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A root may be followed by more then one suffix, each contributing to and extending the meaning. Accept + able + ness sleep + less + ness

trade Makes adjectives meaning full of or having the character of Makes nouns meaning the state of being Makes adjectives meaning connected with Makes noun meaning one who is skilled in or engaged in Makes verbs meaning to cause to be or become Makes nouns and participlas denoting activity or state Makes verbs meaning to make Makes adjectives meaning like or tending towards Makes nouns denoting beliefs. storage Accidental. seaward. applicant. childish Criticism. fanaticism. senseless Booklet. granary. otherwise . moneywise. suicide Earldom. blacken. warlike Cautiously. eligible Aristocracy. lawless. process of or the result of Makes nouns meaning an act of killing Makes nouns meaning state of rank Makes verbs from adjectives and nouns meaning to make Makes nouns meaning a place. damnation Genocide. -ry -ful -hood -ic. sadness Adventurous. sadness Friendship. process or characteristic Makes nouns meaning state or quality Makes adjectives meaning quality of Makes adjectives meaning free from without Makes nouns meaning little. kingdom Ashen. lifely Achievement. uppermost Carelessness. creative Colorless. Utopian Abundance. act. measonry. -ible -acy -age -al -an. membership Quarrelsome. behavior. superlative Makes nouns meaning state or quality Makes adj denoting quality Makes nouns meaning the quality of Makes adj. tapestry Awful. dramatise Boyish. upward Clockwise. privacy Acreage. musician. refusal African. -ory. Indonesian. teamster Homeward. -ent -ary -ate -ation -cide -dom -en -ery. romantic Beautician. business. connected with Makes nouns and adjectives meaning of or from a country. cupful Childhood. and makes nouns meaning a group consisting of Makes nouns meaning one who makes or belongs to Makes adverbs meaning toward Makes adverbs meaning in in relation to Examples Accountable. diplomacy. troublesome. charity. homicide. -fy -ing -ise. bracelet. stimulant Dignitary. or an ornament Makes adjectives meaning resembling Makes adj and adv meaning state or quality Makes nouns meaning the product of or the state of Makes adj. -wards -wise Function and meaning Makes adjectives meaning able to likely to Makes nouns of quality or condition from adjectives Makes nouns meaning collection or service Makes nouns and adjectives meaning of partaining to. -ence -ant. coolness. piglet Lifelike. retirement Innermost. heroic. dental. intensify Cooking. fishing Criticise. meaning tending to be. -ical -ician -ify. brilliance Absorbent. doctrin Makes nouns from adj and adv Makes nouns and adjectives meaning process or one who Makes nouns meaning related to Makes adjectives from nouns meaning possessing or denotes a function Makes nouns meaning action. thresome Gangster. assessement. monetary Affectionate. group. foliate. onward. fascism Ability. statistican Amplify.Suffix -able. manhood Alcoholic. outermost. jokester. authorisation. nervous. -ian -ance. boredom. deafen Brewery. coinage. sanity Attractive. art. -ize -ish -ism -ity -ive -less -let -like -ly -ment -most -ness -ous -ship -some -ster -ward. careful. magristrate Accusition.

universe . irresponsible Infra-red. insecure. partially under At a distance accross beyond not one Examples Amoral. misplace Overactive. hyperbole Hypertension Illegal. imposible. interpersonal Macrocosm. irreplacable. ir Infra Inter Macro Micro Miss Over post Quasi Pre Re Semi Sub Tele trans Ultra Un Uni O G L L G G L G L OE G L L L G G OE E L L L L L L L G L L OE L meaning not to before against self twice life not before above exercisse not below between large small wrong Too much after Half-almost before Back. infrastructure Intercede. antenatal Antidote. unattractive. unborn Uniform. forefather Hyperactive. bionic. infrasonic. ad ante Anti Auto Bi Bio Dis Fore Hyper Il. atheist. again Half. quasi-official Premature. telescope Translantic. postwar Quasi-literal. apathetic Affix. microscope Miscalculate. trans-continental Ultramarine. ultrasonic Unable. foretell. antiseptic Autobiography. reconfirm Semicolon. semi-invalid Submarine. im. disadvantage Forearm. in. bilateral Biology. unilateral. pre-war Realign. biosphere Disable. subway Telephone. automatic Bicycle. overpaid Postgraduate. macroeconomics Microbe.prefix prefix a a. advance Antecedent.