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Christia Fellowsh Church ip n

LetFreedom Ring
free-dom/ noun l. the stoteof being free or ot libertyrotherthon in confinemenlor underphysicol reslroint 2. exemplionfrom externolconlrol,interference, regulotion, elc. 3. the power to determineoction withoutrestroinl 4. politicolor notionolindependence liberty. opposed bondogeor slovery 5. personol os to "TheLordliveslProise to my Rock!Exolledbe God, be 'iheRock, Sovior! isibe God who ovenges my He me... who selsme free from my enemies."2 Somuel22:47-49 "ln my onguishI cried 10the Lord, ond He onsweredby setlingme free." PsolmI l8:5 "Soif the Sonsetsyou free,you willbe free indeed." John8:36 "ForthisreosonChrist the mediolorof o new covenonl, is thot thosewho ore colled moy receivethe promised eternolinheritonce now thol He hosdled os o ronsom lo sel themfree..." Hebrews 9:15 "l owe my lifeto the militory soldiers who socrificed everylhing ihey hod ond everyihing they were so thol I could be offorded the freedom10choosehow lo roisemy children, receivermy educotion,ond esseniiolly, my life." live by "Jillof oll trodes" Hoveyou ever ihoughl obout whol freedom meonsto you?

4\h,2012 November Worship rvice 5e Welcome Prayet and

iNov.lB - MichoelPletl)


5ing Congregational ing Announcements & offering Kid's Korner

(Nov.lB'Crysiol Nepinok)

Number Special
Don Hiebert
(Nov.l8 Alvin Kroeker)

neading Scripture
Psolm 63 Mel Plelt
(Nov.l8 Don Hiebert)

"MoreThonRituol Religion"

School 5unday
Potluck Lunch News Notes &
. 7:30p.m. Choirproctiseot LlltleWoody. Tuesdov. . Nov.I 1'h l0:450.m. Remembronce Doy Service the LegionHoll. ol thot lhe communlly choir Jusl reminder o will proctisethot morningos well. No servicehere. . Check out the bulletin boord tor the newsleller lrom ihe Schmidt's. September

to... brKnqay Dlesstngs

-Denise Nov.9rh Sigurdson Nov.I6i - Dennis Sigurdson



Kendroond Brendon on ToAlicio,Kelsey, Plett. of dod, Erwin the possing Alicio's Pleose keep them in yourproyers. service on Mondoy,Nov.5ih, is Funerol Comnunity Church. 2p.m. o1Treesbonk

Nov.9rh gym nightot Fridoy, , BirchRiver Schoolfrom 7-9p.m. Meet of church ofterfor GodJolkond goodies.


Lnurcn Lreanrng
Dorryl Michelle & 2OI2EMCPRAYER REQUESTS Associole MisslonsConodo VenusCoie (Norlhern Conodo Evongelicol Mission) -Proy spirituol growthin the childrenthot Venus for workswi'lh ond proy os thesechildrenwitness iheirporenls. 10 Pleose confinueto proy for Venus's sofely.


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