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Views on Subsequent Activation of Profit Center Accounting when Funds & Grants are in use

Dear FICO collegues, My client is having the specific requirement as mentioned below. currently, we are using ECC 6.00 with EHP-4. Business requirement :- He wants to activate the profit center accounting in order to carry the settlement of revenue / balance sheet accounts between profit centers. According to him, he had a call with SAP and SAP recommended them to activate the profit center accounting in order to meet the same. Existing configuration :(a) New GL activated (b) Document Splitting is Not activated & single ledger is in use (c) Funds Management - Activated (d) Grants Management - Activated (e) Funded Program - Activated (d) Profit Center Accounting - Not Activated. (e) All company codes are using fiscal year variant Apr to Mar except one company code, which is in Jan to Dec (f) Common chart of accounts for all company codes except one company code & controlling area vs company code relation is one to one. (g) One currency is being used called 'GBP' I am looking for any experts views who worked on the above scenario "activation of profit center accounting subsequent to go-live.. when Funds & Grants is activated under ECC 6.0". Kindly revert with your views and any SAP documentation / notes / side effects related notes in the above scenario.


Hi I believe, activation of PCA does not have any impact on Grant & FM...

Its advisable you use New GL PCA i.e. assign scenario FIN_PCA to your FI Ledgers... While doing this, SAP gives a scary warning message, but I believe that can be ignored, unless you intend to activate doc splitting as well Do not create PCs from CO menu, as it would ask you to activate EC PCA and Dummy PC.. Ideally cost center masters allow change of PC from new FY.. I dont know how it would behave since you are activating it in middle of the year.. Please try this in a test system 1st... You would require adding of PC in all masters like Cost center, Int Orders, WBS, Material Masters etc... So, the structure of PC hierarchy is a very key decision

Help call out

Hi, Can anybody help me out on the below issue. am getting an error when i run the Transaction KP98 Copy actual to Plan version 20. Selections for KP98

Below is the error screenshot. All 710 Series accounts are primary cost elements and they are P & L accounts.

KP06 Below is the screen shot for one of the combination in the error screens hot above has the values in KP06 for version 0. I understand that when we run KP98 it updates KP06 Fixed planned cost or variable cost.. Please understand me why am getting this error..

one more thing if i plan the Activity in KP26 and execute KP98 then that error disappears. Please let me know if you need more inputs..

Hi Somashekara , What I understand, these cost centers are activity dependent in the source i.e. actual data which is getting copied & hence you need to maintain the Planned activity rates in KP26.

Hi Somashekara, In SAP Planning is divided into two parts , 1> Activity-independent cost planning 2> Activity-dependent cost planning Now if we are using KP06 then it triggers the Activity Independent

Planning as per the standard SAP but when we use the KP26 then it triggers the Activity Dependent Planning. So as per your screenshots system is for Activity Dependent Planning so when you are marinating that KP26 then the error has gone out. For more details about the Activity Dependent and Activity Independent Planning please refer to the below link, 0e829fbfe/content.htm

Functional Area Field in KB31N

Hi All, I could not able to see the Functional Area filed in T.Code: KB31N, How can i get the functional area filed in KB31N. Hi I doubt this field is available in KB31N.. Func Area is what woud be derived from Cost center I checked the screen variant where you can define a new one... See the screen print below.. This field is not available

Hi Ajay, I have checked in the Screen variant it is not available, But I have seen the other project they are getting the filed of Functional Area in KB31N, I don't know what are the other components we need to activate.

Hi First of all you need to activate the Cost of Sales Accounting for activating the functional area. If you are in ECC 6 then the path would be IMG>FIN Accounting (New)>Fin Accounting Global Settings (New)> Ledgers> Fields > Standard Field > Functional Area for Cost of Sales Accounting Under which you will find the Functional Area creation activation everything. For the use of of functional Area you can refer to the below link, 50000e835339d/content.htm

Cost Element category.

Hi All, Need a little help. One of the Cost Elements in our system was created by the users , as a category "1" by mistake. They intended "11". This needs to be brought back to "11". We know SAP will prevent it eventually... but we have just started our new fiscal year on Oct 1 2012 and hence this might be a good time to do that. This will not have any posting in fy 2012 for another day. I was hoping to change it's "analysis period ( Edit->Analysis Period) " data from this year's first date.. if it allows. Ran in test systems, but it runs forever... hence not sure yet what it's going to do.. Any input on this would be of great help.

Hi Dola, If you have access to use OKC5 transaction, please try to delete the cost element which is created with wrong cost element category and create same cost element with correct cost element category.This transaction should allow for cost element deletion if there are no postings in the required Fiscal Year.

Hi, Has any one worked on building summarisation levels in KEDV for performance enhancements of KE30 reports ? We are experiencing Time out error since last 3 weeks in these reports in all systems. Reports that normally take 5-10 mins are taking upto 2.5 hours to execute. Even in development system where data is minimal it is taking almost 45 minutes to give an output. I am looking for building new summarisation levels rather than system

proposed level through KEDVP. If any one has worked on this before and can help, please reply back.

Hi, Enclosed the steps in creating Summarization level and using it for KE30 report.

KEDV steps.doc

Error in J1INPR posting

Dear All, I have done the configuration settings for Provision for Taxes on Services Received under Withholding tax. I am getting below error while executing transaction J1INPR and If I click on customizing it is going to NEW GL Document Splitting characteristics. Where Profit center is mandatory in our case. There is no option to fill up Profit center in J1INPR transaction, as it getting posted in Background. Can any one suggest how resolve this issue. Appreciate you inputs.

Hi Deepak, This issue as you have pointed out is correct that this issue is Document Splitting functionality issue. So you need to check two things, 1st > You need to check the material master whether any profit center has been maintained or not. Or, 2nd> If this PO does not contain any material master then you need to check in the PO itself whether any cost center has been maintained in the PO or not. If either or this two has been maintained system will autometically pick up the Profit center from there.

Error in GR55 Report.

Hi All, We are trying to add new value field in COPA report.

While adding new value field getting error like " This value field is reserved for SAP" Can any one share your thoughts on this please.

Library copied from 2AD as ZAD.doc

Failing to Trigger OKB9

Hi All, Need a little help.

During Normal Journal Entries, if a Stat Order is being used in the line , OKB9 settings for that GL are not getting invoked at all. e.g I have a GL X ( In OKB9 , for that "Default Profitibility Segment" checked as well as Profit Cntr is P etc , fully set up ). Case 1. Use GL X for the posting ( along with the Stat Order in the input). It stops as it can't find a CO Object assignment . ( Which means it failed to invoke OKB9 as OKB9 already had these mentioned for the GL X). Now if I force it to derive the profitability segment manually, it does it, but with a Profit Cntr DUMMY and allows to post.

Case 2. Use GL X. Same steps as Case 1. But, before putting the Stat Order, hit enter . Then put the Stat order . SAP derived the profitability segment and profit Cntr without any error message, but profit cntr is wrong. Profit Cntr becomes DUMMY again instead of P . In all cases it's actually going to one step in KEDR ( as found by analyzing the derivations) " Check whether Profit Center Accounting is active" and is putting in DUMMY

I am looking at NOTE 105024 . If you have any further suggestion for me , please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Dola, Its an interesting case.... 1st of all - The reason for Dummy PCA in PSG is the fact that you did not enter any PC in the FI Line item... You must enter the PC in FI line item and the same gets adopted in PSG... Am not sure if you can enter the PC directly in the PSG window. 2nd issue - The reason why OKB9 is not called is that there already exists

a CO object (even though statistical)... The design of the program is that if there is any Co object, OKB9 is not called... It does not check the nature (real or stat) of the CO object.. A SAP note does exist for a similar issue (373823). This addresses the case where Revenue line item contains a Cost center and hence OKB9 is not called... With this note, you can invoke OKB9 for revenue account if Cost center exists in the line item You can raise an OSS msg to SAP and check if similar note exists for your case. If not, raise a Development Request with SAP... I hope this is a valid ask and can definitely be addressed... You can address it using function module which is used in the background for OKB9.. Its something like K_ACCOUNT_ASSIGNMENT_GET... @ Sarada: Do you remember that FM?

Hi Ajay, Thanks .. I'll take a look at that note shortly. As in point one, we don't want to input PC in the line item, we want that to come up from OKB9 too ... GL X is set up accordingly...( I mean if possible. ....else putting in detail line is an option). Let me do a little more research with the notes/FMs ( Sarada,..please pitch in here... ) will update what all comes up.

Distribution Cycle Error : "No senders have been found"

Hello, I have created a distribution cycle in FAGLGA31 with three segments with the following criteria, The cycle is maintained with version "001" Sender: Account, Profit Centre C postings and Functional Area YB20 Receiver:

function area YB20, profit center A: 80% functional area YB20, profit center B 20% Likewise I have the other 2 segments with different % of distribution. But when I am trying to execute the cycle in FAGLGA35, i am getting the error message that "no sender has been found". I have checked the cycle completely and all the relevant master data exists. Also the transactional data relating to document type SA also exists in the system. Please find below the details of the error message. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cycle 0L2050, start date 20110101, does not include any senders. Message no. GA749 Diagnosis No senders were found for cycle 0L2050, starting date 20110101. System Response It is no longer possible to create receivers and assign senders for the segment. Procedure Check the definition of the cycle in the maintenance transaction for Actual Distribution: General Ledger. No valid sender cost centers could be found to match your selection. If you use the sender rules "Posted amounts" or "Posted quantities", check whether records exist in the database for the criteria you entered (cost element, version...) During indirect activity allocation with the sender rule "posted quantities", you should also note that only the difference between the planned/posted activity allocation and the scheduled activity quantity is allocated. If you entered activity types as sender, you should at this point also check the activity type category. For those quantities posted with an activity type of category 1 (manual entry, manual allocation) no indirect activity allocation is possible. 1. If this is an allocation in the FI/FI-SL area, the problem could also be due to the inheritance logic for FI-SL totals tables, whose "Inheritance of

sender based on the receiver" indicator is activated in the "Partner object update" view (T811U-INHERSRC). These are tables that were installed before Release 4.6A. Use transaction GCA8 to check this, and see the section on: Inheritance Logic for Allocations then correct the affected cycle, if required. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Could somebody please help me on how to resolve this

Hi Transaction code FAGLGA31 is for creation of ACTUAL Distribution cycle Here you have assigned PLAN version of 001/1. For this planned version actual price will not be calculated . (OKEQ). Check it and try to use 0 version

Hi Srinu She is right in selecting Version 1 for Actual cycle.. If you use cycles from FI, you need to choose Version 1.

Issue with Clearing accont with Doc Split

Hi, We have recently migrated to EHP4. We are facing a unique issue. Background: When an actual Distribution cycle is run the system initially gave the error "No GL account maintained against Key SPL" for automatic account determination, There are more then 999 record lines & the system is trying to split the record into two documents. We later maintained the same with account "X", in TCode - FBKP against SPL. Issue: Profit center is not getting populated in the against the account "X" in the FI document, This account was created as a Balance sheet account.

We tried assigning a default Profit Center in TCode - 3KEH against the account, however it didn't help. Any suggestions shall be highly appreciated.


Thanks for the e-mail. We tried the option of FAGL3KEH, and Substitution rule. However, both didn't update the profit center in the GL posting.

Below is a SAP note specifying a similar issue. We would like to know if someone has implemented the said note and what are the implications.

sapnote_000151231 7.pdf

I guess it is FAGL3KEH in New GL

Intercompany Reconciliation
Dear All, Our client is looking to implement Intercompany Reconciliation. Does any one has implemented this scenario in your clients? I request you to share configuration document and inputs for implementing the Intercompany Reconciliation.

Hi Bala, PFA documentation on ICR. (See attached file: attached file:

ICR_Assignment_Do ICR_documentation. cumentation.doc doc

New GL
Hi All,

New GL config. In the attachment.

New GL Config & Postings.doc

Hi Team We have following requirement with our client They have a part (Material A) in Plant X. When they cost Material A.. the value is say $100 unit, (make up of Material $40, Labor $30 & Overhead $30)

Material A is used in Plant Y and sourced from Plat X (special procurement key) When they roll the part in Plant Y, it comes over as @ $100 from Plant X.

Here's what my client wants: In Plant Y, the full $100 should show up as all material costs (and not as Cost Component Split as broken up in Plant X. Currently, the system performs multilevel and bring the $100 in Plant Y as M40+L30+O30 Appreciate your response.

Hi Kishore, For the Plant Y create another cost component structure with including all the under one component and assign the cost component structure at plant level. But make sure it will impact all the cost estimates of Plant Y. Please let me know if any further information required. Hi Srinu, Thanks for the response. The given solution is not feasible as it impacts cost split of other material which are existing at plant Y. Hence plz advice alternative option.

Hi Srinu / Kishore That solution wont work... It will disturb other cost estimates @ Kishore: Its very strange that your client is expecting what you have said.. Usually, with SAP coming in, people want to have finer details... I would suggest you educate your client about the importance of getting CCS in Plant Y...It would provide a better and true picture of contribution margin However, if they still insist on it, here is what you can do (one of these) 1. Enter the Std cost of Plant X as Planned Price 1 in Plant Y and then release Cost estimate of Part A in Plant Y... If you extend the material master to Plant Y with ref to Plant X, it will automatically copy the Std cost as well in the field STPRS and not LPLPR... STPRS should suffice for the purpose of inventory valuation 2. What Srinu said can be extended a bit... This usually works in the case of Cross company cost estimate.. I never tried it for Intra Co.. You can

give it a try Copy your existing CCS to a new one and add a dummy Cost Component to it... If the CCS is not same in both plants, the entire cost gets transferred into material cost (In the case of cross comp costing).. Donno if it will work for Intra Co or not...

Hi Kishore, This requirement can be handled by creating separate Costing BOM and pushing the same across multiple plants in order to get uniform standards. Please make sure other OH absorption methods remains same across all the plant.

Transaction Screen Variant - FK02 Selection criteria

Hi, We have issue related to Screen Variant of FK02. As per client requirement we have created Screen variant (SHD0) for FK02, where Reconciliation A/c Field & other fields are to be display only. Accordingly we have implemented. We gone with customer for screen variant option instead of Field Status. Now user come back with another issue in screen variant. In Standard (without any Screen Variant), When user go to FK02, and tick any of Selection Criteria & press enter to see that details. When he return back to FK02 main screen by pressing Back button then same selection criteria remain ticked. But the same is not happening, when screen variant is activated.

How to achieve the same ? Please guide (with screen shots preferably) to achieve the same.

Standard transaction customizing for additional field in profit center

Hi, I have a business requirement for creating an additional field in the profit center master data for corporate reporting. This field will not populate any line items. The Z field has been created in the CEPC table. For populating or accessing this field business wants the standard transactions to be modified. KE51/KE52/KE53 without any adverse effects. Is anyone having an experience in how this scenario can be implemented technically (ABAP design) for the modification of standard transactions. ?

Price Result of a Project

Hello, If I have sent a material for supplier to construct a sub assembly, the value of these components are coming into the value of the sub assembly which is fine. But the price of this is also coming into the WBS element. The problem is, system is adding the value of the component at the value of the purchase order for the header of the sub assembly and it is also adding the same value in the detail of the component of the WBS element which is for the second time. And we want that the system to add just for one of the two cases i.e, either in the price of the sub-assembly or in the movement of the WBS element but not for the two

Probably the issue is with the rules about value flows from COPA Since I am neither a CO nor a PS consultant, I am not able to understand this issue deeper. Could someone please help me to understand why this is happening and how to correct this.

Target cost not considered current cost estimate in KKBC_ORD in process order
Hi As I explained, Target cost is not just Std Cost (x) Actual Qty.. System recalculates the whole estimate and uses 3 decimals this time However, the difference of 9000+ is totally uncalled for... I would suggest run KKS2 in update mode and then check... If its not resolved, you can raise an OSS message to SAP...

Hi Ajay, We have no issue with Planned cost. Planned cost calculation is happening in COR3 as usual 81592.87 l : Planned Qty in the BOM at the time of creating prod order(12.415)X Std price of material on the previous period 6572.12 for price unit 1000 (as Process order created in previous period 11/2011) and in val variant we have strategy sequence as std price in Planned costing variant PPP1. Although we have alternate UOM in material master however we have costing Lot size 10,000 and Price unit as 1000. Current standard cost calculated as 5.624,88 for per 1000 unit. Therefore Target cost calculation for the component in COR3 should be Std price as per the current cost estimate 5.62 /unit X Total Target Qty 13958= 78512, however system calculated as 67383.59 which is causing 9637 .89 unfavorable var to standard.

Yes it is correct before KKS1/KKS2 Target calculation is statistical in COR3/KKBC_ORD and will not update in Database. Does it mean to say this inconsistencies of Target calculation would be eliminated in COR3 after real var calculation done on KKS1/KKS2. Please suggest accordingly and would like to know what is the root cause on this as taget cost does not consider current cost est in COR3. Thank you for your continued support on this.
Hi Subrata One correction to what you said, Planned cost does not depend on Std Cost at all.... It depends on the Planned Qty in the BOM at the time of creating prod order (x) Prices as per valuation variant specified in the Prod order type.. It can be same as Std cost, but thats just a coincidence and not a rule The Target cost you see before variance calc, is just statistical.. After calc variance, check if the Target cost is OK in COR3.. T here can be minor decimal differences because Std Cost is calculated upto 2 decimals and Target cost is calculated afresh with 3 decimals (The Std cost as it is is not considered) You can see differences, also when you use alternate UoMs in the material master or when your Costing lot size and Price Unit is lower To minimize it, you should have higher Costing lot size and higher price unit as far as Possible... You cant avoid using alternate UoMs if business requires it... So no comments to that regard

Hi All, Below is detailed case.

1 Process Order created in Dec 2011 2 Price Released to Mat master on 01.01.2012 3 Goods movement,Operation confirmed Material Issues, FG qty delivered @ std cost 0n 04.01.2012 4 Order Technically completed (TECO) 5 KKS1/KKS2 not yet done- will be done at month end.

We know that In Process order, after deliver of FG the target cost on FG is not getting calculated,target cost will be updated only after calculating variance. it does not calculate after delivery of finished goods, On Execution of KKS1/KKS2 variance will be calculated the target cost on FG and will be updated. In process order (COR3 --> Cost analysis) Target cost ,Actual cost and Planned cost are calculated based on the following: Total Plan Cost = Std Cost the material required to Produce X Planned Qty of the required material Target Cost = Std Cost the material planned to Produce X Std Qty of material required to produce, for Produced Actual Qty Actual Cost = Std Cost the material planned to Produce X Actual Qty of material consumed, for Produced Actual Qty

The variance is calculated on SFG and assemblies based on the difference between actual and target cost in KKBC_ORD. During creation of process order, the plan cost will be updated with the valid standard cost upon the creation. The target cost on SFG and Assemblies is only generated when there is good receipt from production order into inventory. The target cost is generated using the valid / recent costing run for the

correspondence SFG in KKBc_ORD. All other target costs showed in COR3 (Menu Go to > Costs > Analysis) or KKBC_ORD before doing KKS1/2 is only statistical- However in our case Traget cost calculated on SFG in KKBC_ORD which is not relevant with current cost estimate. However Actual cost and Planned cost Calculated correctly. Actual Cost= Current Standard costof the materilal(5.624,88)X Actual Qty (13.693)=77.021,48 Planned cost= Std Cost the material required to Produce (6.572,12) X Planned Qty (12.415)= 81.592,87 However Target cost is not considering the current cost estimate;It should be - Current Standard cost of the materilal(5.624,88)X Target Qty (13.958,124)=78512.07. But Errorneously Target cost is showing 67.383,59 which causing unfavorable variance to standard. It should be 78512.07-77.021,48= 1490.59 favourable var to standard in KKBC_ORD. Any help,suggestion and input would be highly appreciated.

Profit centre in Physical inventory postings

Hi friends, The issue is related to Physical inventory adjustment posting (T.Code: MI07) done for Movement Types 701 and 702 for Project stocks (Special Stock type : Q). As per the Standard SAP, the Profit Center in the P&L GL Line items (defined as cost elements) of Short /Excess adjustment, is derived from the Cost object (WBS Element) assigned. . The inventory related BS GL line item derives the PC from Material. Customer wants BSEG-PRCTR of the P&L Line items to be replaced with the Profit Center of the Material , so that the Profit center in both BS and

P&L line items is the same. Tried through Substitution /User exi, but PC is not getting derived from Material, still picking up from WBS element. Note: The Customer is not using Document Splitting feature but they are in ECC6.0. Any help / suggestion is highly appreciated.

Hi Ajay, Thank you very much for your immediate reply and valuable comments. Is there any other way than what you had suggested, to pick up the PC from Material ? say through Substitution /user exit/ Enhancement.......... Here, the probability of reposting as such is very remote, since it is related to Physical inventory adjustment . Please note that I had created cost elements (to enable posting of MI07) with CE Category as 12 . Your comments will be highly welcome.
Hi Divakar Thats not possible w/o modifying the standard system and std system should not be modified... And not just for technical reason, it has a business justification as well... When you buy inventory, it can lie in a common or different PC... But when you are consuming Inventory in a cost object, it should be charged to the PC to which the CC is tagged to If you need to modify, here is the code, but that is @ your own risk and SAP wont take any ownership.. The drawback is, CO internal postings would continue to take PC from the Cost object only... So, while you may change PC on the original posting, the subsequent reposting will take PC from CO object alone... So, my advice is not to change it........

Target Cost not appearing and issue with Variance Calculation

Hello Experts, We have an issue in a Process Order where the Target Cost is not appearing in Cost Analysis.On further analyzing we have figured out that the process order was first got TECOed on 12/30 and then it was UNTECOed on the same day and then again it has been TECOed on 01/05. But, system shows that variance is calculated on 01/01/2012 when it was in UNTECOed status, Screen shots with time stamp are given below. How do we bring back the Target Cost figures back ? And how Variance calculation has been done when the order was not in TECO status ? Please throw some light on this.

Dear Bala, Variance can be calculated if the status is TECO or delivered. In this case if status is delivered than it is possible to calculate the variance. Coming to target cost please check if material cost estimation is valid for January period or not.

Dear Viral, Thanks for the quick reply.Here the issue is Variance calculation has been done when the Process order was not in TECO/DLV status. Also Cost Estimate is available. Hi Devarasetti, I see the status is PDLV , means partial qty might have been delivered. Can you check the Delivered Qty & Goods Receipt for the Order has taken place for the same Qty ?

Material Ledger question

Hi All, We have got the below query from our client. Could you please look into this and help us find a possible solution. 'We setup a new plant (9002) but during the setup the valuation class parameters were not setup completely, therefore the Material Ledger for certain products couldnt be processed. Later the Valuation Class was setup but now that I want to process the M/L for this plant/products, SAP is asking me to run the previous month valuations, which in this case is not possible to re-open the closed periods in SAP GL. Is there a way to reset the flag of these products and re-start the M/L calculations for next month end close (2/1/2012)?'

Hi Rachana, If there are no transactions for these materials in previous periods, you can set the Closing status flag for previous periods. Plz refer the below OSS note for more details and let me know if you need any further details. (See attached file: 645083-Material Period status set to Closing entry completed.pdf)

If previous data is not required for the purpose of cost calculation. use CKMM to change the price determination from 3 to 2 and then 2 to 3. This is the simplest of the solution, but ML data is lost, which should be OK in your case as the ML data was never met to be use.

Hi Rachana, Refer the SAP note : 361236, this note will help you to resolve your issue. While using MUST_SETTLE, MUST_MULTI make sure that "process again' radio button selected.

You can close Material ledger for previous months using following transaction codes: MUST_Settle MUST_multi must_cogs Must_close For further details please refer OSS 361236.

BOM material book which Profit Center in case more then one Profit Center
Hi All, there is a queary from client side that Parent BOM material assigned to a one Profit center and under this Parent BOM material other child material assigned to other Profit Center. Then which Profit Center would be booked, when transaction took place for parent BOM material ? Here main BOM material is it the KMAT material type and the child material are the DEAN material type. Would like to understand how revenue is booked and it will reflect in which profit center ? Can anybody please help ? Hi Bhaskar, This is the Strategy based on which the PC derivation in sales is influenced., whether KMAT material or normal one 1. The PC in Mat Master is carried on to the Sales Order.. The same gets carried into Billing 2. You can change the PC in Sales Order using EC PCA substitution in 0KEM & 0KEL 3. If your sales order is account assigned to an IO or WBS - Then the PC of the CO object will be final and binding on the Sales Order 4. Finally, during billing, you can also influence PC derivation using SD Exit ZXPCAF01

Hi V. Thirunavukkarasu, Thanks for the reply, Its for Sales.

Hi Bhaskar, Which transactions do you need clarification Sales or Goods Issue to production order or Goods receipt to Production order? Hi Bhaskar, The profit center is derived in line item level. So the revenue would be posted to respective profit center only.