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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 23 Dec 2010 - Changelog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Christmas Present for You World of Goo ball now playable, type

ballgoo at the character selection screen Christmas Present for Me Now when your game crashes, it makes a mini-dump and sends it to me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Dec 2010 - Changelog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Fixed problem with leaderboard scores not uploading. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Dec 2010 - Changelog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fixes: -Added -Fixed cked -Fixed -Fixed em -Fixed -Fixed keyboard controls for the replays menu a bug where Meat Ninja disappeared when a game was reloaded with him unlo a bug where percentages would add up to 107%...the max is 106%. a bug with achievements not awarding on load if the user does not have th a bug where The Kid was not selectable a bug where certain bandage characters were not selectable

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 09 Dec 2010 - Changelog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New Stuff: -Added Ironman achievements for all darkworld worlds. If you previously ironmane d an entire darkworld chapter (we've seen a few videos), sorry but you'll have t o iron man them again to get the achievement. This should only affect 2 or 3 peo ple...and we apologize to you...but if you do it again you get a neat achievemen that's something! -Updated a few levels with some troublesome areas Fixes: - buttonmap.cfg was misnamed, so users were not able to change control configura tions without renaming the file. My bad. The file is now named correctly. -Save Files are now corrected fixing a bug where FlyWrench's unlock levels would overwrite Jills and vicea versa. This save file patch now awards Flywrench if y ou found the Flywrench warpzone and have jill unlocked. This was the only way to guarentee that Players did not lose their unlocks. In the event that you only f ound Flywrench's warp and didn't unlock him, but have Jill unlocked...congrats y ou got a free Flywrench. -Save file will back up with the first run of the game just in case the save fil

e patch corrupts the current game. It is saved in userdata/savedata.dat.bak -Some users were not able to get certain achievements, or missed achievements be cause they weren't online. Now, on load all achievements that can be should be a warded according to the save file will be awarded. These include all of the warp zone and character unlock achievements. -Fixed a problem with screen resolutions being forced to fullscreen even when wi ndowed was selected. -Fixed a problem with Retro Rampage achievement. -Fixed a problem with the Start menu character select screen being ordered incor rectly -Fixed a problem (maybe, it was very difficult to reproduce) with full screen bu ilds loading VERY slow on some computers. The one computer we could replicate it loaded as fast as windowed mode after some window code adjustment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Dec 2010 - Changelog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Additions: Configure controls by manipulating buttonmap.cfg in the install directory. THESE SETTINGS ONLY AFFECT MEATBOY & FRIENDS CONTROLS, NO MENUS OR ANYTHING. We will not allow customization of menu controls. Common Non-Alphabetic keys are: "up", "down", "left", "right", "shift", "rshift" , "space", "control", "rcontrol". Gamepads allow you to just change Special and Jump buttons. They are denoted by numbers of the buttons, which you can find in the windows gamepad panel in Contr ol Panel. Example, on the Xbox controller the button numbers are A=1 B=2 X=3 Y=4 . There is a value there for using the Analog stick as a POV hat, this has always been enabled by default, but if you are still experiencing trouble, set this to "false" There is a backup file of the buttonmap.cfg in case you mess up the config. Fixes: Fixed a problem where some users were experiencing crazy volumes on startup. The se now will always range from 0 to 100. Fixed several leadboards display problems Fixed a problem with sound drivers not initializing correctly. Fixed Achievements for Warpzones (OldSchool, Retro Rampage, etc) were not awardi ng correctly. Fixed Dead Boy achievement not awarding properly Fixed a save bug when unlocking a character from a warpzone that could mark the warpzone as completed, but not unlock the character Fixed a problem where slower computers were not allowing Me atboy to spawn in time to beat some levels (1-19x being the one most emailed abo ut). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Dec 2010 - Changelog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

* Fixes the Tofuboy problems on med and low res. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Dec 2010 - Changelog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Added Tofu Boy, type in "Petaphile" at the character select screen. (He's sick ly so he's weak and can't run or jump well.) * Fixed bugs with Naija, Mr. Minecraft, and VVVVVV * Fixed a crash on exit * Attempted to address more crash on run errors * Fixed Leaderboard ranking errors * Fixed a problem with non-Xbox 360 controllers holding down directional buttons . Also - Users experiencing unusually long load times, switch the game to windowed mode via the menu or command line and this should fix it. We're still working to track this one down, but running windowed will fix it for now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Dec 2010 - Changelog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - CRASH ON STARTUP Several Users reported crashes on Startup. An early version of the Steam Install Script got uploaded by me that didn't fully run DirectX, also I'm not sure I ha d all the proper prerequisites packed in the build. Either way, I have packed in everything that should be needed for DX, as well as updated the install script. Those who have already installed the game, I'm not sure this will help you...but if you are experiencing crashes on load after you have downloaded the update. S imply Click Here and run the DirectX Web Installer. - CRASHING DURING GAMPLAY AFTER ABOUT 3 LEVELS There was an error where save games weren't saving, mainly because a folder was missing in the installer, not sure why it got made on some builds and not others , but it was the problem. This would cause grabbing bandage girl to crash at ran dom times as well as initial runs of the game to crash. Those of you that had pr oblems with the game starting even after the install of DirectX, this could have been your problem. This issue has been (As long as the update makes the folder) resolved. - STUCK RESOLUTIONS / INVALID MONITOR INPUT Users would get stuck in resolutions that their monitors would not display. Not sure what is causing this because I look at what the monitor can display, but ei ther way I made a work around. Users can now force resolution and window setting s to get the game to a working state where they can adjust them further. The com mands are as follows: -fullscreen force full screen mode -windowed force windowed mode -640x480 force 640 x 480 resolution -800x600 force 800 x 600 resolution -1024x768 force 1024 x 768 resolution With windowed and fullscreen options, the game will default to the last res that was tried, valid or if you are having problems I recommend following the steps below to fix it. (I'm sure the majority of you know how to do this, but f or those that don't see below).

Go to Library, then Right Click on Super Meat Boy and go to Properties. Click on Set Launch Options. Fill in the options starting with dashes and separated by s paces in the text field -NO BROWNIE OR DR FETUS BOSSES I'm a moron and forgot to upload the boss files for Dr. Fetus and Brownie. Playe rs would play their stages and see no bosses. I uploaded them now, they are in. -MENU CRASHES There were some menu bugs, mainly with the pause menu and the character select m enu in game. These have been fixed PERFORMANCE ISSUES We have scaled the textures best we can. There are 3 modes available to the comm and line. The gamedoes a miniprofile thing that determines what resolution and t exture detail you should be running at...but sometimes this can be wrong. To hel p adjust performance issues you have 3 options: -highdetail Highest detail -meddetail Medium detail -lowdetail Lowest detail -lowdetail runs fine on a netbook. I have an Asus Aspire One. 1.6Ghz Intel Atom, 1GB Ram, Integrated Intel GMA 950 inside. If I switch on low detail, the game m aintains a 50-60fps for most levels. It is very playable with extremely small lo ad times. My computer here, with an NVidia 260, Q6600 Quad Core, 6GB Ram runs th e game at like 400FPS Un-VSynced. So that's basically you're range. Those are th e two computers I had available during development, so they represent high end a nd low end. Speaking of VSync, the game needs to be V Synced. I can't stress this enough. If you are experiencing Cutscenes running fast, or Meatboy freaking out while stan ding still, just switch on VSync and you'll be fine. This is something we cannot fix since Graphics Drivers can choose to ignore developer settings. I tried art ifically limiting the framerate today and honestly I didn't like how it looked. It wasn't as smooth as VSynced (obviously) so...just VSync it. If your game is running slow or you are having slow load times, just do lowdetai l and a lower resolution and you'll be fine. If my little Aspire One running XP can do it, we can all do it [Small update on Load Times] Thinking about it, the Atom has hyperthreading. I'm betting people with slow loa d times have single core non-hardward threaded processors. I'll look into this.