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Bicol, the philippines novemBer 4 - 10, 2012 p5.00

vol. xx, no. 19

DA, foreign groups bullish in Bicol agriculture
By Rey M. Nasol

Cenro-Camsur gears up for more projects
By aNa-liza s. MaCataNgay

BPI’s Gigi Montinola is “MAP Management Man of the Year”
The Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) announced recently the selection of Aurelio “Gigi” R. Montinola III, President and CEO of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), as the “MAP Management Man of the Year 2012” awardee.

The Department of Agriculture (DA Bicol) gears up with the World Bank and the European Union to implement two projects towards a climatically-empowered farming system in the region.


The “MAP Management Man of the Year” is a prestigious award that MAP bestows on individuals in the business community or government for attaining unquestioned distinction in the practice of management and for contributing to the country’s progress. The conferment of the award to Mr. Montinola followed a thorough, stringent selection process. The distinction of “MAP Management Man of the Year” has only been conferred 36 times in the 45-year history of the award.
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The Bicol region’s agricultural development gets a boost as it benefits from the two foreign assisted projects - the World Bank funded - Philippine Rural Development Program and the European Union funded project entitled: “Enhancing Capacities for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Agriculture” (EC-DRR). According to DA regional Director Jose V. Dayao, the PRDP which

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NAGA CITY -- The Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (Cenro) has revealed activities for the last quarter to promote the National Greening Program. Cenro Chief Pio T. Bernal said three People’s Organization (PO) are scheduled to reforest 300 hectares of open and denuded lands inside Mount Isarog National Park, a haven for a wide range of endemic animals and species, before the month ends. Representatives from civil society organizations, national government agencies and from the academe also pledged to plant another 100 hectares here. Bernal also said that in line with its campaign to preserve and conserve protected areas like Mount Isarog, the office will push for the declaration of the said sanctuary as Man and Biosphere Site through
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3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY • (054) 472-57-71 • TELEFAX: (054) 475-62-62 • CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766

J. easy to follow in the footsteps of the new Filipino saint. But whether St. Internal auditors are company-employed but somehow insulated from management control for purposes of independent evaluation. the civic reception at Plaza Quezon will be observed at around five-thirty. St. Infanta. Millionaires.2 Bikol reporter oPinion (Atty. Nobody. This materialistic world will never give birth to another Filipino saint. That he joined the Jesuit Mission in the Marianas headed by Fr. past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPAs. TONY (APA) ACYATAN practice. It is not. St. yes. a life of drugs and crime. bears much resemblance to today’s teenagers. What is important is that he qualified as a saint and canonized as one. 1672. This is usually on October 31 and November 1. once the vehicles converge within the main commercial district – the old Bangkok traffic jams come into the fore.D. If our drivers can practice voluntary discipline. The other event is the appointment of Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle of the Archdiocese of Manila as one of the seven new Cardinals by Pope Benedict XVI this month of October. Still left behind – but not too far out. Technically. our traffic problems can be eased further. 14 Archbishop-elect Rolando Octavius Tria-Tirona. Also coming into the picture is the Filipinos’ capability to handle English reports. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co. Seat of the Archdiocese. and I always say we are in a democracy and he is welcome to run for congressman. 2012 Honest CPAs needed STORY-TELLERS: Many people are afraid of accounting. Fourteen lay faithful will be chosen to represent the fourteen Vicariates during the mass. renowned senior CNN Vatican analyst John Allen Jr. Two events in the church makes me happy and join the many Filipinos who rejoice the canonization of the second Filipino Saint San Pedro Calungsod by Pope Benedict XVI on October 21. the transaction is a conversion from one form of asset (Cash) to another (Merchandise). THAILAND: The trip of airline travelers from Bangkok’s plush airport terminal is facilitated by the well-paved elevated highway. Most of the cheap goods sold in Thailand are mostly imported from China. CPAsDFK International – is PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer. Tagle urged the Church to learn humility from Jesus and discover the power of silence. He is estimated to arrive at three o’clock in the afternoon. A liturgical reception will be observed upon his arrival. St. in the love that is crucified but truly saves because it is emptied of self for the sake of others. But he probably brushed the thought away. A good role model for today’s teenagers. it can help ease traffic jams and lessen the number of people going to the cemeteries at the same time. He could become a man of consequence or a man of wealth. 2012 synod of Bishops were at that time among the most compact as well as most distinctive. But the way to a virtuous life has nothing but boredom. His present looks is not that of a man who lived in the l6th century. They are born very often. The way he combed his hair. Regarding the petition sought to exclude the name of private respondents Ariel “Aga” Muhlach and Charlene Mae B. God’s power and might appears in the self-emptying of the Son. ten o’clock in the morning at the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral. Possible next member is Timor Leste which recently became independent from Indonesia.34 pesos – buying Thai merchandise for possible resale in the Philippines is now a losing proposition. l7-year old Filipino saint Pedro Calungsod. 2012 (Wednesday). The cemeteries are lonely on All Souls Day. It’s up to the people to decide who they want to vote for. Without bias. His is a life not ordinarily lived. Positive observations include improved tax collections compared with GDP. Calungsod may be the last of our hallowed saints. Advertising Associates 0920-533-7766 lee g. 2012. 2012. and whether the reported transactions were executed under a properly controlled environment (internal control). Calungsod had many more exciting years ahead of him. Since the Thailand baht is now worth 1. reportedly said. Global investors await the further systematization of financial reporting and possible ownership of business locations by foreigners. However. he is papable. novemBer 4 . As a Cardinal. dullesco ii unspeakable cruelty of the Spaniards. Nobody could tell what was in his future. In technical terms. a priest. If only these teenagers could have half of his moral strength. O.. five others are considered as favorites of global investors: Indonesia. ***** Many people had been asking me about the candidacy of actor Aga Muhlach in the 4th district (Partido). he is in effect “lending” his money to his business. the intervention of Tagle and Villegas on October 8.C. A story in World Literature on Leonardo Da Vince’s painting of the Last Supper said the picture of Judas Escariote which he painted was not that of the treacherous disciple but that of a prior. A motorcade at the boundary of Naga and Milaor will welcome him and bring him to the Holy Cross Parish in Tabuco. however.10. I watched him on TV two times and he can connect with the people. Thus. Singapore and Malaysia being classified as progressive economies. He died in the l6th century. That is the misfortune of people in the distant era. Quezon. It is always better to shop first in Manila before going abroad. Our Lady of Peñafrancia. They are accredited by regulators and mandated to pass upon transactions and attest as to the fairness of the financial reporting by taxpayers. Vietnam. flor Head. Calungsod did not return the hostility of the Spaniards with hostility. The congestion can be minimized if the priests emphasize that All Souls Day is on November 2 and it is just right and proper to visit them on this day. I believe he is praying for our country. despite the A QuestIon of PrIvIleGe  salvador d. and lately Myanmar (Burma). These activities are very thrilling. San Pedro is reportedly from the Visayas and he is a Filipino. It was reported on TV last year that two parish priests did this somewhere in Luzon and the people followed them. Calungsod borrowed his looks from a young man like him. WISDOM: Our Lord gives us temporary problems to prepare us for bigger challenges in our life. and was killed by the native on April 2. At l7. from my window  NENITA FuENTEBELLA-PEÑONES It was reported that he was a catechist and a helper of the missionaries. Such borrowing is recorded as an Accounts Payable – to recognize the liability to a third party. And that a Filipino. The “editors” are called auditors. all your assets are equal to your combined liabilities and your equity. and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee). San Pedro Calungsod. You will find them in the Congress and other top government offices. External auditors lament the fact that public practitioners need multiaccreditations (from): BOA-PRC. Filipino shoppers in Thailand are now few. The invested money becomes an asset of the business. After which. The Fuentebellas do not choose their opponent. BSP/PDIC and CDA. we say the “no left turn” policy in Metro-Manila’s main highways really prevents road overloads. Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle & Aga Muhlach’s disqualification There is an influx of many thousands of people going to the cemeteries who visit their departed family members every All Saints Day and not on All Souls Day. He is very intelligent and an interesting speaker. BIR. They walk in the corridors of power. are always equal to all that you owe”. A life of luxury which can be attained with stolen money is not too easy to (Turn to page 6) . The story said he faced the savage without flinching. If this is done. did not hesitate to bare his chest to godless savages in defense of his faith. Now that he is a Saint. If only one half or one third of the people will follow this. It is copied from an athlete if the story is true. I feel he is an intercessor of the Filipinos to our Creator. Business “stories” are based on the equation: “all that you own. Even the crudest photo gadget did not exist. When said money is used to buy goods for resale. No wonder. SEC. will be installed as the 33rd Bishop and 4th Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Caceres on November 14. are Laos and Cambodia. below investment grade. The Archbishop-elect. EDITORS: The accountants’ stories must be edited – to check if the style of story-telling is compliant with “standards”. tells us he is a 2lst century young man. he belongs to everyone in the world. who had angered Da Vince.. but when I explained to them that it is just a form of story-telling. With Brunei. and streamlining of new business licenses. it will ease the traffic flow and be more comfortable and safe for the people. however. Muhlach from the list of voters (Turn to page 6) Will today’s young men emulate st.. Accountants are indeed story-tellers. Most young men today prefer an easy life. for instance. had an idea of his appearance. will be arriving a day before via a convoy from his previous assignment.D. Thailand. The Philippine investment rating has been upgraded to just one notch archbishop tirona’s installation rites Nov. even his descendants. their fears are converted into enthusiasm. our country would know real peace. External auditors are CPAs in public opinions unlimited  Atty. ASEAN: Ten (10) countries now compose the Association of Southeast Asia Nations. he will be taken to the Basilica Minore de Peñafrancia to give reverence to Ina. Calungsod? If you go by his looks. Men of lesser stuff would hesitate to give up life. and they do their “essay” with the use of numbers. The peso costs of purchases in Thailand are turning out to be higher than potential selling prices if the goods will be brought to the Philippines. Philippines. When a businessman puts in capital. D. S. Diego Luis de San Victores. There may be a need to borrow for use as additional capital. is not important.” Tagle is a Filipino and we are proud of him. their employers are not their clients – but rather “public interest”.

English.” Bautista added. Nelson Bautista. SM Department Store. BS in Computer Engineering. Ateneo de Naga University. Rosal and other Government Agencies such as Philippine Information Agency (PIA). BS in Elementary Education. inc. Far Eastern University.10. 2012 Bikol reporter 3 Media tours NgCP Naga sub station By aNa-liza s. Universidad de Sta. . Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. University of the PhilippinesDiliman and Manila. Alabanza. now accepting applicants for school year 2012-13 SM Foundation in its aim to provide helping hands to deserving students is again opening its door to accept applications for scholarship for school-year 2012-2013. Physics. Rosal about the reforestation and environmental program that she had been because she believes that tree planting activities will increase the value of the properties in the community. To date. the firm needs to be transparent in all their dealings. Centro Escolar University. (b) total household income of at most P150. Application forms are now available in all Customer Service Counters of SM Supermall. NAGA CITY -. we know that our media friends can help us a lot in disseminating accurate information especially during situations that we need them most. BS in Secondary Education major in Biology. during a luncheon press conference in the afternoon at the Villa Caceres Hotel also in this city. Naga College Foundation. “Rest assured that NGCP will continue to develop measures to protect the community through safety mechanisms. Philippine School of Business Administration. SM Foundation’s college scholarship was established in 1993. She vehemently urged the Legazpeños to plant more trees at their own backyard and protect the woodlands to promote a healthier ecosystem for the people and most importantly to minimize the perennial flooding particularly during rainy seasons and likewise to maintain this city a free landslide zone and environmental friendly community. SM Foundation partner schools in the Bicol Region are University of Nueva Caceres. 2012. Scholarship is open for the following courses: BS in Computer Science. students who has the following qualifications may avail of this good opportunity. That is the primary reason why we go around. Power 101 is our way of saying thank you for their continued support and as our way of acknowledging our media friends’ help. Del Rosario here. NCR partner schools are: Adamson University. (a) Must be a graduate of public high school. SM scholars are provided with free tuition fees and monthly allowances. to touch base with our partners and make them feel that public service is still on top of our priorities. Mayor Rosal pointed out that she will be stepping down on her post next year as chief executive of this city but she will continue to support the next administration to be handled by her husband Engineer Noel E. Philippine Army. the unit that transmits power from Visayas to Luzon.novemBer 4 . “As partners. Bureau of Customs. solis A huge number of Legazpi City Government employees and officials led by Mayor Carmen Geraldine B. Mayor Rosal labeled that the tree planting activities conducted for the past years of her administration were part of the support to the National Greening Program under the Administration of President Benigno Aquino III. Next stops were the control room. The superb lady executive also said that we will work hand in hand for the reforestation and environmental program of her administration to improve our agricultural productivity and increase the livelihood activities in every barangays. Office of Civil Defense (OCD) among others have joined in the Tree planting activities on October 26 at Barangays Puro. MaCataNgay legazpi joins arbor Day celebration By MaNNy P. Isabel. Mathematics. and (c) Fourth year weighted average of at least 88% in the second or third grading period. Alabanza thanked the media for gracing the activity and lauded their support for assisting NGCP in their information dissemination campaign. she added.200 scholars. SM Supermarket and Save More. BS in Information Technology.” Alabanza said. particularly in helping them in update the community during times of disasters and calamity. Philippine Normal University. Thru SM Foundation’s scholarship program. Members of the local media were also given a chance to meet NGCP Corporate Spokesperson Cynthia P. BS in Information Management. the activity briefed media practitioners with the programs of NGCP for its corporate responsibility. Philippine National Police (PNP). BS in Mechanical Engineering.000 per year. They can also earn their keep during the summer and Christmas breaks by working in SM stores. Chemistry. switch yard and the Area control area. BS in Electronics and Communication Engineering. BS in Pharmacy. Qualified applicants will be notified through telephone call/sms messages as to their schedule of interview and IQ test from January – March 2013. enhance the economic vitality and surely it will maintain the beautiful image of our city. University of the East – Caloocan. NGCP Senior Engineer Annie Pagobo also explained that the facility is where power is being converted from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). NGCP added another facility inside the Naga substation and this is expected to be fully operational by 2013. Dubbed Power 101. sM Foundation. During the said activity. BS in Accountancy BSC/ BSBA major in Accountancy.Taysan Road in connection to the annual celebration of Arbor Day. National University. SM has a total of 1. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina. Members of the local media were toured around the High Voltage Direct Current service area. NGCP South Luzon corporate communication and public affairs officer. All accomplished forms and required documents must be submitted on or before December 20. said that as a fully privatize corporation. University of the East-Manila. 164 of them graduated this year from various universities across the country.The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) hosted another round of media orientation-conference over the weekend with local practitioners in Camarines Sur by providing them a facility tour inside the almost 30-hectare site of the Naga substation at Brgy. BS in Civil Engineering.

Our economy is better off than most of the countries of Asia and Europe. Rebecca l.4 Bikol reporter etCeterA novemBer 4 . namely: cognitive. If we are really sincere in pitching our destinations as world class we should always be prepared to satisfy the needs of quality foreign tourists alongside with those of budget travelers. and psychomotor. an increase of 9. experimentation. However. Crime is rampant.08 per cent compared to the same period of travelers last year. affective. Mayon Volcano with its perfect cone always have attracted thousands of tourists through the years and for now in Donsol. Not to say. Thailand for its part recorded 19 million tourist arrivals last year inspite of the massive flooding it experienced. The subject is rich in content that provides reasons to think and decide. Vegetable gardening is downright easy. women especially. its great leap forward as the fastest growing province with the most number of tourist arrivals have transformed it as a haven for tourists. The idea is very practical. our country’s tourist destinations are comparable if not better than the popular sites found worldwide. The child can be taught to varied laboratory activities like making chairs and tables and other house equipment. When investments do happen tourism at its best would naturally follow. (d) Project making.  DR. With it. The marketing campaign of Camarines Sur centered to its Water Sports Complex and Gota Beach Resort in Caramaoan Peninsula is a case in point. Visiting places that (Turn to page 6) www. There is a big number of school children who come to school on an empty stomach making them very vulnerable to diseases and adversely affecting their studies.15 million tourist arrivals. have assumed a more demanding role in society. (b) Demonstration.webs. The momentum we are now experiencing should be sustained and we should not lost sight of it. (e) contribute in the preservation of the environment. and most of all. many are unemployed and many are also underemployed. The mechanics of the project of intercropping vegetable gardening have already been delineated by me and has merited acceptance and for which I am very glad that I would have directly contributed in my own way a simple solution to the need for economic and food stability in the country but beginning in my own place of work. planning. She now plays the role of the man of the house. construction. From January to September alone for this year 2012 DOT records showed that there were 3. it really feels good to see our country getting the international attention and recognition tourism wise. Resource speakers who are very knowledgeable with their subjects must be invited. transportation. (e) Workshops and trainings. AMPuAN President. namely. _______________________ Mrs. Precautionary measures should be explained. many are without jobs. creating and even inventing. Our credit rating lately was upgraded. This needs the cooperation of everyone and a close monitoring of the project is necessary if it is aimed not to fail. Bicol as a region has The Philippines when compared with neighboring countries in Southeast Asia still lags behind in tourism and for this reason have to catch up so that we could realize the proverbial benefits we had been looking for our people. the teacher can employ varied instructional materials as they follow the three domains. what is not? My idea of a simple solution to what ails the country today is vegetable gardening. This truismbe it an awareness gap must soon be narrowed if we are really after the benefits that comes with a successful tourism industry. The whole idea aims to (a) produce and provide nutritious foods. With the Philippine economy going positive better days are here to stay with a properly managed tourism industry. The change of name which is no less than calling it in its more popular lingo Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan does not affect its already perceived benefits and relevance of the subject. The pupils can be exposed to research. Our country’s tourist destinations should be ready to welcome and handle the increased tourist traffic. Training the pupil to work independently is important as this will make him learn how to apply the theories and principles they have learned. Data released points to a successful Department of Tourism campaign that the tourism slogan it has adopted “It’s more fun in the Philippines” is doing wonders to our tourism industry. Examples of concrete hands on activities are the use of modules. teaching edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan Considered a very important component of the education curriculum is Home Economics which is now commonly known as Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan. Our aim for 2016 is 10 million tourists which for all intents and purposes could be attained based on the data of the Department of Tourism for the last three years. This is a positive sign for investors to come and do business in the Philippines. it will become very contributory to the state of health of our country and our people. I also have found a degree of satisfaction because the project can be adapted by anybody in the community who can singlehandedly implement the intercropping vegetable gardening. (2) reduce the number of malnourished pupils. (f) Educational tours and field trips. If these are indications of a hard life or an economic crisis. it is imperative that pupils must be trained to use their resources in a more meaningful and satisfying way. heNRy DaNiCaN Visit ouR WeBsite: . There are children who are involved in theft and even prostitution. However in order for our country to be at par with our Asian neighbors our commercial service exports covering tourism. They have been mesmerized by the joyful and friendly butandings that most of them continue coming back to see and enjoy the grace of these sea mammals. Considering again the nature of the subject. Truth to tell. The following are effectively used in the teaching of the subject: (a) Hands on activities are manipulative. and (f) give the public the opportunity to appreciate and give credence to the relevance of the project. Apparently the Philippines tourist industry is right on track to exceed the tourist arrivals for 2012 compared to those who came in inner chess By j. With the advent of modern technology that is changing the life of man. Boracay was recognized by Travel and Leisure an international travel magazine as the world’s second best hotel resort and the best hotel spa in the Asian Region. The Department of Tourism campaigns have started to bear fruit. EPP is manipulative in nature and making projects one of its essential activities. For this reason our local government units through its officials must take it upon themselves to promote their tourist attractions in their respective jurisdictions. As everyone realizes and accepts. Lately. one of the most valuable functions of the school is to prepare the child for a worthy homelife by making them responsible. MARILISSA j.7 million. it should be noted that even in our country’s developed sites and attractions travelers usually would clamor for better tourism services and infrastructure which must be attended to. They could be taught how to cook and plant and do other income generating activities. Concept development and hands are basic tools in delivering the lessons. strategic intervention can be used too. Bicol Association of Tourism and Hospitality Educators (BATHE) several other world class destinations. decision making. (c) Laboratory activities. Malaysia’s tourist arrivals reached an all time record of 24. The project will eventually reduce the number of malnourished and underweight pupils in the said school. Being a teacher and aware and much concerned with my pupils who do not just appear malnourished but malnourished as a matter of fact. employment would materialize and thus will keep our people from leaving our motherland. Where before Camarines Sur was a dormant and laggard province tourism wise. Today. Niño elementary school iriga City tours and travel – in Focus Tourist arrivals in the country have been increasing as a result of the marketing strategy being waged to attract travelers to come to our shores. Sorsogon its whale sharks known locally as “butandings” have captured the imaginations of foreign travelers. And the population is growing by leaps and bounds. De leon sto. I have been motivated to conduct an Income Generating Project entitled “Intercropping Vegetable Gardening”. the administrators. With this development. One notable gain however which the Philippines could be proud of for the present is its impressive economic improvement. problem solving. This is the process of showing how a task is performed before allowing the pupils to manipulate independently. The primary beneficiaries of the program specifically in the Santo Nino Elementary School in Iriga City are the schoolchildren even also as the same benefits would be extended to their parents and the community as a whole. makes judicious statements but focus mainly on family life. 2012 intercropping Vegetable gardening That the country is in some kind of economic crisis is something that cannot just be taken for granted. Surveys revealed that there is a big percentage of Filipinos who do not eat three square meals a day. business process outsourcing and financial services should be given the needed priority by our technocrats both from the public and private sector. It likewise presents problems to solve. (c) generate funds for the school’s feeding program (d) help purchase the paraphernalia and needs of the feeding program. It could be one good answer to our worsening economic condition specially felt in the lower echelon of our society. the teachers and the pupils. The subject has been designed to teach the total well being of a family and a more quality family life and directed to the lives of pupils and its practical implication and leading to a vocational interest.bikolreporter. In doing so we would be preserving our environment promote our culture and foster national pride for our people. The program starts right among us who comprise the school population. This could be the best justification for the subject Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan. This is one reality that elementary pupils must be aware of.

2012. met this weekend in Bangkok. atty. The concluding part of the program is the lighting and flying of sky lanterns during the evening. 2012. Susan shared her place with Conchita Masim. Mayor alexander lo Pajarillo of Mercedes (2nd from l). processes valueadded products like fish and fishery products and indigenous materials and leads other women in the production and selling of bags. among others. also in photo are agriculture secretary Proceso j. leni g. Masbate. drawing around 180 runners from different government agencies and private entities in the province to culminate the 49th Fish Conservation Week with the theme: “Maunlad BFaR-Masbate hosts ‘Ridge to Reef Challenge’ na pangisdaan makakamtan sa matatag na balikatan”. The first to third placers for each category received medals and certificates. DFK International is a major global association of independent accounting firms and business advisers that has been meeting the needs of clients with interests in the last half century. a Deputized Fish Warden from the island-barangay of Caringo. Susan is a mother of two and a wife of Arnel. Philippine National Police. a barangay official and fisherman. Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. The proceeds of the event. widow of the late Dilg sec. Region 5 in support of enhanced coastal resources in the province of Masbate on october 20. from Governor Generoso. a CARP (Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program) recipient who fought for land reform implementation. BFAR5 GAD Coordinator (extreme R) and sarah Flora Balares.kimcedo BAlloons AnD PrAYer WIsHes eternal gardens Memorial Park –Naga Manager Richard Bringas. 67. Camarines Norte bagged 2nd place during the awarding ceremonies of the 2012 Search for Outstanding Rural Women in the Philippines. . “Ridge to Reef Challenge” in Masbate City on October 20. five. Trisha and Jillian. aceron (4th from left). and sustainability of the coastal resources as leader of the Samahan ng mga Kababaihan sa Caringo (SKC). 35. and seven kilometers race. . will benefit the coastal community of Naboctot Island in Placer. Mercedes. The Provincial Government of Masbate. DFK world president Scott Hazy and Executive Director Martin Sharp presided over the conference which was organized by the Asia-Pacific Committee under vice president Navin Patel and director John Mann. protection. It has offices in 380 countries and cities worldwide.novemBer 4 . Vice-Chairperson of gender and sensitive Development (gaD) Focal System of BFAR Central Office (2nd from R). Dimasalang. It is among the biggest universal aggrupation of CPAs and professionals with headquarters in London. Robredo. she is still able to maintain the harmonious relationship of their family. Her women’s organization voluntarily conducts regular seaborne patrol operation in their community-based fish sanctuary which contributed to the decline of illegal fishers. At her young age. A total of P15. BFaR5 gaD secretariat (extreme l). Mercedes. 2012 Bikol reporter 5 reef to rIDGe CHAllenGe around 180 runners including Masbate Vice governor Vince Revil joined the Fun Run: “Ridge to Reef Challenge” organized by the Provincial Fisheries Office and the integrated Coastal Resources Management Project of the Bureau of Fisheries and aquatic Resources. She also initiated the distribution of vegetable seeds and medicines in the community. Venue of the 4-day annual regional conference was the Grand Centara Hotel at the World Commercial Center in downtown Bangkok. jesse M. Bicolana fisherfolk bags 2nd place in outstanding Rural Women search Susan Pasacay Aceron. Davao Oriental. Philippine Red Cross. The event was followed by a ceremonial launching of ICRMP’s livelihood projects to the people’s organizations from the municipalities of Cawayan. The fun run started from the city and ended with a coastal clean-up realizing its aim of “ridge to reef”. 1). and her three daughters. traffic and security. City Government of Masbate. alcala (3rd from l). Alcala led the awarding rites held at the National Irrigation Administration in Quezon City on October 18. She also leads in the household and school visitation in their barangay to educate the elementary and high school students on the importance of the sanctuary and the disadvantage of the destructive ways of fishing. and Kabalikat Civicom supported BFAR by providing the necessary permits for the run. and Placer which received an abalone production project worth P380. and medical assistance. she proved that women can be stewards of the marine resources and partners of men in creating awareness and effecting change in the perspective and beliefs of the people. plants organic high value plants and vegetables. venue. coconut vinegar and soy. aika. 2012 to culminate the Fish Conservation Week Celebration. Camarines Norte won 2nd place in the Department of agriculture’s search for outstanding Rural Women.10. from the registration fees. It has Speakers and conferees in the (Turn to page 6) outstAnDInG rurAl WoMAn susan P. thus increasing the fish catch of the fisherfolk.000 along with other donated materials will be used for the construction of a public toilet in the area.000 each. The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Region 5 through its Provincial Fisheries Office and the Integrated Coastal Resources Management Project (ICRMP) hosted a fun run dubbed. Thailand to assess the future of professional services in the light of the economic blights being suffered by the United States of America and Europe. leader of the samahan ng mga Kababaihan ng Caringo and a deputized fish warden from Caringo Island. jesse during the observance of all saints Day last thursday (Nov. led the flying of balloons with prayer wishes to sec. Susan is the only representative from the fisherfolk sector in the competition showcased her exceptional courage and dedication in the conservation. The event featured three (3) categories: the three kilometer. Mobo. Robredo (center). But despite her various responsibilities in the community. (Turn to page 6) global CPa group bullish on Phl growth The international group of financial consultants – DFK Accountants and Consultants. UK. Mildred Buazon. Gigi Federis. Other special awards were given to the oldest and the youngest runner. and the biggest group entry.

Atty. Do we still have those qualities? Will today’s young people look at St. 2012 Rosalinda e. Camarines Sur on October 25. DA-Bicol Information Officer Emily Bordado said that that closely tied with this project is the FAO-Japanese funded project entitled: “Analysis and Mapping of Impacts under Climate Change for Adaptation and Food Security Project” or AMICAF which also built on the experiences and results of FAO projects on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Management. and to ENTER THE ORDER OF EXCLUSION therein. 12. abellera october 14. 6. 2012: “WHEREFORE PREMISES CONSIDERED. Rastrullo october 19. terceño october 1.10A. Barangay San Juan. The first place went to Tiny “Inday” Rosareal-Tamayo of Antipas. 2012 . But many public officials are finding it very difficult to practice it. Honesty as a beautiful Filipino trait is seemingly dead. Acyatan. It could have a lasting effect on the pupils and on the country as well. _______________________ Mrs. enhanced climate information products for agriculture and improved PDNA methodology for agriculture including web-based application software. Magno october 18.European Commission’s Humanitarian Office (DIPECHO) will be implemented for 18 months in Albay. Rastrullo October 19. Camarines Sur. CPAs from DFK firms in North America and Europe willingly exchanged notes with their AsiaPacific counterparts during the working sessions. 4. The project will build on the results and outcome of an earlier FAO project successfully implemented in Bicol in 2009 to 2011 entitled: “Strengthening Capacities for Climate Risk Management and Disaster Preparedness in Selected municipalities of Bicol Region. The picture further changed when the Americans came. chairman of DFK Philippines. presented the Philippine country report. San Jose. 2012 Milagros D. 16. she will continue the advocacy of her women’s group to achieve sustainable coastal resources and to provide alternative livelihood for women and the fisherfolk. Korea. 2012 antonio a. San Jose. state universities. will be fully implemented early next year is a 6-year national government platform for an inclusive. The Search for Outstanding Rural Women in the Philippines is an annual contest by the Department of Agriculture since 2003 to recognize the vital role and valuable contribution of women in ensuring food security and stability in the rural areas. 2012. Calungsod‘s time were much. 14. Niño elementary school iriga City da. and PAG-ASA have already started. 2. 2012 jose V. The Election Registration Board is hereby ordered to EXCLUDE THE NAMES OF THE PRIVATE RESPONDENTS FROM THE LIST OF VOTERS OF PRECINCT NO. . Begino Judge a question of . Calungsod. Novio october 27. 2012 gloBal cpa . 13. 3) Investments in Rural Enterprises and Agriculture and Fisheries Productivity (I-REAP) and: 4) Implementation Support (ISUPPORT). 11. to PLACE THE RECORDS IN THE INACTIVE FILE. Pardiñas october 6. 2012 lourdes B. Vijayaraghavan & Associates) of India. 17. The regional confab was hosted by the Thailand member firm – ASV Associates led by its managing partner Anusorn Kiatgungwalgri. 10A.10. Novio october 27. Edgar Malate. much upright. Look at what they are doing. 2012 Josefina V. According to Susan. You do not have to exert much effort to be honest. 2012 Miguel a. briefings and orientation with various partners agencies like the LGUs.scale farmers and fisherfolks in disaster-prone areas through institutionalization of DRR in agriculture. . The Filipino does not know whether he is an Asian or a Westerner. october 2. highlighted by sustained tax collections and elimination of graft and corruption in public expenditures. Arminda AcyatanGuerrero.000. a Plaque of Recognition. 2012 samuel e. 18. 15. dissemination and replication of good practice options DRR/M. Susan received a cash prize of P50. 2012 santos Q. 2012 Dante R. Many of the shameless public officials have set bad examples for the youth to emulate.” These include institutionalization of capacities and tools for better planning and implementation of DRR in Agriculture. 2012 lilibeth V. Rastrullo october 19. As second placer. Global investors are reportedly bullish on the Philippines. Calungsod as their role model? Bicolana . . 2012 Romeo o. Its objective is to enhance livelihoods resilience of small. likewise. The following is the decision of the Municipal Circuit Trial Court of San Jose-Presentacion. Although the funding support for the project will be released late this year.” SO ORDERED. 2) Intensified Building-up of In- from my window . the EC-DRR with funding support from the European Union through its Disaster Preparedness. Meneses october 7. have relevance to the subject will certainly cater to the child’s interest. . . llorin october 25. The early Filipinos or those who lived before St. resist.6 Bikol reporter frastructure and Logistics for Development (I-Build). novemBer 4 . san lorenzo jr. Bangkok conference were unanimous in observing that while the erstwhile economic powers are currently trying to simply survive. to be followed by DFK Philippines (Acyatan & Co.. 7. Pardiñas october 6. 2012 Clemente M. 9. -kathiloton 1. The program which will be implemented in the 6 provinces of Bicol has four components which are: 1) Investments in Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Program planning at the local and national levels( I-Plan). 5. have fleet of cars and bundles of money to throw away. CPAs) in MetroManila come November 2014. . Other reporting delegates are from South and Southeast Asia. She also rehabilitated and revived the watershed area in her farm which became the source of drinking water for the community. 8. The arrival of the Spaniards changed the cozy picture. SAN JOSE. . Camarines Sur is hereby GRANTED.000 worth of livelihood project and one (1) unit hand tractor with trailer. Calungsod who died very poor and these moneyed men who live in palatial houses. alacar jr. Between St. EPP or Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan taught in the best manners possible. lucena october 23. EPP has long been found to be a subject of interest to pupils because of its practicality and its benefits. 3. . Camba october 6. Sorsogon and Catanduanes provinces of Bicol and in Surigao province in CARAGA regions. october 17. the Petition to exclude ARIEL AQUINO MUHLACH and CHARLENE MAE BONNIN MUHLACH from the list of voters of Precinct No. and thereafter. whose footsteps will the youth follow? Your friends will laugh at you if you choose St. Specially noted were the improved economic fundamentals of the Philippines. The other women-achievers are farmers Felomina Hernando-Janiva of Palawan. This program is the “upscale” version of the successful Mindanao Rural Development Program (MRDP). P200. Name of Deceased Date of interment Barbara N. teaching edukasyong . Signed: By Ricky C. Alejandrina Lazaro-Correa of Cagayan and Desiree ButuhanDuran of Bulacan who placed 3rd. 2012 gregorio R. In appearance he is Asian but what is in his heart and mind? Is he not a Westerner? There was a time when our people had the most sterling qualities in this part of the globe. of Precinct No. 10. Palarca of the law firm of Catindig Flores and Palarca for petitioners Francisco Perico Dizon. taking note of the honesty and integrity of the Aquino administration. Data gathering and other ground works have already been started with the Department of Agriculture regional office as overall project coordinator and manager. . Camarines Sur filed by Jose Miguel C. 10A BARANGAY SAN JUAN. Bermudo october 26. foreign groups . 2012 guillermo u. CAMARINES SUR and REMOVE THEIR REGISTRATION RECORDS FROM THE CORRESPONDING BOOK OF VOTERS. . terceño october 1. together with those from China. De leon sto. Hong Kong and Taiwan. October 25. 4th and 5th respectively. for lack of residency requirement. explained that honest Filipino accountants and auditors are at the forefront of the clean business governance drive. 2012 Manuel M. Rebecca l. Next year’s host will be DFK Hyderabad (K. North Cotabato who was the first woman-farmer in Antipas to asexually propagate cleft grafting of cacao. San Jose. Barangay San Juan. Rastrullo october 19. Philippine delegation head CPA-lawyer Antonio P. managing partner of Acyatan & Co. Crispin Imperial and Ferdinand Fernando Felix Monasterio. the GDP growths of Asian countries – more particularly ASEAN plus China and India – are continuing. 2012 Franklin M. 19. value-chain oriented and climate resilient agriculture and fisheries sector expected to raise a total funds of close to P28 billion from a loan portfolio of the World Bank and equity share of national and local government units. . 2012 emiliana B. . Teaching whatever subject needs only for teacher to be innovative which will truly redown to the pupils acceptance of the subject but being interested in the same.

12:00 NooN. BiKol RePoRteR Published: November 4. Filabel arcade. His active involvement in micro-enterprise development through the provision of banking services designed specifically for small businesses and the least privileged segments of the Philippine economic pyramid. del Rosario. Naga City. His contributions in strengthening Philippine professional management practices by exemplifying strong culture of leadership. Lopez (2000). Outside the city.M.01-0070666. san antonio Poblacion. Naga City. Calabanga. Henry A. Tony Bikol reporter cenro-camsur gears up .novemBer 4 . 11 and 18. 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on DeCeMBeR 3. the MaNageMeNt BiKol RePoRteR Published: NoVeMBeR 4 and 11. Juan B. 2. Antonino T. 2012 only. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until NoVeMBeR 28. Buenaventura and Roberto T. Panganiban & elias angeles street. Ty and Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala (2006). 2012 from 9:00 a. Jesus P.. His outstanding stewardship of BPI as a highly successful organization. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until NoVeMBeR 28. David M.-12:00 NooN. 2012 notICe to tHe PuBlIC AuCtIon sAle/suBAstA all unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. Brimo (1978). Calabanga and Bombon here in Camarines Sur.M. 2012 only. The roster of “MAP Management Man of the Year” awardees include: Washington Z. For its campaign against illegal logging. abella st. Lazaro and Henry Sy. (2007). Jr. . the MaNageMeNt BiKol RePoRteR Published: NoVeMBeR 4 and 11. as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. 2012 notICe to tHe PuBlIC AuCtIon sAle/suBAstA all unredeemed items/articles pawned at asPe CRoWNjeWel PaWNshoP & jeWelRy stoRe. 4. Bagumbayan. pawned from juNe 01-30. His central role in expanding BPI financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.-12:00 NooN. Jose L.M. Naga City. Dante G.-12:00 NooN. Rafael B. 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on DeCeMBeR 3. innovation and customer-centricity in the banking sector. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until NoVeMBeR 28. Estanislao (2009). M..-12:00 NooN. XI.M. pawned from juNe 01-30. Buenaventura (2004). 2012 from 9:00 a. The delineation of the actual boundaries of Mount Isarog Natural Park is also being pushed to further protect its existing resources from Tan Caktiong (2002). TCT No. Lilia B. pawned from juNe 01-30. igualdad. Alfonso T. 2012 from 9:00 a. hernandez & gen. Naga City. Series of 2012. Sr.M. 01-007-0665. Navarro (1996). Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until NoVeMBeR 28. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until NoVeMBeR 28. 2012 only. Cesar E. Christie Francis DC. hernandez ave. (1988). Velasco (1977). Oscar M. professional competence and strong leadership in his banking career. Bernal said that his office will push for the urban greening of 10-kilometer area covering the Naga City-Cararayan Road and rehabilitation of a 100-hectare mangrove sites in Magarao. 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on DeCeMBeR 3. 2012 only. Pangilinan (2005). the MaNageMeNt BiKol RePoRteR Published: NoVeMBeR 4 and 11. Naga City. the MaNageMeNt BiKol RePoRteR Published: NoVeMBeR 4 and 11. Virata (1981). Geronimo Z. 2012 DeeD oF eXtRajuDiCial PaRtitioN aND settleMeNt oF the iNtestate estate oF DeCeaseD salVaDoR C. Cuisia Jr.10. Jose M. Camarines Sur before the year ends.M. 2012 only. 2012 notICe to tHe PuBlIC AuCtIon sAle/suBAstA all unredeemed items/articles pawned at asPe eXPloReR PaWNshoP.. 01-007-0663 of Registry of Deeds. pawned from juNe 01-30. (1989). the MaNageMeNt BiKol RePoRteR Published: NoVeMBeR 4 and 11. 21442 with TD No. and a residential building with TD No. Philippine Army and the Prosecutor’s Office for facilitating the immediate conviction of illegal loggers. Prieto street. igualdad ext. SyCip (1967). Raul T. 2012 “Bpi’s gigi montinola . 17629 with TD No. a socially responsible corporate citizen and a fiduciary firm known for good governance. 2012 from 9:00 a. No. Bernal said that he will continue to push for similar efforts pursuant to his mandate as a public servant. Singson (1998). Naga City. elias angeles st. 2012 only. Dinaga.. thereby significantly contributing to national development. & j. 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on DeCeMBeR 3. Sr. Delfin L. contribution to nation building and values formation. Bichara Mall corner j. Aquino and Jesus P. notICe to tHe PuBlIC AuCtIon sAle/suBAstA all unredeemed items/articles pawned at asPe sPeeD PaWNshoP. K. P. igualdad. hernandez avenue. 2012 . Santos (1983). This is under Republic Act 10023 or the residential free patent law. 3. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until NoVeMBeR 28. ground Floor. Soriano (1979). the MaNageMeNt BiKol RePoRteR Published: NoVeMBeR 4 and 11.-12:00 NooN. the parties settle and adjudicate extrajudicially unto themselves the properties described. Concepcion (1990). the United Nations Development Programme. 2012 notICe to tHe PuBlIC AuCtIon sAle/suBAstA all unredeemed items/articles pawned at asPe suPeRPaWN PaWNshoP Crown jewel holdings inc. 2012 from 9:00 a.-12:00 NooN. Bernal also lauded members of the Philippine National Police. Bichara Complex. sales Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the surviving spouse and legitimate children and only heirs of salVaDoR C. entrepreneurship and financial planning.M. (2010). Camarines Sur. Oscar J. Santos (1994). the MaNageMeNt BiKol RePoRteR Published: NoVeMBeR 4 and 11. Fernandez. Cor. Yuchengco (1992). Assisting Overseas Filipino Workers improve the management of their earnings through educational programs in saving. Hilado (1991). Paterno (1982). del Rosario. 2012 notICe to tHe PuBlIC AuCtIon sAle/suBAstA all unredeemed items/articles pawned at e. . 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on DeCeMBeR 3..” Bernal added. Philippines. and Erramon Aboitiz (2011). among others. 2012 from 9:00 a. which states that lot owners who had been occupying their lots for 10 years. Villanueva (1985). Consunji and Rizalino S. nine led to conviction. jR.. Camarines sur. Manuel V. The criteria for the award include integrity. are already qualified to have their lots titled. Leading in the advocacy of financial reforms intended to further insulate the banking system from external shocks. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until NoVeMBeR 28. Doc. We will also spearhead activities leading to the awarding of housing lots to DENR Employees in Dalipay. Mr. 6. 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on DeCeMBeR 3. This is equated to about 70 7 lots for the lucky recipients. 2012 only. . Naga City before the year ends. Cesar A. pawned from juNe 01-30.M.-12:00 NooN. Cenro-Naga has also tied up with the local government here to award 800 titles to residential lot owners in Queborac. and 7. Montinola was chosen for the following: 1. Jaime V. . Setting an example for Filipino professional managers through a track record of unblemished integrity. 2004 at Naga City. Naga City. Naga City. 2012 from 9:00 a. left several parcels of land situated at Caromatig. san Francisco. 2012 notICe to tHe PuBlIC AuCtIon sAle/suBAstA all unredeemed items/articles pawned at RoWeNa asPe PaWNshoP. Ramon V. effective stewardship within the confines of the highest standard of business and management practice. Ongpin and Vicente T. de Lima and Ramon R. Carolina. Castro. Boy asPe PaWNshoP. Still under its Forest Management Services.A. Bichara Complex. 2012 only. 641. the MaNageMeNt BiKol RePoRteR Published: NoVeMBeR 4 and 11. 5. 100 hectares of agricultural lands located within the 3rd District of Camarines Sur are also being eyed for titling. George S. as President of the Bankers Association of the Philippines. Jose B. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until NoVeMBeR 28. Jr. Book No. and management qualities. we also push for the titling of 10 Gawad Kalinga sites and urban poor areas within this city. Page No. sales who died intestate on March 10. Naga City covered by TCT No. 2012 notICe to tHe PuBlIC AuCtIon sAle/suBAstA all unredeemed items/articles pawned at asPe igualDaD PaWNshoP. asPe PaWNshoP. pawned from juNe 01-30. Gabriel C. (1999). Cor. Burgos st. Tambunting (2003). man’s abuse. 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on DeCeMBeR 3. “As part of our aggressive campaign to award titles to residential lots and agricultural land owners in line with our land management services. pawned from juNe 01-30. Out of 10 cases filed against the suspects. pawned from juNe 01-30. 2012 from 9:00 a. luna sts. 3198. corner j. Jaime Zobel de Ayala (1987). 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on DeCeMBeR 3. leadership.

s. Naga City (infront of Ilaw sa Dahon) D.M.8 Bikol reporter novemBer 4 . Building. DINE & ENJOY! 6:00 P.10. onwards Magsaysay avenue. .i. 2012 COME.