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labview/resistor, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, <> Traffic light controller Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, <> Traffic light controller Interpreting Traffic light controller


labview/resistor, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, <> HSS Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, <> HSS Interpreting Home Security System.


I owe a great many thanks to a great many people who helped and supported me during the development of the project. My deepest thanks to the Asst. professor Deepak Nair and lecturer Harbhinder singh, guide of the project and LabVIEW training for guiding and correcting various errors and faults in the project. They had done all the necessary arrangements for making the project work successfully. I would also thank my college Gian Jyoti group of institutions without whom the project would have been a distant reality. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to my family and well-wishers.


As the life span of HIV positive people increases, certain illnesses and conditions are becoming of concern that just weren't an issue during the early years of the epidemic. As medications became better at slowing the destructive powers of HIV, people began to live longer. With these longer lives came new conditions that had to be dealt with. Experts are seeing evidence of this trend in the hearts of HIV-infected people. Heart disease is becoming a problem, even in younger men and women. One of the many ways to identify potential heart problems is to use of electrocardiogram or EKG. One probably needs to go the clinic or hospital for ECG screening which is rather time consuming and expensive. So this project helps the user to have their ECG done at home at a cheaper price and conveniently. This will be lucrative to those who are at high risk for heart disease because of diabetes or high blood pressure or high cholesterol as their ECG needs to be done on regular basis to monitor further damage to the heart. They will not have to waste any of their valuable time to go to the doctor for their ECG as they will be able to do it simply without the need of any medical personnel using this ECG Monitor. This will not only save their time and money but also will make them monitor their health more seriously which will result in their good health.