1.1 History of Cellular
he need to increase the public safety was key to the genesis of today’s rapidly growing wireless communication industry. In1920s’ police departments in Detroit, Michigan and Bayonne. New Jersey and the Connecticut State Police were among the first who sought to use in their patrol cars, the technology that had improved the safety of oceangoing vessels – radiotelephone service. The United States involvement in World War 2 created an urgent need for FM technology to take the place of Amplitude Modulated (AM) technology for higher quality, two-way mobile radio communications on the battlefield. The strategic value of wireless communication on the mobile and portable communication on the battlefield spurred companies like AT&T, Motorola and General Electric to focus on refining prominently among the products developed during the war years and carried over into peacetime use. Although there was a form of mobile telephone service available in the late 1940s, its capacity was limited – with few radio channels available to carry calls, and cities like New York limited to 12 simultaneous callers. In 1947, AT&T engineers decided to stretch the limited number of radio frequencies available for mobile service by scattering multiple low-power transmitters throughout a metropolitan area, and “handing off” calls from transmitter to transmitter as customers moved around in their vehicles. This was the birth of wireless technology. But there was ahead of its time. It took 20 years to develop sophisticated call “hand off” technology. In 1973, Motorola introduced its revolutionary new Dyna TAC mobile phone, a conveniently sized radiotelephone set. At the same time, European countries also started using cellular phones with different systems. Today, wireless competition has accelerated to the point that more than 3 billion people can now choose between 339 service providers around the globe.


representing a market share of 38.5% (as of March 2008).000 employees.GSM subsidiaries to act as a backbone of support for its regional GSM operations. Orascom Telecom is a leading mobile telecommunications company operating in six emerging markets having a population under license of 430 million with an average penetration of mobile telephony across all markets of approximately 40%. OTH has positioned itself as a leader in the region for its diverse GSM operations with various GSM support and Internet operations. OTH has achieved this by dedicating financial.A. Africa. Tunisia (Tunisiana). Egypt (Mobinil). Mobilink serves more than 31. and Internet operations. had a market share of 40%. In April 2001. equipment procurement. value to shareholders and a dynamic working environment for its more than 15. technical and management resources for supporting its subsidiaries. OTH had exceeded 74 million subscribers as of March 2008. This includes network support and installation of GSM operations. Value Added Services. the Pakistan Mobile communications Ltd (“Mobilink”) started its operations in 1994 and. ("Orascom Telecom") or ("OTH") was established in 1998 and has grown to become a major player in the telecommunication market. One of OTH's main strategies is to create its own non. As the market leader.E. OTH is considered among the largest and most diversified network operators in the Middle East.6 million subscribers. OTH established a strong presence in the GSM Association (the world's 4 . Bangladesh (Banglalink) and Zimbabwe (Telecel Zimbabwe). until early 2001. OTH operates GSM networks in Algeria (Djezzy).About Orascom Telecom Orascom Telecom Holding S. OTH is dedicated to providing the best quality services to its customers. OTH took over management control of the company. handset procurement and distribution companies. In Pakistan. and has acquired in early 2008 a license to operate mobile services in North Korea. Pakistan (Mobilink). and South Asia.

OTH's stocks are traded on the Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchange (CASE). OTH's Chairman and CEO. 5 . value to shareholders. Naguib Sawiris. and a dynamic working environment for its more than 15. (under the symbol ORTE. OTH is dedicated to provide the best quality services to its customers.leading wireless industry representative body) only five years after its inception. ORAT EY) and on the London Stock Exchange (where its GDR is traded under the symbol ORTEq. was selected to join the GSM Association's CEO Board in 2002.000 employees.L.CA. OTLD LI). Mr.

1. Since the 1980s. Efforts by the government of Pakistan to promote the development. With its Cutting edge technologies. but also that it has become a mass-market service. it is important to provide it with excellent coverage and dependable communication system. Countries that have weaker telecom. considerable effort was made to upgrade Pakistan’s telecommunications system. modernization and diversification of its telephone infrastructure over the last decade have met with mixed success.1 MOBILINK IN PAKISTAN Pakistan Mobile Communication Limited (Mobilink) is the first GSM Operator in Pakistan and since the launch of its services in 1994. There is still plenty of room for further expansion. two new mobile operators were licensed in 2004. 70% of Pakistan's population lives in rural areas. The nation’s Sixth Five-Year Plan called for a public-sector investment of Rs10. whilst the majority of working lines are in urban areas.2 INTRODUCTION Industrial development of a country is not possible without having a modern telecom infrastructure in place.2. recent strong growth in the mobile market has created a much more positive general outlook in the industry. Significantly. 6 . Mobile subscriber numbers have surged from less than 2 million at end-2002. However. By the end of 2005 there were more cellular phones in Asia than in Europe. Nevertheless. The number of fixed-line services in Pakistan has increased five fold since 1990.1. joining the existing four operators. infrastructure. to create a very busy market. has Been at the fore front of Pakistan’s cellular service industry. Key thing is that wireless is easy to deploy and it is much more versatile and reliable for Pakistani business to compete in the world markets on equal footing. using the latest technology can today quickly step in to the future. There were over 200 million cellular phones in use worldwide by the end of 2000. Cellular service is soaring in Asia. Recent industry figures confirm that cellular has become a primary tool not just for business everywhere.1 billion to improve and expand the telephone and telex systems. to around 11 million by mid-2005 and the growth has the feel of sustained development.

has achieved the status of “market leader” with a customer Base in excess of 31 million subscribers. The company plans to invest an additional US $500 million in 2008. the company has aggressively expanded its coverage.5 billion in its infrastructure. achieving Cell sites in excess of 6. over 200. Star Symbol Shows the MOBILINK HEAD OFFICE in ISLAMABAD. Mobilink is determined to maintain its market 7 . During the last few Years. To date.500-kilometer fiber optic backbone Network across Pakistan. Mobilink has also progressed from voice to carrier-class nationwide Services by completing its own 6. retail and customer services Network across the Nation.000 retail outlets and coverage in More than 8. towns and villages. to meet the growing demands of its customers.000 cities. Mobilink.500. the company has invested over US$2. Network rollout and the largest franchise. It now plans to provide high-speed data Connectivity in Pakistan through WiMax services. With a systematic roll-out Plan for the future.national infrastructure and superior quality Customer service. a wholly owned subsidiary of Orascom Telecom.

Additionally. In less than two years time Mobilink achieved an exceptional growth of almost 672% and attained market leadership. The Phenomenal growth and the success of the mobile sector in 2006 – 07 Can be seen with the estimated revenue figures of Rs 133 billion in the Industry growing by a soaring 48% from 2005 .Leadership in all areas to ensure that it continues to reshape lives of Pakistanis everywhere by “connecting the unconnected”. the positive role of the Government has been a catalyst in The phenomenal growth of the cellular market in Pakistan. OT took over management control of the company in April 2001 and changed the overall market dynamics through its aggressive marketing strategy and expertise. Mobilink Head Office. F-8 Islamabad 8 .06. Mobilink was the first mobile service provider in Pakistan to operate a 100% GSM technology as both existing operators employed AMPS technology. with Mobilink Contributing nearly fifty percent to it.

2. and with trust and respect. We respect and esteem our employees and all stakeholders. They have placed their trust and confidence in us. We take personal responsibility for our actions.2 Mobilink's Vision & Values Mobilink's Vision "To be the leading Telecommunication Services Provider in Pakistan by offering innovative Communication solutions for our Customers while exceeding Shareholder value & Employee Expectations". we take pride in practicing the highest ethical standards in an open and honest environment.1. This commitment to delivering world-class quality translates into unmatched service and value for our customers and all stakeholders. Mobilink's Values Total Customer Satisfaction Customers are at the heart of our success. empowerment and honor.3 Trust & Integrity At Mobilink.4 Respect for People Our relationships drive our business. In return. and treat everyone fairly. and by honoring our commitments. We believe in teamwork. we strive to anticipate their needs and deliver service. We aspire to the highest standards and raise the bar for ourselves everyday. 1. Business Excellence We strive for excellence in all that we do. quality and value beyond their expectations. 1. 9 .

We contribute to worthy causes and are dedicated to the development and progress of the society.5 Corporate Social Responsibility As the market leader. we recognize and fulfill our responsibility towards our country and the environment we operate in. 10 .1.

1. continuous improvement and enhanced performance goals. Attract maximum customers and satisfy them. Excel in meeting customer needs. Provide better service to people in the field of telecommunication. Retaining the role of a leading telecommunication company. Engineering Departments and CS Contact Center Implementation of a full Intelligent Network (IN) platform from Siemens for the Prepaid platform Largest Call Center in Pakistan. which is there to assist the customers 24 hours Only cellular service in Pakistan to provide coverage on the M2 motorway Bilateral roaming in over 100 countries around the world with true international roaming with over 300 operators across the globe First mobile operator in Pakistan to offer extensive GPRS Roaming and BlackBerry Roaming services.6 Goals and Objectives • • • • • • Expand the business. 11 .7 Achievements • • • • • • ISO 9002 Quality Management System Certification for Billing.1. Seek employee involvement.

CHAPTER NO. 2 Societal Marketing 12 .

2 Supporting the Arts Mobilink's alliance with the international Kara Film Festival demonstrates its commitment to the promotion of art and theatre. 2.2. This includes donating computers to the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Each year.3 Employee Involvement Mobilink believes in supporting the community not only through sponsorships but also through employee involvement. 2. Mobilink encourages its employees to be engaged in community welfare work and to support relevant causes. education and sports. In addition to sponsorships. 2. Mobilink was amongst the first to 13 . 2.1 Educating the Youth Mobilink has made various donations to educational institutes. donating Rs. The festival creates a space for alternative and independent cinematographers. and sponsoring the commemorative ceremony for the golden jubilee of Cadet College. both experienced and new filmmakers.0 Societal Marketing Mobilink believes in playing an active role in supporting the community and social development of Pakistan.4 Earthquake 2005 and Flood Victims in Sindh During the devastating earthquake of 2005 that struck the Northern Areas of Pakistan and Flood Victims in Sindh respond to the crisis.000 to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences to set up a computer lab. Hasanabdal. Mobilink and its staff contribute significantly to charities and community projects to help bring about a better quality of life to the less privileged in the community and enrich the lives of Pakistanis through support in local arts. 100. to exhibit their creative endeavors in Pakistan.

Goods such as blankets.Relief Camps were set up in all major hospitals to provide free calling facilities to patients and relatives arriving from far flung areas. 14 . shawls. jackets were also collected for those affected by the earthquake and Mobilink Relief Teams were constituted to provide aid to the Northern Areas.

CHAPTER NO. 3 Management 15 .

MANAGEMENT President and CEO Rashid Khan Chief Strategy Officer Tariq Rashid Vice President Marketing Bilal Munir Sheikh Vice President Customer Care Irfan Akram Vice President & Head of Broadband Business Division. Mustafa Peracha Vice President Corporate Affairs Agha Qasim Chief Technical Officer Ramy Reyad Kamel 16 .

this clearly demonstrates the potential in the Pakistani market. Hence. Similar 17 .Vice President Sales Jahanzeb Taj Head of Human Resources & Administration Sadia Ahmad Chief Financial Officer Andis Locmelis Head of Business Analysis and Planning Farid Ahmed 3. 3.2 Customer Segmentation Like most emerging mobile markets.707 enjoys over 60% of the total postpaid market.4%. while Jazz has over 50% share to its credit in the prepaid domain with 805. Star with cumulative subscriber base of 146. Pakistan is also a prepaid-driven market and the industry-wide sales mix normally consists of 85% prepaid.1 Market Size Total size of cellular market is approximately 2 million in a country of 144 million people. Mobilink being the market leader enjoys 53% share of the overall market with both Star and Jazz dominating the postpaid and prepaid segments respectively. the market penetration is only 1.467 subscriber base.

During the year postpaid sales were supported by handset leasing program that helped maintaining adequate postpaid sales. Value added services were branded as ‘Power Tools’. In July 2002.results are seen from purchase intention data from potential mobile subscribers.3 Brand Structure Mobilink provides umbrella branding to both of its major brands. Jazz launched unique Door-to-Door education/sales activity in Karachi Metropolitan. Star (postpaid) and Jazz (prepaid). Mobilink now offers International Roaming with 155 operators. This is reflected in a 74 % increase in revenues. 18 . and given extensive media support to enhance usage and corresponding revenues . which is the largest city of Pakistan and business capital. including Thuraya Satellite. Mobilink has the highest Total Spontaneous Awareness in the industry of 90%. 3. New and innovative SMS and IVR based products were introduced during the year and contributed towards the revenues. Mobilink plans to introduce limited GPRS during 2003 and will be offering services like MMS on this platform in order to strengthen its technology leadership.4 Market Indicators Mobilink reported strong operating profit growth as it continued to realize benefits from the acquisition and retention of high value customers and the continuing focus on cost efficiencies. and a 142 % increase in EBITDA. 3. followed by Jazz with 89% and Star measures at 16%.the resultant impact has been very positive. In the year 2002. Mobilink has set new standards and achieved many landmarks between the postpaid and prepaid brands and offered innovative Value Added Services. covering approximately 100.000 households in the lower-middle income bracket. This activity lasted for two months in which trained representatives paid visits to the potential buyer at the convenience of their home.

All franchisees have trained sales and service staff. Blended churn for the twelve months to 31 December 2002 reached 7. its increased effort in emphasizing the brand recognition of Mobilink.7 Sales Strategy Mobilink is the first cellular operator to introduce the “franchise” concept in the cellular industry in Pakistan.5 Mobile Operators Mobilink started its operation in 1994 as a third entrant in the market. while Paktel and Instaphone were already operating since 1991 and had acquired substantial market penetration. 3. fully capable of tackling sales challenges. All this has been possible due to inter-departmental synergy and strengthening of Mobilink’s brands. Each franchisee is adequately equipped to process sales. the main competitor. This was the result of the ever increasing effort of Mobilink in increasing its subscriber base. this wide network that covers 85% of the urban population is supplemented by extensive International Roaming in 63 countries with 155 operators worldwide to broaden the connectivity horizons. 3. these operate as Points of Sales (POS) only and are branded “Mobilink Connect”.4% down 11% compared to 2001. Additionally. 3. JAZZ 19 .Blended ARPU for the twelve months to 31 December 2002 reached US$ 16. Mobilink has maintained its momentum of growth. collect bills and offer other customer services. Mobilink worked with its franchisees to develop a network of over 300 sub-dealers. In order to extend its reach even further. and currently operates the largest franchise network in Pakistan with over 100 franchisee/national distributors (dealers operated service centers).5 compared to US$ 21 for the twelve months ended 31 December 2001.6 Network Coverage Mobilink is the leader with digital coverage stretching across 120 cities of the country through nearly 355 cell-sites. Despite the re-launch of Ufone. while at the same time retaining its older customer base.

8 Social Responsibility Mobilink has initiated a continuous social effort towards the growth of social sector and development of sports in the country. Mobilink has been actively supporting SAF (South Asian Federation) Games with a commitment of encouraging sports and healthy activities among younger generation of Pakistan. 4 20 . Such programs will help Mobilink in associating with the consumer and build long-term emotional relationship as a good corporate citizen of Pakistan. In sports development. Mobilink sponsored PIMS (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences) Children’s ward and has committed to carry forward the program in the future as well.scratch cards are easily available across urban Pakistan through 8500 retail outlets. 3. CHAPTER NO.

HR Functions of Mobilink 21 .

0 HR Functions of Mobilink Human Resource Staffing & Compensation Organization Development HR Operations Project Management Office 4. In addition. these team players understand their roles and execute their duties in a way that eases the ride for other team members. retain. HR department plays a vital role in the success of Mobilink as performance of organization is based on the performance of people. develop and sustain the top notch work force. 22 .1 Basic role of HR department in Mobilink Mobilink is the largest telecom company of Pakistan because it has managed to attract the best professionals in the industry. Second approach is that HR department is responsible to maintain internal equity by having standard in term of competition while interacting with market forces (economy and political scenario). The above mentioned approaches are the key concepts being practiced in HR department of Mobilink. This is the first approach regarding the basic role of HR department in Mobilink. This approach is practiced that give the results of hiring the best and performing on the edge.4. To achieve this perspective HR department has to play the major role and it is the role of HR department to attract.

2 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF MOBILINK: Although all the departments in an organization play vital role in achieving the overall all goals and objectives of that organization yet the major departments are as follows: • • • • • Marketing department Customer service It department Treasury department Finance department 4.4.3 ORGANIZATIONAL CHART: Chairman and CEO VP and CFO Executive Director Chief Officer Co-ordination General Manager Marketing General Manager IT General Manager Finance General Manager Admin & PO 23 .

For recruitment mobilink use different models. But major chunk working in Mobilink is there due to reference. Others may include Advertisements. 90% of the employees are hired through reference.4 Recruitment Mobilink has a separate department for staffing. Other methods for recruitment are also used but major source is reference. stability. Mobilink obtain the assurance from Govt of Pakistan that no further GSM licenses will be granted for the period of ten years in order to get the maximum time to yield the benefits of penetration. Sources for recruitment: Employee referrals is the basic source of recruitment. First of all they use Advertisement Method they give adds on web sites and in news papers References Job Fairs Student Profile Book they get resumes of all fresh passed out batches 4.5 MONOPOLY OF MOBILINK Before Mobilink there were two companies already in the market but with different technology. infrastructure and monopoly.4. This department is responsible for taking all the hiring decisions for the company. increments are made. One of their policies is that hiring the top notch professionals from industry and based on their performance. Job fair. 24 . They practice different policies regarding recruitment and selection. University Graduates and agencies also. Prior launching of GSM service in Pakistan.

Developed at Bell Labs and transferred to the regional Bell operating companies at the time of the divestiture in 1984.221 TOTAL 68.950 43.058 112.398 60000 70000 80. (By: Diane Shired) 25 . In this period Mobilink’s growth is increased in 1st five years then decreased because of political instability.1 YEAR 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-2000 CELLULAR SUBSCRIBERS IN PAKISTAN INSTA 20.600 82. is an analog technology that uses an 800MHz cellular band.5.385 52. and Atomic explosions in 1998. 4.4. AMPS was put on the market in the 1980’s and is the worldwide cellular standard.184 108.5. In the period of 199899 the Mobilink’s growth were decrease to record 20%.2 TECHNOLOGY DIFFERENCE Meaning of AMPS – "Advanced Mobile Phone Service".096 265. war with India in 1999.4 45.4 15.556 114.272 PAKTEL 30.4 Mobilink’s monopoly were from 1994 to 2000.029 53.912 87.493 GROWT H% … 98.703 39.612 306.038 135.2 35.027 196.000 MOBILINK 16.

Both Mobilink and Ufone pursued this strategy with varying degrees of success. Overall.5 for the same 1 26 .6 million. 1000 2.3 MONOPOLISTIC STRUCTURE Pakistan' has gone through a monopolistic telecom & IT vendor's age. however. an increase from $921. averaged around $934. to discuss how to make wireless technology work across geographic borders. There was a clear imperative to grab customer base – to sweep the market – before the new players enter the field.5 million in the year-ago quarter. Mobilink increased its coverage to several new cities across Pakistan – once again opening up new regions with pent-up demand. Meaning of GSM is "Global System for Mobile Communications". Mobilink’s consolidated revenues.5. There was a sense of urgency to capitalize on these opportunities as the operators with newly awarded licenses geared up to start operations. Mobilink is the first cellular company with GSM technology in Pakistan. The cost of acquiring a cellular connection went down from Rs. 4. 4. the thrust of market strategies for 2004 was on acquisitions. The share of the top-5 city gross sales in Mobilink sales went down from 67% to 61%1 3. it a digital cellular phone technology based on a specified standard for how data is sent over a wireless network.5 Million subscribes at the end of 2004.The GSM was formed in 1982. The upfront cost of acquiring a connection went down significantly opening up a whole new segment of the market. Average revenue per user (ARPU) declined to $2.8 for the third quarter from $3. Three factors contributed to this: 1. For Mobilink this meant going from 2 Million subscribers at the end of 2003 to a projected 4. 3000 to Rs.

period last year. The company spent $406 million for the first nine months of 2008, up from $353 million in the same period of last year. Similarly, the company’s market share dropped to 34.8%, it was 36.4% last year. TOTAL REVENUES BY CELLULAR COMPANIES (Rs. MILLIONS)

Company Mobilink Ufone CM Pak Zong Telenor Warid Telecom Total

2006-07 34,456 8,599 2,400 2,693 565 168 48,881

2007-08 54,065 16,098 3,329 1,539 6,338 8,527 89,896

2009-10 64,654 21,867 2,897 472 22,837 20,405 133,132

2010-11 79,936 27,455.2 25,85.3 259.7 45,081.2 26,804.7 182,080.9

In this fiercely competitive arena, Mobilink set itself the target of reaching 7 Million subscribers and retaining a market share of 54% by the end of 2005. While the market share target is lower than current share of 61%, the share of each competitor in the market will remain relatively small – since that there are more players to go around. Taking Mobilink’s share as a given, there are two possibilities for the competitive field: Either all four players will manage similar levels of acquisitions, or one clear competitor will emerge taking the lion’s share of competition’s acquisitions. From our perspective, the former scenario is clearly preferable, since in this scenario all the competition will neutralize each other to some extent and they will have to fight on multiple fronts. In this scenario no one will gain a share large enough to threaten Mobilink’s leadership position. Given that U-fone and Paktel have a head start with established brands, distribution, and coverage in more cities, they are likely to acquire more subscribers than Warid and Telenor. On the other hand these last two will be more aggressive in their strategies but will be hampered by the fact that their operations will roll-out in Q2 and their initial coverage will necessarily be limited to major cities. Given


this, and given the current base Ufone already has, we see the end-2005 market position as looking like this:

Motorola International Development Corporation Ray shields Investments Limited International Wireless Communications Pakistan (IWCPL), a consortium between: Orascom Telecom Asian Infrastructure Fund (AIF) 30% 11% Limited 39% 20%

“People respond to incentives. The rest is commentary” Mobilink has launched two products i.e. JAZZ and INDIGO (prepaid and postpaid). In monopolistic competition mobilink introduce many packages in the market. Some of the packages are;   Jazz octane  SMS package  Ladies first  Free connections  Free balances  Low calls Rates nationwide  Low calls rate on international roaming  Urdu Power tools  Mobilink PCO An amazing prepaid service with two pre-paid packages i.e. Jazz Easy, Jazz Max. The benefits of pre-paid products are: • • • No daily charges Low outgoing rates 180 days validity of Jazz scratch cards 28

Outgoing calls (24 hours) Incoming Calls Sms to any mobilink number (per sms) outgoing Sms to any other network (per sms) outgoing International Sms (per sms) outgoing Voice mail and CLI Daily charges Rs. 3.50 Free Rs.1.00 Rs.1.50 Rs. 5.00 Free Free

Demand of mobile phones has been increased during the past four years rapidly. In 2004-05 the total number subscribers were 12.7 million which increased to 34.4 millions in 2005-06 and similarly in 2006-07 36.45 million as compared to 0.3 millions in year 1999-2000. The reason for this increase advent of new mobile companies in Pakistan which create competition in Telecom industry.


Telenor & Warid in 2004 and CMPAK in 2007 which created competition in the mobile market and because of this competition prices (for their services) goes down drastically during past five years .e. Due to this competition number of subscribers raised 4. every company started to provide free roaming services and SIMs rate also declined .4 million (provided other factor remains constant such as mobile sets decreases their rates and rise of media campaigns ) 30 . It has a high price rate per minute. Above reasons shows that mobilink was not providing services to its efficient scales as compare with today it mean moblink had created dead weight loss. High subscriber’s identification module (SIM) rates (i.e. Rs. lack of information) Being a only GSM company having protection from government. 3000 minimum in 2002). After the expiry of patent Pakistan mobile phone industry Was open for new entrant and many farms arrived such as Ufone in 2001. After monopoly. sms. Similarly high rates of other services i. High taxes imposed by the government. etc. Roaming charges. Both caller and receiver had to pay for a call. (provided other factors remain constant such as expensive mobile sets.When we compare the figures of Mobilink year 1999-2000 with 2006-07 we will find that the mobilink had monopoly due to certain reasons.

5 Market Power 31 .Chapter No.

Trend 4. HUM BOLAY MOHABBAT KE ZABAN (Different languages) Facts About Mobilink GSM Company Structure Genre Parent Owner Founded Founder Industry Headquarters Private Limited Subsidiary Orascom Telecom Egypt Naguib Sawiris 1994 Motorola USA Telecommunication 42 Kulsum Plaza. Due to following reasons 5. 2. Signal Quality 3. towns. Mobilink closed 2005 with more than 11 million subscribers. and villages across Area served Revenue Website Pakistan 250. Blue Area. 5000 cities. Currently. Since then. Vast Network throughout the Pakistan.mobilinkgsm. In comparison. 2006) www. Islamabad. the subscriber base has increased to more than 24 million. Fashion. Mobilink has embarked on an aggressive growth strategy. Mobilink closed 2003 with 2 million customers.0 Market Power In spite of this competition Mobilink’s price is slightly higher than other connections.5.2 million USD (3rd quarter. 32 . who has been the President and the CEO since June 2003.1 Strategy and Management Mobilink is led by Zouhair Abdul Khaliq.

that when the company that prided itself on its executive clientele came up with prepaid cards. So. and Mobilink Jazz came to be. This has involved an investment in the company of more than US$ 1 Billion. the company decided to try to grow by targeting the majority that could not afford billed connections. it could not have imagined the extent to which the idea would take off in the country. With the advent of mobile telephony.900 cell sites and the number keeps growing at a rapid pace. Whether the said companies were state-owned giants. The company that is credited with introducing the concept in Pakistan is Mobilink. though. post-paid billing has always been the method that telecom companies have used for obtaining payments for the services provided. billed accounts were the way to go. Here was where the prepay concept was born. having a cell phone and a post-paid connection was no cheap thing. or private ventures.Network During the last 13 years. At the time. Switches Radio Base Stations Intelligent Networks Microwave Equipment Operating Frequency Evolving the Prepay Traditionally. There is little doubt. Mobilink has 50 Switches and more than 4. Siemens NEC and Alcatel 900/1800 MHz 33 . Siemens and Alcatel Motorola and Alcatel. The idea worked pretty well. this system changed to accommodate and facilitate the needs of different users. Mobilink has set up one of the largest cellular networks in the country. it is not hard to imagine the motivation behind Mobilink’s decision to launch its offering. On the other hand.000 km of optical cable. It also has deployed around 3. it is covering more than 5000+ cities and towns. Currently.

2 BCG GROWTH RATE MATRIX   5.3 Marketing Management & Mobilink GSM 34 .5.

based on understanding the business and commercial context. Mobilink provides excellence in market research through their extensive experience in telecommunication working. analysis and distribution of information for the purpose of knowledge development and decision making. Mobilink marketing executive further says that our research process is designed so that we take more care to understand our goals and constraints and use this to deliver better value to our customers. keeping. our business will be under constant threat from competitors and may be failing to extract the maximum value from the market. The design and outcomes of a market research project have to reflect not just the results from the data. and growing customers through creating. but the way in which the organization could and should use the data.Marketing Management The art and science of choosing target markets and getting. Market research does not sit in a vacuum. Without knowing our customer’s needs and wants or understanding demand. Marketing Research The marketing research process includes the systematic identification. delivering. 35 . collection. They focus on providing better research techniques that enables to understand why and how customers make choices and a better research process. The marketing executive at Mobilink admits that understanding markets and customers is the bedrock on which business planning and strategy is built. and communicating superior customer value.

CHAPTER NO. 6 Market Management 36 .

Then they work to identify and outline the marketing research project objectives and define the size and source of the survey sample. Surveys are designed with the marketing research objectives in mind. Next.6. The innovative and actionable design approaches ensures that study is customized to meet the unique needs of the project. The next step is to coordinate data collection. Step 3: Collecting the data 37 . The second step is questionnaire development. which need to be answered. It is made sure that the questions address the needs of the project and all surveys are pre-tested to confirm the survey.1 Marketing research process by Mobilink Effective marketing research in Mobilink consists of 6 steps Step 1: Identifying and defining the problem Step 2: Developing the approach and establishing research design and strategy Step 3: Collecting the data Step 4: Performing data analysis Step 5: Reporting and presentation Step 6: Making a decision Step 1: Identifying and defining the problem The first step is to understand the question(s). the most appropriate marketing research methodology is determined. instructions and procedures are set up appropriately. Step 2: Developing the approach and establishing research design and strategy Mobilink researchers gather data both by primary and secondary means.

38 . Marketing research studies are continuously monitored by the research team to ensure accuracy.The data is collected via telephone. Step 5: Reporting and presentation The fifth step is to report the results. A major problem is getting biased and dishonest answers. system. Our clients have come to rely on our reporting capabilities. Once collected. Key findings are summarized and a course of action is recommended. As Mobilink is well aware of the fact that data collection phase is prone to errors and inaccuracies so the management tries hard to get that right. Mobilink utilizes their extensive statistical and analytical expertise to transform the data into clear. Step 6: Making a decision Mobilink uses marketing decision support system to enable its managers to make better decisions. Step 4: Performing data analysis The fourth step is to analyze the data. So getting true respondents is crucial. through the Internet or by using qualitative research. it is the system for collection of data. Whether it's providing presentation-ready materials. in-person. concise and actionable information. every effort are made to give the insight that mobilink is the most innovative and progressive telecommunication company in Pakistan. formatting reports to meeting the internal standards or delivering reports via choice of media. tools and techniques with supporting software and hardware which an organization gathers and interprets relevant information from business and environment and turns it into a basis for marketing action.

which we apply across our own research and development as well as across all our mobile marketing and mobile media assignments for our clients and partners.6. Mobile Marketing or Mobile Media or a combination of both? Research and due diligence 6. milestones and business case Integration with new or existing marketing and media activities Legal and compliance issues Strategic partners and distribution channels 6.4 Strategic Planning • • • • Identifying and documenting timeframes.3 Discovery • • • Understanding and identifying the key objectives of the mobile services. This framework underpins our research and thinking on Mobile Communities.5 Creative Development • • Creative and campaign development End user experience and interaction design 39 . This approach is market proven and has been the foundation for the 100's of mobile products and services that we have developed and managed since January 2001.2 Mobilink's Mobile Intelligence Program Mobilink's Mobile Intelligence program is a framework. Mobile Services for the Youth Market and the convergence of Mobile Marketing and Mobile Media The Mobile Intelligence program has 5 key phases: 6.

• • Mobile media production and delivery Integrated mobile marketing and media services 6. management and ongoing technical support 6. 40 . and apply that information to better advertising and target marketing. The ability to detect competitor changes to enhance the company’s operation tactics in which area that competitor operates.6 Mobile Technology and Implementation • • • • Element Platform and Modules Telecom and messaging infrastructure Use of appropriate technology and mobile content (SMS/MMS/Java/ Ring tones/Icons) Hosting. • • The ability to track customers order history. their interests.8 Mobilink Marketing Intelligence • Marketing Intelligence System is a method of collecting and organizing important business information into a useable form for important business marketing purposes.7 Program Management • • • • • Client Services Team End user support Ongoing reporting and analysis Proactive ideas and research Roadmap for client development 6. Marketing Intelligence System at mobilink is used for various purposes:• For the ability to forecast sociological and technological changes ahead of time and make the necessary internal changes to adjust to the changing environment of the consumer.

For Mobilink. management experience. Mobilink views marketing intelligence with three very different components. etc. what they know. the Intelligence Platform is a way of thinking about who they are. etc. Source Categories • • • • • • • • • • • • Search engines. Trade directories Legal information sources Competitive intelligence database software suppliers Other public information sources     41 . and what they think about the company and the competitive marketplace. satellite images. search utilities. Financial information sources (Company filings / public & private company data) Newspaper and news resources Patent & trademark resources Government sources Trade & industry sources Demographic data Geographic / Country information & maps. When we begin an assignment. It includes data. ideas. Questions like “What do we know? What ideas have been generated? What are the drivers that give the business its unique personality?” are answered in order to get the required information. the Intelligence Platform is examined as it is. and judgments.

the marketing staff must segment the market.g.2 Targeting The second step of choosing the value is selecting the appropriate target market.  6. It is important to understand that the future of marketing telecommunication services in Pakistan is going to be based on targeted segmentation strategies. & Positioning  6. This growth has been further strengthened with brand building activities that have ensured that Jazz 42 . Mobilink has followed a consistent strategy of growing the network and ensuring that the products are available everywhere.9 Segmentation. a telecommunication service provider emphasizes on being part of a value delivery process. the Mobilink Indigo brand mainly targets the corporate sector of the Pakistani community. Jazz Budget is aimed at the middle and upper-middle class.1 Segmentation Mobilink. The variables used for segmenting the consumer market demographic as well as psychographic:• • • • Age Income Occupation Social Class 6. The Jazz Octane is designed to attract youth. Mobilink’s target market varies with its different product lines e. while Mobilink World targets the masses with its diverse value added services. First.9. Mobilink follows the target selection pattern of full market coverage and develops strategies as per the requirement of the different targeted segments. choosing the value. Targeting. The first phase. represents the ‘homework’ marketing must do before any product exists.9.

10 Competitive Forces The industry structure of Pakistan’s mobile phone service providers is differentiated oligopoly. a small no. The message they want to communicate to the consumer market is that Mobilink is the best solution for telecommunication and can be trusted to provide communication facilities all across the globe where no other service is available. styling. or services. 6. • • • • • • Mobilink GSM Telenor Warid Telecom Ufone Paktel GSM Instaphone 6. 6.and Indigo remain synonymous for premium telecommunication services for which they are close to the hearts and minds of the customers. features.11 Mobilink’s Market Share and Role in the Pakistani Market 43 .3 Positioning Developing the offering’s value positioning is the last part of choosing the value phase of the value delivery process. There are 6 major providers of mobile service in Pakistan. of large firms producing products partially differentiated along the lines of quality. Mobilink’s catchphrase “Mobilink… Reshaping Lives” tells all about how they want to position the brand in the minds of their target customers.9.

new-product introductions. it must protect its current market share through good defensive and offensive actions.12 Competitive Strategies Being the market leader. Despite complaints about quality and connectivity issues. It uses the following strategies to expand the total market:• • • Market-penetration strategy New-market segment strategy Geographical-expansion strategy 6. and promotional intensity. Mobilink continues to capitalize on its position in the market. Paktel had 2.14 Defending Market Share 44 . and leads the other firms in price changes. it has to try to increase its market share. 6.5% market share and is the market leader. Mobilink commands approximately 46.13 Expanding the Total Market Mobile phone tele-density has increased to 35 per cent with over 53 million users. 6. This firm has the largest market share in the relevant product market.7% share of the country’s wireless market closely followed by Telenor with 14%. distribution coverage.7% of the users untill the end of 2006. even if the market size remains constant. The dominant firm gains the most when the total market expands.9% of the total Pakistan market. Warid claims a 15. first. It is followed by Ufone which has 20.Pakistan’s largest cellular provider maintains a tremendous growth rate despite the deregulated market. as Pakistan’s population is over 150 million. Mobilink must find ways to expand total market demand. Second. the number of customers continues to grow. Third. Same is the case with Mobilink. With the introduction of new products into the market and expansion through various rural and urban cities. The market growth still has 65 percent potential if not more.

Engaging and effective mobile marketing campaigns reflect an understanding of the existing mobile habits of the target market. • • • • How does the target market currently use mobile? The effective integration of the campaign across multiple elements of the marketing mix Ensuring a positive customer experience as a key driver for response and uptake Building long term value out of data collection 45 . actionable. Mobile marketing integrates across the marketing mix to drive the effectiveness of both above and below the line activities. responsive and measurable. mass marketing channel for marketers to reach their target market. Delivering: • • • • • Direct marketing channel to customers Clean. engaging and instantly rewarding for consumers. mobile marketing is emerging as a key element of the marketing mix for Mobilink. Campaign tactics include as an instant response mechanism to TV and poster campaigns. The unique and personal nature of mobile communication dictates an approach that is clear. uncluttered environment to maximize the impact of the marketing message Context and time relevant marketing medium Instant response mechanism delivering true one to one communication A digital medium enabling deep campaign measurement and analysis Mobilink marketers are deploying the mobile to strategically drive customer acquisition. as a direct medium to drive awareness in targeted demographics and for instant win for on or off pack promotions. retention and improved relationships to defend its market share.The rapid growth in mobile phone ownership has opened a new. Direct.

A customer centered company is in a better position to identify new opportunities and set a course that promises to deliver long-run profits. Mobilink strongly favors a customer-centered orientation and considers itself to be a customer-centered company. By monitoring customer needs.15 Company Orientation While a company has to keep a watch on its competitors.• Operating within the regulatory and legal guidelines for mobile marketing 6. it can decide which customer groups and emerging trends are the most important to serve given its resources and objectives. Same is the case with Mobilink. 46 .

7 Marketing Strategies of Mobilink 47 .CHAPTER NO.

7.1 MARKETING MIX THE 4 PS Marketing mix It is the set of marketing tools a firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives. which must be made for influencing the trade channels as well as the final consumers. and personal selling to reach the trade channels and the target customers. public relations. Place 4. and prices. As a popular brand there is a lot that is expected from the company and the management strives hard to ensure that the promises are kept. Product 2. events. The four Ps of Mobilink’s marketing mix are explained ahead in detail. services. The company prepares an offering mix of products. and experiences. Promotion Mobilink management understands the importance of the marketing mix and its decisions. sales promotion. Price 3. 48 . called the four Ps of marketing: 1. McCarthy has classified these tools into four broad groups. and utilizes a communication mix of advertising. direct marketing. Mobilink has been continuously investing in network resources and improving its marketing mix so that its vast customer base can be satisfied and expanded.

When it comes to creating a bond and staying connected to them count on Indigo for its unrivalled premium post – paid connectivity to get you through”.1 Mobilink Product Lines Mainly there are four product lines of Mobilink with each having separate target markets and positioning. 2004 under the brand name. like you. symbolizing the vision of connecting the subscribers in every aspect of life. Indigo says: “In life you come across some exceptional people.2 Indigo Offerings • • • • • • Indigo BlackBerry Citi Mobilink Credit Card Call& Control Indigo Reward Indigo Genie 49 . appreciate only the finer things in life. The brand delicately caters to the need of its customers.1.7. • • • • Mobilink Indigo Mobilink Jazz Mobilink World Mobilink PCO 7.1 Mobilink Indigo Mobilink re-launched its postpaid services on the 11th of May. who.1. 7. Indigo. Indigo ignited an evolution in the communication industry redefining the essence of the post-paid services in Pakistan.1 PRODUCT 7.

4 Mobilink Jazz Jazz is an exciting and energetic offering of Mobilink.5 Jazz Offerings • • • • • • • Jazz Budget Jazz Octane Jazz Ladies first Jazz Easy Jazz Share Jazz Load Jazz Advance 7.1.3 Target Market Indigo targets the upper business class that is not concerned with the cost but want convenience. Who doesn’t want fun or music but want a brand that is “Competent” and Indigo is well satisfying the desires of its corporate customers.1. Introducing Blackberry connect through which businessmen can take their office anywhere. middle class and the youth market of the country. That is why Indigo customers are loyal to the brand and hesitate to switch to other connections. targeting specifically those enthusiastic teenagers. lower rates and a package that matches their personality. 7. quality and a brand image that suits their personality. fun. 7. wishing to enjoy freedom. share attachments etc.6 TARGET MARKET Jazz Budget 50 .1.1. It can be said that Indigo enjoys the benefits of a monopoly in the corporate sector.7.

.. “Happy hours” with only 0. discount rates and lower air time rates for three numbers. (Also lower rates for special numbers. Jazz Share An exciting new service targeting the Jazz family Members and allows them to share balance anytime.. they also benefit tremendously from the fabulous rates to call on any other network.enhancing energy in their personality of youth with low SMS rates. 7. Jazz Octane Targets those customers who want to have fun in their daily life..Target market is those young boys and girls who want to stay in touch with their friends and family all the time but with cheaper rates.1..7 Mobilink World 51 . shopping discounts etc. Jazz Ladies First Specifically designed for ladies (housewives) who along with their routine work want to have recipes.40 /30 seconds... beauty tips. anywhere. Jazz Advance Targets Jazz Family Members with Additional balance benefit to help them talk some more! Jazz Load Jazz Load allows to recharge Jazz account in variable denominations.) Jazz Easy Jazz Easy customers can enjoy calling at amazingly low call rates for Mobilink numbers.

Mobilink World has something special for them.” 52 . 7.Mobilink World is the Value Added Services Brand for Mobilink.8 Mobilink World Offerings • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mobi Safe Holy Sayings Corporate SMS Mobi Greetings SMS Scheduler SMS Game Time Bolo SMS Mobitunes G:i:30 WAP Portal Mobilink Edge Mind Reader CricVideo International SMS Chat Ring Tone Club 7. These services are not just fun.1. Whether it's a Bolo SMS you want to send to a friend or ring tone you want to download to customize your phone with.1. but also help its customers with their business needs. but also help you with your business needs. Whether it's a Bolo SMS they want to send to a friend or a ring tone they want to download to customize their phone with. Mobilink World has something special just for you.9 Target Market Mobilink World is the Value Added Services Brand for Mobilink and its target market is its whole customer base: “Mobilink World services are not just fun.

Mobilink PCO is a fixed wireless phone that has special PCO functions capability.10 Mobilink PCO For the first time ever Mobilink has brought Mobilink PCO.1. Mobilink PCO claims “Wherever you are. fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. Mobilink PCO does not only give its consumers higher returns on a very low investment but it also creates a world of better prospects in terms of a consistent source of income for them. • • • Exceptional coverage and the ease of its wireless technology-carry it wherever you wish Load the free jazz card provided and embark on a successful business venture right away Benefits from after sales services 7.7. It consists of two LCD's that helps customers to keep a tap on the duration and the costing of the calls they make. It's a complete selfemployment solution for the people of Pakistan.1. throughout Pakistan whether the remotest deserts of Sindh or the spectacular peaks up north expect unparallel coverage from your Mobilink PCO” With this unit customers experience even higher returns even though the investment in terms of capital is very minimal. Mobilink PCO no doubt is a world of opportunities within itself.11 Parental Control Phone Disney D100 53 . a revolution in its own right that shall surely set apace the way its consumers communicate at the grass root level. This latest venture from Mobilink is aimed at bringing prosperity and happiness for all the people throughout Pakistan.

The D100 has been developed for Disney by Dubai based Broad link Research. It is also protected in that it does not feature Bluetooth or a camera and cannot access any type of multimedia content or website. The handset features embedded Disney ring tones.Mobilink and Disney have launched a parental-controlled mobile phone for children. changing social trends and feedback received by Mobilink through this research led the market leader to co-launch a safe and secure solution for parents. With the help of this new feature. Disney’s licensee and partner. Donald Duck. This is the first time a cellular company in Pakistan has launched a mobile phone that will meet the communication and security needs of parents. thus enabling parents to keep a check on the list of people the child is communicating with. The features of the new Mobilink-Disney D100 allow complete parental control on all outgoing and incoming calls and text messages. which is why it is believed to be expensive as compare to other telecommunication service providers. Moreover. The handsets are available featuring popular Disney characters. Mobilink in collaboration with Disney has introduced this innovative solution to the Pakistani market. Furthermore. The D100 will come with both four and twelve button keypads that are interchangeable to adapt the handset to the capability of the child. the phone is easy to use as it provides the child with a one-key option to reach parents. Winnie the Pooh and Tinker Bell. including Mickey Mouse. animated screensavers and wallpapers. parents can control who the child can correspond with.2 PRICING Mobilink is the undisputed market leader. Mobilink services give parents complete control over their child’s phone expenditure thus making it a cost-effective resource. 7. people rely on Mobilink 54 . After conducting market research and realizing the growing needs of working parents to stay in touch with their children using mobile phones. Having the largest customer base in the country with the fact that its service is available in the remote areas of Pakistan as well.

99 Freedom Plan 2 0. 500/ month of unlimited usage which is a treat for GRPS users who want to take their office with them.40 Rs/min Rs/min 0.63 0.75 25 1200 1500 0.00 15 400 400 1.63 Freedom Plan 3+ 0.00 1.00 10 100 100 1.25 1.99 0. Tariff Details for Mobilink Products Indigo Indigo Freedom Plans Details Weekend Tariffs F&F Charges Air Time Charges Free Minutes Line Rent SMS Free SMS   Charge Freedom Plan 1 0. Mobilink has the largest subscriber base in Pakistan with 24 million leading to the fact that Mobilink charges higher compared to its competitors.60 Monthly Rs Rs/msg Monthly 0 0 1. Mobilink recently started GPRS services with RS.75 0.00 0.50 Freedom Plan 4 0.75 Freedom Plan 3 0. Mobilink provides them with this facility with fairly reasonable charges.50 N/A Rs/min 2.00 20 800 900 0.50 30 55 .50 1.

0.90 / 30 seconds Rs. 1.40 / 30 seconds Rs. 1. 1. 0. 1.5 / SMS 56 .25 / 30 seconds Rs.75 / 30 seconds Rs. Jazz Jazz Budget Tariffs Details Outgoing calls to any Mobilink number during selected Happy Hour Window * Outgoing to 3 F&F Mobilink numbers Outgoing calls to any Mobilink number Outgoing calls to all mobile networks in Pakistan Outgoing calls to all Landline numbers in Pakistan SMS (Jazz to Mobilink) SMS (Jazz to other networks) Rates Rs.0 / SMS Rs. 0.25 / 30 seconds Rs.

50 / min 3 (Three) Rs.5 / SMS Rs.10 / min Rs. 1. 2. 15 + tax / Modification 57 . 1.99 / min Rs. 0.Jazz Easy Tariffs Details Outgoing calls to any 3 Friends & Family Mobilink numbers* Outgoing calls to any Mobilink Number Outgoing calls to all mobile networks in Pakistan Outgoing calls to all Landline numbers in Pakistan F&F Numbers Offered SMS (Jazz to Mobilink) SMS (Jazz to other networks) F&F numbers addition/modification *   Rates Rs.0 / SMS Rs. 2. 2.50 / min Rs.

99 / min any other network in Pakistan Daily Charges   Rates Rs.Jazz Octane Tariffs Details Late Night Option .00 58 .50 / min Rs.To Landline numbers (inclusive of interconnect charges) Outgoing calls .to any Mobilink number *** SMS . 0.99 / min Rs. 2.99 / min 20 paisas / SMS 50 paisas / SMS Rs. 0. 1.Any Mobilink number Outgoing calls .75 / min Rs.All Mobilink numbers ** Outgoing Calls to any 3 F&F Mobilink numbers* Outgoing calls .Other mobile networks (inclusive of interconnect charges) SMS . 2. 2.

Any other network Rates Rs. 1.99 / min Rs.Any Mobilink number (2nd minute onwards) Outgoing calls .50 / SMS 59 .00 / SMS Rs. 2. 30 / month Rs. 2. Jazz Ladies First Tariffs Details Outgoing calls .00 / SMS Rs.Any mobilink number SMS .Any Mobilink number (1st Minute) Outgoing calls .50 / min Rs. 1.Any Mobilink number ( 3pm-6pm ) Outgoing calls .To Landline numbers (inclusive of interconnect charges) Outgoing calls . 1. 1.Other mobile networks (inclusive of interconnect charges) SMS based Value Added Services Subscription SMS (Push based Value Added Services) SMS .99 / min Rs. 2. 2.50 / min Rs.50 / min Rs.

At maturity. which can be afforded by the people not having very high incomes. as different market segments are targeted the prices must be offered in such a way that suits the targeted segments.0. outgoing calls at any 3 Mobilink numbers cost Rs.Pricing Strategies Mobilink uses psychological pricing. Jazz Octane offers SMS rates as low as 25 paisas/msg and late night option rates at Rs 1. Though. They haven’t set the price exactly on Re. the prices of these packages are relatively higher than the prepaid packages of other telecommunication networks but still attractive. This is why. It has announced another ground breaking first of its kind offer with the re-launch of Jazz Budget.99/min. The package has been launched with a fresh look and tariffs tailored specifically for the masses.1 but have used psychological pricing to attract customers. 60 . Jazz Budget and Jazz Ladies First. Mobilink is doing exactly the same. They made use of psychological pricing also by offering free roaming facility during Hajj. They have offered prepaid connections like Jazz Octane. Mobilink is the only telecommunication network in Pakistan. Mobilink is not using competitive pricing strategy because they are enjoying the market leadership in Pakistan. Jazz   Budget Package is an economical way to talk to any Mobilink number in Pakistan. Warid (at growth) and Paktel (at decline). listen to beauty tips and recipes at relatively lower rates. there prices are somewhat higher than its competitors like PTCL Wireless and World Call Wireless (at introduction). which has reached maturity and is the market leader.g. They have set their target price on consumer perception of the product value e.50/min and many other facilities at attractive rates. Jazz Ladies First is a package designed specially for ladies through which they can shop.

Mobilink is earning maximum profits by enabling people from different target segments to become a part of the largest cellular network in Pakistan. the new package is specifically customized to offer customers the lowest rates to call the largest mobile network in Pakistan. Keeping in view the fact that Mobilink customers make 7 out of every 10 calls to a Mobilink number. Mobilink is also offering postpaid connections with the name of Mobilink Indigo. which is bound to hit a chord with the nation.One of the key highlights of this package is the ‘Happy Hour’. popular within the business class. 61 . Jazz customers can now call US and a number of other Zone 1 destinations on Jazz local outgoing rate! Mobilink is also offering "Zabardast GPRS Offer" which allows Mobilink customers to use GPRS just for RS.100/year. and has been developed keeping the communication needs of the Pakistani people in mind. In this way.

and improved coverage. In 2003 mobilink invested upwards of US$ 200 million in improving their network and services. superior customer services. 7. Mobilink have 50 Switches and more than 4. and a new billing system is in the process of commissioning. towns. Mobilink is constantly expanding their nationwide franchise and distribution network and upgrading them to offer customer services so that the customers can find a Mobilink contact as near to them as possible. Mobilink is covering more than 5000+ cities and towns. over 820 cell sites and new IN platforms for better coverage and connectivity.000 km of optical cable.3. This has involved an investment in the company of more than US$ 1 Billion.3. Currently. For Mobilink.1 Marketing Network During the last 13 years. Mobilink have already put in 7 switches. covering more than 5000+ cities.3 PLACE 7. and villages across Pakistan. Mobilink has set up one of the largest cellular networks in the country. In upcoming years mobilink is trying to invest in technological upgrades.2 Coverage Mobilink provides the widest coverage network. last year was a bit difficult as they struggled to grow as quickly as the market itself. Mobilink also have deployed around 3. Lahore. It connects over 24 million family 62 .900 cell sites and the number keeps growing at a rapid pace. Mobilink customers remain their priority and in an effort to enrich their lives Mobilink have put in place state-of-the-art call centers in Karachi. Today mobilink is confident that it has all the essential building blocks in place to take the dream forward and to play a leadership role in the rapid growth and development of telecommunication industry in Pakistan.7. Islamabad and in other cities of Pakistan where well trained staff is geared to answer complaints and queries.

The regions where Mobilink provide International Roaming are as 63 . • • • • • • • Punjab Sindh Balochistan NWFP Capital AJK FATA 7. Mobilink also provides true International Roaming in over 100 countries with more than 300 partner operators worldwide. and villages across Pakistan. and it is claimed by the management that soon the only other thing covering Pakistan more than Mobilink would be the clear blue sky.4 International Roaming Along with nationwide coverage.3 Nationwide coverage Mobilink provide true nationwide coverage in more than 5000+ cities. Mobilink provide its services in urban areas as well as towns and villages.3. The coverage is expanding day by day. In nationwide Mobilink provide services in following areas.members every second of the day with exceptional voice quality due to its broad coverage.3. towns. The type of coverage service Mobilink provides is divided into three main categories: • • • PHYSICAL PRESENCE (Mobilink has physical infrastructure in the area) INDOOR SPILLOVER COVERAGE (High coverage level in adjoining area) OUTDOOR SPILLOVER COVERAGE (Medium coverage level in adjoining area) 7.

Country Name Jamaica UAE Cyprus N/A United Kingdom Maldives Switzerland N/A Maritime Roaming Mozambique Senegal Panama Ivory Coast Operator Name Digicel du Areeba Frequency 900/1800 900/1800 900/1800 GSM on the Ship 900/1800 T . 7.follows. 5. 13. Through satellite communication the Mobilink connection can be used in areas where there is no GSM coverage.Mobile Wataniya Orange OceanCell MCP mCel Sonatel C&W MTN 900/1800 900 1800 900 1800 900/1800 900 850 900 64 . 3. 10. 2. 11. 8. Mobilink’s roaming partnership with Thuraya has further enhanced international roaming coverage. # 1. 4. 12. 9. 6. • • • • • • • • United States Canada Caribbean Europe Middle East Africa Asia Australia Mobilink International Partners A list of recent partners is given below: Sr.

23. 18. 26. 25. 22. Oman Brunei Ukraine Portugal Uzbekistan South Africa Argentina Jordan Uruguay Belgium Sri Lanka El Salvador Armenia Saudi Arabia Tajikistan Italy Germany Nawras DST UMC Optimus Coscom Vodacom CTI Movil Xpress CTI Movil BASE Mobitel CTE Personal K Telecom Etihad Etisalat Indigo (North) Wind O2 900 900 900/1800 900/1800 900/1800 900 1900 iDEN 1900 1800 1800 1900 900/1800 900 900 900/1800 1800 7.4 Promotion Mobilink provide its service products directly to customers or with help of intermediaries involved in distributing its product. 20. 30. 21. 17.” 65 . 28. 15. 29. Distribution channel contain set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer or business users. Mobilink supplies its product range to intermediaries with involvement of its “Commercial and Sales Department. 16. 27. 19. Mobilink also distributes its product to end user with help of intermediaries as well as it distributes its product directly to customers.14. 24.

However mobilink follow both intensive and exclusive distribution strategies. Mobilink also tries to be best in physical distribution and logistics effectiveness. Mobilink is best in logistic management and physical distribution from its competitors. Providing its prepaid cards in every corner of the city helps mobilink to satisfy the need of consumer and to gain customer satisfaction. second Extensive Distribution and third is Selective Distribution.000 cities. 7. towns. and in the right place.Mobilink authorizes limited number of dealers to deliver its service product. 7. service centers.4. and countless remote destinations. including International Roaming in 100 countries through 300 partner operators. Mobilink provides the most extensive network coverage footprint across Pakistan through an integrated technology infrastructure in more than 5.4. at a right time. selling a product is sometime easier than getting it to customers. SIM Cards of indigo and Mobilink PCO Sets as well as Prepaid cards) Mobilink follow Extensive 66 . handle and move their products and services so that they are available to customers in the right assortment. However mobilink deliver its Sims to customer with help of Franchises. and sales offices are given by the right of providing its service product by Mobilink itself. While providing its service products (like SIM Cards of Jazz. These Franchises. First Intensive Distribution. villages. Physical distribution and logistics effectiveness has a major impact on both the customer satisfaction and company costs.2 Distribution Strategy of Mobilink There are three types of distribution strategies. and sales offices. But Mobilink provides its prepaid cards to almost all the markets and consumer shops. Companies must decide on the best way to store. service centers.1 Logistic Management & Mobilink In today’s global marketplace. While providing its Jazz prepaid cards Mobilink follow Intensive Distribution strategy means that stocking Jazz prepaid cards in as many outlets as possible.

The courier companies by which Mobilink has partnered are as follows: • • • TCS OCS UPS 7. Different courier service providers are the Mobilink third party logistic providers. Mobilink also use Third Party Logistic provider for transportation of shipment of its service products to warehouses. The main reason for using third party logistic provider by Mobilink is that it is useful for Low Fixed Investments.4 Third party Logistics & Mobilink Most business perform their own logistics functions. dealers or customers. Mobilink management builds logistic partnership to achieve customer value and building customer satisfaction with different courier services.4. motivates & evaluates channel members thought Interviews. However growing number of firms now outsource some or all of their logistics to Third Party Logistics providers. Financial standing.4. Training and Reports. The members of distribution channel are linked closely in creating customer value and building customer relationship.Distribution strategy means that it gives limited number of dealers the right to deliver its product.3 Logistic partnership and Mobilink Companies must also work with other channel partners to improve whole channel distribution.5 Advertising Media Companies can do more than make good products—they must inform consumers about product benefits and carefully position products in 67 . 7. Mobilink selects. 7.

Mobilink is currently using: • • Information Advertising: To create brand awareness and knowledge of its Mobilink World brand. direct marketing. Media Mobilink is using television. Mobilink has a significant advertising budget. print. and personal selling. It is advertising heavily to be heard and to constantly remind its target market to go for Mobilink. Advertising Goal The chief advertising goal of Mobilink is to increase its customer base and to stimulate more usage. public relations. they must skillfully use the promotion tools of advertising. Reminder Advertising: To stimulate the repeat purchase of its Jazz and Indigo brands. 68 . and radio advertising media to disseminate its message and to build a brand preference but the most preferred is television since this medium is the most powerful. sales force. Mobilink’s actual advertising budget was not disclosed by the management. sales promotion. However. Billboards and Print Media: The Company has come up with elaborate campaigns. To do this. reaches a broad spectrum of consumers and has the maximum customer impact. their post-paid brand.consumers’ minds. • • Radio: It has a relatively large listeners’ base and so is an effective way to communicate the message. billboards and posters to promote Indigo. Advertising Budget Since the competition is intense in the telecommunication market.

Print Media 69 .

Billboards in Multan 70 .

The tested method of having a pretty face holding a Jazz card makes its advertising campaigns booming. but also has a great deal to do with the campaigns that Mobilink comes up with. Zainab Qayyum. Interestingly. It was at this point that the true evolution of prepay began.Advertising Campaigns The advertising theme “Mobilink: It’s simply a way to communicate”. It was more than apparent that every 71 . The Indigo Campaign: In its Indigo campaign. is designed to demonstrate the new service’s simplicity and convenience. Vaneeza Ahmad. the high frequency and visibility makes these advertisements noticeable which results into increased brand awareness and brand loyalty boosting sales. When competition was introduced in the Pakistani market. it reenforces Mobilink’s early perception of being the brand for the image conscious (peer leader) which gives the impression that Indigo is an ‘enhanced’ step further in this direction. Strings. Strong Brand Ambassadors: Mobilink in its advertising went on a different route (now copied by competitors) by starring the most charismatic superstars in its advertisements. The TV ads exude energy and liveliness. The Jazz Campaign: The current prepaid Jazz campaign has brought Mobilink’s image to the masses and is more on the ‘functional’ platform. Along with its service debut. Shaan. and an expressive color and lightning palette. Iman Ali. and Shahid Afridi are some of celebrities associated with Mobilink. The success of Mobilink has not only to do with its increased offerings. The national campaign is supplemented by local and regional ad campaigns produced by the Mobilink licencees. Wasim Akram. The national print and broadcast ads are designed to be localized. Mobilink launched a nationwide campaign composed of television commercials and print ads. Mobilink has made a conscious effort of strongly placing it on the “image” platform and mapping it in the prospects mind making it a prestigious brand.

The belated foray of Mobilink into the youth market has met with promising early success. Almost immediately. Mobilink went a slightly different route. and a more conscious effort was made towards trying to reach out to every aspect of the consumer market. Mobilink finally decided to raise the profile of Jazz. and instead of targeting the large youth market. The early success of Octane has not only to do with its increased offerings. and Jazz Ladies First has met tremendous success. Later the introduction of such packages as Jazz Budget. Iman Ali joined other famous models as being a Jazz Girl. Finally. in February 2006. and then to slash prices and improve its quality. Mobilink launched Jazz Octane. At first.single customer was important and every single subscriber was vital. the ad showed an old woman embracing the youthful abandon that Octane is shown to offer. The tariff wars between the providers initially caused Mobilink to offer WAP on Jazz. the marketing and advertising improved. a package ‘designed for the communication needs and lifestyle of the Pakistani youth segment’. continued to use it’s tried and tested method of having a pretty face holding a Jazz card. It can be argued that the old woman’s name is Mobilink. But with the competition getting intense. The Mobilink World Campaign: Mobilink World being the value added service brand for Mobilink has been started with an elaborate campaign with TV advertisements and print ads. Sales Promotion Mobilink uses different types of sales promotion method such as: Consumer promotions In order to kindle greater and quicker purchases Mobilink is carrying out the following consumer promotion activities including special deals such as: 72 . but also has a great deal to do with the campaign that Mobilink came up with. and the new package offers quite a bit. Perhaps most effectively and symbolically.

Bonuses & Free Airtimes: Mobilink has been offering a number of bonuses to its consumers.• • Indigo Freedom Plan: this deal offers certain benefits of which two are:Friends & Family: This feature is available to the customers on any three Mobilink numbers (Jazz and Indigo) which can be added into F&F list by calling the help line at 111. Recharging their Mobilink Jazz connection between 18th May 2007 and 18th June 2007 will give them 100% free airtime (if the customers have not recharged in the year 2007). Mobilink Jazz International Rooming Free Hajj Umra Ramazan offer 73 . • • • Local Rates: According to this freedom plan across Pakistan. across all networks are charged as local calls. all call. An example of its current bonus offer is: Bonus on Recharge: Mobilink brings an exciting offer for its Jazz customers.

and candles. mugs. Golf Organized for Premium Consumers by Mobilink Indigo Brand 74 . • Specialty Advertising: Mobilink uses certain items imprinted with its logo as well advertising messages such as calendars. Topics like ‘Increasing Prepaid ARPU in Price Sensitive Markets’ and sessions on micro payment plans for low income markets were discussed in detail. Trade Shows: mobilink actively participates in trade shows in order to enhance its business promotions.7. sports events and community welfare. Mobilink practices event sponsorship. radios. These items are given as gifts to customers by salespeople. It sponsors movie premieres.6 Business and Sales Force Promotions Mobilink also carries out business and sales force promotions on frequent basis. It took part in the usual trade-show presentations of Asia Pacific Billing and Revenue Management Week. concerts. caps. • • Sales Contests: Mobilink actively carries out yearly sales contests in order to motivate the sales force to put in greater effort. • • • • • Jazz 3000 Minutes + 3000 SMS Offer! Samsung Gets Roadshow Going in Karachi wi-tribe sponsors P@SHA ICT Awards 2010 PTA Reports Massive Violations by Telcos in Selling SIMs PTCL’s Student Broadband Package Promo Extended! 7. The speakers included individuals from Mobilink GSM in Pakistan and Telemig Celular in Brazil.7 Event Sponsorship To enhance its corporate image. This event has a particularly interesting through line of taking services to understand markets. A few events sponsored by Mobilink are given below.

7. “Needless to say we are the leaders in the telecom sector. through superior customer services.8 Other Sports Events Recently Mobilink also held an invitational tennis tournament in Karachi and has organized and sponsored various sports events across Pakistan.” Club Indigo is responsible for building relationships with its exclusive clientele. the President and CEO of Mobilink said. including cricket and Polo tournaments.10 SMS Marketing Mobilink uses SMS marketing to send messages directly to customers. Mobilink management believes that:75 . we strive to set higher standards for all in the business.9 Direct Marketing Mobilink also uses direct channels to reach its customers without using marketing middlemen. Khaliq. Zouhair A. catalogues. 7. These channels include direct mail. but this does not stop us from doing more for our customers. tele marketing as well as e-marketing. providing quality entertainment to its customers. Through Club Indigo we ensure the maximum level of customer satisfaction for our corporate accounts and establish concrete relationships through tailor-made services and special offers for our major clients. It aimed at bringing the top executives from the corporate sector at one of the most popular greens of the city. SMS marketing creates one-on-one communication with the market. 7.On May 4. 2007 Mobilink Pakistan organized an invitational Club Indigo Golf Tournament exclusively for Mobilink’s corporate customers. The golf tournament was organized at the Islamabad Golf Club by Mobilink Indigo Club. Expressing his views on the Indigo Club tournament. Mobilink also uses a very unique technique to reach its customers directly.

” As SMS is one of the largest platform to reach consumers and almost every mobile phone is SMS enabled.“Today’s consumers are mobile and today’s marketing must reflect that. SMS is also a cost-effective way to communicate. Plus. thus increasing the success rate of the brand. 7. 7.11 Electronic Marketing Mobilink finds it electronic marketing very important and highly accountable.12 Mobilink’s Website Mobilink has paid special attention to the “context” & “content” of its website to encourage repeat visits. SMS targets end consumers directly via their mobile phones and compels them to take action in order to enjoy a promotion. this method has 100% penetration. 76 .

77 .Mobilink’s website not only has attractive design and layout but is also very interesting and easy to navigate.

The savior is the icon (ball) that pitches in a rave of energy and suggest a motion for the brand ID. The choice of color itself has a table to tell.12. • • Indigo: a combination of basic blue suggests the vibes of blue dream.Context: The alluring color scheme used in the layout of website make it worth navigating.1 Content: The content is also the heart of the website. Red: illustrates passion of blood. 7. It includes: • • • • •  Fun • • • • • • • • • • Mustt Tones (polyphonic tones) Double mustt tones (true tones) Music Videos Wallpapers Greeting Cards Java Games Animation Today’s Special Color Logos Mobile themes Info News Weather Business Mobilink GSM updates 78 . The logo which is not only Influential & Exhilarating but a sure head turner and is doing wonders in touching hearts and assuring absolute strength in the brand.

12.2 Online Ads and Promotions Online ads and promotions tools such as banners ads and search related ads are being used by Mobilink GSM. For example “smspk. Sports • • • • •  Media • TV Commercials of Mobilink Cricket Updates Football Golf Tennis Others  Tools • • • • • • Yahoo MSN Google MSN Messenger Hotmail Gmail 7. 79 .net” 7. These ads are placed on targeted and frequently viewed websites.13 Mobilink’s Sales Force Sales force serves as the companies personal links to the customers. Banners are also placed on related websites such as those which support web to SMS. Mobilink fast paced growth is fueled by the foundation of innovation and the relentless work of 4000 dynamic team members.

The have the passion and the spirit to challenge the norms.e. Benefits such as paid leaves as well as accident benefits are also offered to the sales force. 7. salaries. Along with a fixed amount i.The sales force members are some of the best talent in the country and can be distinguished from others on the basis of their convincing power. 7.1 Sales Force Objective: The chief objective of Mobilink’s sales force is not only to encourage sales but also to diagnose customer’s problem and to propose an effective solution thus satisfying them completely.5 Success Factors of Mobilink Mobilink is still the Market Leader and its success factors include: 80 .13.13.3 Sales Force Compensation Mobilink has attractive compensation packages for its sales force. They play a strong role in improving customer profitability.2 Sales force Structure Mobilink’s sales force manages following types of sales force: • • • Technical and Application Engineers Service Personal Distributor Sales Force 7. and so they are the part of winning team.4 Training the sales Representatives Since Mobilink realize that a professional sales force plays a key role in developing and growing customers. 7.13. they are also offered variable amounts such as lucrative commissions. it trains its sales representatives to effectively convince the customers by using effective screening techniques.13. 7.13.

2011 – Mobilink Jazz recently partnered with Shell Rimula to give its lucky customers the chance to win lots of valuable prizes. Each Shell Rimula pack contained a code which the customers would have to scratch and SMS to 660 through their Jazz SIM.14 Joint Venture with Shell July 29 . 90 motorcycles. The customers would not only instantly win a 4 litre Shell Rimula pack but also be entered into a Lucky Draw to get the chance to win 9 tractors. In the ceremony 4 tractors and 40 81 . .the premier Oil and Lubricants Company. thousands of free minutes and SMS’s! Our heartiest congratulations goes out to the lucky winners on winning their prizes. today jointly announced the winners of the 6th to 9th lucky drawsfor their joint promotional campaign which offered its respective customers a chance to participate and win a multitude of prizes. Mobilink Pakistan’s market leader in cellular services and a part of Orascom Telecom Holding and Shell Pakistan Ltd. the most affordable packages and the most value-filled offers.• • • Innovative Products Excellent Customer Services Best Coverage among cellular operators 7. Shell Rimula packs and for new Jazz customers. Mobilink Jazz always strives to provide its customers with the best connectivity.

82 .motorcycles were given away via the lucky draws. .

CHAPTER NO. 8 Tasks Performed During Internship 83 .

new knowledge gained during exercise of practical life. In the end of this chapter. DB ACBL. these include accounts maintained in CITI.1 LEARNING AS A STUDENT INTERN In this chapter. HBL.TASKS PERFORMED DURING INTERNSHIP 8. Accomplishments. I talked about my experience and how this experience impacts my career. Whom I done my Internship My Duties During Internship 8. 84 . problems which encountered in the way of completion of my targets are briefly discussed. I discussed about my duties during internship. ABL.2 DAILY ACTIVITIES Creating Opening Cash Position Updating the balances of the major current and saving accounts maintained by Mobilink.

NBP. this includes adding new cheques released on that day.SCB. Lahore and Karachi. Furthermore balances are also taken of accounts from whom any payment may be due. Furthermore. The information of the new cheques released. Some accounts are to be adjusted like SCB account is to be adjusted to the lien marked amount. FBL and RBS. MCB. NIB. to be transferred on the next day. and as the information of more than 500 franchises and sales centers is not easy to get daily. to assess the funds. The information is received from the operations department within the finance department. is received from the accounts payable department and then using the DB direct & CITI bank’s website to see the cheques that have been cleared from the CITI’s current accounts maintained in Islamabad. the information is only updated 2 or 3 times a week. Updating the cheque float. updating the cash in hand section as and when information is received. 85 . UBL.

is transferred to Askari Bank daily. Lastly a Form R is made to notify the SBP that 65%of the total amount has been converted to Pakistani rupee. International Payments As stated earlier. Furthermore a letter to Citibank is also made. Occasional Activities Encashment As soon as Citi bank provides us with a notification on an encashment. I had to make all these letters and then send them to the bank. The instructions for fund transfers are on the same day pay order basis and all instructions to the banks are forwarded through fax and then confirmed. all major collections. Other Activities Filing the photocopies of the transfer letters that were faxed daily was another task that I performed. in both foreign currency and Pakistani rupee.Cash Transfers After calculating the amount of liability to be paid out from various banks on the following day. Furthermore original transfer letters were also needed to be sent out to the respective banks and also updating the payments file daily were some of the other tasks performed daily. that comes from four major banks. transfer letters are prepared to transfer funds to the bank in which they are required. As part of my internship. as stated by the foreign exchange ordinance of Pakistan and lastly all the above letters are attached. When the bank provides us with the detail. United Bank. an inward remittance rate sheet is made. with the original notification letter and then sent to Citi bank to go through with the transaction. international payments are made either on international roaming charges or international charges made by the different departments 86 . a conversion rate is asked. issuing them the authority to convert and transfer the 65% of the encashment into the account and also transferring the 35% of the amount to the dollar account of Mobilink. which includes Allied Bank. Furthermore. the 35% and the 65% amount of the amount. which shows the total remitted amount. to convert the 65% of the total amount to Pakistani rupee. Habib Bank and Standard Chartered.

As part of my internship tasks. 87 . with the completion form and the original invoice. The main items provided to these bank included the Memorandum and Articles of Association. beneficiary bank name and the account title. As a task. including the amounts and all banking details like the SWIFT No. These letters are then forwarded to the bank. which gives them the authority to debit our PKR account and buy the foreign currency at a conversion rate agreed. during my internship with Barclays and UBL. letter of authorization are sent to the Relationship manager handling the Mobilink AMEX card. These letters of authorizations are made after discussions with the HOD and his final signing of the letters. Credit Cards Credit card of SCB AMEX are provided to all directors and above of the company and when they want to either increase their limits or wanted to give out advance payment s into their credit cards because they were going abroad. Letter of Incorporation. which is used for inter department expenditures and approvals. All these documents are attested by the company secretary of Mobilink and are provided to the bank. all the main items were provided to the banks. I had to make these letters of authorization. the department issues an letter to the bank for the payment. with the bank account opening form and request letter from Mobilink. Account Opening Mobilink often open accounts as to help out with operation. As soon as our department receives the Payment Authorization Form (PAF). including. I had to make all these letters and then send them to the bank. Board Resolution. for the transaction to take place.of Mobilink. which shows tells about the director of a company and the NIC or passports of all the people in the board of resolution and NTN certificate. As part of my internship. or any other expense. Furthermore a Form M is also submitted to bank. Form 29. a payment order and a purchase requisition or the original invoice for non departmental expenditures.

so keep in view the cost of SIM and load I make many polices to sell.100 was a bit difficult. I myself make many policies to make sales because selling a SIM2 was not a difficult task to do customer is ready to take SIM from you but to sell him recharge of Rs. And I also learn how to deal wit customer as I thought if you want to make sale you should go to the customer or customer come to you.3 MONTH END ACTIVITIES Interest Income Sheet Each month all the banks to which interest was accrued are calculated. who to avoid difficult situations and how to create demand for your product. you should have a smiling face to greet the customer. and if customer do not buy your product than you should leave a good impression on that customer because if in future that customer need your product than it will come to you to buy that product. all the balances are added to the interest income sheet and the interest income is calculated. I had to calculate the interest amount for the month. First all of the bank statements for the period are collected from the accounts department and then using the applicable rates.160 with 160 balance) and many more policies like this.4 New Knowledge Acquired Being a student of MARKETING it was a great experience for me to have chance to get in the market and do this work. As I told that I was given a target of sales I learn a lot during my internship how to deal. As part of my internship. 8. Even I sold free SIMs too (get number of your choice in Rs. 2 Subscriber identity module 88 .8.

During my time in the field I encountered also many other problems like:  Cross questions of customers  Customers having much knowledge about other network’s offerings  Pricing problem I face those problems very well. even though the employees informally try to learn about the working of other departments through their peers.years of experience with Mobilink. 89 . when an employee initially working for trade department is transferred to off shore financing because of shortage of employee. because this shift is permanent for that given employee. the rules and procedures for job advancements are laid out however it has been seen that junior executives. This learning should not be considered as a job rotation. even though they have fulfilled the main requirement. But in sale you should have to be cool and calm because nobody wants to loss his customers.8. at Mobilink. officially. I also do this because in between sale was stopped than I came with one to one marketing go to the customer to sell my product and was very much successful doing this. They show keen interest in learning new things as all the operations within the department are interlinked. and I was able to neglect those problems. This creates dissatisfaction within the employees. is only when he is moved to that part. Furthermore. for example. especially those at associate level are not promoted to specialist levels.5 IDENTIFICATION OF A MAIN PROBLEM AND FINDINGS Job Rotation and Advancement The main problem that I have identified within the treasury department as a whole is the lack of job rotation within the department and not enacting on the job advancement rules. when an employee is told about the working of another part of the department. Furthermore the only time. According to my findings. no official job rotation takes place within the treasury department.

When I will get in my practical life soon after completing my degree this experience will go whit me and will be very beneficial for me in the field. Because in the any kind of job in marketing or sales department in Pakistan you should have to interact with the customer and try to fulfill the needs and wants of the customers. 8. before the completing my studies I got a chance to get in the market and do some work.Another problem was that customer was ready to take SIM but without recharging.6 How This Experience Impact My Career? It was a great experience in the field. it was a very difficult thing to convince that customer to recharge at the spot. 90 .


weakness.  Strengths: attributes of the person or company that is helpful to achieving the objective(s).  Opportunities: external conditions that is helpful to achieving the objective(s). opportunities and threats involved in a project or business venture.9. 92 . It involves the specifying the objectives of business ventures or projects and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective. This technique is credited to Albert Humphrey who led a convention at Stanford University in the 1960s and 1670s using data from Fortune 500 companies.  Threats: external conditions which could do damage to the objective(s).1 SWOT analysis SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the strengths.  Weaknesses: attributes of the person or company that is harmful to achieving the objective(s).

Mobilink is offering Motorola Timeport Triband (TT) handsets on rental basis. •A very strong brand image •Highest market share not only in terms of number of subscribers but also in terms of revenue. •Only company offering corporate packages WEAKNESS •Currently providing not good quality service because of changing their network from 900 MHz to 1800 MHz. •Mobilink's short message service center allows Vehicle Tracking and Fleet (VTF) Management services .• Economy of scale.• Large number of corporate customers . •In order to facilitate its international Roaming subscribers traveling to USA and Canada. towns and villages across the Pakistan •First operator to introduce IR for the people of Pakistan •Only cellular service in Pakistan to provide coverage on the M2 motorway. •Fewer advertisements now days.000 cities. What they lose due to this source and what are the advantages of this source are discussed below: STRENGTHS: •Considered very strong and reliable •Captured most of the potential customers (28 million and growing) •Covering over 10. •Mobilink has signed bilateral roaming agreements with 50 operators around the world to have true roaming service operational in over 42 countries of the world.SWOT analysis of Mobilink Basically Mobilink hire from reference so SWOT analysis is based on this source. 93 . These sets are available at all Mobilink's Customer Service centers. • Mobilink and Muslim Commercial Bank have made a combined effort in order to maximize the ease and the satisfaction of their respective customers by offering them all banking services from their very own mobile handset.

•Loss of loyal customer 9. • New companies can offer packages for corporate customers in better way . 94 . •Can lower prices to make business difficult for new companies THREATS: •New market players are coming in near future.151.• Wireless local loop service providers too targeting areas which are less developed. according to the data released by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.•Most expensive telecom company both in call rates and SMS •Engineering department of Mobilink is not that well competent as compared to its new competitors •Customer retention Side is weak due to expensive packages OPPORTUNITIES: •Can expand its networks in the uncovered areas •Services in the future can be •Telephone •Wireless •Calling Cards •Mobile Phone Banking •Before start of new companies can target as many new customers as they can.2 Mobilink’s Competitors The mobile subscriber market in Pakistan has crossed the 100 million mark in February 2011 and has reached a total of 105.871 mobile subscriptions. • Current price war may reach at a position where only brand names survive • Due to expensive quality of service now a days customers can shift to other companies. •Employee retention is also issue because mobilink fired 1000 employees in October 2008.

145.According to the stats. Mobilink 32.103 mobile phone users in February 2011.388. as compared to 1.693.121 In terms of the percentage market share: Mobilink Telenor U-fone Warid Zong 32% 23% 19% 17% 9% 95 .752 Waird 17.499.368.495 Telenor 25. The individual figures in terms of total subscribers by February 2011 of all the five companies are as follows.626 Zong 9.229.878 U-fone 20.201. all five cellular companies showed consistency in adding 1.381 cell users in January 2011.

I. there is also facility of changing the service provider offered by some companies with U-fone in particular. All what a user has to do is buy a mobile sim from any nearest shop wherever available just having a copy of N. subscription has been made a lot easier then it previously was. Moreover. 96 .C.Due to some healthy competition going on between the five cellular service companies of Pakistan. After putting the sim in the mobile simply dial the help line number to provide the necessary details to the customer services officer and enjoy the service.

and since then has become the market leader by providing its customers with the state of the art products and services. as previous years have shown substantial growth as well. as they provide us with the practical experience during our academic career. resulting into better services at reduced rate. its current market share is 36%14. introducing the 3G platform in the coming years and a major part of our population still without mobile connectivity. Although the concerns may be valid to some extent. Furthermore. Mobilink has been in operation since 1994. it still is providing competitive products and services for its core products-Jazz and Indigo. showing growth rate of more than 80% in 2007. generating revenues for the government. I am very grateful that I received an internship at Mobilink as it was a great learning 97 . for so many years. this has favorably affected our economy as a whole. This growth is a direct result of the increased competition in the mobile industry.9. but with PTA.3 CONCLUSION The mobile industry has seen phenomenal growth over the year. especially in distant villages. internships are an important part of the academic program. Even though Mobilink has been a market leader. providing the most technological advanced products and services. Although Mobilink has diversified. through direct and indirect taxation and creating employment opportunities for the people. which has resulted in a decrease of its market share. The mobile industry of Pakistan is considered by a majority of prospective employees as the best industry for a job. many observers feel that the industry may become saturated and will show lower growth rates as a result of increased taxation and the general economic conditions of Pakistan. Finally. there is still optimism that the mobile industry will not become saturated and there is still place for competition in the industry. by introducing products like Mobilink PCO and WIMAX services. Mobilink has for years enjoyed a good market share of the total industry. This has led Mobilink to a policy of diversification. it has for a number of years been facing strong competition from Telenor and Ufone. This growth is not new to the industry. Although the mobile industry has seen substantial growth over the years.

CHAPTER NO.experience on how a multinational company works and further improved my skills of team working and critical decision making. 10 SUGGESTIONS 98 .


As far as their charges are concerned they are a bit expensive as compared to their competitors so we suggest that the charges should be reduced.1 SUGGESTIONS We have a lot of suggestion for the company. 100 . Some of them are: • • Mobilink should work on network improvement.10. • Mobilink should attract maximum customers and satisfy them.

The major benefit of which would include even more motivated employees. with enhanced skills. the argument also suggests. regarding future prospects at Mobilink and in the mobile industry. job advancement s will create future leaders for Mobilink. this would have an additional benefit of further rotation. except cash management. 101 .10. in today’s business environment. Secondly I would also suggest that specific job related training should also be imparted to the employees. they should be awarded with the fruits of job advancement. One of the major arguments against job rotation is that without it. employees will perform only one task and will become specialized in that particular job. Furthermore. not essentially helpful in doing complex tasks. that with job rotation. multitasking is becoming more and more essential and thus rotation becomes essential in making employees multitask. as I believe that the criteria of job advancements currently used is a standard in most MNC’sand job advancements are a part of career growth. the organization structure of the treasury department makes it easy for job rotation.2 RECOMMENDATION As identified earlier. Lastly. Furthermore. Also professional counseling programs should also be started to provide employees with the information. Furthermore. as all sub departments major functions are interlinked to each other and mostly all departments currently have more than one associate employee. that Mobilink adheres to its job advancement procedures because for an employee that has worked with Mobilink for more than 2-3 years. only general information is imparted to employees. However. Some of the recommendations to this problem are as follows: Firstly I would recommend that the department officially start job rotation. I would suggest. the problem that I identified was the lack of job rotation within department and not enacting on job advancement rules and procedures.

11 References & Sources 102 .CHAPTER NO.

References & Sources

• • • • •



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