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3. Their fibrous texture also helps in washing awa y the substances clinging into the gums. Eating certain food items like onion and garlic 4. 6. 2. Hulk Hogan 10. carcinoma. so you might not get bored of it soon. present in apples. Its juice mixes with the s aliva to provide moisture to the dry mouth and eliminates bacteria. Dry mouth. Veggie Delight Celery.View Pho to Apples: An apple a day keeps the doctor away: a very clichéd saying but very There is nothing more embarrassing than being pinpointed for bad breath. It is also high on fibres and vitamins. don't we? And when they come with health benefits it . A n apple also makes the perfect snack for someone who is always on the go. The med ical term for this condition is called 'Halitosis' when unpleasant odours are ex haled during breathing. Smoking. 5. 1. Its so lid texture helps to get rid of the excessive plaque. Let us explore the 6 main causes of Halitosis. Mints and mouth sprays work on this problem but only tem porarily. Barack Obama banner 10 Foods that Fight Bad Breath Integrating some foods in our diet plan can help fight bad breath. If you do not clean your tongue properly. Other causes are non-oral diseases like diabetes. carrots and other crisp vegetables stimulate the flow of saliva which he lps in keeping your mouth moist. Besides brushing and flossing teeth on a regular basis. Dairy Daily We all love dairy products. include these 10 wondrou s food items to fight bad breath:An apple a day An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but also bad breath at bay. * Email * * * * Print Related Content * <b>Apples:</b> An apple a day keeps the doctor away: a very clichéd saying b ut very true. It is vital t o have crunchy items. Ad d a few chopped pieces of apple in your Greek salad making it healthier. act as an anti-inflammatory and also prevent the blood from clotting. Phytochemicals. and respirato ry tract infections. vitamin C and dairy products among other things to breathe fresh always. it will produce bacteria and fat ty acids that can cause Halitosis.9. Gum diseases where bacteria grow below the gum line and create foul smell. Plus i t is available in different varieties. Their cleaning action and hydrating pow ers do not favour substances causing bad breath.

Love Mints Mints do not really fight bad breath but mask it for some time. That is why hazelnuts are good for the health of teeth and gums. only a reasonable amount of onions and g arlic should be consumed at night. you should drink in moderation. as too much intake of caffeine is not good f or health. They curb the growth of bacteria that causes unpleasant smell and prevents tooth decay. they quickly hydrate and provide Vitamin C to the mouth. A minty chewing gum helps to keep the mouth hydrated. some as soups and tea. It is recommended that an adult sho uld consume 2 to 3 litres of fluids a day. It also works on gingivitis and plaque. Since they are j uicy. melons and other citrus fruits makes it very hard for the germs to exist. Its strong fra grance can enrich the mouth with a nice flavour and kills the odour-causing bact eria. you do not want the stink of onions a nd garlic during business a total win-win situation. Vitamin C present in berries. So. this comes as a saviour. your who le body would smell the next day. cinnamon basically conceals the smell in the mouth. you can carry cloves or green cardam om with you. Taking a regular dose of vitamin C can help you get rid of all the gum an d teeth related problems. Cinnamon Fun Do you like the Cinnamon sticks or prefer a tasty flavour of Cinnamon tea? Be it in any form. Eating yoghurt each day without sugar reduces mal odorous compounds that cause bad breath. do not over indulge. While you may keep one pack of sugar free mints handy. Tea Time Black tea and Green tea are really helpful in fighting bad breath. Nutty help Hazelnuts can work against bad breath if chewed properly and regularly. Herb Garden Chew parsley sprigs for a delightful scent. For this. Hazelnut s are also rich in vitamins and protein. Citrusy magic Some fruits that combat bad breath are strawberries and lemons. If you end up eating onion or garlic for lunch. It acts like an artificial saliva and washes away the food residues in the mouth leaving it refreshed. What is the best way to teach your child to have good hygiene? 523 people have answered this question 8% 6% 8% . a good alternative is a few drops of peppermint oil on the tongue for a very pleasant aroma. You can even steep these herbs in hot water and drink. Howev er. If you eat too much garlic at night. In fact. Water Wealth Having plenty of water in between meals and all through the day is the best way to hydrate the mouth. but mostly as water. Also. There are other herbs also like basil or rosemary that solve the sa me purpose.

If you do it right .. Reply * v1/comments/context/3c478fe7-2bc1-3c8e-aee8-dc618fce5944/comment/135056377 6728-65c2aebe-6aaf-4fb7-a2c0-323aac29fab5 Eftekhar 0users liked this commentPlease sign in to rate a Thumb UpPlease sign in t o rate a Thumb Down0users disliked this comment Eftekhar 4 hours ago Popular Now Newest Oldest Most Replied ..9% 5% 64% Make hardcore rules for them from an early age Be an example. Comment Guidelines your avatar Post AsOptions 2 comments * * * * * v1/comments/context/3c478fe7-2bc1-3c8e-aee8-dc618fce5944/comment/135055964 0323-f7b8e349-8e8a-473d-8dd2-3538e3d65c48 Cyprian 0users liked this commentPlease sign in to rate a Thumb UpPlease sign in t o rate a Thumb Down0users disliked this comment Cyprian 5 hours ago bad breath is so disturbing especially if it comes from the person you share a bed with. they will too WHAT DO YOU THINK? DRAG * All Comments Leave a comment.

Unilever's Globa l Research More » * Salad drawer 'most dangerous place in fridge' Salad drawer 'most dangerous place in fridge' A study has revealed that the salad drawer is the most risky and the dirti est place More » * The germiest places we all visit! The germiest places we all visit! Do you know what lurks here? More » POLL What do you think is a better hand sanitiser? Poll Choice Options * Liquid Handwash * Medicated Soap Vote See results 2 months remaining Yahoo! India Lifestyle * * * * Home Beauty & Fashion Relationships Health & Fitness * Travel * Astrology * Videos Also On Yahoo! . Reply Post a comment OTHER ARTICLES * 10 Hygiene Rules to Teach Your Kids from an Early Age 10 Hygiene Rules to Teach Your Kids from an Early Age Maintaining good hygiene for kids is easier said than done..thanks for right infor... Mo re » * Top things you didn't know about Monsoons Top things you didn't know about Monsoons With the launch of Lifebuoy's monsoon awareness campaign. in or der to More » * The gift of good health for your kids The gift of good health for your kids Habits that can make your kids super strong and keep them disease-free. However.

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