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W5H of Science

Technology performs miracles. It brings to life things that we often imagine in our dreams. Technology could involve making devices or finding methods of doing something as opposed to natural processes.

Technology is Miraculous

Thus, technology is the art of developing tools to help us succeed in our natural environment. This includes tools such as a hammer, which could help build a home, or garments such as coats, which keep people warm in winter, or instruments such as a telephone that helps to communicate with distant people. Nowadays, when people use the word technology, they are usually referring to modern, complex inventions like computers, satellites, or an artificial heart. But technology can also refer to simple everyday items like can-openers, paperclips, and tables.

About some substances and their discoveries


Information and communication technology Information Technology (IT) is a broad subject concerned with technology for managing and processing information. space technology and so on.W5H of Science There are many different kinds of technologies. and skills that go into exchanging ideas and information. television. radios. wireless communication. It is also called. transmit. It includes technology to produce various kinds of writing instruments. store. Telecommunication is an important component of communication technology. printing. store. and other forms. It is a convenient term that could include both telephony and computer technology. transportation technology. newspapers etc. including those not yet conceived). still images. Telecommunication allows us to communicate with people farther away from us by exchanging messages without the help of wires. In particular. and use information in its various forms (data. voice conversations. and retrieve information. Similarly there is food technology. IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert. Communication technology helps us to exchange information. multimedia presentations. 2 About some substances and their discoveries . exchange. It is driving what has often been called “the information revolution”. especially in large organizations. This technology has been made possible through networking of computers. Information technology and communication technology are today fast converging towards a single Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Information and communication technology enables us to communicate information while biotechnology enables us to modify the characteristics of biological organisms. It is the knowledge. tools. protect process. motion pictures. telephones. IT encompasses all forms of technology used to create. machines.

processing. and to preserve dairy products. Then why is biotechnology suddenly so much in news? Biotechnology today often uses natural processes to solve problems or make useful products. About some substances and their discoveries 3 . such as bread and cheese.v W5H of Science Biotechnology If you break the word biotechnology into its root words you have: bio. a substance that is the cure for diabetes. such as DNA and proteins. Again it is only with the help of biotechnology that it is possible today to produce insulin. It is a collection of technologies that capitalize on the attributes of cells. For example. biotechnology helps to produce genetically modified (GM) foods. We have been using the biological processes of micro organisms for 6. We began growing crops and raising animals 10. Food technology Food technology is the application of knowledge of basic sciences for selection.000 years ago to provide a stable supply of food and clothing. such as their manufacturing capabilities. the use of biological processes. and technology: to solve problems or make useful products. to work for us. and put biological molecules. preservation. packaging and distribution of food material to make it safe for human consumption and nutritious.000 years to make useful food products. Using biological processes is hardly new. without killing sheep (the conventional method).

It is useful for obtaining detailed pictures. We seldom think of the vast array of foods and the research and development that has resulted in the means to deliver tasty. Medical laboratory professionals play a vital role in healthcare — 70 to 75% of all medical diagnoses are based on laboratory test results. or store food. preserve. and chemical makeup of food. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is an example of biomedical instrumentation. as well as in disease monitoring and prevention. nutrition and the food manufacturing process. microbiological. or images. of internal body structures without the use of radiation or 4 About some substances and their discoveries . package. nutritious. Medical technologists (also known as clinical laboratory scientists) investigate and determine the causes of diseases. alongside how to cook. food technology is part of the curriculum and teaches. In some schools.W5H of Science Cooking is perhaps the oldest form of food technology. Medical technology Medical Technology is clinical laboratory science that combines the basic sciences of biolog y and chemistry with medicine to help doctors heal patients. and convenient foods. These laboratory data aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. safe. computers and molecular diagnostic techniques to perform tests on blood and other body fluids. Food technologists study the physical. They use sophisticated biomedical instrumentation. They also develop ways to process.

It enables us to make very tiny machines. land. . Often the travel is related to commerce (trucking. international airways or on ships through canals and lock systems). water). cargo ships. structure. People and cargo travel in vehicles. This is accomplished by placing the patient in a magnetic field while harmless radio waves are turned on and off. taxi service. water. . and then the vehicles travel via systems (such as interstate highways. This causes the body to emit its own weak radio signals which vary according to tissue characteristics. guidance that provides information necessary to operate / control the vehicle. . and space. Sometimes the sole purpose is recreation.). which gives the vehicle its shape and protects the cargo or people. The operations of a freight yard or harbor would also be considered a system in transportation. It is almost a dream of the technologists. Nanotechnology Nanotechnology is the most recent branch of technology. for example. land. These signals are picked up by a sensitive antenna and fed to a computer which produces detailed images of the body for interpretation by our staff of board certified radiologists and then reported to your physician. Vehicles themselves also have technical sub-systems. . The transportation technology involves designing. etc. The need to move about freely is important in a global society. producing and maintaining vehicles and systems. so tiny that one may not be see them with unaided eyes. the projected ability About some substances and their discoveries 5 . suspension that supports the vehicle on its pathway (air. air. Transportation technology Transportation is the movement of people and goods in one or more of four environments . propulsion that powers the vehicle.v W5H of Science radioactive substances of any kind.

The means of production will be able to reproduce exponentially. It represents a manufacturing system that will be able to make more manufacturing systems factories that can build factories rapidly. It will better built. and for industry. This unique (outside of biology that is) ability to reproduce its own means of production is why nanotech is said to be an exponential technology. cleaner. it will also allow making new nanofactories. safer. Nanotechnology is often referred to as a general-purpose technology. so in just a few weeks a few nanofactories conceivably could become billions. for agriculture. and cleanly. 6 About some substances and their discoveries . That’s because in its mature form it will have significant impact on almost all industries and all areas of society. Although it is envisioned to be very powerful. for medicine. it could be very dangerous also. Not only will it allow making many high-quality products at very low cost.W5H of Science to build things using techniques and tools being developed today to make complete. cheaply. and smarter products for home. highly advanced products. for communication. longer lasting. for transportation.