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PERSONAL DETAILS Name Date and Place of Birth I.D. Number Address E-mail Address Phone Twitter Language Main Skill : Dwitya Aribawa, S.E. : November 19, 1990, Denpasar, Bali. : 5171 04 191190 0004 : Trijata Street No. 26, Denpasar (ID Address) : Jl Kaliurang KM 5 Gg Srikaloka CT III/2 Sleman Jogja (Now) : : +6281 933102314 : @dwitya_aribawa : Balinese, Indonesia and English : Management, Finance, Marketing, Project Planning, Leadership, : Data Analysis, Lecturing, Problem Based Solving.


PHASE Elementary School Junior High School Senior High School Undergraduate Study

INSTITUTION Saraswati Private School SMPN 8 SMAN 1 (Natural Sience) Trisakti University (Faculty of Economics, Management)

PLACE Denpasar, Bali Denpasar, Bali Denpasar, Bali Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta

PERIOD 1997 2002 2005 2005 2008 2008 2012

Graduate Study

Gadjah Mada University (Faculty of Economics and Business,MBA Program)

Bulaksumur, D.I Yogyakarta

2012 Now

INFORMATION Passed with 7.1 average points. Passed with 8.15 average points. Passed with 9.12 average points. Bachelor of Economics (S.E.) Passed with Cumlaude (GPA:3.59). MBA program started September 3, 2012.


ORGANIZATION Trisakti University Hindu Community Management Student Society, Trisakti University. Student Parliament, Trisakti University Faculty of Economics Student Board (BEM), Trisakti University Young on Top Campuss Ambassador Operations Management Assistance Lecture Financial Management Assistance Lecture POSITION Member, Leader and Advisor. Member, Division Leader and Senior Member. Division Leader PLACE Jakarta Jakarta PERIOD 2008 2010 2010 2011 2008 2009 2010 2011 2009 2010 2011 2012 INFORMATION Religious organization. Concern in scientific and sience division. Division leader of culture and sport. Give advise and help the cabinete of Faculty of Economics Student Board. Spread positive value of being a future leader to youngsters. Give an assistance in class and laboratory. Give an assistance in class and laboratory.


Decision Advisor for Leader.


Campus Ambassador from Trisakti University Trisakti University




2011- 2012

Trisakti University


2010- 2012


NAME OF SEMINAR/TRAINING Global Financial Crisis and Opportunity of Syariah Economics. Perception On Developing And Motivating Students. Soft Skill Management Development . Visit Indonesia Stock Exchange. Analysis of Fraud Audit in Indonesia. Career Solution: Online Career Opportinity and Media Career. 6th Trisakti National DATE 10/24/ 2008 02/08/ 2009 03/16/ 2009 26/05/ 2009 04/17/ 2010 06/10/ 2010 8/10/ HELD BY IEF (Institute Economic and Finance) Management Student Society, Trisakti Management Student Society, Trisakti Management Student Society, Trisakti Magister Accounting Program, Trisakti. Cita-Cinta and Management Student Society, Trisakti Excellent Class SIGNATURE BY Prof.Dr.Sofyan S. Harahap (IEF Director) Heru Suryatama, Suci Zakiah and Febry Hartanto. Prof.Dr.Farah Margaretha, ME , Suci Zakiah and M.Rajief Nassir. Prof.Dr.Farah Margaretha, ME., Suci Zakiah and Muamar Kadafi. Prof.Dr.Sofyan S. Harahap Tussie Aulika

Prof.Dr.Farah Margaretha, ME. and


Business Plan Competition. Agricultural Policy in the United States and Information on Fullbright Scholarship for Master and PhD Programs. Open Lecture by: UPN Veteran Rector, Topic: Public Leadership. Marketition 2011 with Hawlet-Packard. Basic Management Quiz X. 2010 11/22/ 2010 Committee Trisakti. Magister Agribusiness Udayana University Dra.Wahyuningsih, ME. Brent Leavel (University of Montana Senior Researcher) and Prof.Dr.Ir.Dwi Putra Darmawan,MP.

11/23/ 2010 01/ 29/ 2011 March 2011 03/30/ 2011

Magister Agribusiness Udayana University Prasetiya Mulya Business School Tarumanagara University Trisakti University Student Board (Kepresidenan Mahasiswa) Management Student Society, Trisakti Management Student Society, Trisakti KMHDI DKI Jakarta

Prof.Dr.Ir.Teguh Soedarto, MP. and Prof.Dr.Ir.Dwi Putra Darmawan,MP. Ade Stephany Sutrisno, Daniel Haryanto and Mariana Kasim. Prof.Dr.Sukrisno Agoes, Ak.,MM.,CPA. , Megawati and Vanessa G. Kaunang Andhika Anindyaguna, Syafaat Perdana, SE and Mitra Wija Putra

Maximizing The Potential of Entrepreneurship in the Indonesian Successor Generation. Indonesia Stock Exchange Open Lecture. Who Wants to be a Smiling Investor. (Lukas Setia Atmaja, Ph.D) Steering Committee Dharma Shanti Hindu 2011. (Art and Culture Event of Hindu) SocializationFour Pillar of Nations (Pancasila, UUD 1945, NKRI and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika). Financial Management Laboratory (5th Semester). Operational Management Laboratory (5th Semester). Business Feasibility Study Laboratory (6th Semester). Analysis Qantitative for Business Laboratory (6th Semester). Microsoft Office Specialist. Completed Study in Excellent Class Program Using Problem Based Learning (PBL) System and Conducting in English. IAEI National Seminar.

05/09/ 2011 06/13/ 2011 July 2011 10/13/ 2011

Student Parlaiment of Trisakti University/ MPR Faculty of Economics Trisakti University Faculty of Economics Trisakti University Faculty of Economics Trisakti University Faculty of Economics Trisakti University Microsoft Certiport Excellent Class Trisakti University

11/04/ 2011 11/04/ 2011 11/04/ 2011 11/04/ 2011 11/15/ 2011 May 2012

Prof.Dr.Farah Margaretha, ME. , Widi Prasetyo Eros and Fariz Ruslian. Prof.Dr.Farah Margaretha, ME. , Widi Prasetyo Eros and Rissa Rachmawati. I Nyoman Ariawan Atmaja, I Made Raditya Mahardhika and Anak Agung Ade Budi Darma H.M Taufiq Kiemas, Hj.Melani Leimena Suharli, Drs.Hajriyanto Y.Thohari, MA and Dr.Ahmad Farhan Hamid, M.S. Drs. H. Lutfi Baradja, Ak, MBA and Hj. Wulansari, SE, ME Drs. H. Lutfi Baradja, Ak, MBA and Dra. Ratna Darasih, MM Drs. H. Lutfi Baradja, Ak, MBA and Dra. Ina Oktaviana Matusin, MM Drs. H. Lutfi Baradja, Ak, MBA and Jakaria, SE, ME Steve A Balmer (CEO Microsoft Corporation) Prof. Dr. Yuswar Zainul Basri, Ak, MBA and Dra. Wahyuningsih, ME, M.Phil

07/04/ 2012

IAEI (Ikatan Ahli Ekonomi Islam Indonesia)

Dr. Bambang Sudaryono, Ak. MBA , Munifah Syanwati, M.Si


ADDITIONAL SKILLS SELF TAUGHT Computer and Office MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point, MS Publisher, Basic Web Design, Digital Image & Video Processing with Adobe, Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Freelance Photography, Social Media Marketing, Good to Operate Many Computer or Mobile Operating System and Writters (Blog and Media Colum).

Yours sincerely

Dwitya Aribawa