Autumn 2012
Volume 129

1 Dear Family, There have been some good and not-so-good things happen the last three months. I guess having two teeth pulled and two teeth –without cavities- fall out has been my big expense. John and I got married 64 years ago, the last two years I have been alone and I really miss him. The store – NORDA’S – closed. It is for the best but I miss having people come up to me and say “You’re Norda?” July and August were way too hot for me. The mornings and evenings never did cool down. I didn’t do much yard work because I got way too hot and dizzy. As a result the yard and garden looked a bit better than the yard on the west, next year I plan to do better. Many good things have happened in the last three months so I will try to remember most of them. Twin Falls was the first stop on our honeymoon sixty four years ago Even though John Wayne didn’t hug me until we got to Seattle I still want Laura and Clark to know that Twin Falls is a very nice town.. Savannah Jane Falslev is a sweetheart with wonderful parents. When Savannah was less than a day old she had her eyes wide open - probably looking for that nice man that helped her come into this world. Alex and Tom did most of the lawn mowing this summer. I like to edge and trim. Did I mention that I enjoy cool weather and like to work in the yard? The trip to Brigham Temple with Jamie, Sam, Erin and the Springville Emmett’s brought back many memories about that part of town, my old neighborhood. I always love a meal at Maddox, it was a nice day. The peach and raspberry ice cream for the LOTOJA was very tasty, Bob did a good job. It seems like the house was full of ice cream eaters after they had their carbo dinner. Bob and Annie have a nice group of friends that still live in Irvine. I had some soup for runners and friends after the TOU. Bill finished first in his age group and Lorie, Bill and Katie will be going to Boston in April. Kristin and her friend ran just past the middle in their age group. It was a nice day. Sam had a birthday dinner at the Nyman cabin. Then I she had about three other birthday dinners with different groups. Allison and family went to the Olive Garden for her birthday. It was two years ago that John passed away on Allison birthday. So, it is a very special day. For conference Sunday the Springville Emmett’s came to Logan. We had a nice dinner and really listened to conference. I love General Conference. I am looking forward to reading some of the talks in the Ensign. Tyler and Allison brought Savannah over for Chad and Marie to see and Tom, Shelly and family also came by, what a cute little baby. Bill and Lorie took me for a ride up the canyon and the leaves were beautiful but a moose was the big attraction. It was such a big moose on four, skinny tall legs. So many people were stopping their cars it reminded me of Jackson or Yellowstone. I got some Home Defense at Home Depot. I sprayed all around the outside of the house. I need to do the inside. So far I haven’t seen a spider. Paige, I’m sorry I didn’t know about Home Defense when you lived here. Tom and Shelly did the “Rock, Run & Ride” at Beaver and it looked like it was fun for those who were at Beaver. The girls who helped give out fruit and drinks were really cute. Maybe more of the family can participate next year. The very most fun and best time ever was the Emmett family reunion. I only wish I had the energy to walk up to the natural slide. Watching everyone swim sitting in just a little shade I got so very hot and dizzy that I thought it best to go back to Annie and Bob’s for a rest. Bob found an Arctic Circle and we had a huckleberry shake, it saved my life. Everything about the Emmett family makes me happy. You all seemed to have so much fun.

2 Allison waited until the next Wednesday to have the baby, the rodeo was so fun for the first part, by that time of day I was tired so Jake was happy to take me back to Highland. I think Jack F. and I played the Neighbor game with gusto. I enjoyed it all and I hope we can have a few more reunions before I decide I’m too old. Let’s try to have one soon. In the last letter I told about Clark and his nice blessing for Henry. The Sunday after the reunion I went to Heber and heard Lorin give Hazel a beautiful blessing. Last Sunday in Smithfield Tyler blessed Savannah. Tyler gave a wonderful blessing and I shed a few tears because I was so grateful that Savannah was a sweet healthy baby, Thank you Tyler for a job well done. This has been a great year for great grandchildren and they all have wonderful families. Now I’m trying to get all the dates for special events recorded in the nice book Mary gave me. I hope I can get it mostly correct and not leave any names off the list. Thanks to all of you for being so kind and thoughtful to me. All I can say at the close of each Family Letter is I love each one of you and so did Grandpa John. Remember KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS!!!!!!!!!! Love, Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma

Dear family, Life is good! We’re enjoying our “cozy” apartment in the heart of Provo. Austin and I are both working full time-ish and he’s almost done with pre-req’s before applying to the Nursing program. It’s fun living so close to family, though. Sometimes I forget how close Springville and Mapleton are! Austin and I spend a lot of time in Heber, visiting his parents and the Fotheringhams. I love driving though the canyon now that the fall leaves are changing. I’ve been working at Vision Security since May - we’re an affiliate of Security Networks, that monitors Grandma’s alarm system. I only work in Auditing, so I don’t know much about the technical side of things. I process contracts and paperwork to make sure the company gets funded. As fun as that sounds (ahem...), it’s actually not my dream job. I’ve been looking around in Heber and Northern Utah County for any other openings I might like. I know I’ll need to work while Austin is in school so I’d like to have a job I enjoy. If not, the job I have now is a good one. I’m grateful. Austin has been working at Vivint Solar all year. He designs solar arrays to be installed on the customers’ roofs. He had been a lead designer for a few months before his promotion to a new supervisor position. I’m really proud of him for sticking it out. Vivint Solar is a fairly new company. The CAD department he’s in is even newer, so there have been a lot of changes made during his time there. On top of all that, he goes to work at 6am so, he’s a real trooper. One thing I am grateful for is visiting teaching. That is when I really feel like part of our ward - when I’m visit taught and when I go visiting teaching. It feels good to have people remember your name and what’s


going on in your life. I’m really glad Austin and I don’t base our testimonies on our social experiences each Sunday. The Church is true!

We didn’t catch every session of Conference, but what we did hear was great! I’ve heard a lot of people discuss the new mission ages. If it’s coming from our Heavenly Father’s mouthpiece, I think it’ll be okay. What we hear each General Conference is so inspired and really exciting! I’m also excited for a temple in Tucson! Hooray for Ben and Courtney! Another announcement I’m happy to hear is that Brandon and Emily are expecting! I’m so happy for them! That makes two 2013 babies, right? I love how our family is growing! I get so excited this time of year. I love the nice weather, the holidays are coming up, and I really love the nice weather! Maybe I’m just my Father’s/Grandmother’s daughter/granddaughter, but even without the Illinois humidity, I cannot stand being hot. Poor Austin loves summer. But, he’ll have to love it while I watch through the windows of an air conditioned building. I can’t wait to see everyone in a couple months! I love you all, Molly

Dear Emmetts, I’m still here in Provo, even if all my siblings are leaving me. My semester is going pretty well so far. Accounting may destroy my brain (and my self-esteem), but I have some friends trying to help me out with it. #crossyourfingers My other classes are all pretty great, mostly my Returned Missionary Book of Mormon class and French. I’m still clogging too, which is way fun.


I’m not working as many hours this semester, which has been good for me. BUT, next semester I’ll be working a lot! At Disney World! A few weeks ago I found out I was accepted to the Disney College Program in Florida. It’s a huge internship that probably thousands of college students get to do every year. You can work anywhere throughout the park – food, attractions, entertainment, merchandise. Merchandise! That’s where I’ll be. So I’ll probably work in a little gift shop or something. I am so, so excited. You get paid (a little), live right next to the park, get in free any time, get other people in free some of the time, you can take classes if you want or do their networking program.. There’s a lot I don’t know yet, but I find out more all the time. I can’t wait to go! So if you were planning on visiting Disney World soon, come between January and April and wave to me or something. Church-wise I stay busy as our FHE mom and a member of the compassionate service committee. I absolutely loved going to the Brigham City Temple Open House with Grandma, Sam, Jamie, and Chad’s family. It was such a beautiful temple, and I have such a great family. I also got to go to the Sunday morning session of General Conference with some friends, which was wonderful. I feel as if I only know most of you through facebook and instagram (_erinray, find me if you haven’t already) lately, so it was fun to see your real faces at the reunion in August. I can’t wait to see a lot of them again at Christmas! Erin

Dear Family, Things are starting to cool down for the Arizona Emmetts. We may have to break out the winter jackets because it’s going to be down into the 70s soon. Seriously though, we are handling the heat pretty well and will probably freeze up in Logan for Christmas. Overall, we really like our community in Sahuarita. Courtney is still holding her breath for the shopping mall they plan on building ten minutes away but in the meantime there are parks & trails as well as a few pools close by so there’s plenty to do. There are also quite a few young families around so we fit right into our community and our ward. We’re hoping to buy a home in the area in the next few years before the prices pick up again. Our ward, like our community, is full of young families. I got called into one of the four ward

5 nurseries then transferred over to teaching the 9-year-olds. We have a great class...full of energy. I’m also over the Eleven Year Old Scouts. There are only three boys, which limits what you can do but we still have fun. It was tough deciding which job offer to take, but so far I haven’t been disappointed. One reason I like Raytheon is because of their emphasis on life long learning. I just finished a free class that was after work once a week for eight weeks on Radiometry & Optics. The books, tuition, and even snacks were all covered. I’m more excited for next week when I will actually go to a Fundamentals of Tactical Missiles class all week instead of work and still get paid for it. It may not sounds like it but I do actually do some work between all this learning. I’ve been on an anti-ballistic missile project, which is a missile to shoot down other missiles. I started out reviewing and testing peoples designs but now I’m dipping my toes into design work as well, which is much more fun. Some of most exciting news is something I’m sure you all heard at conference. The Tucson Temple! We have been to the Mesa temple a few times and love it but avoiding the 5 hour round trip to get there will be very nice. We are also about to dedicate a new stake center that our ward will be meeting in so we are really getting spoiled down here. Love you all. See you at Christmas! Ben Hi Family, Life’s been great for us down here in Arizona! We’re enjoying our ward and the friends we’ve made here. I started a little group that goes to the park twice a week so our kids can play and moms can socialize. I’ve enjoyed having a former roommate down here as well. She and her husband have shown us the in’s and out’s of Tucson as well as the cool tourist attractions such as an apple orchard/pumpkin patch. As much as I wish we were closer to family, the Lord has certainly blessed us and there’s no doubt that this is where He wants us to be right now. In other news Clara turned 2 years old on September 13th! I can’t believe she is that big. She keeps telling us, “I’m not a baby. I’m a big girl!” She still loves her puppy and takes him with her wherever she goes. She will wrap him up like a baby in the morning and tell me that he’s sleeping in his crib. Clara recently gained a fascination with trains and will line her toys up and make “choo, choo” noises. The last couple of days she’s gotten into pretend play, making up little scenarios like taking the train to the park, going down the slide, and losing her spoon for her pretend applesauce. It’s really fun to see her mind expand! My days are spent running errands, picking up the house, playing with Clara, and fulfilling Church callings. My most recent assignment is to help plan the ward Halloween party this coming Friday. We’re having a chili cook-off, costume parade, games, and a trunk-or-treat. You should all come! :) I’m also a Wolf Den Leader for the Cub Scouts. It’s never a dull moment when those boys come over! I love that calling (for the most part), and I’m certainly learning a thing or two from the boys that I’m over. Let’s see... My new project for the month is painting our entertainment center. I’m learning a lot about painting

6 furniture, and although this piece won’t be anywhere near perfect it will definitely be an improvement from what it was. Fingers crossed it’s finished by Christmas! And like every member of the Church in Tucson, I shouted “WOOHOO!” when they announced that there will be a new temple here. We had just gone to the temple in Mesa (2 hours away) the day before Conference and it literally took the entire day. We were all exhausted. The temple here is certainly an answer to many, many prayers and it came much sooner than anyone expected since they are building 2 more in the Phoenix area right now. Well, that about wraps up our last few months! Hope you’re all doing well! Miss you, love you! Courtney

Dear Family -  The end of summer brought lots of change for us! We moved to Midway in June and have not been here 4 months. Time flies when you live in a small two bedroom town home...not!! We are on our way to finding a house, it seems that for one reason or another nothing has fallen into place quite right fir us to get into anything just yet. I am trying to accept the Lord's timeline and figure out what I am supposed to learn here...patience, maybe?? :) August was fun for Lorin - he got to go to Lake Powell without us. We just couldn't justify taking the baby and doing the houseboat or a tent. So I stayed home with the kids and we had some fun of our own...I think. We might have gone to the zoo. I don't really remember. Oh, that's when I put in our little front garden patio area. August was also the start of school - Polly and Bruce both LOVE going each day. Polly is in 1st grade and Bruce is in 4 year old preschool 3 days a week. It is a good break for me to just have Hazel some mornings and either run errands, clean up with no interruptions or just get ready for the day on my own time! Polly and Bruce also both played soccer this year. Each time there was a game we probably spent 3 hours over at the fields between both kids having games and some time in between. Thanks to Molly, Austin and Erin for coming out to watch them play, they always loved seeing you guys! It was also fun to see John & Beth even though Bruce's team never played Jack's. 


Hazel is now 7 months old and so much fun. I could barely put her down in her Bumbo to write this letter. I love to hold her whenever I can...which means other things like laundry and dishes tend to get neglected from time to time :)  She just started rolling over both ways about a week ago. She also has 2 teeth. It's been hard getting her on a good sleep schedule since she sleeps in our room. Such is the life of a 3rd child though...I feel like I am always waking her up to pick up the kids from school or head out to go somewhere. She is a good baby and adjusts well. I am thankful for Lorin and all my kids, they really make life worth living.  We had so much fun at the Emmett Reunion. It was great to see everyone - go to the Rodeo ON A FRIDAY NIGHT, boating - thanks Lorin, John/Beth! - and hanging out at Bob's for a great dinner and game of "Do you love your neighbor?" Too bad Chad had to make Polly cry :) Kidding! I think you redeemed yourself and she has forgotten all about it. I have such tender hearted kids. It was also a great weekend for Hazel's Baby Blessing and I am thankful to all of you that made if up to Midway with us! We could not ask for better families and are always grateful for all the love and support we receive.  This month has already been busy for us. We loved having time to listen to General Conference and hear from our loving prophet. I am so thankful for his council and how loving he is towards members of the church. I look forward to my edition of the Ensign with conference talks to be able to reread them again. We also had the fun opportunity to go to a Murder Mystery Dinner with our old friends from Riverton. They do it every year and we were happy they invited us to come again. I don't know why, but it's always one of the highlights for us. It was fun to see everyone again, too. Some of them we hadn't seen since we moved away. We just got back from a weekend in Park City. Lorin's dad turned 60 and we had a big birthday weekend for him. We threw him a surprise party, had a treasure hunt and went to dinner at Zoom in Park City. It has already gotten me excited for my dad's 60th...haha! I have awhile though :)


That is really all I have. My letters are usually so much longer! (You are welcome). I am excited to see any and all of you the next time we are in Logan and hopefully most everyone at Christmas! I love you all and am thankful for you in my life...every single one of you!  Love, Paige

Dear Family I am 4 years old. I am big but I still have to ask my mom if I want a treat or something. I went to Las Vegas this year to go boating. We slept there for 5 days. Then we went to M&M World. I got a blue M&M that hangs on my backpack (keychain). We went to a cabin in Park City for my Papa's birthday. He is 15 years old (try 60). We ate cupcakes and had a treasure hunt. I have a soccer team. My number is number 9. And my colors are black or yellow. I scored two goals this year and I got a trophy. I have a new preschool. My teacher is Miss Renee. My friends are Taran, Britain, Jessica and Emma. We walk to the park and other fun stuff like making projects and playing games. I am in Sunbeams at Primary. For the program, my part is "Choosing the Right Makes Me Happy." That means good choices will make me happy. Choosing the right is listening to Heavenly Father, The Holy Ghost, Jesus and Nephi. And my mom and dad. I will be excited to see you all at Christmas time.  Love, Bruce Dear Family I have been having a great time in 1st grade. Mrs. Miller is my teacher and she is really nice. Braylee is my best friend in my class. We went to Cornbelly's on a field trip. I liked the duck races and chicken songs. I started a new soccer team in Heber. Once I got 2 goals and once I got 5. Other times I just got one. Brooklyn was my friend in soccer. I want to start gymnastics this year and learn to do a back flip. I was Merida for Halloween. She is the princess on Brave. Bruce was a Jack o Lantern and Hazel was an M&M. We went to Jack & Lily's


house for a Halloween party and got to go trick-or-treating and play games. We also had a Halloween party ay school. I hold Suie (Hazel) every day. I wish we were the same age and twins. I help her when she cries and play with her. She is learning to sit up bit not very well yet. She is almost 8 months. Love, Polly   Dear Emmett's,   This last while has been interesting for us. We listed our Riverton house for sale, just to see what would happened and sold it in 10 days for full asking price. From there we moved up to midway and are renting and are currently negotiating on a new construction. We are hoping to be in a new house soon. So far we like the Heber area and have already made good friends there. Being able to work from home sometimes has made the commute a lot easier.   For the last 5 or so months we have been working on a big 60th bday for my dad and that finally came to a close this last weekend. We rented a cabin in park city and did a big treasure hunt. There were 4 clues and each one of them had GPS coordinates, so it was kind of like a geo cache. He then would open presents at each spot. He had a great time and said it was his favorite birthday.   We had a great time at the last Emmett reunion. Surfing with everyone was fun and drinking Dr Pepper by the gallon at Bobs wasn't bad either. Our plan to get new boats and sell them at the end of the year is working so far. We sold both of the boats, one to a surgeon in Ogden and one to a guy from Canada. It has been fun to learn more about that industry.   On the home front, Hazel just had her two front teeth pop through. That has come with some discomfort but she is taking it like a champ. Grandpa Emmett would be happy to hear that Hazel has had her fair share of kisses. Paige, Polly and Bruce have a great time with her every day.    Polly was big on soccer this year. She scored goals in most games and had a lot of fun. Going to her games are more exiting than a Jazz game but less exciting than a USU game. Polly loves school and first grade. She is trying her best and doing well is the word from her teacher.


  Bruce continues to dominate our family in the random topics during prayer. He has said anything from asking that we will shop for good food at Costco and Walmart to "please bless I wont blow away and get attacked by the giant gummy bears" Bruce also played soccer. He did as well for the opposing teams as well as his own. He scored one goal for his team and one for the other team this year.   Well it looks like we will be seeing everyone again soon with Christmas being only a few months away. Or maybe even sooner if Beaver MTN get a lot of snow. That is what we are praying for.   Love, Lorin

Hi  Family, Fall  turned  out  to  be  more  beautiful  than  we  expected  this  year.  We  were  afraid  with  the  drought   everything  would  be  brown  and  dead…  but  the  rain  that  >inally  came  in  August  did  the  trick  and  the   leaves  have  been  really  bright.  We’ve  gone  to  Indianapolis,  St  Louis  and  Champaign  (of  course)  in   the  past  few  weeks,  and  the  Midwest  is  a  beautiful  place.   Our  “Basement  Restoration  Company”  (or  the  Swensen’s  who  are  friends,)  have  been  moving   extremely  slow  as  usual.  They  do  a  good  job  and  give  us  a  great  price,  but  we  are  consistently  at  the   bottom  of  their  priority   list.  They  treat  us  like   family,  but  not  always   in  a  good  way.    But  we   are  >inally  >inished  and   it  looks  good  but  more   importantly  does  not   leak!  We  have  installed   a  sump  pump,  a   drainage  system  and  3   new  >loors.  Jake  is   getting  really  good  at   the  laminate  >looring,   but  this  time  opted  for   carpet  in  the  main  area   and  waterproof   >looring  in  the   bedrooms.  Just  in   case…  It  looks  great!  And  to  celebrate  we  bought  a  new  TV,  so  he  can  properly  enjoy  his  new   basement. September  brought  “Back  to  School”  but  more  important  the  start  of  Football  Season!  I  Love  Fall!  I   love  putting  on  a  sweatshirt  and  watching  football.  The  Aggies,  Nittany  Lions,  Bears,  and  even  the   Cougars  have  brought  much  enjoyment  to  the  season.  We’ve  gone  to  a  couple  of  Cross  Country   meets  and  Soccer  matches  to  watch  youth  from  the  ward,  and  it’s  been  a  lot  of  fun.  I’ve  substituted   for  the  Seminary  Teacher  a  couple  of  times,  and  really  enjoyed  it.  YW  is  fun;  I  was  in  charge  of  the   activity  a  few  weeks  ago  so  I  popped  a  bunch  of  popcorn  and  we  watched  the  old  Seminary  


Filmstrips.  The  girls  were  pretty  impressed  with  the  big  hair,  and  the  fact  that  I  hiked  up  Logan   Canyon  in  clogs.  And  they  were  amazed  that  my  makeup  didn’t  even  smudge  when  I  was  paralyzed   in  the  crash.    I  reminded  them  there  were  no  Special  Effects  back  then,  it  was  all  completely  real   We  were  invited  to  the  Ground   Breaking  Ceremony  for  the   Indianapolis  Temple  a  few  weeks  ago.   I’ve  never  been  to  one  so  I  was   excited.  It  was  early  in  the  morning,   even  more  so  because  of  the  time   zone  change,  so  we  went  over  the   night  before.  It’s  in  a  really  beautiful   area  (which  temples  always  are)   surrounded  by  woods  and  some   extremely  nice  homes.  The  speakers   did  a  great  job  except  they  kept   mispronouncing  the  name  of  the  city.   It’s  Carmel,  like  the  candy,  not  like  the   city  in  CA.  Then  we  spent  the  day  in   Indy  which  is  always  fun.  Last   Saturday  was  a  youth  temple  trip  in  St   Louis.  There  is  a  new  family  which   was  baptized  a  couple  of  weeks  ago,   and  the  parents  and  their  oldest  son   wanted  to  do  baptisms.  So  the  RS  Pres  and  I  went  along  to  watch  the  younger  children  and  a  few   other  kids  from  the  ward.  Since  I  planned  to  be  on  the  >loor  reading  books  and  playing  with  cars  I   wore  jeans  and  >lip  >lops.  But  just  as  we  were  getting  out  the  toys,  a  ward  member  came  back  in   saying  they  needed  me  to  be  in  the  baptistery.  So  I  slipped  into  the  temple  and  rented  some  clothes   trying  not  to  be  noticed,  which  of  course  didn’t  work.  There  really  is  no  way  to  slip  into  the  temple   without  being  noticed.  There  were  a  lot  of  extra  kids  from  the  stake  that  day,  which  is  a  great   problem  to  have,  but  it  really  threw  off  the  schedule.  Luckily,  Jake  had  bought  Subway  Platters,  chips   and  drinks  for  our  ward.    So  afterwards  we  tailgated  in  the  temple  parking  lot,  it  was  a  party.   I’m  grateful  for  all  my  blessings,  especially  a  great  family!  I  miss  our  kids  so  much,  and  I  can’t  wait  to   get  out  there  again.  Polly,  Bruce,  Clara  and  Hazel  are  growing  up  too  fast!  I  know  I  spend  too  much   time  on  facebook,  but  I  want  to  be  as  involved  as  possible!  And  thank  goodness  for  cell  phones  and   Skype!  I  love  keeping  up  with  all  of  you  and  can’t  wait  to  see  everyone  at  Christmas! Love,  Lesa

Dear Family, As I concluded my last family letter, we were beginning the process of cleaning out and sprucing up our two downstairs bedrooms. It took the entire period of the third quarter to get it mostly done. First, we had to dry things out. Second, have a drainage trench installed. Third, wait for the sheet rock to get replaced. Fourth, paint the rooms and replace the flooring. And, fifth, wait for the trim work to get done. Molly’s room, which was Burn Your Retina’s Yellow is


now a soothing Prairie Tan. We had repainted Erin’s room last year turning it from a carnival Green and White Stripped fun room to a soothing Moss Green. The flooring is, sorry Tyler, a rubber-like laminate in a dark walnut finish. Not to bad looking and–it’s water proof! The piece de resistance is the new 40 inch TV Lesa bought me for the basement. She’s a real peach who continues to spoil me in so many ways. In other TV news, we dropped DirectTV because they were too expensive and went back to cable. We bundled it with our phone and internet so that helped reduce the cost even more. That, however, took away BYUtv so we bought an AppleTV (not really a TV) that let’s a stream anything from our computer/iPad/iPhone to the TV, which gives us back BYUtv for general conference and classic Disney movies. When was the last time you watched, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes? Hey, that family reunion was so much fun! Thanks to all for organizing it particularly Annie and Bob for allowing us to stay that the Royal Emmett Manor at Highland. Being a temporary resident of Utah county was a blast. Rodeo, natural water slide, baby blessing, endless pool, bottomless soft drinks, and best of all, spending time with the best family in the world. Work is crazy busy...12for a professor. (Which means it’s not really busy at all for those with real jobs.) I’m teaching two graduate class; EKG Interpretation and Neuromuscular Exercise Physiology, and two undergraduate class; Exercise in Extreme Conditions and a basic Exercise Physiology. I’m advising a graduate student’s thesis who will be comparing Gatorade and Accelerade in half marathon runners. He’s using the EIU cross country team so the runners are very fit which you don’t find in most studies. Accelerade is like Gatorade but it has some protein in it that may help improve running time. We’ll see. I’m also the chair of three committees which is pretty lousy. One is a hiring committee for another exercise physiologist. We have one applicant who did his undergrad at USU and one who comes from Penn State. The other applicants don’t stand a chance. The weather has be gorgeous. After that dry, dry summer I was afraid we have no fall colors but we finally got some rain in August and it’s turned out to be one of the most beautiful October’s I can recall. It’s been perfect for riding my bike to work and running. The Mattoon ward keeps moving along. We are scheduled to have our twelfth baptism this Saturday. That was our goal for the year. The only bad thing is four of those twelve are already bordering on inactivity. We did have a family get baptized last month. For a while they were Amish (no, Michael, not everyone in Illinois is Amish.) They had converted a few years ago but found it difficult be accepted by the Amish community. The wife was involved in scouting and had been to our gold and blue banquets and other scout functions. She also met a few members a scout camps. Overall she liked was she saw and heard so she called the missionaries and a few weeks the parents and three oldest children were baptized. They went to the temple on Saturday and did baptisms for the dead and are a great addition to the ward. Another missionary note. Currently, both the missionaries serving in our ward are named, Elder


Anderson. Our mission president is desperately trying to make it through his last year by adding humor where he can. Lesa and I were lucky enough to attend the ground breaking ceremony for the Indianapolis temple which is being built in Carmel (as in the candy not the city by the sea). We still aren’t certain if our stake will be in that temple district but it seems pretty likely. Finish date is still two years away. The poor St. Louis temple has gone from 30+ stakes when it opened in 1997 to 9 stakes in 2012. Needless to say, the numbers of total endowments have gone way down. It’s kind of sad since it’s a larger temple with a full laundry and cafeteria, although they don’t serve food anymore; just vending machines. I wish I were more excited about this year’s presidential election. Where is Sarah Palin when the world needs her? (Just kidding.) I’m happy for Penn State football. I feel bad the players don’t have the hope for a bowl game but it looks like they hired the right head coach. It’s been fascinating to follow the crumble of Lance Armstrong. So sad in so many ways. Would it have helped if Lance had to answer to a bishop, Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow man? The state of Illinois is broke and broken. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a pension when I retire (if I live that long) but it may only be enough for me and Lesa to live in a van down by the river. I just hope the van is operational so we can drive around the county and live with all of you at one time or another. You are warned. Love, Jake Oh, and congrats to everyone for the uber cute babies and adorable kids in generation four!


FAMILY  LETTER October  17,  2012 As   announced   at   the   reunion   back   in   August   I   am   pregnant   and  due   March   18th!    As   I  am  wri?ng  this  I  am   18   weeks  along   but   by  the   ?me   most   of   you   read   this   I   will  most   likely   be  20   or  more  weeks   and  finding  out  or   have   found   out   what   we  are   having.    Nick  and   I  get   to   find  out   on   Halloween  so  I’m  excited  about   that.     Laura   gave   me   the   shirt   she   bought   last   year   when   she   was   pregnant   that   has  the   outline  of   a  skeleton   for   my   body   and   then   a   liKle   baby   skeleton   in   the   stomach   area.     ALer  we  find  out   if  it’s  a  boy  or   girl  I  want  to  pin  either  a   hair   bow   or   baseball   hat   on   my   shirt   to   announce   the   gender.     Shortly   aLer   the   reunion   we   had   some   VERY  EXCITING   news   with   the   birth   of   Savannah   Jane   Falslev!     I   won’t   elaborate  since  I’m  sure  Allison   has   much   to   tell   on   the   experience.     I   will   just   say   that   her   whole   birth   story   totally   freaked   Nick  out   and  I   had  to   reassure  him   many   ?mes   that   giving   birth   in   a   car   RARELY   happens!     Jeez   Savannah,  I   get   Nick  on   board   to   have   a   baby  and  then   you   go  and  pull  a  stunt  like  that!    Joking  aside,  Savannah   is   such   a  cu?e   with   HUGE   eyes.     She  has   had   her   eyes   open  and   alert   within   hours   of  coming  in   to   this  world.     I’m  excited  to  see  what  kind  of  personality  she  is  going  to   have  in  the  next  months  and  years.     A n d   w h i l e   we   a re   o n   t h e   to p i c   o f   b a b i e s ,   CONGRATULATIONS   to   Brandon   &   Emily!     I   wondered   at   the  reunion  if   there  was  going  to  be  a  second  announcement.    I’m   so  excited  for  the  two  of  you  and  happy   to  have  a  cousin  to  go  through  this  experience  with…especially  since  it  is  a  first  for  both  of  us.     The  rest   of  August  was  just   about   a  waste  for   me  since  I   was   so   nauseous  and   ?red.    I  think  most   of   my   weekends  were  spent  napping.    I   did  have  my  company’s  golf   tournament  the  middle  of  August   and  I  had   to  spill  the  beans  to  one  of  my  co-­‐workers  in  case  I  got  sick  or  she  caught  me  ea?ng  more  than  usual.     September   was   a   liKle   beKer   than   August   but   I   will   s?ll   blah   for   most   of   the   month.     Looking   on   my   calendar  all  I  can   remember  was  watching  my  Dad   run   in  the  Top   of   Utah  Marathon.    Congratula?ons  on   qualifying  for  Boston!    I  wish   I  could  go  out  there  and  cheer  you  on  but   it  just  isn’t   going  to  work.    The  end   of  September  Nick  and  I  took  a  drive  through  Sardine  Canyon  and  the  leaves  were   just  star?ng  to  turn  and   it   was   so  preKy.     The  start   of  fall   is   one   of  my  favorite   seasons.     Nick  wanted   a  military   style   jacket   and  


figured  Smith  &  Edwards  would  be  a  good   place  to   look.     I  had  only  been  to  Smith  &   Edwards   once   before   and   that   was   last   March   when   I  made   a   quick  pit   stop   on   my  way   to   Santa   Barbara  to   buy   froo?es   for   Melissa.    FYI  Smith   &   Edwards   has   a   HUGE   selec?on   of   candy   among   other   things.     ALer   wandering  around  for   a  few   minutes   we   found   ourselves   back   in   the   surplus   sec?on   and   sure   enough   we   found   an   army  green  military   style  jacket.     We   made   a   day   of   it   and   went   down   to   Riverdale  and   got   me  a  body  pillow  from   Target.     I   read   they  are  good   to   have  for   pregnancy   to   support   your   stomach   (FYI   Emily).     I  have   loved   it   and   I  have   been   sleeping  great  with  mine.     Nick  and   I  celebrated   my  33rd   birthday   October   2nd.    He   surprised   me  with   flowers   from   Sego,  a   JJ  Cole   diaper  bag,  aden   +  anais  swaddling  blanket,   and  the  book  Good  Night  Moon.     He  did  a  great  job  and   only   had   “a  liKle”   help   from   his   sister   Megan.     We   went   to   dinner   at   Le   Nonne’s   and   then   went   home   and   watched  a  movie.    It  was  a  great  birthday  even  though  I  am  33.     Tomorrow  morning  I  am  flying   out  to  Santa  Barbara  to  see  Melissa,  Adam,  Merrick,  and  Elle.    It   is  the  start   of   the   deer   hunt  so  Nick  will   be  out  in  Park  Valley  bonding  with   his  dad,  uncles,  and  cousins  so  why  not  get   away?     Melissa  men?oned   we  might   spend   a   day   at   the   beach,   head   over   to   Solvang,  maybe   to   go   an   apple  picking  farm,  and  maybe  do  a  liKle  shopping.     Work  is   busy.     We   landed   the   $12  million  Logan   Environmental   Complex   and   that   takes  up   most   of   my   ?me.    It  is   five   separate  buildings,  we  broke  ground  middle  of  September  and   the  en?re  project  will  not  be   complete  un?l  November   2013.     I  was  silng  in   our  kickoff  mee?ng  thinking  I  first  bid   this  job  in  May  not   pregnant,  then  bid  it   again   in  August,  pregnant   and   by  the  ?me   this   whole  thing  is   done  I   will   have  an  8   month  old!    Along   with   Logan   Environmental   I  am   working  on   a  boys  and  girls  club  in  Elko,  NV,  a  design-­‐ assist  project   for  the  Thomas  Edison  Charter  School  in  Nibley  to  add  14,000  sf  and  Gossner   Foods  wants  to   start  up  another  process  addi?on  and  possibly  a  façade  remodel  on  their  front   entrance  where  their   store   is.    Bring  it  on!     Life   is   good.     Work   is  good   (most   days).     Nick   is   con?nuing  school   up   at   Utah   State.     He   is   taking  an   accoun?ng  class,  English   2010  and  then   I  am  “helping”  him   with   an   online  nutri?on   class  and   silng  at  a   solid  A.     The  class  has  been   interes?ng,  I  remember   a  few   things   from  my  nutri?on   class   down   at   Snow   College  but   this   ?me  around  when   they   men?on  pregnant   women   I  will  actually  read  what  they  have  to   say  instead  of  browsing  through.    


Whoever   monitors   the   EmmeKville   Blog,  you   can   remove  my  previous  blog  and   update   it   with   my   new   one.    It  is  s?ll  a  work  in  progress,  I  only  have  2  posts   so   far  but  I  am  tracking  my  pregnancy  week  by  week   (and  currently   3  weeks  behind)  so  I  can  look  back  at  my  growing   belly  or   remember  how   awful  or   great   I   was  feeling.     The  new  blog  is:     I  look  forward  to   seeing  those  coming  to  Logan  /  Utah  for  the  holidays  and  although  I  should  be  praying  for   a  good  ski  season   I  kind  of  hope  it  is   a  lousy  one  JUST  because  I  won’t  be  able  to  enjoy  it.     Although  having   enough  snow  to  go  snow  shoeing  would  be  nice.    So  I  take  back  my  comment,  I  will  pray  for  snow.     Love  Adrienne

Dear Family We have had a whirlwind of events these last 3 months! I am happy to say I am not writing this letter from someone’s basement. I am writing it in my own (rented) house. We have been in Twin Falls for over a month now, and we are learning to like this town. But I am getting ahead of myself… let’s start with July/August. Clark and I went to see Wicked on July 24th. I went to it a few years earlier but this was Clark’s first time. He really liked it. I’m glad my husband will go to Broadway musicals with me. He is not afraid to get in touch with his feminine side. Adrienne, Katie and Lorie also joined in on the fun. I think the first time is better than the second. Still a favorite though. Melissa came to Utah at the end of July for various family gatherings. First, we had a party for my Grandpa Allred’s 80th birthday. There was a “mustache” theme and you could either grow a mustache or one would be provided for you. Clark grew his and Henry and I had pretend ones. We had a BBQ up Millcreek canyon in Salt Lake and it was a lot of fun. My cousin Megan put together a guessing game to try and guess the “famous” mustache. My aunt Sherrie and her daughters are the creative ones in the family. My cousin Cannon got married on August 2nd so we saw the Allred family again at his reception that night. We missed the sealing because Clark had work and I had a nursing baby, but we were glad to see everyone at the reception. They had a photo booth and Cold Stone ice cream for a treat. It was a really pretty reception with plenty of outdoor space for the kids to run

15 around and play. Then we had the Emmett Family Reunion on August 3-4th. Although we missed out on the festivities on the 3rd we were glad to be in Highland Saturday afternoon and evening. I didn’t think Henry would have enjoyed boating and a rodeo at 4 months old so we decided to pass. However, it turned out Clark had a “job interview” that day up in Twin Falls for the job he currently has so we would have missed the activities anyway. Saturday was fun just hanging out on Bob & Annie’s lawn talking and catching up with everyone. Adrienne had been contemplating announcing her pregnancy to the family, but wasn’t sure since it was still a little early. I think it was Lorie, Clark, and I that decided I should stand up and announce it right before the camera took the “silly face” picture. Adrienne didn’t have a choice in the matter! It is kind of fun that we got some fun reactions on camera. I think my favorite was the game of “do you love your neighbor”. You can’t go wrong with that game. It’s always a crowd pleaser. The following week Clark had to be in Logan for work so Henry and I went too. It worked out perfect that Melissa was in town and I could just hang out at Allison’s while Clark was working crazy long hours paving the Wal Mart parking lot. It also worked out perfect that we were there because Alli had her baby on the 8th while we were all in town! You have all heard the story so I won’t go into details, but it was an exciting evening we will never forget. Henry is excited for baby Savannah to get bigger so they can play together. September/October Clark and I finally made the decision to make the move to Twin Falls. Clark was not too thrilled about living in Idaho, but we decided it would be good experience career wise so he took the job. When he told Morgan Pavement he was moving, they offered him a foreman position and more money. Clark liked the idea of a pay raise and having all winter off to ski, but we decided that having full benefits and a job where he can use his degree would be better in the long run. We packed up the Uhaul on Labor Day and drove it to Idaho the next day. We moved up on a Tuesday and Clark started work on Thursday. His parents were able to come up and help us unload the truck and unpack everything. Clark and his dad built a wall of shelves down in the unfinished basement for all of our stuff. Who would have thought that after 5 years of marriage we would need a whole wall of shelves. Clark’s tools take up a good chunk and then all of my Christmas decorations and our camping/ski gear take up the rest! We live in a little duplex with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. It has original wood floors but everything else has been updated so that is nice. We also have a 94-year-old lady as our neighbor so we hardly hear her at all. I brought her banana muffins the other day on a paper plate and the next day she returned the paper plate to me with a note that said “thank you for the cupcakes, they were delicious”. Cupcake-Muffin same thing. Her name is Mary and she is really nice. We have met a few people in the ward and I even have a new calling. I am a Young Women’s advisor over the Laurel class. So I will teach most Sunday’s and then attend mutual on Wednesday nights. It will give Clark and Henry some male bonding time each week. Clark watched Henry last Friday so I could go to a Relief Society activity. I came home to toys everywhere, all the lights in the house were on, Henry was only in a diaper and he had green

16 peas all over his face! But Henry was smiling and so was Clark so I guess they had a good time. I’m glad Clark enjoys spending one on one time with Henry and he is so good with him, I don’t worry when I’m gone. Clark is officially the Office Controller for Charmac Trailers. The first few weeks of work he was being trained away from the office because they still hadn’t fired the lady that was their current office controller. She had a lot of different medical problems and she would miss multiple days of work and so she was always playing catch up. Since she does payroll, they didn’t want to fire her until she had finished payroll for September. That way it would get done and Clark wouldn’t have to worry about it as the new guy. For the month of September he was being trained, but they also had him painting and getting the new office building ready. They are officially in the new building and Clark has his own office and everything. He is enjoying his job, but says there is a lot to learn when you are responsible for the whole office! Clark said if the job were in Logan, it would be the dream job. He likes the job, just not the location. I’m sure we will learn to love Twin Falls. My mom and Clark’s parents have been our only visitors so far. Anyone who wants to see Twin Falls is welcome to come up. I recommend coming in the spring to see the waterfalls. We’ve heard they are super cool with the spring run off, and you can feel the mist from the falls in certain parts of town. Henry is already 6 months old and is growing up so fast. He is eating solids and sitting up mostly by himself. He is still a happy baby, but has been boycotting nursing and naps lately. He just wants to be up and looking all around and exploring everything he can roll over too. We just got back from Utah the past two weekends. The first weekend we came for Savannah’s blessing and then we just got back from Bear Lake for the Deer Hunt. Clark, his Dad and his brother went out on Saturday and Clark shot a small buck. Then they went out again Monday morning and Clark and his Dad both tag teamed to shoot an even bigger buck than their first one. I guess it took them 3 shots to finally bring it down. Clark was proud of their “kill” so it sounds like he had a good time. Henry is telling me it is time for him to eat, so I better end here. Hope everyone is doing well and it won’t be long until we see everyone for Christmas. Oh and congratulations to Emily and Brandon on “baby Bastian”. I had a dream it was a girl! Laura, Clark & Henry

Emmett  Family    






Oct.  25th  2012

I’m late already for October’s letter and I never submitted July’s…I’m really on the bad list now! From what I can remember back before July 20th was driving out to UT with the kids by myself, running Ragnar with some Emmett cousins, celebrating Elle’s 1st birthday and days spent at the pool trying to get Merrick comfortable to put his face in the water and blow bubbles. Now on to the officiall letter – Can I just say that the majority of my comments on Instagram and Facebook are with sisters (obviously) and cousins! I really don’t care much about what my friends have to say or what they did. So thank you family for keeping me entertained while I wait in line at the grocery store or while a boring news show is on about the presidential campaign, or when I should start making dinner but I just want to hurry and scroll through the new pictures and see what I missed!

17 August was a busy month but I loved it all. I flew to UT with the kids the very first week and it felt nonstop the whole time. It was wonderful seeing everyone at Bob and Annie’s. I had never seen their home in Highland and it was fun trying to make the rounds saying hello to everyone. Thank you for the great laughs while taking the pictures too. Laura did a great job at announcing Adrienne’s pregnancy too! As you all know Allison had thrilling delivery story with Savannah, I was happy I was in town to be a part of it. I’m also happy for each series of events that took place so Tyler could be in the car with Allison and not me! Maybe I shouldn’t have been so annoyed at her neighbors for talking to us while I wanted to get on the road, and maybe I should have said that Tyler had time to shower so Allison could have delivered in her driveway and not on the side of the road on Main Street in Smithfield. The most important thing is that mother and daughter were healthy and safe. I was grateful I was still in town to see and hold Savannah one time before I left. Straight from staying in Cache Valley I picked up Adam at the airport and we spent another week at Aspen Grove Family Camp up Sundance Canyon (is that what it’s called?) I actually cycled with my brother inlaw up to the summit and back. I think I could get into cycling if I was riding through the mountains all the time! Aspen Grove was a lot of funs to keep kids entertained, no cooking or dishes for any meal and to feel spiritually uplifted during the week. Once we flew home from Utah I thought we had some down time but realized we didn’t. We ended up needing to drive down to Orange County 5 weekends in a row after that. One weekend we drove down just on a Sunday and back to see my sister inlaw’s younger brother get baptized. My sister in-law, Courtney, is a convert to the church and was baptized when she was around 19. Then years later she and her husband offer to have her 18 year old brother move in with them for the time being to help get him on track with a job and school. No more than a month later the brother is working at Wells Fargo, enrolled with classes at Saddleback College and wants to join the church! It’s pretty neat to see the change in him. My sister in-law never imagined another member of her family joining the church. We’ve had really warm weather all of September and October. Years passed I only complained a week or two out of the year for not having air conditioning but two months was a little too much! We’re lucky our condo development has a pool and that we live right next to it. There were days when I would put Elle down for a nap and just Merrick and I would swim together and cool off! Last week my mom flew in during her UEA break and Adrienne came too since she can! We went to the beach, tried to have a fun moment picking apples in an orchard but Merrick cried and Elle just wanted to pick up the rotten apples on the ground. We went to Solvang but stopped in a toy store for too long and the

18 Aebleskiver restaurant closed before we could even enjoy some. We had to settle for a café with a Danish waffle…wasn’t as good. I always love visitors, especially ones that change diapers! Currently I’m typing this in Mexico while Adam and I are on a vacation away from the kids! We haven’t been on a vacation, just the two of us, since Merrick was born. We flew in yesterday and today is our first official day. I’m so excited to just relax and do whatever we want! This week in Cabo will fulfill me for another 4 years!

I wish I could tell you all that we’ll see you at Christmas but this year we are staying home. If anyone is around in February to go skiing we will see you then! Congratulations to Emily and Brandon on their exciting news and congratulations to future grandparents Jim and Mary! Love you all, Melissa Autumn Greetings 2012, The first snowstorm has just passed & I’m feeling fine. I can see a dust of snow on the mountains, clear roads & blue sky. Other than a lot more snow on the mountains this description could be my perfect weather. Since last year’s winter was lacking in moisture I say, “Bring it on”. I do have memories of this summer to review when I’m trying to get through February. Some of the good ones are as follows: Emmett Reunion: Fun visit with good people trying to catch up a bit with everyone. Californians visit: A short visit to give a hug or two to Merrick, Elle & Melissa. Glad Melissa was around to help direct Allison that she needed to leave for the hospital NOW!! Savannah’s birth: Crazy arrival of a beautiful baby girl. I know Tyler’s hands and thoughts were guided by a loving Heavenly Father. She is my wonderful # 11 grandchild. I swear she came into the world with her

19 eyes wide open. She seems to insist on checking out everything around her whenever I see her. When she was blessed Tyler gave an outstanding blessing, she looked adorable & the day couldn’t have been any more special. Girl or boy?: Waiting to find the gender of grandbaby # 12. I had a dream Adrienne was having a girl. I’ll see if I should pay more attention during my sleep time if the dream becomes a reality. Congratulations to Brandon & Emily; I’ll let you know if I have more baby dreams. Talks in sacrament: Our family talked in Sacrament meeting which had me thinking comfortably that I could relax for a while. Not a good idea; I am now speaking next week in Stake Conference. HELP!! Sports: What would my family letters be without the mention of some sport or the other. Koebe & Jaxson hone their skills at football as do the Aggies. Fun season to watch all the way around. Chance began his rec years in basketball. This week his season ended while Jax & Koebe’s began. It’s a good thing that this grandma loves to watch about every sport, especially when my kids are playing!! TOU: This is one of my favorite spectator sports. Old man Bill was # 1 in his age division (I say this with love & admiration). He absolutely killed the time!! Boston here we come!!! Brigham City Temple: Bill & I took advantage of attending the open house. What temple isn’t beautiful? I was impressed with the extra care in portraying Brigham heritage in the decorating theme. Marsha & Stu: I am proud of my big sister & her hubby deciding to serve a mission (Rochester NY). I can’t wait to visit them & tour church historic sites for the first time. Yellowstone & the Tetons: This is a fabulous time of year to visit the parks. Less crowded, cool weather & less-pricy accommodations are good reasons to go. Watching hungry bears getting ready for hibernation is a real treat. (See Bills blog) New hiking trails with gorgeous vistas made this trip a new experience. General Conference talks were appreciated while driving and viewing God’s creations. I highly recommend it. Twins farewell: Dylan & Riley Nielson are headed to Peru & Columbia respectively. It is a bit hard to picture them not joined at the hip. I know they’re ready & excited to spread the gospel. I love hearing missionary experiences, even more so when they’re related. What a marvelous new policy in lowering the missionary age. I often wonder why my life feels like it is in warp-speed mode until I look at my calendar. There really is never a dull moment. I can’t complain though; I have a good life!! Hoping yours are lovely too!! Love, Lorie

October 2012

20 Hello all, W. Roland here with yet another late start on the old family letter. Just got back from my weekly Tuesday night GED class. Yup, I’m once again teaching a night class. Couldn’t resist the great pay and intrinsic rewards of helping Javier, Christian, and Marianna with the intricacies of five paragraph essays and percentage story problems. I’m now our ward’s primary pianist AND mission leader. Proof positive that I should have put more time into both my piano practicing AND my proselytizing. At present, my class loads are: 50 AP Language, 33 9th, 44 9th, 53 AP Language, and 30 British Lit. for a grand total of 211. When a mother of one of my AP students complained to our superintendent, he assured her that no teachers were to have more than 180 total students. That was a month ago. Mom contacted Mike Mower, Governor Herbert’s deputy chief of staff and told him that class sizes at LHS are rather large, he said he’d get right after it. Haven’t heard a word since, but then, Governor Herbert is in a tight race for re-election, having a slim 63 to 32 lead in the polls, so I’m sure he and his deputy chief of staff are a bit preoccupied with enlarging that gap. Fast times at Logan High. Lorie and I took advantage of great weather over conference weekend to visit Yellowstone and Teton parks. Nothing better than listening to Elder Holland talk about Peter returning to his nets while we are driving along the Madison watching a great number of people “returning to their fly rods” on the Sabbath day. Between sessions we got in some wonderful hikes. Sunday evening we watched a black bear for nearly an hour as she meandered amongst the chokecherries on the side of Moose-Wilson road, brazenly coming down into the crowd of photographers to cross the road. It was entertaining as all of us froze while a

21 yearling bear walked across the road, sniffed a bit around a dogwood, then walked back across to her original spot. September means salsa, football, and Top of Utah. Lorie and I tried to do smaller but more frequent batches. It seemed easier to do, but kept us quite busy some evening. Watching grandsons play football is the best. No oversized egos, plenty of action, and relatively short games made for some entertaining Saturdays. Add in USU’s football success, and it’s been a great start to the fall. I was fortunate enough to qualify for Boston at TOU so we’re heading back to Mitt’s former home next April 15. We plan to drive up to Rochester, New York to see the missionaries Stu and Marsha Howell during part of our trip. Any and all are invited to join us for the fun. Speaking of running, Tom put on a great inaugural Ride Run and Rock race at the Beav during the Beaver Mountain Music Festival. The 10K to the top of the Beav and back was quite enjoyable. Dave Isom and I set an old man pace and stuck to it, finishing well back of the winners. Sam and Jamie made an outstanding aide station crew. Next year I expect to see Team Emmett Ragnar representing at the 10K, or at the very least, the Kid’s fun run. Love to everyone – see you at Christmas. Bill

Dear  Family,   I  need  to  get  this  done  Sunday  evening  or  it  won’t  get  done  at  all.  Teaching  is  kicking  my  bu>  this  semester.  There  are  days  I   wonder  why  I  decided  on  this  field.  I  realize  it’s  my  first  year  and  that’s  always  the  hardest,  but  I  really  get  Ared  of  planning  stuff  for   school.  If  I  could  just  get  all  the  resources  from  someone  and  then  show  up  at  teach,  I  would  love  that.  It’s  the  planning  part  that  is   draining.  Being  in  my  first  trimester  now  too  doesn’t  help  the  situaAon.  I  feel  sick  90%  of  the  Ame  and  I  think  when  Saturday  comes   around  my  body  realizes  it  can  take  a  break  so  I  seem  to  lie  around  and  feel  even  more  miserable.  This  doesn’t  help  my  family/social   life  either.  Brandon  makes  fun  of  me  for  going  to  bed  at  9  pm  (speaking  of,  my  bedAme  is  now  in  10  min.  so  I  be>er  hurry).  And  then   we’ll  hang  out  with  friends  on  the  weekend  and  I’ll  feel  like  crap.  So  it’s  safe  to  say  I’m  a  very  boring  wife  right  now.  I  hope  Brandon   will  forgive  me  for  that.  Now  I  am  beginning  to  understand  why  my  mom  always  said  she  hated  being  pregnant.  

  Brandon  may  or  may  not  get  a  le>er  wri>en,  so  to  be  safe  I’ll  include  a  bragging  paragraph  for  him.  He  officially  passed  the   bar!  We  found  out  just  last  month.  It  was  a  huge  relief  and  we  are  all  so  proud  of  him.  He  never  studied  as  much  as  he  would  have   liked  because  two  months  aTer  law  school  he  was  working  70  hour  weeks  and  then  he  got  a  much  be>er  job  but  was  sAll  working  32   hours  a  week.  He  is  sAll  at  Security  Metrics.  Started  working  there  back  in  June  and  he  absolutely  loves  his  job.  He  was  hired  as  in   house  council  and  there  is  a  huge  case  that  he  is  working  really  hard  on.  He  is  geZng  a  lot  of  praise  from  the  a>orneys  from   Workman  Nydegger  (the  law  firm  that  he  worked  for  last  summer  and  did  not  offer  him  a  job  aTerwards).  He  just  received  a  raise   and  benefits  so  we’re  keeping  our  fingers  crossed  this  will  be  more  long  term  than  the  original  plan.  (He  was  first  offered  the  job  as  a   temporary  thing  that  would  last  All  December).     My  job  is  sAll  being  held  for  me  at  Thrive  so  when  I  am  done  student  teaching  the  beginning  of  December  I  will  go  back  to   doing  Human  Resources.  I  sAll  go  into  the  office  a  couple  Ames  a  week  in  the  evenings  to  get  stuff  in  order.  The  temporary  gal  we   hired  is  doing  pre>y  good,  but  frustrated  me  occasionally  when  she  asks  me  to  show  her  how  to  do  something  and  says  I’m  wrong   when  I  tell  her  I’ve  trained  her  on  it  already.  It’s  fine  if  she  just  needs  to  be  shown  again,  but  she  claims  I’ve  never  shown  her  in  the   first  place.  

  The  7th  and  8th  graders  at  Mt.  Nebo  are  good  kids  for  the  most  part.  I  did  spend  2  hours  last  week  calling  parents  of  students   that  had  D’s  and  F’s.  Most  parents  were  supporAve  and  said  they  would  get  their  kids  to  do  the  work  and  others  seemed  to  care  very   li>le.  Their  responses  were  just  a  simple,  “Ok,  thanks  for  leZng  me  know.”  I  did  find  out  more  about  students  and  what  will  help   them  so  that  was  good.  Other  than  those  phone  calls,  I’ve  only  had  to  make  two  calls  home  for  inappropriate  behavior.  One  is  a   student  that  has  ADD  and  is  recently  diagnosed  with  Diabetes  so  his  medicine  is  sAll  being  worked  out.  He  is  very  disrupAve  and   disrespec`ul.  His  mother  threatened  to  not  let  him  go  to  his  rodeo  and  that  seemed  to  help  for  a  couple  days.  Another  student  called   someone  a  “b”  so  I  had  to  call  his  mom.  He  is  a  leader  of  the  class  and  is  very  smart.  SomeAmes  he  is  a  great  kid  and  other  days  he   just  annoys  everyone.     I  am  sAll  trying  to  teach  some  of  my  students  that  I  have  a  personal  bubble.  I  do  not  want  my  face  touched  and  I  don’t  want   you  to  go  “beep,  beep”  and  run  right  in  to  me.  I  also  have  several  students  with  parents  that  smoke  and  I  find  myself  taking  a  couple   steps  back  when  they  come  6  in.  away  from  my  face  to  talk  to  me.   We  had  our  pracAce  in  the  chapel  for  the  primary  program  today  and  I  felt  like  my  strict  teacher  was  coming  out  when  I  said   something  about  the  older  kids  acAng  like  they  are  too  cool  to  be  here.  I  did  make  it  a  compeAAon  and  will  announce  the  winners  at   our  Saturday  pracAce  and  that  seemed  to  help  a  whole  lot.  I  love  being  the  music  leader  and  I  hope  the  program  goes  smoothly  next   week.  We  have  a  large  primary  which  includes  3  sunbeam  classes  so  it’s  a  challenge  keeping  them  entertained.  I  am  very  glad  we   have  benches  rather  than  the  fold  up  chairs  on  the  stand.  This  prevents  the  kids  from  siZng  on  the  top  of  the  chairs  and  then  falling   into  them.     Brandon  and  I  are  very  excited  to  be  adding  to  our  family.  I  was  so  excited  to  tell  my  family  and  knew  they  wouldn’t  be  able   to  hold  in  the  good  news,  so  I’ve  come  to  accept  that  I  will  be  pregnant  for  a  very  long  Ame.  I  will  be  going  to  my  first  doctor’s   appointment  next  week  and  am  keeping  my  fingers  crossed  he  tells  me  I’m  pregnant,  and  haven’t  fooled  my  body  into  just  feeling   like  I  am.  It  was  fun  announcing  the  news  to  my  family  while  we  were  taking  family  pictures.  It  was  Brandon’s  genius  idea  to  create  a   “service  agreement”  which  I’ve  included  here  for  the  history,  even  though  I’ve  already  posted  it  on  both  my  blog  and  the  Emme>ville   blog.  I’ve  also  included  some  family  pictures  that  a  gal  in  our  ward  did.  is  her  blog  and  she  did  a  fabulous   job.  We  all  had  a  great  Ame  and  it  was  a  quick  and  easy  photo  shoot.     Love  you  all  and  can’t  wait  to  see  you  during  the  upcoming  holidays.  Love,  Emily  (And  Brandon’s  contribuAon  to  the  family   le>er  is,  “ That’s  what  she  said.”  

Jim’s  reacAon  aTer   reading  the  contract.  And   Brandon’s  reacAon  to   Jim’s  reacAon.


Mary’s  reacAon  along  with   Jamie’s.  Amanda  and  Carly   sAll  haven’t  fully  grasped   what  is  going  on.

SERVICE AGREEMENT This Service Agreement (“Agreement”) is between Jim F. Lundberg who resides at (“Jim”) and the family of Brandon Bastian, who resides at (“Bastian Family.”) TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Purpose The purpose of this agreement is to more specifically set forth the responsibilities of each party to this agreement. 2. Definitions 2.1 “Lundberg Residence” means the legal residence of Jim and his family.

2.2 “Loyalty” means giving benefit of the doubt, defending, supporting, uplifting and otherwise acting in accordance with the definition of the word loyalty. 3. Responsibilities of Jim Jim shall: a. Retain on his person snacks, candy or gum that can be easily distributed, at need, to any member of the Bastian Family. b. Maintain Loyalty to each and every member of the Bastian Family. c. Maintain the Lundberg Residence, including the grounds of the Lundberg Residence, with all due care, removing anything that may cause injury to members of the Bastian Family. This includes any attractive nuisances that may be on or within the Lundberg Residence. A more specific list of dangerous items may be found in Exhibit A, which is attached to this document. d. Maintain a 72-hour supply of snacks at the Lundberg Residence at all times.

e. Provide transportation for members of the Bastian Family if at any time members of the Bastian Family are in need of such transportation. f. Excitedly and exuberantly celebrate any and all holidays, vacations and birthdays with members of the Bastian Family. This includes purchasing presents, when appropriate for the applicable celebratory day, to give to members of the Bastian Family. g. Attend any and all sporting events that members of the Bastian Family participate in or are a party to. h. Attend any and all musical or theatrical productions or concerts that members of the Bastian Family participate in. i. Supervise, play with, feed, clean and care for any member of the Bastian Family that is placed in his care at no charge. j. Purchase new and popular toys for members of the Bastian Family to play with at the Lundberg residence. These toys must be kept in good condition and Jim shall maintain them with all due care. k. Designate a toy room or closet where members of the Bastian Family may easily find these toys. l. Give members of the Bastian Family $5 per letter “A” or “A-” grades. This amount will increase in amount by 3% per year. m. Theatrically tell the same story, to be chosen by Jim, at least once a year to members of the Bastian Family. n. Not disagree with or contradict Brandon or Emily Bastian, members of the Bastian Family, in the presence of other members of the Bastian Family. o. Accept being called “Grandpa” by every member of the Bastian Family. 4. Responsibilities of the Bastian Family Brandon and Emily Bastian, members of the Bastian Family, shall allow Jim to hold, play with, care for and otherwise love all subsequent members of the Bastian Family born into the Bastian Family after the signing of this agreement, beginning with the new member that should arrive sometime in June 2013.

____________________________ Jim F. Lundberg ____________________________ Brandon Bastian

__________________ Date __________________ Date

Dear  Family,   Mary  here.    I  sure  enjoyed  your  company  at  our  family  gathering  in  August.    I  am  heading  to  St.  George  today  to  scrapbook   all  the  cute  pictures  from  that  day.    Li>le  did  we  know  that  Allison  was  just  days  away  from  that  out  of  the  ordinary  delivery.    I  must   say  that  I  was  so  touched  when  I  heard  the  story  and  was  so  proud  of  Tyler.    It  was  all  a  wonderful  miracle  and  I  love  all  the  photos  of   cute  Savanah!    Jim  took  the  girls  on  a  pack  trip  in  August.  Hopefully  I  can  join  them  some  day.    It  was  a  father-­‐daughter  get-­‐away.     Maybe  someday  the  mom’s  will  get  invited.    I  was  busy  drying  peaches  and  freezing  peaches  for  ice  cream  at  the  end  of  August.     Everyone  was  back  in  school  this  year.    Emily  student  teaching  English  at  a  Jr.  High  in  Payson,    Amanda  teaching  3rd  grade  in  Spanish   Fork.    Jamie  at  USU.    Camilla  enjoying  her  Senior  year.    And    Carly  is  in  the  5th  grade  with  a  brand  new  teacher.    It’s  exciAng  to  hear   about  all  their  adventures.    In  September,  I  had  Bunco  at  my  house  and  won!    Yay!    Jim  was  gone  a  lot  hunAng.    In  October  we  got  the   wonderful  news  about  Emily  and  Brandon  having  a  baby.    We  were  gathering  for  family  photos  when  Emily  told  me  to  read  through   some  papers  and  sign  them.    I  thought  they  were  from  the  photographer.    When  I  read  that  I  needed  to  agree  to  keep  the  toy  closet   stocked  and  ready  for  grandchildren  I  was  thrilled.    I  haven’t  signed  them  yet  because  I  am  not  sure  that  grandparents  are   responsible  for  paying  $5  for  each  A  that  a  grandchild  gets.    I  should  take  a  poll.    They  are  going  to  be  wonderful  parents  and  I  can’t   wait  to  be  a  grandma.    Grandma  Mary  sounds  pre>y  good.    Can’t  wait  to  see  you  all  during  the  holidays.             Love,  Mary

Dear  Family,   Carly  here.    In  August,  I  went  on  a  pack  trip   with  my  dad  and  sisters.    We  went  to  the  Uintas.    I  went   on  a  4  mile  hike.    We  roasted  marshmallows  and   starbursts.    Then  Bankhead  family  went  too.    I  started   school  on  the  21st.    I  am  in  5th  grade.    My  teacher  Mrs.   Hess  is  really  nice.    It’s  her  first  year  teaching.    My   friends  are  Keslee,  Kylie,  Saige,  and  Hailey.    Hailey   moved  into  my  old  house.    I  take  dance  3  days  a  week.     It  is  hard  work.    For  Halloween,  I’m  going  to  be  a  zombie   ballerina.    I  am  excited  to  be  an  aunt  in  June.    But,  it’s   going  to  be  hard  to  wait  that  long.                                                                                                                                        Love,  Carly

Dear  Emme>  Family, I  know  this  is  probably  too  late  to  make  the  normal  distribuAon,  but  with  an  extra  hour  on  Sunday  morning  (daylight  savings  Ame),  I   have  no  excuse  to  not  get  some  form  of  family  le>er  completed.   It  has  been  a  busy  fall  season.  Looking  back  to  August,  however  we  had  some  fun  trips  including  a  pack  trip  into  the  Uinta  mountains   with  Amanda,  Jamie,  Camilla  and  Carly.  We  put  all  the  camping  gear  on  horses  and  the  girls  were  fantasAc  hikers.  Nothing  like  siZng   around  a  camp  fire,  roasAng  bread  dough  wrapped  around  a  sAck  and  finishing  it  off  with  bu>er  and  honey.   During  August,  I  was  also  invited  to  fly  fish  the  Henry’s  Fork  and  the  South  Fork  of  the  Snake  River  in  Idaho.  Both  rivers  have  been  on   my  bucket  list  of  fly  fishing  desAnaAons  so  it  was  a  perfect  two  days  of  fly  fishing  from  a  driT  boat. The  next  weekend,  was  another  effort  in  “herding  squirrels”  as  we  accompanied  13  deacons  into  the  mountains  for  a  campout  to  end   the  summer  and  try  to  wrap  up  a  few  merit  badge  requirements.  As  we  began  a  hike  in  an  area  notorious  for  ra>lesnakes,  they  asked  

if  they  could  kill  a  snake  if  one  crossed  our  path.  I  should  never  have  told  them  –  “if  you  kill  it,  you  have  to  eat  it.”  By  the  Ame  we   returned  to  the  camp,  several  of  the  boys  were  working  on  skinning  the  hors  d’oeuvre.   At  the  end  of  August,  we  helped  Jamie  move  back  to  Logan  to  begin  another  year  at  USU.  It  was  very  nice  to  have  her  and  Amanda   back  home  for  the  summer  months  and  not  just  because  they  are  so  good  at  helping  out  around  the  house  and  yard.  Although   Camilla  did  get  a  few  pracAce  sessions  on  the  Walker  lawn  mower,  we  will  have  to  wait  unAl  next  summer  for  her  to  really  take  over   as  full-­‐Ame  lawn  keeper. In  September  I  had  to  do  a  few  late  night  work  days  in  order  to  squeeze  in  several  scouAng  trips  over  the  Nebo  loop.  My  brother  Lyle   drew  an  elk  tag  on  the  Nebo  hunt  unit  and  the  pressure  was  on  from  his  5  year-­‐old  son  Caden  who  kept  telling  him  “you  be>er  get   the  big  one.”  ATer  6  days  of  hunAng  and  the  morning  of  the  last  day,  the  stars  all  aligned  and  we  were  able  to  get  within  shooAng   distance  of  a  trophy  bull.  Caden  was  quite  pleased  at  the  outcome  and  expressed  only  a  minimal  amount  of  displeasure  when  he   learned  that  one  slightly  bigger  had  also  been  killed  in  the  area  we  were  hunAng. September  also  found  me  trying  my  first  “extended”  road  bike  trip  –  250  miles  in  2  days  (round  trip  from  Orem  to  Richfield).   Although  nothing  like  Lotoja,  the  first  125  miles  into  a  10-­‐15  mph  head  wind  was  a  li>le  taxing.  The  return  trip  the  next  day  was  a   blast. October  started  out  with  the  most  fantasAc  news  when  Emily  and  Brandon  announced  (by  way  of  a  formal  legal  contract),  that  they   were  expecAng  their  first  child  and  our  first  grandchild.  The  family  photo  shoot  was  all  smiles!! All  my  spare  Ame  and  much  of  my  remaining  vacaAon  days  were  spent  in  October  in  search  of  the  illusive  and  most  coveted  of  all   North  America  big  game  animals  –  the  Desert  Bighorn  Sheep.  I  spent  about  8  days  glassing  and  hiking  the  San  Rafael  reef  country   exploring  many  deep  canyons  and  high  cliff  faces.  It  gave  me  a  much  greater  appreciaAon  for  our  pioneer  forefathers  that  were  able   to  travel  through  such  country  and  in  some  cases  even  plant  their  roots.  I  saw  a  number  of  different  Desert  sheep  each  day,  but  it   was  not  unAl  aTer  a  4  hour  hike  on  the  8th  day  that  I  finally  found  one  I  had  nick-­‐named  “Chocolate”  because  of  his  dark  coat.  The   DWR  biologist  was  even  excited  about  how  big  he  was  since  his  horns  scored  160  inche27s  –  a  new  record  for  the  South  San  Rafael   hunt  unit. Over  the  weekend,  I  was  able  to  tend  my  brother’s  two  young  children  while  their  mother  is  undergoing  bile  duct  cancer  treatment   and  while  Mary  went  to  see  Sarah’s  musical.  It  has  been  quite  a  few  years  since  I  changed  diapers,  tried  to  find  the  right  food  for   picky  eaters,  bathed  them  from  the  aTermath,  and  then   put  them  down  for  bed.  As  I  went  to  bed  that  night   completely  exhausted,  I  decided  that  raising  young   children  can  be  even  more  work  than  hunAng  Desert   Sheep  and  I  am  sAll  very  excited  to  be  a  grandpa. On  Sunday  evening,  my  brother  and  sister-­‐in-­‐law  came  by   to  visit  and  it  has  been  very  sobering  to  know  she  will  be   lucky  to  see  Christmas  this  year.  She  has  an  amazing   aZtude  and  courage  for  her  circumstances.  Her  only   concern  is  that  of  her  children  and  my  brother.  For  me  it   is  a  perfect  reminder  that  I  need  to  live  every  moment   with  the  realizaAon  that  this  life  is  not  long  and  that  I   must  do  a  much  be>er  job  of  making  certain  Mary,  my   children  and  our  enAre  family  know  how  much  I  love  each   of  one  of  you.   Jim  

Dear  Family, Since  the  last   family   letter   I  have  left  Jackson  Hole,   Wyoming,  returned  to  Cache  Valley,  started  back  up   at  USU,  and  left  my  teen  years  behind  me.   The   rest   of   my   summer   in   Jackson   was   spent   working,  soaking  in  some   hiking   and   photo   taking,   and   more   working.   I   absolutely   loved   my   summer   and   look   forward   to   hopefully   another   one   up   in   Jackson  next  year!   I   loved  being  able  to   come  home   in  August   for   the   Family  Reunion  and  enjoyed  every  second  of  it.   My   personal  favorite   was   the   natural  water   slide.   Fun   times   indeed.   But   when   do   the  Emmett’s   not   have   fun?   School  has   been  great   and   I   can’t   believe   that   the   semester  is  half  way  over!  Time  is  Olying.  My  classes   aren’t   too  hard  but   require  a  lot  of  busy   work.  Most   of  my  professors   keep  things   fun  and  interesting  so   it  makes  school  a  little  more  tolerable.  It’s  been  fun   to   go   to   football   games   that   are   actually   good  and   that  we  actually  win!  Go  Aggies.   September   is  never   too  exciting,  let’s   be  honest.  This  year,  however,  it  became  fun  with  the  planning   of  the  Rock,  Run,  &  Ride  at  the   Beav.  My  dad  put   together   a  bike  and  run  race  for  adults  and   children   at   Beaver   the   day   of   their   music   festival.   I   think   it   turned   out   great!   Jamie   and  I   managed   the   aid   station   at   the   turnaround   point   at   the   top   of   the   mountain  and  enjoyed  taking   pictures,   hiking   around,   and   occasionally   handing   out   water   and   various   snacks   to   the   runners.   The   best   part   was  driving  the  Subaru  to  the   top   of   the   mountain   a   few   times!   Tuesday   October   2   marked   the   day   I   left   those   teenage   years  behind  me  and  entered   the   roaring   twenties.   When   did  I   get   so   old?   Personally,   I   don’t   feel   any   different   and   still  get   ‘aged’  so  nothing   new  

there.  A  nice   dinner  celebration  was  held  at  the  cabin  a  few  days  before   my   birthday  and  my   actual   birthday  consisted  of  Alex’s  soccer   game.  Maybe   one   day  I’ll  have  a  birthday  that   doesn’t   consist   of   soccer   or   General   Conference…but   I’m   not   complaining.   All   in  all   my  20th   birthday  was   wonderful!!   Thanks   to   grandma   for   a   tasty   dinner   at   Juniper   Take   Out   one   night   and   thanks   to   Jamie   for   a   scrumptious   lunch  at   Chili’s!  This   family  is  pretty  great.  And  of   course  thanks  to   my   parents  for  just   always  being  awesome.   We  had  our  Oirst  snow  fall  yesterday  and  I  couldn’t  have  been  more  excited!   I  cannot   wait  for  the  ski  

season.   I   helped  rake   grandma’s   leaves  the  other  day   (there’s   a   lot   of  them)  and  almost  managed  to   kill   the   blasted  squirrel  that’s   running  amuck  in  her  yard.  Big  cash/banana  bread  rewards  to  the   person  that   catches/kills  the  beast.  Good  luck.   From  the  looks  of   photos  and  posts  off  of  social  networks   it  looks  like   everyone  loves  life!  I  love  seeing   photos  of  everyone  on  Instagram  and  Facebook  and  look  forward  to  the  many  more  to  come!   Pray  for  snow  if  you  feel  so  inclined.  Please.   SAM  

Dear  Family,

 I’m  always  anticipating  the  blanket  of  white  goodness  but  it’s  kinda  been  short  fall  between  the  heat   of  a  long  dry  summer  and  snow  in  mid  October.      Be  that  as  it  may  the  story  of  my  life’s  saga   continues… Much  of  September  was  spent   in  preparation  for  my  Oirst,   maybe  last,  race  event.    If  you   didn’t  follow  the  Rock,  Run  &   Ride  event  at  Beaver  Mtn  on   Facebook,  twitter  or  the  Norda’s   Blog  then  here  are  a  few  details.     In  hopes  to  maybe  do  a  few   more  races  I  dipped  my  toes   into  the  event  promotion  pool   with  a  partnership  at  Beaver   during  their  music  festival.    The   course  was  changed  after   learning  early  that  my  desired   course  around  Beaver  on  mountain  bikes  and  a  half  marathon  up  Beaver  Creek  road  was  going  to   present  some  logistic  issues  with  permits  from  the  forest  service.    After  talking  with  Travis  Seeholzer   and  mapping  route  on  Beaver  I  opted  to  promote  a  10k  (6.2  mile)  run  to  the  top  of  Beaver  and  back.     We  added  a  few  laps  up  and  down  Little  Beaver  to  make  the  mountain  bike  ride/climb  a  bit  longer.     These  two  events  were  headlining  the  day  but  I  wanted  to  attract  families  and  more  people  to  the   music  festival  so  I  added  bike  and  running  events  for  kids. The  preparation:    It’s  not  easy  being  on  the  other  foot  and  looking  for  sponsorship  but  I  knocked  a   few  doors,  talked  to  a  few  friends  and  Shelly  came  through  with  some  connection  at  Cache  Valley   Bank  for  a  few  dollars.    I’m  hoping  if  I  do  another  event  it  will  be  easier  with  the  check  list  I  made   during  this  one  but  things  like  porta-­‐potty’s  just  ruin  the  fun.    I’m  amazed  at  how  little  they  are  to   rent  but  the  delivery  fee  is  highway  robbery.    Of  course  she  said  I  could  pick  them  up  and  return  them   to  save  the  money…  “return”  them?    Yeah  right!!!  Like  I’m  going  to  pick  them  up  and  put  them  back  on   a  trailer.  No  thanks,  I’ll  pay  the  professionals.       Thanks  to  modern  technology  I  could  map  out  the  route  from  the  comfort  of  the  couch  while  sipping   Dr  Pepper.    Shelly  and  I  tested  out  the  run  option  a  few  weeks  before  to  make  sure  it  was  doable.    The   road  going  up  Gentle  Ben  is  a  pretty  smooth  dirt  road  but  Beaver  is  kinda  steep  when  you  try  to  run   up  that  darn  mountain.    Shelly  and  I  scoped  out  the  spots  we  thought  would  work  for  a  feed  zone  and   eyed  the  summit  of  Beaver.    After  running  the  course  I  decided  to  advertise  the  event  as  “Utah’s   Toughest  10k.”    I  think  I  was  right….   The  helpers:      Shelly  managed  to  take  over  and  helped  a  lot  with  the  event.    The  day  before  the  event   Shelly  and  I  with  the  help  of  Dave  Eames  Olagged  the  course  with  pink  ribbon  and  kinda  made  a  few   trails  near  the  lodge  area  for  the  kids  fun  run  and  for  the  area.    Dave  took  some  extra  time  and   marked  a  lot  of  the  course  with  ski  poles  in  the  ground.    Very  Oitting.    We  had  two  stations,  one  half   way  up  Gentle  Ben  and  on  at  the  top  where  the  runners  and  bikers  would  turn  around.    Sam  rounded   up  two  more  friends  to  help  with  the  Gentle  Ben  stop  while  Sam  and  Jamie  (wo)manned  the  aid   stations  with  the  view.    Shelly  also  had  a  couple  friends  from  work,  Brandi  and  Shonie  who  helped  

with  the  restructuration  and  trail  management.      Todd  Hugie  came  through  at  the  end  with  a  timing   devise  from  the  local  Sun&  Snow  Running  club.    He  included  some  cones  and  ribbon  for  the  Oinish  line   area  and  even  tossed  in  a  few  shirts  for  give  away  swag.     The  day:  The  weather  was  a  perfect  cool  fall  morning  and  clear  sun  shine.    The  Oirst  event  was  about   30  runners  including  Bill  and  Dave  Isom  who  were  just  coming  off  running  the  Top  of  Utah  marathon   the  week  before.    The  course  went  from  the  back  of  the  parking  lot  and  south  of  the  Face  Lift  then   headed  up  Little  Beaver  to  the  head  of  the  Goat  Trail  then  north  to  the  base  of  the  Dream  Lift.    We  had   orange  and  pink  bright  ribbon  marking  the  trail  every  50  to  100  feet  but  two  ladies  waling  the  course   lost  their  way  and  headed  up  the  Rock  Garden  instead  of  Gentle  Ben.    At  this  same  spot  on  the  way   down  one  runner  turned  and  missed  the  trial  for  a  few  yards  before  Shelly,  the  course  manager,  got   him  to  turn  around.      One  more  lesson  learned.    The  front  runner’s  were  fast  coming  in  at  just  over  1   hour.    I  asked  them  if  they  would  do  it  again  and  they  all  said  yes  to  my  surprise.     The  kids  fun  run  turned  out  to  be  the  best  event  with  a  lot  of  smiling  faces.      This  was  a  1k  course   around  the  base  of  Little  Beaver  and  the  Face  Lift  Base  area.    There  were  about  20  kids  all  smiling  and   ready  to  run  wearing  their  new  red  event  shirts.    Shelly  and  crew  scattered  the  course  with  to  make   sure  no  miss  haps  and  just  a  fun  race.    I  had  enough  swag  to  make  sure  every  runner  got  some  sort  of   prize  making  it  the  success  of  the  day. The  biking  events  were  lower  in  numbers  but  those  who  road  still  had  a  good  time.    After  riding  to   the  top  of  Beaver  they  descended  then  climbed  to  the  top  of  Little  Beaver  and  looped  that  hill  a  couple   times.    Wayne  Wheeler  from  Joy  Ride  Bikes  in  town  helped  organize  that  and  marked  some  of  the   lower  trail  on  Little  Beaver.   I’ve  only  heard  good  things  from  the  participants,  even  the  lost  ladies  had  a  good  time,  and  several   people  have  reported  from  the  Seeholzer’s  that  they  were  also  pleased.    I  hope  that  is  true  because   I’m  90%  sure  I  would  like  to  do  the  event  again.     For  the  record:    Here  is  part  of  the  article  the  Herald  Journal  printed. Helping  those  numbers  this  year  were  the  additions  of  running  and  biking  events.  Billed  as   “Rock,  Run  &  Ride,”  those  events  included  mountain-­‐biking  races  for  adults  and  children,  an   adult  10-­‐kilometer  run,  and  a  kids’  1-­‐kilometer  run,  all  organized  by  Tom  Emmett. “Being  the  Oirst,  it  kind  of  went  off  without  hitch,”  Emmett  said  of  the  event.  “We  had  a  few   less  people  than  we  thought  we  would,  but  overall  everybody  was  very  pleased  with  the  way   it  went,  so  I’m  ecstatic.  ...  I  wasn’t  going  for  a  LoToJa;  I  wasn’t  going  for  a  Top  of  Utah.” Emmett  explained  that  races  were  part  of  a  major  thrust  to  broaden  the  appeal  of  the  festival   as  a  whole.    “Speaking  with  the  Seeholzers,  we  wanted  to  make  it  pretty  family  oriented,  so   we’re  doing  the  kids’  1K,  as  well,  and  the  kids’  bike  race,”  he  said.  “So  it  seems  like  it’s  worked   out  good.”  Emmett  was  particularly  pleased  with  the  turnout  for  the  10K,  which  he  believes   provides  runners  with  a  real  challenge. “I  kind  of  advertised  it  as  Utah’s  toughest  10K,  because  I’m  pretty  conOident  it  is,”  he  said.   “Usually  10Ks  are  just  in  the  city  and  stuff.  So  it  was  deOinitely  a  tough  climb  and  pretty  hard.   Our  winning  time  was  just  over  an  hour,  and  then  we  had  some  people  coming  in  at  1:45,   1:50  I  think.  So  there  was  kind  of  a  broad  range.

“It’s  not  the  easiest  for  sure,  it’s  pretty  hard,  but  everybody  was  pretty  positive  about  it.  I   didn’t  have  anybody  come  up  and  say,  ‘I  didn’t  like  it;  there’s  no  way  I’m  doing  it  next  year.’   They’re  all  saying,  ‘When  are  you  doing  it  next  year?  I’ll  be  back.’” Among  those  participating  in  the  10K  were  Providence  resident  Tim  Wolford,  his  family,  and   employees  of  Wolford  Collision  Repair  and  Towing.  “We  work  together,  so  we  decided  we’d   come  up  and  support  Tom  and  his  Oirst  effort  at  the  10K,”  Wolford  said.  “We’re  grandfathered   into  this  race  now  for  our  efforts.” And  for  Wolford  and  his  crew,  the  race  served  its  purpose  of  drawing  more  people  in  to  stay   for  the  music.    “It’s  a  good  place  to  start  getting  out,  I’m  telling  you,”  Wolford  said.  “You  want   to  get  up  here  after  dark;  that’s  when  the  good  times  start  happening.”  And  that  combination   has  sold  the  festival’s  director  on  keeping  the  races  going  in  future  years.  “I’m  pretty  sure  it’s   going  to  be  an  annual  thing,”  Morales  said. Pray  for  snow….               Cheers,  Tom

Dear  Family, School.    Same  old  same  old…    I’m  still  pulling  off  all  A’s  and  my  mom  doesn’t  understand  why  I  don’t   have  any  homework.    Gym  would  be  my  favorite  class. Soccer.    We  had  a  good  season.    I  play  left  wing  a  lot.    The  other  day  my  coach  just  noticed  I  was  right   footed.    I  guess  I  play  with  my  left  as  much  as  my  right  but  I  am  right.    My  dad  thinks  I  am  almost   better  with  my  left  foot.    Our  team  did  alright  in  division  1.    We  Oinished  in  4th  place.    During   Thanksgiving  weekend  we  are  playing  a  tournament  in  St  George.    You  are  all  welcome  to  come  watch   us  play  on  Friday  and  Saturday. Snow.  I  am  so  excited  for  skiing.    I  watch  ski  movies  almost  every  day.    I  am  working  on  a  ramp  and   jump  on  our  hill  in  the  back  yard.    I  have  a  rail  to  slide  on  but  want  a  better  jump.                 Pray  for  snow!!  Alex


Dear  Family,                 November  2012 Since  we  were  given  an  extension  on  family  letters  I  will  hurry  and  get  one  done.    I  guess  the  biggest   new  s  for  me  is  that  after  a  mere  21  years  at  Cache  Valley  Bank  I  received  a  promotion.    Not  sure  yet  if   it  is  good  news  or  bad  news,  just  news.    I  will  be  doing  something  totally  different  than  I  have  been   doing,  but  at  this  point  I  am  doing  both  the  new  job  duties  and  the  old  job  duties;  so  lots  of  hours.    I   am  still  trying  to  get  my  knee  better  from  an  injury  in  June  so  my  running  has  been  very  inconsistent.     Biking  seems  to  hurt  it  more  so  I  have  hardly  done  any  of  that.    All  around  it  wasn’t  a  great  summer   for  some  things.    I  wanted  my  house  painted  this  summer  and  when  my  dad  came  to  help  he  thought   a  few  boards  needed  to  be  replaced.    Once  he  started  pulling  them  off  he  thought  it  best  just  to  rock   that  part  of  the  house.    So  he  ripped  off  part  of  the  boards  in  anticipation  to  ripping  the  rest  off  in  the   next  few  days.    But  instead  the  next  day  he  was  bucked  off  his  horse  up  by  his  cabin  and  ended  up  in   the  hospital  with  8  broken  ribs,  3  of  them  broken  in  2  places  and  a  broken  vertebrae.    So  he  was  out   of  commission  for  awhile.    But  because  he  was  unable  to  continue  on  the  house  for  awhile  he  ended   up  getting  all  of  the  rock  free  from  some  rich  guys  who  built  a  cabin  at  Bear  Lake  and  didn’t  use  the   rock.    My  dad  had  been  painting  the  house  for  the  last  couple  of  years.    So  Tom  did  all  the  prep  work   and  then  my  dad’s  Hispanic  workers  did  their  magic  and  it  looks  real  nice  now.    Still  didn’t  get  my   house  painted,  maybe  next  year. Sam  made  it  home  from  Jackson  with  a  little  cash  in  her  account  and  now  it  is  back  to  the  grind  of   school.    She  is  just  waiting  for  the  snow  to  Oly  to  so  she  can  be  employed  again.

Mac  has  decided  to  take  voice  lesson  and  she  seems  to  like  it.    She  has  her  Oirst  recital  coming  up;  I   think  she  is  a  bit  nervous  since  she  has  only  been  taking  since  September.    She  is  much  braver  than  I   ever  was  or  will  ever  be.    She  continues  to  well  in  school.     Alex  has  been  playing  a  lot  of  soccer  and  for  the  most  part  likes  it.    He  wants  to  play  Lacrosse  in  the   spring.    His  soccer  team  Oinished  in  the  middle  of  the  pack  and  they  are  playing  in  a  tournament  in  St   George,  which  works  out  nice  because  I  can  work  at  our  St  George  ofOices  for  a  few  days  and  hopefully  

get  the  hotel  paid  for.    He  continues  to  do  well  in  school  which  surprises  me  for  the  fact  he  rarely  has   homework.    He  received  a  “1st  Place”  rating  on  a  paper  he  wrote  and  was  so  excited  he  beat  the  genius   girl  in  the  class. Congratulations  to  everyone  who  needs  a  congratulations  whether  it  be  a  new  baby,  announcement   of  a  new  baby,  school  productions  or  beating  the  genius  girl  in  class.    I  hope  all  is  well  with  everyone   and  pray  for  snow. Love,  SHELLY  

Fun  in  the  Providence  Cemetery  (located  in  River  Heights)

Tom   enjoying   the   splendors   of   Sea   World    


October 27, 2012 Dear Family, I started playing basketball (city league) last week and I have made lots of long shots. My team is very good. My soccer team was also very good. I scored about 31 goals during the season with an average of 3-5 goals per game. My friend Trent scored about five less goals than me. At school we have been building a community with rocks and wood chips in a box that is called rocks-a-box-in. We have three people in each group to build a community. We have stores in our community. My store is called “Sports Arena.” My friend Brook’s works for the FBI. My other friend owns a swimming pool that is shaped like a shark fin. At school we did another project about secondary and primary colors. We made a color wheel where we mixed primary and secondary colors to make tertiary colors. My favorite color is blue and purple mixed together. My favorite parts of the family reunion were boating at Deer Creek but one of the things I didn’t like was when I wore my life jacket too long and it gave me a rash on my chin. I also liked when we went down that natural rock slide. It was so cold, I was freezing afterwards. At Uncle Bob’s I really liked playing soccer in the back yard. Sincerely, Will

Dear family, It seems like a long time since I last wrote a family letter. A lot has happened. On October th I received the priesthood. The Bishop, Dad, Grandpa Tueller, and the scout master stood in 13 the circle. I passed for the first time last week. I was very happy because I didn’t have to be in the primary program.


This school year has been fun. I was elected school president. Being on the student council has been fun. As president I have no power at all. My classes have been kind of fun but my math teacher and my P.E teacher kind of get on my nerves. My soccer team is terrible. We won two games this year and tied one. I scored seven goals and was my team’s leading goal scorer. I can not wait to go skiing this year. We have passes to Brighton. I only skied at Beaver once last year and hope to go more. I really enjoyed every thing we did at the family reunion. My favorite thing was sliding down the waterfall I can’t wait to see you all when ever it may be. See you later, Joel Dear Family, I was told by my parents to keep the sarcasm at a minimum. Being the angel child that I am I obliged to their every wish and have deemed this a sarcasm free letter. School is… school. I started seminary this year and it’s probably my favorite class. My teacher is just newly-married so he spends a lot of time asking us to help settle his wife and his kerfuffles about watching football during dinner, etc. I’ve also been really enjoying orchestra. We’ve been learning new key signatures, which means that we can play harder music with more variety. I’m in the school musical this year, which is Thoroughly Modern Millie. I play the character Ethel Peas, who gets sold into white slavery in scene three. At one point I am tied up and held captive in a laundry basket by an evil Chinese woman. It has been a lot of fun. I did cross country this year. I didn’t win anything but all in all it was fun. My coach was an ultimate Frisbee fanatic so we did that a lot. I usually just stood in the middle of the field and avoided the Frisbee. I hope to see you all soon, Sarah


Dear Family The family reunion was a blast. Thanks to those who provided boats. I lament that my children don’t have the same boating opportunities that I did as a child, so I’m glad whenever they get a chance to do it. When are we going to have a Lake Powell Emmett Reunion? Sliding down a real rock water slide has always been on my bucket list. Who knew that there was such a place so close by! Bob and Annie’s yard and home were a great place to gather. I love the photo of the grandkids from oldest to youngest. It is a keeper. Two days after the reunion I took the long flight to Jakarta for hopefully my last round of interviews. To get a cheaper flight I agreed to an eight hour layover in Taipei Taiwan. Marie’s nephew Andrew lives there and agreed to show me around town. He went above and beyond the call the duty with a 6:30 am airport pick up far outside of town. We saw the Mormon and several Buddhist temples and the Chang Kai Shek memorial plus ate an early lunch of the best Chinese food I have ever had. My main purpose in going to Indonesia was to interview the new leaders (male and female) of the first two stakes in Indonesia. As I met with these leaders I was impressed with how “Mormon” they were. They knew what the handbooks said and they did what they said. I love the friendliness and hospitality of Indonesians. They day after I returned I attended all day department meetings and then had one day to get my syllabi written before starting classes. It was all a bit rushed, but I am now more than half way through the semester and things are going well. It is always amazing to see the different personalities that emerge in each class each semester. Two years ago my fall world geography class seemed quite ornery, surly and full of complaints. This fall the students seem to enjoy my


slides and stories, they ask good questions and actually seem to enjoy the class. That always makes teaching fun. The one unpleasant part of my fall is my assignment on the college rank and status committee in which 10 professors get to decide on whether or not 12 faculty members should get tenure (two of these faulty are in our ward which makes it a bit awkward) and whether or not eight faculty should be advanced to full professor. My frustration is the nit-picky, hyper-critical analysis that goes into pre-decision conversations followed by negative votes. Some members of the committee seem to feel that to become a full professor you need to be nigh unto perfect with a host of excellent articles in excellent journals cited by scores of other excellent academics. Their high bar is not my high bar. Their high bar reeks of academic arrogance. I had thought that once my Indonesia book was done I would go up for full-professor, but now I wonder if my three books and dozen articles would be up to their standards. One fun perk of my job was attending a regional geography conference at the Canyons Resort. Since it was fall break Marie and the kids were able to come too. We loved staying a night in the two adjoining rooms with a total of four TVs. Highlights from the past three months include a fun morning a Seven Peaks (my only trip) with Joel and Will; ordaining Joel a deacon (his first Sunday passing was the Primary program and Joel had to pass to all the kids on the stand which he did without even being phased); watching Will score goal after goal on his city league team without the crying of last year when he would get so frustrated with the mob-like clustering around the ball by both teams (he had a great coach this year who had the first and second graders passing to the center); watching Sarah stick to it in cross country and then act, sing and dance like a pro in Thoroughly Modern Millie; going to the Brigham City Temple open house with our own Peach Queen Grandma Emmett followed by dinner at Maddox; reading both Hatchet and the Sign of the Beaver to Will at night—he likes real life stories over animal tales or fantasy. For more than two months I have had an ache on my upper right tibia. It was not my knee joint and it was not my muscle. After a month of thinking it would go away I googled bone aches which then mentioned bone cancer, so I googled bone cancer and found out that prostate cancer can spread to bones. That was enough to get me worried (it times like this that I really miss dad) so I made a doctor’s appointment. An x-ray clearly showed everyone that I had once broken both bones lower down, but it didn’t show anything wrong where the ache was. The next step was an MRI—my first. It too showed nothing. That is all good news. But the pain still


comes and goes. It doesn’t get in the way of walking or even biking, but it still makes me wonder what might be wrong. I also wonder if the persistent back itch always on the same place on my right scapula is some new form of skin cancer! I wonder if other cancer survivors develop similar worries. Today I was sustained to be the first counselor in the Young Men’s presidency. My old position as varsity scout coach is now filled by Michael Black who I replaced as bishop and then called him to be scout master—which he has done with excellence for the past seven years. Two former bishops are now the leaders in the Teacher’s quorum. I hope we can keep some of the young men from following the bad examples of older siblings. The last week of July we had our high adventure. We stayed local this year. We camped two nights in Hobble Creek canyon and then during the day we floated the Provo River, canoed on Utah lake, Repelled in Rock and Diamond Fork Canyons, shot skeets, and did a ropes course. Everyone had fun. I opted not to shoot (why start now). Yesterday I bought Joel some used skis and boots at Play It Again Sports (its times like this that I miss Norda’s). We are committed to skiing Brighton as much as possible this year. I can hardly wait. Love, Chad

At the BYU-Idaho game. Dear Emmetts: Chad is waiting for me to get my letter written so that he can send off our letters. We are late. So sorry Jake but thanks for waiting for us.


First, it was fun to see everyone at the August reunion. Although it seems so long ago, we still have some great memories of an activity full day. We all really enjoyed the setting and company. Thanks Bob and Annie for sharing your beautiful comfortable home with us. We may be calling you soon—the boys might need another dip in the pool. The past couple of months have been filled with lots of soccer games and practices. Both boys are passionate about the game. Will’s city league team was unstoppable. Joel’s club team struggled. It seems that making the adjustment to more players on the team and a larger field was harder than they anticipated. I enjoy watching and cheering, although when I look around for Chad at the games and see him on the other end of the field, I wonder if maybe I’m a little more into it than I should be. I’m working on “calm and relaxed.” At least I’m understanding the game a little better now. The kids are doing well in school. First term just ended on Friday and we don’t expect any surprises. From what I can tell, Joel and Will like recess the most. Will really likes his class and I appreciate that the teacher is doing projects that capture his imagination. His reading has improved dramatically since school started and I am feeling a little less anxious about that part of Will’s learning process. We were happy that Joel won as president of the student council. The election was very stress free. Joel thought he could win if he made a poster featuring soccer and HC Storm, the local soccer club. “Score a goal, Vote for Joel” had just the right touch. Really everyone seems to know and like Joel so I wasn’t too surprised when he won. Sarah seems to be having a great 9th grade year. I’m impressed by how busy she is and how much she manages to get done. We’ve all really enjoyed watching her in cross country and now in the musical. Academically she does well but wow does she have some interesting teachers. Because I have several siblings who are also teachers, I try to be careful in what I say but think “unique personalities” and that describes a few of them. I’ve learned to appreciate the choir teacher, mostly because she is so good at also directing the musical. I’m still withholding judgment on the Honors English teacher.


I’m not quite sure what I do all day but I feel busy and anxiously engaged. The builder is making great progress with my sister’s house up Provo Canyon and it’s been fun to see all their ideas become reality. I’m still not sure how I feel about the turquoise wall next to the red wall in the family room but it is uniquely my sister and so I’m sure we’ll all get used to it. I’ve also been accompanying my parents to many doctor visits over the past few months. My dad had a prostate procedure which unlike Chad’s experience went very well. My mom is struggling with her esophagus pockets and is considering a big surgery which has me nervous. A few months ago we got her a Kindle with large print which means for the first time in years she has been able to read. It’s been wonderful to see her enjoying that again. Now if we could only get the hearing aids to do a better job. I feel grateful every day that I’m in a position right now to visit and help my parents out regularly. Marie

11/1/12 Dear  Family, Hey  everyone.  Things  are  a  li8le  soggy  out  here  in  Portland  but  it’s  all  good,  no  complaints.  The  last  three  months   have  been  busy,  although  it’s  always  busy  with  Bobby  and  Will.  Work  is  going  well,  might  be  a  few  changes  here  in   the  next  few  weeks  so  we’ll  see. August  started  off  very  well  with  the  Emme8  reunion.  I  think  my  last  family  le8er  was  a  couple  of  weeks  late  so  I   probably  covered  it  then  but  it’s  worth  menKoning  in  two  straight  le8ers.  I  love  the  summerKme.  Since  I  haven’t   been  good  at  keeping  my  blog  updated  (always  about  3  months  behind),  I  can’t  cheat  to  remember  what  else   happened.  August  in  Portland  is  absolutely  the  best  Kme  of  year  though.  I  think  we  had  2  days  in  a  row  where  we   hit  99  or  100  and  the  whole  town  thought  we  were  going  to  melt.  ARer  that  it  was  nothing  but  low  80s.  That  made   for  very  enjoyable  aRernoon  pool  trips  with  the  boys.   In  September  I  gave  myself  a  birthday  giR  and  went  to  take  an  introductory  flying  lesson.  We  went  up  in  a  li8le   Cessna  for  a  half  hour  and  it  was  an  absolute  ball.  I  loved  it.  I  have  always  dreamed  of  flying  a  plane.  I’m  looking  to   make  a  career  change   actually.  My  goal  is  to  start   lessons  at  the  beginning  of   the  year,  and  then  work  on   geXng  my  commercial  pilot’s   license  part  Kme  for  the  next   couple  of  years.  I  turned  28,   which  Jackie  says  is  a  more   respectable  age.   October  wasn’t  as  exciKng  as   I  hoped  it  would  be  with  the   Angels  not  making  the   playoffs.  That  gave  me  more   Kme  to  spend  playing  with   the  kids  so  it  probably  turned   out  for  the  best.  Both  Will  and   Bobby  love  to  hide  from  Mommy  with  me  under  a  big  blanket.  They  could  play  that  game  for  hours.  Bobby  sKll   loves  Rapunzel  although  he  is  geXng  a  lot  more  aggressive  with  his  “hair”.  He  was  a  Jedi  for  Halloween  and  loved   using    the  force.  I  even  taught  him  a  Jedi  mind  trick.  He  knocked  on  Grandpa  Donkin’s  door  and  said,  “You  will  give   me  your  candy”  as  he  made  the  hand  moKon  across  his  body.  Classic.  Will  was  Chewbacca,  using  Bobby’s  costume   from  last  year.  That  costume  is  itchy  so  I  can’t  recommend  it  for  the  age.  Neither  Bobby  nor  Will  liked  to  get  into  it   or  stay  in  it  for  very  long. Our  plan  is  to  come  out  to  Utah  for  the  Christmas  break.  Excited  to  see  everybody! Brian

11/5/2012 Dear  Family, I  feel  bad  that  I  failed  to  submit  a  family  le8er  for  the  last  quarterly  ediKon.    I  had  good  intenKons,  but  a  bicycle   mishap  combined  with  laziness  is  my  excuse.    On  the  last  Saturday  in  July,  John  and  I  were  doing  a  training  ride  up   American  Fork  Canyon  and  out  to  Cascade  Springs.    It’s  a  16  mile  ride  up  AF  Canyon  and  Alpine  Loop  to  the  summit   then  another  7  miles,  mostly  downhill,  to  Cascade  Springs.    About  2  miles  into  the  descent,  I  was  probably  going   too  fast  (30-­‐35  mph)  on  a  steep  descent  heading  into  a  right  hand  turn.    I  blew  my  front  Kre,  failed  to  make  the  turn   and  then  found  myself  flying  over  the   handlebars  on  the  side  of  the  road.    I  landed   on  my  head,  right  shoulder  and  right  hip.    The   resulKng  carnage  included  a  sha8ered  helmet   (point  of  inpact  just  behind  my  right  ear),   broken  collar  bone  and  a  big  contusion  on  my   lower  back.    My  bike  shorts  were  ripped  up   pre8y  good  and  ended  up  going  straight  to   the  trash. John  was  ahead  of  me  went  I  ran  off  the  road,   but  he  was  able  to  look  back  under  his  leR   arm  and  get  a  glimpse  of  me  tumbling  along   the  side  of  the  road.    A  couple  of  other  cyclist   stopped  to  check  on  me.    I  knew  that  my   collar  bone  was  broken  but  thought  for  a   moment  that  I  could  ride  out,  but  aRer   inspecKng  my  front  Kre,  I  knew  that  the   sidewall  blowout  couldn’t  be  repaired  so  I  was   going  to  have  to  walk  or  get  a  ride.    John  gave   the  other  two  riders  who  stopped  Annie  and   Beth’s  cell  numbers  and  asked  them  to  call  them  (both  were  at  our  house  in  Highland).    ARer  walking  a  short  way,   John  noKced  he  had  cell  recepKon  and  called  KrisKn.    Thank  goodness  KrisKn  keeps  her  phone  nearby  at  all  Kmes.     KrisKn  drove  up  Alpine  Loop  and  met  us  at  the  juncKon  to  Cascade  Springs.    John  and  I  hitched  a  ride  with  ‘Pat’  -­‐  a   guy  or  a  gal,  and  his/her  son,  to  the  top  of  the  Cascade  Spring  road  and  then  waited  15  minutes  for  KrisKn  to  drive   up  and  over  the  summit.     Once  we  got  home,  KrisKn  and  Annie  helped  me  pull  off  my  valued  fish  net  sleeveless  undershirt  (also  good  for   cruising  bars  in  San  Francisco  (and  even  be8er  if  wearing  YPR’s  leather  pants).    They  wanted  to  cut  the  undershirt   off,  but  I  couldn’t  bear  to  see  it  go.    Beth  took  me  to  the  ER  for  an  x-­‐ray,  which  confirmed  the  collar  bone  break.    I   told  the  Doc  my  pain  was  about  a  5,  but  wanted  to  up  it  to  a  9  aRer  the  kid  next  to  me  called  his  sprained  ankle  an   8.     Just  before  I  crashed  I  had  seen  the  ‘Fat  Cyclist’  and  his  wife  riding  up  from  Cascade  Springs.    The  Fat  Cyclist  is  really   Eldon  Nelson,  a  pre8y  famous  blogger  (  who  lives  nearby  in  Alpine.    I  menKoned  in  a  tweet  that  I  had   seen  him  just  before  the  crash.    He  read  my  tweet  and  sent  me  a  message  to  call  him.    I  called  and  he  and  his  wife  

apologized  for  not  stopping  (they  heard  the  BANG  of   my  blowout).    His  wife  is  a  nurse  and  her  son  recently   broke  his  collar  bone  so  they  had  a  good   recommendaKon  for  a  Surgeon  to  repair  the  brake.    I   took  their  advice  and  had  Dr.  Hansen  put  a  plate  in  my   shoulder.    The  only  problem  is  that  I  had  to  wait  over  a   week  for  the  surgery  so  I  had  to  suffer  the  pain  of   geXng  around  and  sleeping  with  the  broken  collar   bone  for  10  days. It’s  now  more  than  3  months  later  and  I’m  sKll  a  li8le   sore  and  have  yet  to  get  back  on  my  road  bike.    I’m   starKng  to  suspect  that  I’ve  overdone  it  with  yard  work   (planKng  trees)  and  may  “literally”  (quoKng  Joe  Biden)   have  a  screw  loose.    There  are  8  screws  in  the  plate   holding  the  collar  bone  together  and  I  the  one  closest   to  my  neck  is  the  one  I  suspect  is  loose.    I  may  have  to   go  back  to  the  Doc  and  have  him  x-­‐ray  it. Did  I  menKon  I’ve  been  planKng  trees?    I  posted  a  complete  list  of  the  100+  trees  we’ve  planted  in  the  back  yard   and  the  surrounding  open  space  this  fall.    I  think  it  is  going  to  look  really  good  in  a  few  years  and  absolutely   fantasKc  by  my  85th  birthday.    Most  of  trees  are  pre8y  small  (5-­‐6’  pines  and  2”  saplings,  but  a  few  are  3”  trunks  and   close  to  30’  tall.    I  had  my  neighbor’s  landscaping  crew  plant  most  of  the  big  ones  and  I’ve  been  planKng  the   smaller  ones  over  the  past  month.     ARer  nearly  a  year  of  having  construcKon  and  landscaping  workers  in  the  back  yard,  we  are  now  almost  completely   done  with  the  pool  house  and  landscaping  projects.    This  week  we  had  set  up  a  TV  and  sound  system  in  the  pool   house  complete  with  4  outdoor  speakers  so  we  can  have  a  dance  party  on  the  backyard  grass.    We  only  have  a  sink   and  cabinets  to  install  in  the  equipment  room  of  the  pool  house.    I  think  the  landscaping  is  done.    I’m  looking   forward  to  geXng  back  on  my  bike  and  not  having  to  spend  every  spare  minute  working  on  backyard  projects. We  have  had  fun  with  the  grand  kids  in  the  yard.    I  nervously  watched  Bobby  follow  Jack  and  Lily  up  the  rock  wall  a   few  weeks  ago  for  a  family  photo.    It  was  so  much  fun  to  have  the  enKre  family  in  town  for  a  few  days.      A  couple  of   weeks  ago  Annie  and  I  were  ‘faceKming’  with  Brian  and  Jackie.    I  was  telling  Bobby  about  how  Jack  and  Lily  wanted   to  show  him  the  secret  deer  trail.    Bobby  could  see  his  grandma  on  the  iphone  screen  holding  a  couple  of  KrisKn’s   Barbie’s.    Bobby  told  his  parents  that  he  wanted  to  go  to  grandma  and  walked  over  to  the  door  to  the  garage  with   every  intenKon  that  they  would  get  in  the  van  and  make  the  12  hour  drive  to  grandmas!    It  was  very  cute. I  can’t  think  of  anything  I  look  forward  to  more  than  hanging  out  with  the  grand  kids.    Christmas  is  going  to  be  fun.     I  can’t  wait  to  see  how  the  back  yard  luge  run  works  for  sledding  and  skiing. For  the  past  10  years,  this  fall  family  le8er  has  included  my  Lotoja  report.    This  year’s  report  is  not  a  race  report,   but  rather  a  support  crew  report.    I  was  lucking  to  spend  the  day  with  KrisKn  supporKng  John.    He  had  another   great  race,  finishing  top  10  and  sub  10  hour.    Not  bad  for  a  long  summer  of  minimal  training  mostly  based  on  the  

stress  of  being  unemployed.    Annie,  Beth  and  the  kids  drove  a  separate  car  and  rendezvoused  with  us  in  ARon  at   Taco  Time.     I  had  fun  hanging  out  with  John  and  the  family  at  the  finish  line  in  Jackson  waiKng  for  my  Irvine  cycling  buddies  to   finish.    My  good  friend,  Tait  Eyre,  broke  his  pedal  at  Alpine  and  ended  up  riding  the  last  50  miles  with  his  shoe  duct   taped  to  his  broken  pedal.     Did  I  menKon  that  John  was  unemployed  over  the  summer.    The  good  news  is  that  he  now  has  a  great  job  at  Adobe   and  his  office  will  be  down  the  road  from  us  at  Thanksgiving  Point.    I’m  looking  forward  to  meeKng  him  for  lunch  at   Del  Taco  every  once  in  a  while  and   possibly  sneaking  in  a  lunch  Kme   ride  every  now  and  again. KrisKn  has  been  living  with  us  since   July.    She  is  in  the  process  of  buying   her  first  home!    It’  a  very  nice  3   bedroom  town  home  in  Midvale.    It   looks  like  it  will  be  January  before  it   is  ready  for  her  to  move  in.    I’m  so   excited  for  her.    She’s  doing  great  at   Fusion-­‐io.    She  call  me  the  other  day   to  tell  me  that  one  of  the  high   profile  new  start-­‐ups  wants  to  talk   to  her  about  being  the  execuKve   assistant  to  their  President.     Brian  doing  well  at  Northwestern  but  is  thinking  very  seriously  about  making  a  career  change  and  geXng  his  pilots   license.    I’m  all  for  it.    I  need  to  introduce  him  to  my  neighbor,  Joe  Hunt,  who  runs  a  very  successful  company  of  Air   medical  flights  throughout  the  west,  Alaska  and  Hawaii.    The  Hawaii  crew  has  their  own  TV  show  on  Wednesday   nights  on  the  Weather  Channel.     Michael  is  down  to  his  last  year  of  school.    He’s  daKng  a  cute  girl  from  Layton  –  who  has  her  mission  call  to   Melbourne  leaving  in  March.    We’ll  see  how  that  progresses  over  the  next  few  months.    Michael  is  going  to  have   surgery  on  his  very  bad  ankle  next  Monday.    He  has  two  bad  ankles  that  have  endured  numerous  sprains  over  the   past  10  years  ranging  from  diving  boards  to  basketball  and,  of  course,  soccer.    If  the  surgery  works  on  the  very  bad   ankle,  he  may  have  follow  up  and  have  surgery  on  the  less  bad  ankle  at  some  future  date. The  one  upside  from  my  bicycle  crash  is  that  I  was  able  to  take  a  few  months  off  from  traveling.    I  even  got  an  email   from  Marrio8  telling  me  they  missed  me.    How  touching.    Right  now  I’m  siXng  in  a  Marrio8  in  Munich.    I’ll  be  here   all  week  for  a  series  of  meeKngs.    The  week  aRer  Thanksgiving  I  will  be  traveling  to  Japan  for  a  few  days  of   meeKngs.     I  haven’t  spent  every  spare  moment  working  in  our  yard.    I’ve  been  able  to  spend  some  Kme  at  John  and  Beth’s   home.    They    now  have  a  few  trees  planted  and  new  sod  front  and  back  –  just  in  Kme  for  snow.    I’m  looking  forward   to  going  to  work  for  KrisKn  in  January  geXng  her  house  and  garage  set  up.    It  should  be  fun.

Love  you  all.    Can’t  wait  to  see  everyone  at  Christmas.  Bob Hello  Emme8  Family I  hate  to  admit  that  I  haven’t  contributed  much  to  the  family  le8ers  this  year.    In  a  small  a8empt  I  might  capture   part  of  this  year  in  this  le8er.     My  job  with  Fusion-­‐io  has  been  a  great  experience  and  I  conKnue  to  learn  and  grow  in  my  posiKon  as  the  ExecuKve   Assistant  to  the  COO  and  now  our  current  Senior  Vice  President  of  Business  OperaKons  and  planning.    Both  are   great  guys  to  support  and  provide  me  opportuniKes  to  be  challenged  and  allow  me  to  think  outside  the  box.    This   last  year  I  have  traveled  to  our  San  Jose  office  a  few   Kmes  for  different  opportuniKes  to  provide  support  for   different  meeKngs  and  an  offsite  acKvity  in  Pacifica  for   the  ASIC  group  in  May.    In  April  I  traveled  for  a  team   building  acKvity  held  in  Southern  California  for  two   days.    We  had  a  day  of  business  in  the  Disneyland  hotel   and  a  day  at  Disneyland.    I  was  able  to  extend  my  flight   and  visit  friends  in  Irvine,  running  on  the  beach,  eaKng   at  my  favorite  restaurants,  and  visited  the  Newport   Beach  temple.    I  feel  very  grateful  for  this  job  and  all   the  opportuniKes  it  has  allowed.     On  to  the  least  favorite  subject  of  life  as  a  thirty   something  in  Utah.    I  have  had  some  very  fun  dates  in   the  last  10  months  but  no  one  worth  menKoning  at   this  point.    The  highlight  of  my  dates  was  to  the  Lady   Antebellum  concert  on  ValenKne’s  Day.    I  have  been   grateful  for  the  people  I  have  met  this  year  and  love   learning  about  each  male. My  travel  highlights  for  2012  was  my  trip  to  Maui  in  March.    I  spent  the  week  with  three  girlfriend’s  relaxing  on   different  beaches  for  the  week.    It  was  simply  wonderful  and  very  much  needed.    Some  other  trips  included  a  ski   trip  to  Jackson  Hole,  business  trips  to  California,  and  more  trips  to  San  Jose  for  work  and  play  in  October.   The  biggest  news  as  of  late  is  I  told  my  pre8y  Lexus  and  bought  a  house.    That’s  right  folks  I  am  going  to  be  a   homeowner  in  January  2013.    All  will  be  invited  down  and  I  will  have  extra  rooms  for  those  that  need  to  stay  next   year.      It  has  been  a  fun  last  few  months  looking  for  furniture  and  items  to  decorate  with.     I  believe  I  have  now  covered  all  the  major  highlights  of  my  year  in  the  le8er.    New  year’s  resoluKons  will  be  to   become  a  be8er  blogger  and  contribute  to  the  family.    I  am  grateful  for  each  you  and  the  example  you  have  been.     Look  forward  to  seeing  all  those  this  year  who  make  it  around  for  Christmas. With  Love, KrisKn  






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