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By Brittany Woodring

Based on the novel I AM LEGEND by Richard Matheson

2. FADE IN: [TRUST] EXT. NEVILLE'S HOUSE FRONT LAWN - MORNING (CO)(Empty plate on grass, Neville's hand comes into view and grabs the plate, (MOVING SHOT)Slowly zoom out and see Neville standing up, then looking left to right.) (MSU) NEVILLE (VO) (Sighs in relief) Thank God! (Neville grins and turns around and walk back inside.) CUTS TO: INT. NEVILLE'S HOUSE KITCHEN MORNING

(MC) (Neville, smiling, pours water and milk into bowls and puts meat on a plate.) CUTS TO:

EXT. NEVILLE'S HOUSE FRONT LAWN- MORNING (OS) (Follow Neville outside of house (MCU)See Neville's facial expression change to a frown.) NEVILLE (VO) Oh great.

3. (LS/MOVING SHOT)(Neville walks om the shot towards the bodies of the women.) DISSOLVE TO: FIRE (ZOOM OUT) CUT TO: (CU) (Neville's face, see the flames in his eyes, frowning.)


INT. MARKET PET AISLE (Neville throws Dog food into the cart as he hums to himself.) (MS) NEVILLE Lord, you'd think I was having a baby or something! (He pauses) Why pretend? I'm more excited than I've been in a year! CUT TO: EXT. NEVILLE'S HOUSE FRONT LAWN MORNING

(Neville arrives to his house to see the food has not been eaten. He sighs.)(CU) NEVILLE (VO) Well, what the hell do you expect? The dog can't eat every hour.

4. DISSOLVE TO: EXT.- NEVILLE'S HOUSE GARDEN (Neville collects garlic bulbs. He looks over at what was left of his neighbor's house, after he had burnt it down.) NEVILLE (CU)(VO) Why had the vampires never set fire to my house? Is it possible they were afraid of matches? Or is it that they were just too stupid? After all their brains could not be so fully operative as they had been before. The change from life to mobile death must had involve some tissue deterioration. (Neville shrugs his shoulders and walks back into the house.) CUT TO:

INT. NEVILLE'S HOUSE FRONT DOOR 4:00PM (Neville's (POV) Looking out the peephole.)(MCU)(Look down at watch. Covers a yawn and then looks back into the peephole. Neville see's the dog through the peephole. (FS)Of dog. See it is limping. Neville gets up quickly and grabs a hold of the nob. (CU) On his hand on the nob.)

5. NEVILLE (VO) No, you'll just scare him if you go out. Let him go now. Let him go. CUT TO: BAR COUNTER (Neville prepares himself a drink, then returning to his seat ( MOVING SHOT) drinks it slowly.) NEVILLE(VO) That dog must be a master at hiding it's to have lasted to long. Or maybe somehow, by luck, by coincidence, maybe by a little skill, that one dog had survived the plague and the grisly victims of the plague. (He looked back out the peephole to see the dog was still gone) If a dog, with its limited intelligence could manage to subsist through it all, wouldnt a person with a reasoning brain have that much more chance for survival? CUT TO: INT. NEVILLE'S HOUSE COUCH MORNING NEVILLE It's all right boy. ( The dog runs away) (VO) Goddamn it, what's the matter with him? The damn mutt! DISSOLVE TO: FLASHBACK OF DOG'S PAST

6. ( Shows scenes of the dog living on its own going through tough times) NEVILLE:(VO) Actually, I've got to think about what the dog must have gone through. The endless lights of groveling in the blackness, hidden God knew where, its gaunt chest laboring in the night while around its shivering for the vampires walked. The foraging for food and water, the struggle for life in a world without masters, housed in a body that man had made dependent on himself. ( Pause and camera back on himself) Poor little fella. I'll be good to you when you come and live with me. ( Neville's expression changes to if he had gotten an idea) DISSOLVE TO: FLASHBACK OF DOG'S PAST ( Show dog surviving well on its own) Maybe, actually a dog had more chance of survival than a human. Dogs were smaller, they could hide in the places vampires couldn't go. They could probably sense the alien nature of those about them, probably smell it. (Neville smiles) DISSOLVE TO:


7. (Neville is sitting on the porch as the dog approaches him) NEVILLE Come on, boy. Eat your food, that's a good dog. That's the boy. (Dog runs across street with hamburger and Neville laughs) You little son of a gun. (VO) Enjoy it, from now on you get dog food. I can't afford to let you have more fresh meat. ( Dog starts to come back and Neville sits still) That's right, boy, get your water now, that's a good dog. (He smile and talks more eagerly) Come on, boy, get your water and your milk now, that's a good boy. I won't hurt you. Atta boy. ( Dog drinks and lifts his head continually to look at Neville) I'm not doing anything. (VO) Wow, I can't believe how odd my voice sounds. When a man hasn't heard the sound of his voice for almost a year, it would sound strange. A year is a long time. ( He glances at the dog and smiles) (VO) When you come to live with me, I'll talk your ear off.

8. ( Dog finished drinking) Come'ere, boy. (Neville pats his leg)

Come on. I won't hurt you. ( Neville stands up and the dog runs away, he shakes his head slowly) DISSOLVE TO:

DAYS PASSING WITH DOG SHOWING UP ( Showing the dog eating and Neville siting on the porch talking and smiling. Show Him outing numerous bowls of food down over time. Show him inching towards the dog in the chair. Then show Neville sitting in the chair and it slowly turn dark outside and he enters the house. He starts pacing his house and then have it show the day turn the nights two time, and Neville looking the peephole worried.) CUT TO:


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