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From: mary rose lenore eng <maryeng1@gmail.

com> Date: Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 9:43 PM Subject: Re: Bron Bron Bron Bron Bron Bron Bron Bron Bron Bron Bron Bron and some depression To: Gran Rudling <>

thanks good---but not interested in sex. it impairs the work environment---i am a refugee from two predators in a row and need a little safety

On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 5:00 AM, Gran Rudling <> wrote: Hey U Baby U, "but im completely traumatized by the rixstep attack piece on you---it was like a shattering of my interest in wikileaks---not to mention will to live---which isnt so strong anyway" Told you 'bout my tumor. In my brain. And compared to that Rixstep is nothing. It is not even close. Didn't tell you how I felt when I was sent to the principal when I was in third grade. I thought my family would kill me for being so naughty. But my father was very very good. I'll tell you the complete story when we meet, in full color and with full orchestration. The Rixstep thing is nothing compared to that. On being criticized. My father told me "They never kick dead dogs." And that is what I remember of him anywhere I go. If some people go into great efforts in trying to prove I am wrong or a nasty person it can only mean that I am right and ok. Sometimes I just want to make love to you and make sure you feel that you are alive, wanted and that you are a wonderful human being. I don't know what you really want. Is it intellectual needs or is it that you just would like to be seen and loved for what who you really are. A freak just like me? A loner just like me? Someone who needs to be held tight and in need of bodily warmth and love. I don't think you are the person signing papers about $ 12 million. And that is great. You have ideas of your own. You are not a conformist. That's great. But not everybody loves that. Do you want to know how to keep things straight when you have low money? Periods in my life I had loads of money. Unfortunately I don't now. But I cannot say I was happier then. There is something that is very rewarding to be able to choose freely as I can now. I can say no to things now that I couldn't then. But I cannot give you money like I want to do. But see it like this. We would probably not have met when I had loads of money. Now I follow my heart and

my life's calling in a better way than I did before. And in a lot of ways I feel happier than I have ever done before. And I have a lot less fears. A warm long hug, Gran

mary rose lenore eng skrev 2012-02-20 04:14: (vague nonsense:::) mother has my money hostage to try to win me back annoyed by my own mind. i dont know how to keep things straight when i have low money, total apathy, and my intellectual needs arent being met or remunerated heavy trauma: it will take years. i felt nothing yesterday---except that i need to see my father (in his hospital bed) thats when im wiped out totally. so yes i work hard. yes i know a lot. but overall-----being the unconnected live wire is so much. living like a pauper for this year chasing this phantasm---has not been so right. traveling just forces me to sit still---so i get more work done. read my CIA homework everything affects me strongly---everything. even say all the information dawning on me from meeting you. its a lot to process---the perspective shift. i am happy about al burke being okay with the tweets. what's funny then too---is that last night wikileaks twitters a link to rixsteps carl bildt article which is actually clean and good it looks like but im completely traumatized by the rixstep attack piece on you---it was like a shattering of my interest in wikileaks---not to mention will to live---which isnt so strong anyway

let me see how this weird day goes. i am not opposed to meeting at all. i think its very fruitful. i have to check my accounts--and probably deal with mother. i would be a pauper had i not gone to the USGVT to remind them of my chronic depression. if i were a swedish citizen id get double what the USA pays. so its some annoying stuff---after years of surviving on weird mixes of credit, student loans, and lawsuits--wikileaks is the end of all money On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 1:22 AM, Gran Rudling <> wrote: I get it. Bron is very much into blaming the victim as if Assange was new to Europe and had no way of knowing what relationship with women would mean. It is a lot of he did not do anything and "the whores" are the ones to blame. Bron is very misinformed about a lot of things. The person that invited Sofia for lunch was Peter Weiderud, the president of Broderskapsrrelsen. The organization that invited Julian to speak at the seminar. The organization that had Anna Ardin employed as press secretary. Julian was very pleased to meet with Sofia. I thought you had met Al Burke when you were in Sweden. Or at least had a mail conversation with him. He does not remember. He knows of you now since I told him of your flight into Stockholm after our mail-contact. I showed him your tweets and he looked pleased when he said "So is this out on the net?", meaning that Rixstep's attempt to make trouble for Al Burke is in the common domain. It is perfectly ok for you to tweet and write about it. What I was trying to say, maybe in a bad way, was please do not tell anybody that we are trying to retaliate. Al was a nice gentlemen. I thought there were a lot of white areas on his map if you know what I mean. He just lacks a lot of information. I will help him to get his paper to be more factually correct. Al seems to be an honest guy. He wants his website to be factually correct. He just lacks crucial info. Lenore Rose Mary. Can I give you a friendly piece of advice. I get it that you correctly have noticed a lot of odd things from inside of Wikileaks. Why Rixstep, why Marcello, why Israel Shamir, why blaming the women, why Mark Stephens, why, why, why etc. You have met someone that shares the same views. But I am an outsider. The idea about WikiLeaks is really great. But some people are fucking it up. (Sorry for the f-word but it was needed.) You bought into the idea. That is great. But you don't buy into the $ 12 million contracts etc. I love the idea of WikiLeaks. I wish I was the one that started it. But what I have seen from very early on is how the idea is misused (funny word). The idea of socialism and communism is great too. But the idea is misused. And some 25 million people were killed. And history has proved it wrong. The idea of communism did not

include dining tables weighing 400 pounds. But with a five year plan it was the easiest way of doing it. If we just look at WikiLeaks with our historical eye-glasses on there are some obvious connections to communism. The idea of WikiLeaks is to reveal abuse. It is not to create slavecontracts with a $ 12 million downside You are in Sweden. I am here too. We can get our act together. I do not want to destroy WikiLeaks. I want to make it stronger. But you can't make it stronger as long as Julian is running it the way he is running it. I don't know if you know what I mean. But what I think we should do is spend time an Tuesday nite as much as we can and start to work. Have a few drinks, eat something simple and get down to business. And that includes staying in your room for a while, see what articles we can write, look for people that we can use to get the message thru etc. And I will by then probably have even more information than I do now. Does this make sense? If not, I will try again. Gran

mary rose lenore eng skrev 2012-02-20 00:45: so cool---not trying to overwhelm you also im curious as to al burke

reading up on G4s torture unto death why is SWEDEN RIKSDAG doing business with security contractors who torture african men to death in the UK???? or in GITMO? anyway--i recorded the video without her knowledge----before i knew things would get worse---to provide a sample of what i endured with UK wikileaks supporters---sexist---blame the victim--hyper emotional. i was staying at her apartment to go to court.

she was kind to extend the invite. op-ing her in this way was important to help assange understand who his supporters are and who he can trust and who is fairly irrational. it was also evidence of what kind of torture i had to undergo as an unsalaried supporter. (tolerating weird abusive dynamics for housing in london) another supporter got it right off---you looked so uncomfortable---which i was. bronwyn macconville is the one who took me to her psychic 16 november. it was a part of the housing package that i perform. she pressured me to. that i must divulge swedish research to the psychic. i found it annoying---yet her other gal monika is an astute young law student whose company i enjoy. part of why i am making a fuss over this---besides despising sexism and racism---is that i believe the abuse of monika---is leading her to disrespectful attitudes. monika is young and bron is teaching her to call the swedish women "hookers" and speak of the "jews" involved in the case with X money. i view this as abuse of the young. monika is 18 but brilliant. they now will not speak to me. they also will not apologize in writing for submitting the document to JA under the premise that i went or authorized the transmission. i was tuned out for much of the discussion and very surprised at their take: printing the unprintable--with my name signified by m. to give to JA via frontline. at the city u. press conference 1 december i did not sit sit by them (JA notices) bc they were so annoying, though we came as a team. they try to extract from me why JA's assistant is confiding in me during conference. 3 december they show me the document, i am outraged immediately send letters, many of which are partially published on braingarbage via "antisexist antiracist" key words.

bron owes me money. see her twitter feed @storysearcher. monica runs @justice4assange.

i have blogged about all of this and none of it is secret. i thought better me to expose it---versus someone with more lethal designs. i dont know anything about peter weiderud---unless i forgot and its in yr blog On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 12:26 AM, Gran Rudling <> wrote: OK. I watched the video. Who are you talking to? Bron? Who is she? It's quite interesting to hear her "excuses" for Assange. "He allowed her to come to lunch. She is threatening to him". The person that invited Sofia for lunch was Peter Weiderud. Probably after Anna explained Sofia's function at the seminar. What's your take on that discussion? Gran

mary rose lenore eng skrev 2012-02-19 23:40: right. i cant get it. i know the address of the person with it and who it was passed on to: julian, joseph, sarah via the frontline club. i have a near photogrphic memory---but i mainly scanned it with my eyes. i was not given a copy for longer than 10 minutes. i was also implicated by an an initial as having gone to the meeting. there is a concept of intel plants who are being used. i felt a bit of it here. follow her twitter @storysearcher at every single trial maybe a good heart had a funny feeling about bron. listen to her verbal audio--and see i dont know how this kind of thing ends up----in a pile of letters and gifts---or if it was actually validated or looked at by JA.

israel shamir--no buena. spoke to him 30 minutes. there is a point at which picking on him, marcello, rixstep feels like abusing mentally incompetents. it does not feel right. i think there is an ethical way to alert the public to a better way. i think being totally honest will help JA especially with the USA investigation. read and consider this: this is the real story WTF wikileaks task force

also the bradley trial starts 23 february. On Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 6:15 PM, Gran Rudling <> wrote: Hi, I am off to Al Burke within a few minutes. You mentioned the strange visit to a shaman/spirit/healer/psychic or whatever its called. The meeting ended up in some strange document talking about jews and some jewish conspiracy. Do you have that document. Can I read it. Why I am asking is that I've started to check on Israel Shamir and I do not like what I see. Gran