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Short explanatory notes on: Market profile Consumers market vs Industrial Market Market Growth & Market Share Market segmentation Fads, fashions & Classics New products Product life Cycle concept Test Marketing

While fixing prices, the Marketing Director prefers to add profit margin at a st andard rate to the total cost of sales while the finance Director likes to add c ontribution at a standard rate to the variable costs. Discuss the pros and cons or the two methods with suitable illustration to the points. Assume that your company â Meal Product Ltdâ has just established a new products business of steel windows, locks & other steel products for the building industry. This new product division has decentralized engineering, production, marketing and st aff services in to a relatively autonomous â Profit Centreâ . You have been named sales ma nager, reporting to the Manager Marketing. What kind of data, what kind of repor ts and with what frequency do you think, you would request from the Account Depa rtment and field sales force for control purposes? As a part of the annual review of the yearâ s trading, your company is studying its s ales prices and costs. Your part of this work is to tabulate actual sales and se lling prices and compare these with standards sets at the beginning of the year. Your assistant has produced the following table; Standard Actual Product Quantity sold selling price(Rs) Revenue (Rs) Quantity sold Selling Price(Rs) Revenue (Rs. In units in units. Product A 900 3.20 2,880 1,000 3.20 -----Product B 1,200 2.60 3,120 1,200 2.40 ------Product C 400 10.00 4,000 500 12.00 -------Required : a. Compute the value of variance of each product and analysis their causes; and b. For each product, briefly outline the likely events that led to these va riances. The Bina Bakery sells two very popular speciality cakes, a butter cream delight and a chocolate layer cake. Both are baked in the same oven, which will accommod ate 15 cakes ata one time and can be operated for a maximum of 60 hours per week . The demand for both cakes is so great that the bakery could sell the maximum out put of the oven in any combination of the two cakes including all of one or all of the other. The only direct cost of theses cakes are their respective ingredie nts costs. A comparison of the prices, ingredients cost and oven time of the two cakes are as follows; Butter cream (Rs) chocolate Layer (Rs) Price 2.00 1.66 Ingredients cost 0.80 0.75 Oven time 30 minutes 20 minutes

To advise your friend properly. find the product-m ix which will yield the maximum profit. During the month he sells three-fourth of the goods at Rs.Both belonging to the same industry. 100 Rs 120 Consumption of material 2 Kg 3 Kg Material cost Rs. Calculate (a) Income flow statement. A friend of yours desires to invest in the equity shares of either X Ltd. . He enters in to a trading busine ss & purchases on the same day goods worth Rs. What is Marketing Budget? Describe in details with separate headings. Enumerate the basic principles & concept of Accounting. He has approached you to advise him on w hich company he should invest in. He has approached you to advise him on which company he should invest in. His Business expense for the month is Rs. Wha t are the accounting ratios you will compute? State briefly how each of these ra tios will be useful for your purpose. What are the uses of Sales forecast? Discuss factors that should be considered i n a Sales forecast. availability of which is 10. Or Y Ltd. . Both belonging to the same industry. ( c) fund flow sta tement.What would be the most profitable sales mix of these two cakes. He has given you the published accounts of t he two companies for last four years & also the trend of market prices of the sh ares of each company during the same period. 2500. (b) cash flow statement. The following particulars are extracted from the records of a company Details per Unit ________________________ __ Product A Product B Sales Rs. . 10 Rs 15 Direct wages cost ( assumed to be variable) Rs 15 Rs 10 Direct expenses Rs 5 Rs 6 Machine hours used 3 2 Overhead expenses : Fixed Rs 5 Rs 10 Variable Rs 15 Rs 20 (A) Comment on profitability of each product ( Both use the same raw materia l) whenâ -----total sales potential in units is limited ----. A friend of yours desires to invest in the equity shares of either X Ltd or Y Lt d. and maximum sales potential of each product 3.500 units. To advise your friend properly what are the accounting ratios you will compute? State briefly how each of thes e ratios will be useful for your purpose. Explain why Cash Book is called both a Journal & a ledger ? . 1600 paying half the amount in ca sh. He has given you the published accounts of the two companies for the last four years and also the trend of market prices of t he shares of each company during the same period. 20 percent of which is in cash & the balance on credit.000 Kg. Mr A has Rs 1000 in cash on 1st January 19x0. .total sales potential in value is limited -----Raw material is in short supply -----production capacity ( in terms of machine hours) is the limiting factor (B) Assuming raw material as the key factor. 500.

Explain the stages of life cycle of product.. What is the impact of marketing strategies on organization structure design? . .

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