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The Ultimate Roaming Hubbing Solution
Today, over 2.4 billion people are using over 700 mobile networks in 210 countries around the globe. Each and every one of these networks has to establish bilateral roaming agreements with at least one mobile operator in each country in order to provide their subscribers a complete roaming coverage and the accompanied home experience abroad. In practice, mobile operators have on average 200 à 400 bilateral agreements in place with still lots of coverage gaps, forming isolated islands. The development of new mobile services requires upgrades of existing bilateral agreements while resources are limited and mobile operators face a lot of pressure to decrease the roaming cost structure.


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Int’l Network Extension Inbound Roaming

Roaming Hubbing Open Connectivity

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Financial Clearing

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Fraud Protection

Online Reporting

Centralized Signalling

Instant Roaming, the Perfect Solution for Mobile Operators' Roaming Needs
Belgacom ICS’ Instant Roaming service gives an answer to mobile operators seeking to establish worldwide roaming and interworking in a quick and easy, multilateral fashion. It removes the need to establish a complete set of bilateral agreements with all target countries, and instead offers roaming exchange with several roaming partners through one single commercial and technical relationship. With Instant Roaming, Belgacom ICS is already meeting the objectives of the GSMA's Open Connectivity Initiative, which is to replace the current one-to-one model by a new many-to-many model, in order to ensure global roaming and interworking, while optimizing the costs for mobile operators in establishing and maintaining global roaming and interworking.

Product Features
The service includes a complete set of capabilities which will also model the components of the Open Connectivity Initiative:

Agreement Management: provides an instant access to a global roaming footprint and allows a smooth migration towards the OC hubbing model. IREG & TADIG Testing: profound testing is performed for all services (Voice, SMS, GPRS, CAMEL, and UMTS). Financial Settlement: Service Management invoiced by Belgacom ICS. TAP File Management: TAP files are exchanged via existing Data Clearing House. Fraud Protection: including advanced white and black-listing capabilities to block any suspected fraud and the transfer of High Usage Report (HUR) and NRTRDE files. Online Reporting: Our Roaming Webvision tool gives you an instant visibility on the roaming usage through daily, weekly and monthly traffic reports. Centralized Signalling Connectivity: the service is built on a proprietary and fully redundant Signalling and GRX Network and does not require any additional platform investment.

Why Choose Belgacom ICS for Instant Roaming?
Being able to provide mobile operators a complete set of hubbing services to reply to all their needs whether it is signalling, SMS, MMS, GRX or Roaming is definitely one of the big differentiators compared to our competitors. As to the Instant Roaming service in particular, the advantages are distinct:

A Carrier-Grade Solution Provides Instant Access to 400+ Networks Across the Globe Built on Proprietary Signalling & GRX Networks Complements SMS & MMS Hubbing Modular Capability No Platform Investment Required Compatible with Reaching Bilateral Agreements

The Belgacom ICS Instant Roaming service is the latest addition to a complete solution portfolio specifically designed to meet all the international needs of mobile operators in term of roaming and interworking. While complementing other hubbing services such as SMS and MMS, Instant Roaming removes the last financial and technical roadblocks to enable global reach for any service and for any mobile operator.

Belgacom International Carrier Services S.A./NV (Belgacom ICS) is a leading global carrier of voice, data and value added services to over 500 wireless, wireline and service providers through sales offices in Brussels, Bern, Dubai, Singapore and New York. Belgacom ICS is at the forefront of the international communications industry, acting as a catalyst for growth, both in terms of traffic and reach. The company aims to enable global interworking across all networks, technologies and services. As a result of this approach and the joint venture with Swisscom ICS, Belgacom International Carrier Services is now one of the largest wholesale voice carrier and a world leader in data transit services.

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