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Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections by David Morales

CHAPTER ONE Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections
I have been getting requests from around the country to analyze what happened in the TUSD school board election this week. Who won and what does it mean? The first question is easy to answer so we can get those facts out of the way right now. As of the time of this writing, and things haven’t changed much lately, it appears that the three open seats will go to Kristel Foster and incumbent Mark Stegeman who both got about 13% of the vote followed by Cam Juarez who received 10% of the vote. This means the new TUSD school board will be governed by three people who combined failed to even get 40% of the vote, but being on the TUSD school board does not make one popular anyways, at least not in a good way. Just ask Michael Hicks about his interview on the Daily


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

Show… The reason it has taken me a few days to write down my thoughts is because the situation is very complicated. Racism has been perfected in Tucson and if I was a working on a political science dissertation this would be my title. “How to get Progressive Democrats to enable racist Republican policies: From Klansbake to Dixiecrats to Grijalvistas.” Before continuing on, let us be clear about the racism involved here. We don’t mean racism as in “oh that person is racist” because no one is racist anymore. Not even Russell Pearce and Sheriff Arpaio who have Latinos like Steve Montenegro as friends… no one is a racist. Yet racism still thrives. In TUSD that racism has an official category that no one can dispute that is known as Segregation which was supposed to have been banned back in 1954 in all public schools. Yet after three decades under a federal desegregation order, Tucson’s largest school district was placed back under it after it was lifted in 2009 after John Pedicone became TUSD superintendent and Mark Stegeman became board president. This federal desegregation order still applies to TUSD, and things have gotten so bad that they are now knowingly breaking the order since things are so bad that they are already in trouble, so why change that now. Seriously. The next chapter in TUSD Racism is definitely about to begin in this historic and symbolic year of 2012, where


David Morales

520 years after 1492, cultural and historical genocide continue in the “520” area code, land of the banning of Mexican American history and literature classes, land of banned books of Chicano and Native American authors, and… what makes this situation so complicated… in the land of the progressive stronghold of Tucson, Arizona, where 4 out of 5 TUSD board members are Democrats and 3 are from a group known unofficially as “Grijalvistas” or those under the command of Tucson’s Chicano kingmaker Don Raul Grijalva, US Congressmember and former La Raza Unida member. A lot has changed in the 4 decades since La Raza Unida movement, and the same is true for Tucson’s Chicano godfather, who very symbolically began his own rise to power on the TUSD school board. Now that you know who won the election, here are a list of things that must be considered in order to analyze and come to your own conclusion about Tucson’s future in Latino education. 1. The highly anticipated and all-powerful Unitary Status Plan (USP) will be made public this Friday, November 9th, 2012. 2. Tucson’s largest school district is broke, in debt at least $17 million. Prop 204 was a possible solution made by John Pedicone’s friend Ann Eve from the Civility Fund that would have made the temporary 1 cent education tax that expires soon permanent. Prop 204 failed this week. 3. Superintendent Pedicone’s contract was extended right before this Election, and as the main obstacle to progress in TUSD and for Latino


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

4. 5.

education, the reason he remains in power provides insight into the politics of educating Latinos. TUSD is under multiple Office of Civil Rights investigations, and more are coming. How money has blinded local Democrats locally, as nationwide, who fail to stand up for justice in exchange for personal power. The TUSD race is filled with many such stories. ⁃ The significance of Raul Grijalva’s legacy comes full circle as this new chapter in Tucson’s history begins.

All of this must be considered before coming to any meaningful conclusions, as you will see.

CHAPTER TWO Federal Desegregation Order against TUSD
In the late 1960s, Raul Grijalva was one of the handful of Chicanos that could be found at the University of Arizona and together this small group started a local chapter of the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA). Translated it basically means it is a Chicano Student movement, and it was needed, with less than 100 Chicanos attending the UA. One of the demands of MEChA was the creation of


David Morales

Chicano Studies. Schools were even much worse back then when it came to learning any of the history that took place here before Manifest Destiny, before the mythical cowboys came to tame the Wild West and take care of the savage indian problem. One story I recall is that schools on the southside got their books from the northside schools who were discarding them because they were getting new editions. There are many stories of racial injustice that you can find, and out of this movement arose Raul Grijalva who would run to become the first Chicano on the TUSD school board. He lost in 1972 for being too radical, which was the year of the La Raza Unida party. La Raza would be a term that would haunt him and TUSD even to this day four decades later. Grijalva would end up serving three terms on the school board, the same number of terms his daughter Adelita Grijalva has served, having won her third term in 2010 which is up in 2014. This bit of information will be useful later. It was under Raul’s term on the school board that TUSD fell under a deseg order, and in that time while he has risen to Pima County supervisor, then to US Congressman for his sixth term now, TUSD is still under this deseg order! Now fast-forwarding to recent years, the TUSD school board adopted the Post-Unitary Plan in 2009. The only dissenting vote was that of Mark Stegeman who said that


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

the reason he opposed the PUP was because it expanded Mexican American Studies. Stegeman just won reelection this week. There is a lot going on at this time in the last 4-6 years, but the focus here is on the deseg issue. Just briefly, in 2006 was when the war on Ethnic Studies began with State Superintendent Tom Horne making it his top target. Three bills later, now with Governor Janet Napolitano’s veto gone after she moved to Homeland Security, Jan Brewer would sign HB2281 into law a few weeks after SB1070. That is another prong in history that merges with this story very soon. Federal Judge Bury, based in Tucson, realized that TUSD was still under a deseg order after three decades, so he decided it was time to move. He ordered the parties involved to write up a Post-Unitary Plan; “unitary” being the term that refers to not being segregated anymore. Once the PUP was adopted, he would lift the deseg order and TUSD could move on in “good faith” as long as racism didn’t continue. What many do not realize is that in Tucson, even with Democrats in charge of every level of government, including the school board, racism will always find a home and even protection by the enablers of racism. In 2009, the deseg order is lifted. In 2010, Arizona bans Ethnic Studies. This was the same year as SB1070 and other craziness, including the ban of teachers with accents by the Arizona Department of Education. The lunatics had taken over the asylum.


David Morales

Then something happened. Under the new rule of TUSD superintendent John Pedicone and school board president Mark Stegeman, the famous Ninth Court of Appeals, the same one that heard the super-important Mendez vs Westminster school desegregation which would be a precedent for the Brown v Board decision, reversed Judge Bury’s lifting of the deseg order on TUSD, placing it back under a federal deseg order since racism was still running rampant under Pedicone and Stegeman’s rule. This was a huge embarrassment to Judge Bury who had his decision reversed. But Bury lives in Tucson, and as a powerful federal judge he enjoys access to the upper echelon of Tucson’s elite, such as members of SALC which John Pedicone was the Vice President of before taking over TUSD. Being a Republican appointee in the land of Arizona suggests a lot about one’s stance on issues related to Mexicans. It was also a slap in the face to Pedicone, who is in charge of the district that the federal courts are calling segregated UNDER HIS WATCH. As part of this Ninth Circuit decision, the PUP would remain in place until the Special Master’s new Unitary Status Plan gets revealed this Friday. But this decision was in 2011, and under the PUP the MAS program was protected and it even states that it should be expanded. Now those in charge of TUSD (Democrats) found themselves in a predicament that should not have existed, but remember this is a new racism that Tucson has created. The Federal court order created and protects MAS, while a new state law tries to ban it. Any student of


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

American Government will tell you that the Federal government trumps the state. Any student of history will tell you that this is exactly the situation that is run into in the history of racism; the states’ rights vs federal orders trying to end segregation in the South. With the federal government on their side against the state, what would the Democrats choose to do? On January 10th, after a recommendation by John Pedicone, the Hicks resolution was proposed which would ban MAS immediately. It passed 4-1 with Adelita voting NO. Part of this order would be the immediate banning of books, which included 7 books that mentioned by name that cannot be taught out of at all, and any books that mentioned “race, class and oppression” which is what led assistant superintendent Abel Morado to ban The Tempest, Shakespeare’s story about colonization and slavery in the New World, from Curtis Acosta’s Latino Literature class. Now the big day is here and this week is when the Special Master’s report is released to the public. It is expected by many that at least two huge changes will take place: 1. Bilingual Education, banned by the State of Arizona, will return to TUSD. 2. Mexican American Studies, also banned, will return to TUSD. This immediately brings up a dilemma, and this is why this whole fiasco is so complicated. There are so many nooks and crannies that make the spreading of


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educational butter to the whole of the bread surface nearly impossible. Perhaps this is why a smoother tortilla should be used, but English muffins remain. Pedicone would issue several pre-emptive strikes to keep MAS away from TUSD, which was obvious to everyone a year ago when Pedicone appointed Dr. Lupita Garcia - a person who was already publicly known to hate MAS, who thought MEChA should be banned from TUSD for being unAmerican and who opposed the annual LULAC conference for being too radical - to supervise the MAS program. To use an analogy to explain the first strike, let me refer to an analogy related to a topic another pro-MAS journalist, Jeff Biggers, frequently writes about in the Huffington Post. He tends to focus on two topics, and not without accident I believe; Arizona (in particular the attack on Latinos) and coal mining. Mountain-top removal is a bad thing should be stopped, but the mining corporations justify the process which includes the explosion of the top of a mountain to get at the coal underneath, by saying that after the coal is removed the mountain-top is “restored.” You can see these laughable restorations for yourself and you immediately realize that there is no substitute for the original peak that was reached, the beauty and knowledge and history and cultural significance, and these restorations with gravel are an insult to the life, plant and animal and fungi and bacteria, that once thrived on the mountain. Not only is the top destroyed, but so is everything downhill from there, as the original mountaintop is dumped over the cliff into the valleys below, sometimes


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

stopping the flow of rivers that brought the water of life for generations. There is no replacement that is acceptable. Just stick with the mountaintop on which life thrived. Mountain-top removal is what Pedicone is trying to sell Latinos now. Rather than the “filet mignon” of Mexican American Studies, which was created by the Tucson community and which is proven to close the achievement gap with Latino students, Pedicone now wants to shove the cheap “hamburger meat” of multicultural curriculum down our throats. While the idea of multiculturalism is a good one, in educational practice it is not a pedagogy that can replace MAS. Before American History was able to be viewed from a Mexican American perspective, before books could be read by authors that you related more to; including Chicano and Native American authors. But now all that can be learned are short snippets in the history books, footnotes in the path of American Manifest Destiny, mere excerpts in huge anthologies of stories. So before banning the MAS program it appears, based on remarks by board member Miguel Cuevas on the night that Pedicone fired MAS director Sean Arce from TUSD, that a deal had been reached beforehand that would eliminate MAS and replace it with a Multicultural Curriculum. To help seal this deal, he put Dr. Augustine Romero in charge of this task, and when asked if he would really sell out his community, Romero would remark that he had his family to think of first. ***


David Morales

Everyone has a cost. In additional to this Multicultural Curriculum which no one really knows how exactly is supposed to be implemented (you need to train teachers, buy more books and resources, etc.), Pedicone and his board created the Mexican American Student Services department to also replace MAS. The new MASS program offered no classes, just access to tutors and help if needed. This means that TUSD is going backwards in terms of progress since it is not so much that students need tutors to pass their (Anglo-) American History class, it’s that they needed the class to be made more relevant to them, which is what MAS accomplished. So Pedicone now has two halves which don’t even add up to a whole, leaving a huge hole and doing nothing to close the growing achievement gap that Latinos face, especially in TUSD which is over 60% Latino. The Latino community has rejected both of these halfassed approaches, demanding the filet-mignon of MAS to be brought back for our students who deserve the best. Yet Pedicone has some politicos fooled, and a little political support to fulfill the egos of future careers can go a long way. More about this later.


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

For example, people such as myself think it is a big mistake to have the most recent Vice-President of SALC in charge of Tucson’s largest school district which controls hundreds of millions of dollars. The conspiracy was obvious from the beginning. SALC was pushing two propositions in 2010. One, which failed, would have taken control of the City of Tucson. The other, which passed, allowed TUSD to start selling off valuable property for pennies on the dollar; a developer’s dream. To ensure this master plan, SALC pushed its Vice President as the next TUSD superintendent and voila; Prop 402 and Pedicone come in at the same time almost exactly two years ago. Prop 402 allowed TUSD to start selling off its properties. Here is the twisted thing. The population in Tucson is growing, yet TUSD’s population keeps shrinking as white flight occurs to charter schools. So this leaves schools with less students, which leads to them being closed… and then being sold off cheap to developers. Look at the Wrightstown School example to learn more about this process. It was able to be sold under Prop 402, and this prime property on the east-side of town, nestled amongst old mesquites along the river was able to be sold to transform into higher-density condos. Many times a place-name that ends in “town” is a historic place, a location that means something before Tucson grew and swallowed it up, and such is the case for this school past


David Morales

Pantano Rd, just south of Tanque Verde by Catalina Highway which leads you up to the southernmost ski resort which is Mt. Lemmon. Other schools are being sold off, and more are coming. To someone as myself, the pieces of the puzzle all fit together nicely, and predictions made have come true. Schools are being sold off to charter schools or to condos, all meant to undermine public education. How ironic, and sad, for public schools to be sold off to the charter schools that stole their students. That was 2010, and schools are being sold off until today. Sadly a school such as Richey which served the trilingual community of Old Pascua was shut down and only allowed to be reopened as a charter school. The benefit is that certification is less strict, so you get to save money. This comes at a cost of quality union teachers, but this is Arizona and we hate unions, especially teacher’s unions here. Now even Adelita Grijalva was promoting this process. This brings us to the year 2012 and the summer of the emergency crisis. We are headed towards a $17 million economic cliff and Pedicone has the solution! Introducing the term of an optimally-sized school, which basically means a school that has over 400 students enrolled, Pedicone started the drumbeat to get soldiers in line to start closing down crucial neighborhood schools, such as the one that is always under attack, Ochoa Elementary, named after Tucson’s only Chicano mayor who helped start public education in this dusty old town.


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

Some 30-40 schools were now targeted for potential closure. Now, step aside for a moment from the finances and politics involved here. A teacher is a special person, someone who isn’t always in it for the money. They do it for another reason. Now you have the highly-paid administration coming in and telling you that your career, your school, your classrooms, everything that you love is at risk of being killed. This puts an enormous amount of stress on the poorlypaid educator. The damage is already done. Step 1 is to identify the non-optimal schools. Step 2 is to start closing these neighborhood schools. Step 3 of Pedicone’s plan proves all the conspiracies correct. Now what we do, after closing down these important schools, is to pass a bond for hundreds of millions of dollars so that we can build huge mega-schools, or what I call the “Walmartization” of public education. This works out great for all the SALCies. The developers get millions for building these new schools. The increased transportation costs to get everyone to these non-neighborhood schools increases the needs for the Jim Click’s of Tucson who represent the auto industry. The schools that are sold off to become condos benefit the Don Diamond’s who represent real estate. Never let a good crisis go to waste. And on top of all this, get your friends from the


David Morales

Pedicone-cheerleading group known as the Civility Fund, made up of Ron Barber and Janet Marcotte and Ann Eve, the White Privilege foundation, to back you up just as they did after the TUSD tragedy where Pedicone had 7 women arrested and over 100 TPD harass and sometimes physically assault the Latino community. Now push Prop 204, which would get you even more money via a 1 cent sales tax. No one can oppose it, because it’s for “education.” Nevermind that some of it goes to build roads… it’s still for “education.” Nevermind that some of it goes to hire more DPS officers… it’s an education bill dammit… stick to the script! On Tuesday, Election Day 2012, Arizona voters rejected Prop 204 by a margin of about 2-1. These means that Pedicone and TUSD board are in mega-trouble when it comes to finances. Nevermind that two of the TUSD board members are UA Economics professors, including Mark Stegeman who has a Ph.D. from MIT. While Democrats are busy admiring his onpaper credentials, realists are realizing that all that Economics doctoral strength couldn’t even balance a simple budget in Tucson. Did I mention that there are currently TWO UA Economics professors on the TUSD board? It’s a lot different when you try to turn all that abstract nonsense into reality, where money is real and pendejadas get you nowhere. In 2010 my attention started turning towards this man that no one was talking about and yet he was about to take


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

control of TUSD. His name was John Pedicone and at that time he was the Vice President of SALC. Some of the MAS teachers had taken Dr. Pedicone’s classes in the UA Education department (yes, that’s a whopping 3 UA professors leading TUSD into the abyss), and they had notes of him talking about getting over that multicultural nonsense. Assimilate is what they were taught. Back then I was trying to get Arizona’s first Chicano to the US Senate elected. He is a lot more well-known nowadays, but back then Three Sonorans and The Feathered Bastard were the only places you would find news on Randy Parraz. It was exactly because of Randy and MAS that I met Kristel Foster, one of the newest TUSD board members who was the top-vote getter in the election this week. I suggested that Randy attend the all-night vigil for MAS at TUSD while he was in town, and he did. It was late in the night, and I introduced him to Sean and Auggie and others. According to Kristel, this was when she decided to support him. Here is a US Senate candidate coming out at night to support MAS, he’s got my vote! So while I was helping with the Parraz campaign I became good friends with Kristel. When I heard about Pedicone, I asked around, and it was Kristel that gave me the most knowledge of him that first year. Kristel used to work in Flowing Wells while John Pedicone was the superintendent and she warned me about his anti-Latino ways. This was during the time that bilingual education was


David Morales

about to be banned, and Pedicone was such a trooper, making the state superintendent Tom Horne so satisfied that he won superintendent of the year. Many consider this a laudable achievement, but to me it’s like getting a medal of honor in the early 1940s by the German leader. I also learned that there was this ad that the LGBT community took out in the school paper. Pedicone called in the person behind it and asked why the heck they published it, since Flowing Wells has no gay students. Adelita Grijalva was warned even by Auggie Romero who used to talk some much crap about the anti-MAS racist Pedicone; who would have thought he would have taken his side two years later in exchange for $90K a year? Money over Mexicans. Everyone has a price. Later in 2010, Pedicone was unanimously approved by the TUSD board. In December as a temporary advisor to TUSD he was making $1000 a day salary, an amount he continues to make to this day, in addition to thousands per month in perks such as his automobile package which allows him to have a new fuel-inefficient truck that takes him to and from his Oro Valley home on the golf course to 1010 everyday. On May 3rd, 2011 he proved exactly how powerful the tentacles of being protected by SALC will get you. It was on that day that he was able to get over 100 Tucson police to TUSD, snipers on the roof, dogs, helicopters, riot gear armed and ready cops to protect the power structure as they tried to attack MAS that night. ***


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

Seven brave women stood up that night to speak and Pedicone had them all arrested for Free Speech. Why the police were taking orders from Pedicone is another question, especially when Pedicone had TPD come in with shields over their faces and armed to arrest Adelita’s godmother. Lupe Castillo entered the TUSD board room walking in on two crutches, which is how the 69-year old disabled Mexican American history professor gets around. She stood up and started reading from MLK’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and Pedicone ordered her arrest. The police tried to get her to drop to the ground so they could arrest her or whatever cops do when they bring 69year old disabled women to the ground. The entire time, Adelita did nothing on the board, never interjecting to say “hey Pedicone, that’s my nina you are messing with, back off !” Never did she tell the cops not to be rough with her. Nothing. It was clear at this point that Adelita truly was Pedicone’s Princess. Later that month, Janet Marcotte would exert her own white privilege and come to Pedicone’s aid. Now, keep in mind that the YWCA, which Marcotte was the director of, claimed to be the place for women’s rights and racial justice. Here you have May 3rd, a day were 7 WOMEN were arrested in support of racial justice… ordered arrested by John Pedicone, and whose side does Marcotte take? She brought together her friends from the Civility Fund to save Pedicone’s image; never considering holding him


David Morales

accountable. Their answer was to spend lots of money putting murals all over TUSD saying “Be Kind.” The murals were constructed by Ben’s Bells, which somehow became the Nobel Peace Prize in Tucson after a major propaganda push by the Civility Fund. To prove how twisted this agenda was, the very next month after Pedicone banned MAS and sent censorship monitors into the classrooms to remove the beloved books as the students and teachers cried while their precious knowledge was being removed, John Pedicone was awarded a Ben’s Bells! Keep that in mind. Pedicone’s power in Tucson is very strong amongst Democrats, not so much because of Pedicone, but because of SALC, which was founded by Democrat Si Schorr, the architect of destruction behind the complete demolition of Tucson’s downtown barrio.

In Pima County, Cesar Chavez holiday is official. The famous Arizonan and Civil Rights leader who started the “Si Se Puede” movement that became Obama’s “Yes We Can” slogan deserves to be honored as Arizona native son. It was March of 2012 and a special election was being held to fill Gabby Giffords vacated seat. Ron Barber was running unopposed in the primary, but there were multiple Republicans in the running, including McSally who as of this writing is beating Barber in the general


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

election. There was a Republican debate that was held at Sabino High School on Tucson’s NW side. It was moderated by right-wing and anti-MAS radio show host Jon Justice. Clearly this was a political event! No problemo says assistant superintendent of high schools Abel Morado! Two week later the Tucson community would have its annual Cesar Chavez march. This event is always run by the Grijalvistas, meaning those under the dominion of Raul Grijalva. For the last decade this parade started at Pueblo High School, the alma mater of TUSD board member Adelita Grijalva. It was banned from doing so this year. Auggie Romero and Adelita Grijalva allowed TUSD to tell the Latino community that they were banned from celebrating Cesar Chavez on school grounds because, as Morado told the news, it would be a “political event.” Nevermind the Republican debate with Jon Justice he allowed! Adelita, a year after doing nothing against Pedicone to help her nina, would do nothing to help the Cesar Chavez committee start its march were it always does… and she is from Pueblo dammit! She is on the governing board and has power… but she gladly relinquishes it to Pedicone because she is Pedicone’s Princess after all. Luckily people such as Silverio Garcia were brave enough to stand up to this clear racism and file an OCR complaint, and now TUSD may be in trouble for this


David Morales

overt racism.

Don’t let the myth of progressivism in Tucson fool you. Don’t even let the myth of Progressive hero “Raul Grijalva” fool you, since nothing is further from the truth when it comes to helping out Latinos under attack. First you have to recall that it was the Democrats that destroyed the Mexican American community in Tucson in exchange for the myth of money. Nevermind that the TCC which was built over the sacred ground where the original Mexican American barrio was built and nevermind that it has cost the city of Tucson over $100 million in losses. At least the Mexicans are out of downtown. It was a Democrat with the help of the newspaper that helped this gentrification and “urban renewal” take place. We call it “barrio destruction” and it continues to this day under the name of “Imagine Greater Tucson” which is, no kidding, run out of Si Schorr’s law firm; the original architect of barrio destruction. Democrat Si Schorr would go on to found SALC, and John Pedicone would go on to be its Vice President, and following Schorr’s pattern, he would also help destroy what the Mexican American community in Tucson created; the successful MAS program in TUSD. Nevermind that Raul Grijalva’s top aide’s wife, Regina Romero, as a city councilmember, voted to honor Si


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

Schorr last year. Hey, do you want support for elections are not? Nevermind that she was also accepting maximum donations from Mark Stegeman and Janet Marcotte and refusing to return them. Money over Mexicans. The pattern is clear and the new strategy is the most dangerous of all. Get former Latino activists to pay words to the movement but to pay actions to what non-Latinos want, even if it comes at the cost of the Mexican American community. For example, Adelita Grijalva just has to give Pedicone power, and then as the minority on the board she can vote NO, but then when he needs a contract extension vote YES, and then pretend to be the voice of reason. Even better is to declare, as you vote for his contract extension, that Pedicone is leading the district in the right direction… the same Pedicone that banned MAS and that had your 69-year old nina arrested! To show how powerful the Grijalvista establishment is, consider Cam Juarez, another winner of the TUSD school board election. Cam has every reason to oppose pesticide use on migrant farmers. He should be the leader against any such person who makes their money by spraying migrant working with toxic chemicals. But yet, in 2010, the entire Grijalvista camp decided to side with agriculturalist millionaire Rodney Glassman, a Fresno farmer who made millions off of Britz Chemical, as in Rodney Britz Glassman, that was written about in


David Morales

the LA Times for spraying migrants with pesticides. In case you forgot that history that TUSD is now banned from teaching, Cesar Chavez went on a fast against the farmers for over 30 days because of the pesticide issue. Cam officially endorsed Rodney Glassman, the guy who made millions off of the exploitation of migrants. But in confidence Cam tells me he voted for Parraz, who worked with Chavez and the strawberry workers who were picketing. He tells me he voted for Randy but officially was endorsing Glassman because Grijalva was. Talk about balls of courage, by which I mean no balls at all. This summer when I asked Cam about the claim that Adelita said she would not endorse anyone who opposed Pedicone, Cam said whatever, he’s his own person and will stand up to power, just like Raul does, but when asked about Pedicone he caved in. Kristel Foster, the person who told me how horrible Pedicone was at Flowing Wells, how anti-Latino and antiLGBT he was… now supports Pedicone also. She told me she had to do what she had to do to “win the white vote.” And this brings us to today. Three Democrats won the TUSD school board race! You don’t need Three Sonorans to declare victory….


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

Where is the party at? Where is the huge announcement? It’s nowhere. And that is because the concerns that I have are felt by many. You have people who lack testicular fortitude such as Cam, ready to support the very pesticide millionaire that has affected his own life personally…. You have Kristel… who warned me about anti-Latino Pedicone, who I met at MAS events, now afraid to badmouth Pedicone and who now says she herself would have voted YES on the Hicks resolution to kill MAS!!! These are two of the Democrats that won. Mark Stegeman is the other. Excuse my lack of excitement. Combine this with Auggie Romero’s own work against MAS in exchange for nearly six-figures, plus a $4000 speaking fee where he goes around the country getting sympathy for the death of MAS while not sharing that he is part of that killing, selling out Sean Arce before April so that Adelita could save his job while sacrificing Arce in April… Dr. Romero gets sympathy for the death of MAS and yet uses the success of MAS data in talks that he continues to give with Jeff Duncan-Andrade to get support for his


David Morales

work that competes directly with MAS… Did I mention he is a Grijalvista also who has had a perpetual crush on Adelita? I heard from some close to him that he planned on resigning if Kristel and Cami did not win. I called what he was trying to do to replace MAS the KACA (KristelAdelita-Cam-Auggie) plan. Now that they have won, the process to replace MAS can begin, and they have indeed begun. Auggie’s almost six figure job is at risk after all… nevermind that Sean lost his job for standing up to Pedicone and his attack on Latinos. So people ask me what I think of the election and I am disappointed. At least if the right-wing won, we could fight the board fully. Now we have to fight the illusion that the board that won, since the Grijalvistas have a majority, is on our side. And it is complicated to explain all the nooks and crannies, how they have sold out, choosing a price tag for MAS rights as Kristel did. Yes, in the end I probably will agree with 99% of what they do, but this attack on MAS really is something that shouldn’t be debated. Voting Yes to kill MAS? Should I really have to overlook my stance on this evil vote just because Kristel wants to win the white vote? I’ll let you decide, but suffice it to say that nearly four


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

decades after Raul Grijalva began his career on the TUSD school board, he now has a majority of his minions on the board, and my prediction is that MAS will remained untouched by their actions as they work towards the efforts of their own, Dr. Romero’s plan to replace MAS. The Federal deseg order began under Grijalva, and years later it still remains, but now his people are in charge. As the father of a 4-year old in the TUSD school district, I really do want Kristel and Cam to do what is right, but I feel that they both have a price, that point where they choose Money over Mexicans even if they themselves are Mexican. If Steve Montenegro and Grijalva’s opponent Gabby Mercer can sell-out Mexicans, then they themselves can. Grijalva’s legacy is at stake here. He now has a majority of power on the school board, and Adelita is in charge, but will she continue to be Pedicone’s puppet or will she stand up? Will Cam and Kristel have the courage to go against Adelita on important votes? An important vote will be coming up soon as they have to decide on Auggie’s Multicultural Curriculum vs MAS. Here is what things come down to. It’s not that we need good Democrats in office. What we need are spectacular Democrats who are not afraid of confronting racism head on, rather than the ones we have in Arizona who oppose SB1070 but it really is not that big a priority, and in fact, they will score some xenophobic points themselves by


David Morales

“securing the border” or talking about the “rule of law.” It is man-made laws that turn Humans and Plants into “Illegal” things, it is man-made laws that turns true history and literature into “illegal” classes in Arizona, and it is TUSD board policy that banned books in TUSD. It is Democrats who enabled the racism that Republicans started. It was Kristel who decided to play this game to “win the white vote” by saying TUSD had no choice but to obey the state law… money over Mexicans and of course she chose money. Just recently Cam was asked about MAS and said that he’s worried about complying with state law, and that Auggie’s MC program may be the way to go… Never do any of these good Democrats, who I will probably agree with 99% of the time on other votes, take that last courageous stand in these important times, to say that we have been here before in history, and I choose the FEDERAL government over a racist STATE law. This is not a time for good people in office. This is a time for people who are ready to stand up for all humans and for our Mother Earth also, but this is a whole other topic for another time as Arizona starts running out of water. Arizona is already going after “illegal” humans” so why are the Democrats in charge of TUSD now going after “illegal” classes and “illegal” books? I guess my final message here is that racism thrives in TUSD, and Democrats are in charge, and not just any


Xipe Totec: Two-Thousand Twelve Transformation Arrives in Tucson as New Era Begins After Elections

Democrats but Progressive Democrats and Grijalvistas. Why is the racism still here?


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