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AC Power Transformers, Voltage Regulator Controller and AC Voltage Controller and their applications

If your machines are requiring alternating-current (AC) induction motors at constant speed that could operate for substantial periods at low load, then you can get energy savings by installing a device called voltage controller. Voltage controllers are electronic devices that can detect the load on a motor and lessens the voltage applied to the terminal of the motor during low load operations. When a motor produces fractional load, they draw surplus magnetizing current that forms needless losses in the motor core. It can save substantial amount of energy when they operate at very light load for long hours. Voltage Regulator Controller are cost-effective solutions when used for washing machines escalators and elevators, injection molding and vacuum forming machines, sewing and weaving machines, lumber saws, machine tool spindle drives, conveyors and crushers. Alternating Current can be controlled various ways. These techniques regulate the voltage around the circuit while controlling the current flow. Some of the voltage control techniques include alternators, magnetic induction, rotor constructions and armature windings. AC Voltage Controller is used in electrical appliances where they are connected with the voltage of an output device. Common example is a discharge lamp where they are connected to a power saving device. They are popular strategies that control voltage in an electrical appliance. AC or alternating Current is the power that comes into the building through the live wire. It switches back and forth from negative to positive 60 times in a second. A second wire or the return wire carries the current out from the building that completes the circuit. AC comes in 120 volts which is too high for the majority of DC appliances. And due to this fact, the voltage must be reduced with the use of an AC Power Transformer. The AC current flows through the coil that produces a magnetic field. There is also a second wire that receives the magnetic field from the first wire. Since the second wire has few turns of wire, it produces lower voltage AC electricity. These individual coil windings can cause significant changes in voltage. You step up the voltage when it is increased and you step down when it is reduced. Alternating voltages are necessary to power various devices properly and to transfer electricity over long distances. Transformers are important in the power grid that supplies power to homes and industries. Transformers are also utilized in other electrical devices including electronic keyboards and video games. These machines need a specific voltage in order to operate, which may or may not be the same as the power source. In order to provide the proper voltage needed for the operation of the machines, small transformers alter the voltage depending on the requirement.