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1) He said to me,You took the money.

He accused ________________________________________________ 2) The teacher said to Jim, Would you give your book to Mary please? The teacher asked ____________________________________________ 3) The student said,Im sorry Im late. The student apologized ________________________________________ 4) Boddys father said to him, Dont forget to brush your teeth. Boddys father reminded _______________________________________ 5) Ive always wanted to become a doctor, Helen said Helen has always dreamed ______________________________________ 6) The nurse said to me, You should consult a dermatologist. The nurse advised ________________________________________ 7) Dont touch the hot plate, I said to Ann I warned _______________________________________________ 8) The fire chief said, Everyone must leave the building immediately. The fire chief ordered _________________________________________ 9) The man said to the hunters, Everyone stopped hunting and killing animals. The man prevented _______________________________________ 10) The instructor said to the students, Youll have exactly one hour to complete the exam. The instructor warned ________________________________________ 11) The boy said to the woman, Ive broken the window of your house. The boy admitted__________________________________________ _ ___ 12) My parents often said to me, Good for you! Its good to be independent. My parents encouraged _____________________________________ 13) Mrs Smith said, I would like to meet the president. Mrs Smith looked forward to _______________________________ 14) He said to the children, Dont swim in the lake without an adult present. He allowed __________________________________________ 15) Thats great! Im going to France in August, thought Henry. Henry was thinking of ______________________________________ 16) Laura said to her roommate, Remember to set your alarm clock for 6:00 am. Laura reminded ____________________________________________ 17) Why dont we go to Dalat this weekend?, said Peter. Peter suggested ___________________________________________ 18) Tom said to you, It was kind of you to help me. Thank you very much. Tom thanked ___________________________________________ 19) Let me pay for the meal. I insist, Linda said Linda insisted__________________________________________ __ 20) I hear you won the lottery. Congratulations!, John said to us John congratulated ________________________________________ 21) Rose said to Gerald, Id like you to come to my house Sunday night to meet my parents. Rose invited _____________________________________________ 22) I said, I didnt steal the money. I denied _____________________________________________

1) He accused me of taking the money. 2) The teacher asked Jim to give his book to Mary. 3) The student apologized for being late. 4) Boddys father reminded him to brush his teeth. 5) Helen has always dreamed of/about becoming a doctor. 6) The nurse advised me to consult a dermatologist. 7) I warned Ann against touching the hot plate. 8) The fire chief ordered everyone to leave the building immediately. 9) The man prevented the hunters from hunting and killing animals. 10) The instructor warned the students of having exactly one hour to complete the exam. 11) The boy admitted to having broken the window of her house. 12) My parents encouraged me to be independent. 13) Mrs Smith looked forward to meeting the president. 14) He allowed the children to swim in the lake with an adult present. 15) Henry was thinking of going to France in August 16) Laura reminded her roommate to set your alarm clock for 6:00 am. 17) Peter suggested going to Dalat that weekend. 18) Tom thanked me for having helped him. 19) Linda insisted on paying for the meal. 20) John congratulated us on having won the lottery. 21) Rose invited Gerald to come to her house Sunday night to meet her parents. 22) I denied having stolen the money.

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