is related and become one in Universal Being’s, Spirit/Soul, Mind and Body. Our health now relates how our Spirit/Soul, Mind and body is tuned to with Spirit/Soul, Mind and Body of Universal Being. Here the Spirit/Soul is creating and sustaining entity. The Original blue print of information of life exists in the inner space in spiritual form. The Gene and DNA are simply reflection of this Spirit. It could be considered as weights that are used to balance the balance by a Balancer. The Balancer is the Spirit within that perceives the imbalance. Our individuated Spirit or the perceiver and the balancer is not independent, it has relative existence with "Primal Soul" or "Universal Balancer" of which we are only a part.

This spirit within our soul creates and sustains the system when our mind sleeps. All life is bestowed with a period of sleep, when the mind sleeps and the Spirit/Soul works to reorder the system. An impediment to the Spirit/Soul’s functioning to sustain the system comes from the “I” or “self” that originates from the mind. We did see how a sleeping phase is essential for earth to maintain its energy to matter ratio and thus support life. This is a proof that the universe is a Living Being. The Spirit of Life that exists in the inner space moves in and out of the inner space, in the process of sustaining life. This movement of spirit manifest as breath, mitotic and meiotic divisions. These three aspects are vital and shows, different levels of resistance to forces that acts against life. The processes are basically a process of “Quantum Dance” turning left into right and vice versa and thus opposing the external force. The three levels are described in the fallowing figure parallel system; male and female

In the above Fig, AB and CD are quantum particles joined to form hydrogen atom "AB/CD". Two hydrogen atoms fuse to form a

helium atom "ABCD/EFGH”. Two helium atoms "ABCD/EFGH" and "abcd/efgh" form a living system. The paired inert atoms prefer to exist in near equilibrium state. However, when the force of the material world stresses the helium atom to First Critical State the system opens up and a quantum dance is initiated by the dominant atom ABCD. A quantum energy flows from ABCD to EFGH. Now the EFGH becomes dominant and the ABCD becomes recessive. This dance is communicated and the recessive parallel part, which also Quantum Dances exchanging energy. The energy lost by virtue of second law of thermodynamics is encapsulated in the middle space. This creates a wave of dance that opposes the external force. We must note Force is directed and is a spiral one with a right or left twist. The system that opposes it also produces a force. This force will invariably have opposite twist. At the critical point of break down, the system simply breaks down changing its twist. This helps to transmit the external force. By virtue of second law of thermodynamics, every time this dance occurs, some information or energy is lost to central space between the two helium atoms. When this loss peaks the system is forced to Second Critical State. It is then forced to open up and exchange energy and information with the parallel recessive world [abcd/efgh], creating a Quantum Dance of higher order. Here creativity can manifest as development of new world in its image [DNA duplication and cell division]. The process is again is not beyond time. Thus system in time reaches Third Critical Sate. Here the system collapses into another similar and parallel recessive world [feminine] and goes into creation mode. In short, time or energy or information pierces the parallel world and emerges on the opposite side. This reality is comprehended already by string theorist [Dr.Neil Turok, Dr.Paul Steinhardt and Dr.Burt Ovurt ]

These three critical sates can be compared to certain process that we observe in life and Nature Beginning Point [1] Life First Critical Point Action - Breathing [inhalation and exhalation] Second Critical Action - Mitotic Point division and renewal of the information Third Critical Point Action - Meiotic Division and sexual reproduction, which conquers Time and perpetuates in time cycles Nature Action - Day and Night cycle Action - Climatic cycle Collapse of information and its reformation. Awakening of human consciousness and intelligence and restoration to initial glory. Conquering of time. End Point [0] non existing

The above thinking and visions changes our vision of life, genes and its functioning. The modern man who looks to the external world only sees the partial reality. He only sees external space, energy and information's. He fails to perceive the inner world that controls everything. He sees genes as information units. He sees a pair of gene as a unit. He fails to perceive the dynamic Unit and its functioning governed by the Inner Spirit. His medical approach to disease is an imbalance of the functioning of these pair of genes. He works by trial and error to temporarily fix this imbalance. He is ignorant of its relationship with other pairs of genes and its

dynamic functioning. He is ignorant of its relationship, with nature and its functioning manifesting as day and night and climatic cycles. The imbalance that modern medical practice fixes with trial error during the day, very often lead to imbalance in another pair or in another dynamic unit during the night or when climate changes. This lack of knowledge of interrelationship and the functioning of life as a whole is actually leading to parallel increase in number of diseases and number of people getting diseased. Modern medical practice in fact has destroyed the health of individual and population. A whole chain of industry seems to flourish at the cost of health of individual and population. Very clearly it suggests that the very foundation of modern biology, its medical and health approaches are wrong. We need to develop comprehensive medical system that understands the dynamic living system and treats life in wholesome manner. We need to cure the system from spirit/soul, mind and body level. Here treating at spirit/soul level and mind level are more significant than the body level. The discovery of inner space-time and spirit contained in it and the dynamic nature of the Living Particle, can lead us to develop a wholesome picture life and its functioning. 1] It suggests the units of biological information are not gene pairs but a unit that consists of a minimum of 4 pairs forming a dynamic unit in Space. Here 3 pairs form the core and the other forming the link with other dynamic units. Dynamic units of higher order can emerge when the core of living particle are Neon and Argon type. This should eventually explain why and how humans who have nearly same amount of genes as mice, produces so many different traits and characters. At the deeper level it explains why gene is triplet code why it is paired, why chromosomes are paired, why mitotic and meiotic division and so on. The above thinking gives a possible foundation to explain the unanswered “why’s”, “how’s” and “what’s” of biological science.

2] The modern biology thinks that genes control life. It thinks genes as determined units of information. This appears erroneous. Life is a communication between the internal space and the spirit contained in it and the external space and the spirit contained in it. The genes and its functioning get modified by this interaction and information generation. The genes even can get created in this interaction. In other words a living system has close relationship with environment and its cyclic energy changes manifesting as day and night cycle, climatic cycle and the "Universal Time Cycle". Our attempts to genetically manipulate genes, thinking them as quantitative determined units of information can turn into disasters in time. I speak this from the back drop as a researcher in biotechnology engaged in cloning that gave a chance to observe cells and its responses in culture and also years of life observing life in nature as a farmer living in an interior village surrounded by thick forest. Note - Dr Bruce Lipton a renowned biologist/speaker, Dr. Stuart Hameroff have attempted to lift modern biology to new levels. But their works have called little attention by mainstream science. I hope my own thinking by Grace could help call the worlds attention to it. 3] Our body is designed and programmed to fight and cure diseases. A great cure occurs, when the inner space of life not only communicates with external space freely, but when it communicates with the Universal Being of which we are all part. All life communicates with the internal space freely, except the Adult Humans who become mind and self-centered. Thus spiritual organization and education become an important faculty of human society. All spiritual knowledge considers the external space and the knowledge of material world trivial when compared to the "Inner Spiritual World" and its knowledge. Thus the ancient spiritual people defined many ways to attain health and sustain the body and mind. They developed practices that could help humanity

to connect to the "Universal Spirit". The above thinking can give us a foundation review and reinvent the ancient spiritual knowledge for the well being of humanity. Note - When I say spirituality it means the scientific knowledge of ancient people about Life, Nature and God. It is not a support for any religions. Religions of the modern world I feel is the biggest enemy of humanity. It lacks human touch. In modern day religions a set evil people virtually survive and flourish by exploiting people turning them against each other. They shamelessly live on the sweat and blood of people in the name of God. One can find only very few who by heart and mind seek God and Truth in religious institutions. The Spiritual people should be enlightened people, who have both Divine and Human elements. I see more people with faith, fear of God, Divine and Human touch in public than inside religious institutions. For most it is simply means of easy livelihood, means of making money and material gains and attaining powerful positions. The fact that living system and its genetic system functions in close relationship to energy changes in nature, invariably means information manipulation to human advantage can be developed by simply altering the energy states to which the system is exposed. A revolutionary practicable new approach to manipulation of gene and productivity of living systems can be developed from this simple thinking. One can even create new traits in life thus helps the system to survive. The most evident fact of life is that when pushed to near critical state it can show creativity. This can become a new and simple tool for manipulation of life. Few innovative experiments were conducted in this direction which showed the validity of this thinking and it’s potential. See site-

8:3] Hour Glass - A Simple Technology to Counter Water Stress and Accelerated Climate Change

The thinking discussed bring forth the reality that, two basic forces govern the system
• •

The unwinding force of sun The winding force of earth.

These forces are the essential forces influencing life. They manifest as climatic forces, summer and winter/rainy. These forces affect the water cycle - the vital requirement for life. The sun evaporates water, dipping the water table. The plants feel the water stress as the table dips. With increasing heat in the environment and the Accelerated Climate Change manifesting into drastic climatic peaks, the time period over which loss of water from soil happens and even the time period in which water is furnished to earth is decreasing. This is resulting in flash floods. Flash flood increases the runaway water and reduces the water furnishing the water table. The quick evaporation is reducing the availability of water to plant animal and human life. We are thus heading to water stress. This vital aspect can be countered from a simple thinking. We can develop simple "water traps" that counter the evaporation and help sustain plant life and nature as a whole. These traps can be designed taking clue from “Quantum Particle Design” and “Quantum Scale Design”. To imagine water trap of “Quantum Particle Design” all one needs to imagine a “Hour Glass” with one side of it being open. If this could be filled with sand or other substance with capillary action and submerged into to root zone of plant we have a “Quantum Water Trap” See fig Below


One can improve and develop several variants of this that can deal with water loss due to aberrant climate. In a way it can counter the forces of nature that turning against life. Incidentally superiority of ancient organic farming was fundamentally because, organic manure basically contain life fibers that act as miniature hour glass that helps in water and energy retention and its release slowly as the organic fiber deteriorates under climatic cycles.

8:4] Visions in Food and Agriculture
Food and agriculture is an important aspect of our society. The ancient knowledge says that not only the health but also our thinking is influenced by the food we eat. The modern science dubs the food in terms of quantity and a universal scale. In contrast the ancient, relates them to • Energy quality • individual constitution • Environment. They related six tastes with climatic cycles. Thus the ancient people and their knowledge of food were basically qualitative and much superior to modern man.


The superiority of organic farming is now well known. This superiority comes from a steady state growth against climate change. Organic farming was superior fundamentally because, organic manure basically contains life fibers that act as miniature hour glass that helps in water and energy retention and its release slowly as the organic fiber deteriorates under climatic cycles. This not only helps plants have steady but healthy growth. In contrast the use of Chemical fertilizers creates accelerated growth and fall. The fall comes because of lack fibers and water retention. Further, any energy supplied beyond limit is detrimental to life. For example certain amount heat is a necessity for growth of life. But if the given energy is supplied in quick time, it becomes detrimental to life t self. We see this reality manifesting in Accelerated Climate Change and increasing Natural Catastrophes A qualitative shift in our knowledge of food and agriculture is much wanted for human health.

Chapter -9 The Superiority of Ancient Spiritual Knowledge of Life
The ancient spiritual knowledge of the east the Veda and Ayurveda in the above context emerges as superior science that needs attention. I must admit that my knowledge of these great scriptures is limited and peripheral, but that was enough to give me the depth hidden in it. For example In Ayurveda a Person is seen as a unique individual made up of five primary elements. These elements are ether (space), air, fire, water and earth. The great eastern knowledge, [so too the Bible],

tells that the whole thing comes from the Spirit [Here referred as Air]. This then gives rises to fire, fire then give rises to water and water to earth. Just as in nature, we too have these five elements in us. When any of these elements are imbalanced in the environment, they will in turn have an influence on us. The foods we eat and the weather are just two examples of the influence of these elements. While we are a composite of these five primary elements, certain elements are seen to have an ability to combine to create various physiological functions. Ether and Air in dominance form what is known in Vata Dosha. [Dosha means imbalance] Vata governs the principle of movement and therefore can be seen as the force which directs nerve impulses, circulation, respiration and elimination etc. The elements with Fire and Water in dominance combine to form the Pitta Dosha . The Pitta is responsible for the process of transformation or metabolism. When water and earth elements are predominant it leads to Kapha Dosha. Kapha is responsible for body and its growth. We are all made up of unique proportions of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These Ratios of the Doshas vary in each individual and because of this Ayurveda sees each person as a special mixture that accounts for our diversity. Ayurveda gives us a model to look at each individual as a unique makeup of the three doshas and to thereby design treatment protocols that specifically address a persons health challenges. When any of the doshas become accumulated, Ayurveda will suggest specific lifestyle and nutritional guidelines to assist the individual in reducing the dosha that has become excessive. Also herbal medicines will be suggested, to cure the imbalance and the disease. Understanding this main principle of Ayurveda, it offers us an explanation as to why one person responds differently to a


treatment or diet than another and why persons with the same disease might yet require different treatments and medications. Now this classification fits into our thinking. The inner space-time of the souls which contains the Spirit is the principle that creates motion and controls it. It is the driving force. This we noted exists and functions in relation to a parallel recessive force that is opposite yet are one [feminine]. Recall how creation begins with the union of two cells. The egg cell will collapse unless the masculine dominant spirit enters it. This dominant spirit is the mover and sustainer. The Vedas call it "Brahman", Bible speaks it as "Holy Spirit. The masculine Spirit alone cannot create. It needs the assistance of the feminine. When these two forces that are oppositely twisted combine, it acts to create the fire. Thus the mind of life manifest from the spirit/soul in time. Recall here our imagination of existence of parallel periodic tables. The base element is non inert hydrogen that is formed from the interaction two spirit worlds. When non inert hydrogen atoms fuse it creates inert Helium atoms. Rest of elements of the periodic table we know is formed from the inner core of stellar bodies. Thus the vision of the ancient Indian Saints was outstanding. Their Master stroke probably was the origin from Single Soul or God. They probably knew and understood Big Bang sensibly tracing it to one soul, which is the product of union of two parallel worlds. They understood universe as

Consciousness of God unfolding to create - this is God consciousness through Christ liberating Human souls to begin a new order Consciousness of God enfolding to sustain- This is Gods Mind revealing to Illuminate human intelligence such that they walk into Glory of God


The ancient spiritualist perceived the Creator spirit's dual role as Creator and Sustainer, through movement of spirit in and out creating quantum dance and pulsation. We must recall here the fertilized egg. The fertilized egg carries the spirit of the Father and Mother. It is this Spirit that give life to the egg. In this union life begins and the information of the whole being is formed. This information then creates image of it self, leading to division of one cell into two. The division is initiated by the appearance of stellar object known as "Centriole" out side the nucleus, which then splits, moves to the pole twitching one cell into two. It then disappears only to appear in the next division. Note - When the cells divides to form 8 and multiples of 8 cells we can imagine the formation of a space out side the cells. We now can visualize differentiation of different levels of space that over laps on it self, through which instantaneous communication takes place. Here we must recall the "Chakra Concept" that ancient Indian saints visualized in Human body and 7 day creation in Bible The beauty of Indian knowledge reflects itself in their knowledge of Ayurveda, yoga, breathing techniques [Pranayama], meditation and so on. They not only treat the body, but the mind and take us beyond mind to the root levels of Soul/Spirit. I must admit that I have only peripheral knowledge about these great knowledge which dates back 90's when in my quest for simple fundamentals I happened to casually read many books. But they all seem to fit beautifully into the fundamentals that revealed to me by His Grace. I wish I could reinvent them in greater details but I am helpless. I am striving relentlessly, saving my energy for speaking the fundamentals. The ancient knowledge of India, china, and other parts undoubtedly has great depth. They can re-emerge to take a scientific platform from the above thinking. Much effort has to go into to it to unearth it scientifically.


Living Knowledge of God and its Social and Organizational Implications
The imprints of Living knowledge of God given to the ancient already exist in our social and organizational structure. But the quality and functioning of these organizational structures and its functioning has deteriorated, because of our lack of knowledge of its roots. Bible says "My people are lost for lack of knowledge" These are not aspects that can be discussed in a chapter. Here again I will reduce it to the fundamentals leaving finer aspects to unfold it self. The Vedas, which gave us Ayurveda, differentiated people primarily by quality and inherent force, also divided community into four groups the • the Priest [Brahmins], referring to intellectual and light bearers, • the Kings referring to the rulers and warriors, • the Traders and business community, • the last being the common man or workers, The system works effectively based on the function designated to these classes of people and their honest working. The highest among them are the priests who are responsible to lead the kingdom in Light upholding Truth and Justice. They are supposed to advice the king and help him rule the whole kingdom in justified manner such that Kingdom prospers. Unfortunately, the deterioration of the world begins from this class. The kings among them [The community of priests] begin to express their "self" or "ego" and become slave to material world.

They thus fall triggering deterioration. They bring disgrace to the whole class. This reality is subtly written in Bible. The root of serpent that coaxes the Eve and Adam to eat the Forbidden Fruit is a fallen angel. The deterioration in the faculty of Spiritual institutions then reflects in the ruling community and seeps down to administrative levels. Eventually it grips the mind of all individuals. The failure of spiritual institutions now leads to rise of evil forces and the rise of traders and business man and their rule. They begin to reap greater and greater profits by feeding parts of it, to greedy evils that have taken high position in spiritual and governing institutions. This begins to create exponential increase in black mass or black money. Money gets accumulated in few rich business people and they begin to dictate terms and policies of the government to their advantage. This now constricts the flow and whole social system begins to suffocate. We are witnessing this reality. Beyond certain point the system revolts to go into new order. The world is going through the critical state where the flow in the system is getting strangulated. I have tried to express this reality in the fallowing figures.


The figure is self-explanatory. The flow and life is characterized by four components divisible into three in the ratio 1:2:1. In the fig


Primary producer here is the farming community that feeds to sustain life. All of us are Consumer in one or the other form. The flow is sustained by the tradesman and is administered by Government and a king or ruling lot. They are responsible to assist productivity and resist self of trading community from exploiting the flow. The judiciary is an independent and vital faculty that exists above the king, though appointed by Him. It is an independent system that is responsible to sustain the body. Above all these exists the faculty of priests, who are supposed to hold Truth and Light and thus help judiciary, the King and the people walk in the path of Truth and justice and uphold life. They are supposed to be help people to connect to their consciousness and walk the path of Truth and justice. They should be working as involuntary nervous system that controls the vital organs of the body that gives life. These system works round the clock, even when the mind asleep to sustain life. They override the central nervous system in time of danger to life. When this fails the system fails. Life can exist with mind death but it cannot exist when the heart is dead. As long as the spiritual institutions are not corrupt and their intent is truly spiritual and work for qualitative advancement of people the society and the flow in the society will be good and healthy. When they become corrupt the system begins to deteriorate. Their corruption now drifts down to lower realms to every individual. Modern religions exists in temples, churches and mosques and is not reflecting itself doing its duty to uphold Truth and Justice The end result of this corruption is materialism in every realm. All the evils tend to hide in power centers both gaining power and wealth and making themselves inaccessible to law. The religious institutions strive for quantitative advancement to gain power and wealth in the name of God. The King and rulers becomes corrupt giving least importance to well being of the people. The trading

communities are exploiting both consumer and producer amassing wealth. They rule the system. The whole system begins to collapse because of lack of sustained flow and the increasing Black energy/mass/money. We see this happening around the world. The situation of the world is that who will bell the cat. It is hopeless situation. The hopeless situation of humanity turned into hope when I was initiated into spirituality By His Grace. I Saw Hope in Christ and His Calvary sacrifice. The "self" or "ego" and slavery to material world are the cause of fall. This creates a time direction to darkness, disorder, destruction and eventually death. In the previous chapters we discovered this as Knowledge or deterioration. Death we noted cannot be end of the Living Reality. As the darkness and disorder tends beyond certain critical point, a secret process of conquering of time and initialization should come into effect such that the world survives. This secret process revealed itself by His Grace when I stood in surrender to God in a Christian Retreat Center, where I happen to go more as an observer. Today I know that Christ and by His Calvary Sacrifice has conquered time. Thus liberating all of us from the clutches of evil and giving us Free Will to evolve back to His Glory and find New Life and Home as time initializes. I am an ordinary man of flesh- a sinner. I was a non-believer. I tended to define God as invention and the intelligent to rule the ignorant. The Christ I discovered is compassionate to every sinner, the only people whom Christ condemned are the community of priests, who are ego centered and failed in their duty to uphold Light and lead the people in Light. A recreation and restoration process is in progress through Christ and God's Spirit. In Calvary Christ liberated every soul to find New Life in Gods Spirit and get

illuminated by His mind to get liberated from the evil that is ruling us in the name of God. I see awakening in all religions. God is in control. The sacrifice in Calvary is Divine Plan done with a Purpose. The purpose is to bring us back to God and establish kingdom of God through Free Will. It is to liberate humanity from the Clutches of religions and bring humanity into Light. It is to illuminate Human mind such that He fights Evil and darkness and Tread the path of Light or Truth or God I tend to trace the root of modern day democracy its fallacies and its negative direction to the judgment of Christ by Pilate. Pilate the judge found no fault with Christ. But the Chief Priest forced him to give the judgment, speaking of His influence with Emperor and instigating the common people to shout for Christ Crucifixion and release of a murderer and looter in his place. People ignorantly took the responsibility of Jesus death on themselves and their children. People here chose their future. This choice was made under the influence of Chief Priest, whose ego and self centered evil mind was manipulating common people to ensure his position. The world is experiencing the aftermath of this very crucifixion. Most religious institutions survive on the sweat and blood of common people by manipulating their mind by their evil selfcentered mind. God's plan is great. He designed His kingdom such that it is not accessible by Mind. If kingdom of God and its power were to be accessible by mind much of the evil minds who have entered the power centers and religious institutions would have kept the people eternally in darkness and lived on their sweat and blood. Jesus came to liberate humanity from the clutches of evil people and give us New Life and illuminate our mind so that we can walk in Light. This illumination does not come by seeking it. Not by studying scriptures. It comes by Grace to fulfill His Plan. The spiritual scriptures say that God cannot be sought, but God seeks

you. When Truth of God and His mind is revealed and peoples mind are illuminated and they get liberated. People now begin to see God living within than one who is living in Bread, wine, idols, churches, temples, mosques. The evils no longer can stay in power centers. No religious heads can take you for a ride and live by your sweat and blood. The salvation by knowledge or Light actually completes the salvation and Divine Plan of liberation and New Order. Democracy takes negative turn in the non illuminated world where Truth is not known. However, democracy it self is built to direct the stress back to people, such that information and evolution take place towards light and knowledge. When knowledge and Light emerges democracy turns positive. Democracy seems to be designed on life. True democratic rule has to introduce transparency and include the parallel control that becomes active, when the central control errs to critical point.

Nature is signified by flow and change. This basic characteristic of nature should have a simple "Principle and Design", both at particulate and system level on which it functions. Gravity is based on non equilibrium design and the instinct to seek equilibrium in space between two or more particles or systems in nature. It is a spiral winding force. In reality there is only one force in nature; that is electromagnetic; all other forces are manifestation of design and systems instinct to seek equilibrium. The flow necessitates the existence of minimum of two worlds or right and left. One of them should be dominant from which the energy flows and the other recessive world which receives it. The universal picture of nature and its existence cannot be understood

unless we comprehend a mechanism by which the flow reverses from the dominant to recessive. This basic necessity of nature is addressed from the smallest particle to the whole system by imagining a "Ratio Design in Space" The thinking discovers two basic types of particles that results in two basic types of system. One is relatively non equilibrium systems and relatively equilibrium system. It also discovers two space-time realities or fields that are interacting to create and destroy and recreate eternally to sustain the system. The second "Space-Time-field" that scientist assume to exist and is named "Higgs Boson Particle and field" is nothing but the field that exist in the inner space of Life. Incidentally it also is the space in which gravity is converted into anti-gravity such that the unilateral flow of time is resisted. The light particle has highest non equilibrium in space and thus it has maximum attraction and travels in maximum speed. The equilibrium point of pairs of light particle exist out side it. But in material system the equilibrium point exist within the system. Because of this the Gravity force is maximum in light particle and least in material system. By virtue of design the material systems develops an inner spiral space through which communication takes place in time. The inert element of periodic table has certain high level of equilibrium in space. The inner space of inert atoms is nearly closed and is amenable to interaction with external space when it is stressed to critical state by an external or internal force. These inert system forms the core of living systems. In near non equilibrium state these systems shows creativity by adding matter on to it self to oppose the external force acting on it. This process results in building DNA and information in life. The perceiver and builder of the information is the Spirit contained in the inner space of

living system. This gives new dimensions to our knowledge of nature The thinking means the concept of gene pair is wrong. The genes exist as dynamic units consisting of minimum of 4 pairs. 3 pairs form the core and one pair forms the linking unit with other dynamic units. It has the potential to explain many unanswered aspects of biological science. • Life needs to be understood as interaction between two space time realities. The outer space-time reality of the world that changes cyclically and the inner space-time reality of life. This means our attempt to manipulate DNA assuming that information is determinable self working units is erroneous. A sensible way is to handle life is to deal with external and internal space and the spirit contained in it. • We see life here as a system that opposes gravity force transforming gravity into antigravity in its inner space. • Its creative capacity in near non-equilibrium state means it has the potentials to unwind and grow against gravity and time. This means life is a force against gravity and time directed to collapse to a point. • From the two basic facts that 1] Life as a system has ability to oppose gravity and 2] that time direction is inevitable to the universe, we can logically and sensibly reinvent "Big Bang" from the inner space of a living system. • The fact that only humans and his "self" and material slavery disturbs energy cycle of nature unilaterally, creating a time direction to Singularity and death, invariably means the origin of time and time initialization should come from the inner space of a single "Primal Human Soul" that is "Absolutely Selfless". Creation and existence of the whole universe perpetually now becomes transformation of human souls by this Primal Soul and Unfolding of information and knowledge to illuminate human mind thus liberating him form all bondages. This makes creation written in spiritual
• 82

scripture a valid and sensible reality. Vedas of east write that Creation occurred through Self Sacrifice of the Creator and this sacrifice was conducted by his own people. [Yajurveda VS:30-31]. This reality came true through Calvary sacrifice of Christ. The hope for the endangered world exists in Christ. His Spirit [Holy Spirit] will lead us to initialize into New Time Cycle and help us enter the Kingdom of God or Golden Age. As of now humanity is endangered by "Accelerated Climate Change" which is increasing the magnitude and number of natural catastrophes. This is happening because of our lack of knowledge of "Principle and Design" and the working of nature by which nature maintains her temperature. By our reckless exploitation fossil fuel and reckless industrialization we are dissolving the grid point of earth through which the climate changes smoothly. A second important point is that under the influence of self centered blind religious people, their ignorance of Truth of God and their greed to advance their religion is leading the world to war and possible annihilation of Humanity in the name of God. These two critical situations of the world can only be surpassed to enter the Golden Age if we Awaken to Truth and know the importance Calvary Sacrifice and the Divine Plan of Creator. It is up to individual to save his soul and evolve up the quantum scale or fall down in it. You move up and down by the basic intent of yours as you strive for life and when you stay before God. The ones in the upper levels of spiritual kingdom who have formed religions and rule over human minds are the one who would be judged severely. Because, it is their selfish intent and is the underlying force that is leading the world to destruction. God had to make a self sacrifice accepting the most horrific death because of these peoples failure.

One most note that the only people whom Jesus condemned are the clergies and priest. Christ never intended to create a religion. Christ showed a way of life. His Spirit that was liberated when Calvary sacrifice was completed tore the curtains separating ordinary man from God. God became amenable to all. He returned to earth on Pentecostal day as Spirit and still exists as the creating or the transforming force working to give New Life. But the evils that entered the church succeeded in drawing the curtain again and rule people in the name unseen God than spreading them Good News and baptizing them with the Spirit of Christ. There is Hope, for Bible says that in end days God will pour His Spirit on all and every one will awaken to Truth and Light. The evils then will stand exposed and humanity gets liberated to see Light. The Spiritual Truth is very simple. It is the knowledge of “self” and “Higher Self”. The spiritual quest is a quest of discovering ones self and its relationship with Universal Self [God]. It is discovering two basic attributes of God - Love and Truth/Justice. The call of spirituality is to Love and uphold Truth and Justice. It resist "self" and the manifestation of "self". The fall of individual, community and nations begins with "self" and failure to uphold Truth and Justice. The Spirit of God shed through the sacrifice of the Christ is growing from within. We are in the Event Horizon, where the force of matter directed to the center and the force of Life both are peaking. Every soul is stressed in the process. A new order emerges, when the Spirit of God breaks the darkness and illuminates human mind.