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-------MOSHE HOD-------------AHARON YESOD----------YOSEPH MaLKUT--------DOVID Is this to say that one can know and understand the descent of Ain Sof Aur by the study and analogy of the written Torah?

OLAHM HA-ATZILUT SHEMOT HA-SHEM In the World of Archetypes
AHIH--------------------------------------------------KeTheR YH-----------------------------------------------------ChoKMaH YHVH ELoHIM--------------------------------------BINaH EL-----------------------------------------------------CheSeD ELoHIM GIBOR-------------------------------------GVURaH YHVH ELOaH Ve-DAaT---------------------------TIPhAReT YHVH TzAVAOT-------------------------------------NeTzaCh ELoHIM TzAVAOT----------------------------------HOD

As the Shechinah departed. WITHOUT HER BEING ATTACHED TO THE UPPER GRADES. At the beginning. HE SAW ONLY THROUGH THE NUKVA. They most certainly ate. 20). WHOSE VOWELS ARE LIKE ELOHIM IS YISRAEL-SABA AND TEVUNAH. 69." (Beresheet 19:1). it is written three. SO DOES Michael. WHICH ARE ALL THE GRADES OF ATZILUT. "For it came to pass. El IS CHESED.. but now it reads "two angels. Yud-Hei-Vav-Hei. Michael is the name of the right. and Adon and Shadai BOTH REFER TO YESOD. In the beginning. also departed as the Shechinah rose. Nine names are engraved in ten. WHICH IS YESOD. Ehe'yeh Asher Ehe'yeh IS BINAH. CHESED. 70. WHICH IS THE NUKVA.. while Refael and Gavriel remained. AND HE CLARIFIES THAT they were truly fire. HE DID NOT ACHIEVE THE SECRET OF 'SEEING. together with Shadai. who is to the right. So Michael immediately departed with Her.' UNTIL THE CIRCUMCISION. 71. And all these Names were engraved and entered the Ark of the Covenant.. Elohim IS GVURAH. Here." FROM THIS. THIS IS because Micheal left WITH ELOHIM. ADON IS THE CROWN OF YESOD. Ehe'yeh IS KETER. SHADAI IS YESOD ITSELF. Yud-Hei-Vav-Hei IS TIFERET. Yud-Hei IS CHOCHMAH. which cleaves to the name ADONAI and serves It more than the other ANGELS.. BUT BEFORE HE WAS CIRCUMCISED. IT IS NOT WRITTEN THAT THE ANGELS DEPARTED FROM AVRAHAM. when the flame went up toward heaven." (Ibid. IN OTHER WORDS. And they ate it. THE NAME ADONAI IS THE SECRET OF THE NUKVA AFTER SHE HAD RECEIVED THE OTHER TEN NAMES. If Michael disappears. because their fire ate and consumed everything. and Avraham received pleasure from this.. as it is written: "And there came two angels to S'dom. the one that was revealed and appeared AFTER THE CIRCUMCISION to Avraham. so does Elohim. Wherever the secret of the name ADONAI appears. Which one is it? It is Adonai. there were three men who were dining while enclothed in an image of air. it is written: "and Elohim went up from Avraham" (Beresheet 17:22). Tzva'ot IS NETZACH AND HOD. 72. This fire was covered by an image of the air and was not seen. however. .that the angel of Hashem ascended in the flame of the altar. thus bringing contentment to Avraham. WE CONCLUDE THAT THE ANGEL Michael.------------------------------MaLKUTh 68. THAT IS.. These ten Names are each engraved according to Its aspect. AND ONLY TWO ANGELS REMAINED. it is written: "and Elohim went up from Avraham". The food that they ate was a burning fire.ShaDaI EL ChaI------------------------------------YeSOD ADoNaI Ha-AReTz-.

" when Judgment hovers above the world." ". Because of the merit of Avraham.75... Therefore. ANIEL MIKaEL GaBRIEL SaNDaLPhON OLAHM HA-YETZIRAH THE ORDERS OF ANGELS In the World of Formation ChAYOTh Ha-KaDOSh OPhANIM ARALIM ChaShMaLIM SeRaPhIM MeLaKIM ELoHIM B'NaI ELoHIM CheRUBIM AShIM . And afterward. End of Sitrei Torah OLAHM HA-BRIAH NAMES OF THE ARCHANGELS In the World of Creation MeTaTRON RaTzIEL TzaPhQIEL TzaDKIEL KaMaEL RaPhaEL URIEL. Lot was saved. he was also privileged to have the two angels come and visit evening. and Gavriel alone remained TO OVERTHROW S'DOM. one angel departed. Of them it is written: "And there came two angels to S'dom at evening..

OLAHM HA-ASSIAH The Zodiacal and Planetary Forces InThe World of Action RaShIT Ha-GILGaLIM MaZLOT ShaBBaThAI TzeDeK MaDIM SheMeSh NOGaH KOKaV LeVaNaH OLAM YeSODOTh .