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A. (a) Have , Visited (e) thought (b) are standing (f) did not know (c) is examining (g) was operating (j) started (c) met (g) comes (d) ate (h) has finished (d) played (h) had been studying

(i) will have been serving B. (a) will have departed (e) had done (i) jogs C. (a) Where do they live ? (b) When did she reach the station ? (c) When do you play cricket with your friends ? (d) Whose scooter did you buy ? (e) Whom did he give the parcel ? (f) Which of the two girls is the cleverer ? (g) What does Sunita read daily ? Which paper does Sunita read daily ? (h) Why did you go to the hospital ? (b) moves (f) were playing (j) start

(i) How many rupees do you want to enjoy your Birthday Party with your friends ? (j) How long have you been waiting for me ?


A. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. (C) not to have enough of something when needed (D) To emphasise (C) To suspect foul dealings (A) A man of no substance (A) A private end to serve (B) to ruin oneself (B) To take a difficult task (C) To criticise someone (C) To support the role and view of another person (B) To take for granted 11. , for 16. on, 12. , to 17. to, in 13. , for 18. to, , 14. for, in, for, for 19. in, with 15. , in/of 20. to, to, in



A. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. (B) Ans.
DAFFODIL PUBLIC SCHOOL, INDORE 11 January 20XX NOTICE Attention : All House Captains All House Captains are informed that the sports day of the school is on 26 January 20XX. Submit the names of the participants of the Houses to the undersigned within a week. Rachit / Rucha Sports Captain

I wished Anand that he might always be happy. My mother asked me to Go to bed and dont get up till I am called. My father asked me if I was happy with my new job. The clerk requested the manager to grant him leave for a day. The teacher told the boys that he should prove then that the earth moves round the sun. My father said that the sun rises in the east. The doctor forbade the patient to take butter while he was under his treatment. Govind requested me to excuse him for being absent the previous day. Mohan forbade me to drive fast as the road was very busy. The Principal asked the teacher how many students were there in his class.

(C) Ans. 15th November 200X ST. JOHN SCHOOL, AMRITSAR NOTICE

INTER SCHOOL DEBATE COMPETITION An inter-class Debate competition will be held in the school to select the School team on 25 December 20XX at 6 P.M. in the School. Auditorium for students of Class-VII onwards Five members of each Class are to be selected. Those interested should submit their names to the undersigned by 15 December. Jacob Head Boy

(D) Ans.

1st September, 20XX


Students are invited to the Ninth All India Poster Making Competition to be held on 5th September, 20XX in Woodlands School ground from 4 : 30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Junior Category : (Class VIII and IX) Topic : Child Labour Senior Category : (Class X to XI) Topic : Drug abuse For details contact the Art teacher Mr. Sunil Sharma James / Jimmy Secretary - School Creative Society

(E) Ans.

MESSAGE 25th January 200X 4 : 30 P.M. Dear Didi Your friend Sangita called about ballet class admission forms being available at Natya Mandirl between 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon tomorrow. You have to personally collect the form. Sangita will be going at 10 a.m. I'm off to play. Rakesh

F Ans. 27th February 200X

Message 1 : 50 P.M. Sir An angry customer, Mr. Chauhan, who bought an electric-iron from us rang up. Said he'd ordered it two months ago but received it only last week. Secondly, he found it useless as it didn't iron anything & it does not get hot at all. He'd like a refund for it. Joginder


(A) 1. are 7. is 13. Cheer 2. are 8. have 14. has 3. is 9. has 15. has 4. makes 10. is 16. 5. is 11. has 6. has 12. are

THE VALUE OF BOOKS " A good book is the precious life blood of a master spirit." Milton " A book is a book even if there is nothing in it." Byron Books are, no doubt, a treasure house of knowledge. They contain all the wisdom of the past ages, as they are often written by vastly learned and experienced men and women. To respect the books is to respect our past, our cultural heritage. From them we learn about the lives of our ancestors. We learn how they were successful in certain spheres or why and how they failed in certain others. Great men of the past convey their sound advice to us through the medium of books. The following of Lord Bacons words have become proverbial : "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested:' It is good to form a habit of reading books. It is a pity that in the modern age when there is plethora of books of all kinds everywhere, people should cease showing due regard to books as if they were some dead matter . " We have the ancient Upanishadic prayer to God: "Lead us from darkness to light." The Rigveda was perhaps the earliest book that man got. The Vedas were composed by the sages and seers and committed to memory by the common people. They were given the written shape much later. What led mankind from darkness to light was the agency (or vehicle) of books. Over the ages, books have transformed man from primitivism to modern civilized state. They are the chief carrier of knowledge and civilization. As C.E.M. Joad says, they spread knowledge in space and make it endure in time. To illustrate his point, he gives the example of Africa. According to him, Africa has lagged behind in civilization because of lack of books. He attributes lack of books in Africa because of presence of white ants that eat up all books whenever they are produced.

When we have realized the great importance of books, we can now quite understand the value of libraries which not only preserve books but also increase the reading habit of people provided they are well stocked with all kinds of books. As these days professions are rapidly on the increase, so are subjects and topics and so are books. Now we have books on, besides traditional subjects like languages, arts, literature and sciences, on sports, music, health, education, technology, space, mountaineering, chess, astrology astronomy, defence, horticulture, acupuncture, Reiki, Feng Sui, cartooning, starring, cooking, drawing, painting, embossing, computers (IT), taxation system, commerce, business, marketing, management, meditation, yoga, engineering and, may be, cloning, etc. and hordes of highly specialized subjects. We know that a school child's bag has gone too heavy in the present times. Although one would wish the bag to grow lighter, there is no denying the fact that knowledge is a must for every human being and that knowledge can best be acquired through books. "Knowledge is power," said Bacon. It is knowledge which distinguishes man from other animals. Alexander Pope, the renowned English poet of the Augustan period says, "A little learning is a dangerous thing." Let us try to gain more and more knowledge. Let the wind of knowledge blow to us from all four sides as the Atharva Veda says, "Let noble thoughts come to me from all sides." Jawahar Lal Nehru has pointed out that isolation can only make a nation stagnate. That is true of an c individual also. This is the age of interaction and that interaction is best possible through books. No doubt, the books now face a stiff competition from Internet or a www. But the fear of many that books might at one stage become a extinct is only misplaced. Books are and will remain best friends, " guides and nurses of man. They advise him, provide him guidance a and console him at the moment of adversity. My Aim (or Ambition) in Life or What I Want to Be Life without an aim is like a boat without a sailor in the ocean. Anonymous Of course, it is very difficult for a common man to know the purpose of life. We, human beings, as Shelley puts it, dont know what we are, whence we are and why we are. But, as human beings we have to live in the world for a few decades and as such, we have to chalk out the best manner in which we can live, so that it is most beneficial to us and to others. Nature has not made us equal in all respect. We all have different aptitude. Hence, while everybody is at liberty to aim or aspire as he likes, it is better to do so in consonance with our aptitude, milieu and resources. Of course, there are many of my close friends who have the ambition to become doctors, engineers, lawyers, manufacturers or successful businessmen or traders. Some want to go in for the IAS or other services. However, my aim is humble, as I want to become a college teacher. It may be argued that my aim is driven by necessity, since I do not belong to very rich family and, as such, cannot afford expensive education needed for medical, engineering or other technical courses. That may be as it is, but the crux of the matter is that I am also fervently goaded by a strong national and social spirit within me. There is no denying the fact that most of us must, keeping in view the social respectability, like to go in for some lucrative jobs and professions, and even the college teachers may sometimes be lured to earn more money by taking tuitions at home instead of delivering the goods in the classroom, yet Im not the person to be swayed by such superficial material considerations. The basic thing which is demanded of a teacher is that he should prove to be a true nation builder. For that a teacher may be a primary, a secondary or a college teacher. A teacher is essentially a teacher, and a teacher must realize this fact a abundantly well. That he should be a dedicated and devoted one, does not need to be over stressed. A teacher deals with the most impressionable minds and his impact on his students is everlasting. A nation will have the kind of youth it has, and the youths mind is moulded by the teachers. Hence the teacher occupies the centre-stage in the matter of nation building. It is true that nowadays the power hungry and money loving leaders and other belittle the role of teachers. Sometimes, they interfere in the affairs of universities, colleges and schools and other educational institution.

But that must not be allowed to teach in the manner most suited to them. When his much power is pleaded for the teachers, this ipso facto also implies great responsibilities on the shoulders of the teachers. They must have some introspection and give up lethargy. They must come well prepared to the classes. They must continue research and study and transfer their treasure of knowledge to their students.

Of course, I am aware that it is not easy now to be a college teacher. Of course, I could become a school teacher. But , as per my aptitude, I am more fond of research and higher study and that is not possible in a school. To be a college teacher, one must have obtained very high marks in lower classes besides in the masters degree examination and also must clear the UGCs test in the subject concerned. Fortunately, I am a brilliant student and very good in English. My father and brother are also college teachers. They are a beacon light to me. I can learn a lot from their vast learning and experience. Thus, we do already have an overwhelming teaching atmosphere at home. I think, I shall be able to get high marks in higher classes also. It will not be hard for me to clear the UGC test. Even if money is not to be totally ignored, we have to bear in mind that the college teachers are no longer ill-paid. After the implementation of new grades, they draw handsome salaries, and I dont think they need to take tuitions. At least, III never go in for such a practice. I shall work hard in the class and give free guidance to any student who comes to me for the purpose outside the class room. Thus, in all probability, I am set to become a college teacher. I pray to God to fulfil my ambition as I am working hard for it.


Ans. 1. accept 6. knew Ans. 1. and 6. else 2. lose 7. Whose 2. and 7. or 3. They're 8. fourth 3. not only, but also 8. for 4. affect 9. principal 4. only 9. so 5. too 10. advise 5. yet 10. therefore


Direction : Supply suitable Adjectives : 1.complete 6. ready 2. great 7. uternal 3. silver 8. five 4. Such 9. angry 5. heavy 10. several


A. 79 Ganganagar Indore 22nd November 200X The Editor Times Journal Bhopal Sir Through the column of your esteemed newspaper I wish to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities of the Municipal Corporation regarding the plight of the residents of Indore due to stray animals. The stray animals wandering on the main road causes traffic blocks and fatal accidents. These animals are creating health hazards too by littering everywhere. As a result, the dirty places have become the breeding place of mosquitoes and insects. We have already written to the authorities but they have not yielded any action. It is hoped that the authorities will take an early action. Yours truly Jimmy


92 Jawahar Nagar Kota 15 April 200X My dear Father I am very glad to inform you that our school is organizing a tour during this summer vacations. About sixty students are going on the tour with our four teachers. They will leave on 15 May by bus and will return on 25 May. They will visit some tourist and historical places of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. They will also go to Vaishnodevi Temple in Jammu. I have a keen desire to visit these different places of our country. I request you to allow me to go on this tour. Please send me Rs. 1500/- also with your permission. I am sure you will allow me for this tour. Please convey my regards to grandpa and mummy and love to Jimmy. Yours affectionately Alok


7, Reiki Street Mumbai 16 March 200X The Editor The Indian Express Veer Savarkar Marg Mumbai Sir Sub: Commercialization of Education I wish to draw the attention of the public in general and authorities in particular to the crass commercialization prevalent in the good schools renowned for providing quality education. My son goes to a prestigious public school which admits students after conducting so many tests and charging a hefty amount as various funds. To a casual onlooker the system appears restrictive and selective, but the over crowded classrooms with 60 to 70 students in the primary section tell a different story. Almost every section of every class is in a similar situation. Even though the school works in two shifts there doesn't seem to be any respite from the ever increasing size of the class. The overcrowding of classrooms adversely affects the academic standards. It is very difficult for any teacher, howsoever resourceful, to build any rapport or conduct interactive sessions in such large classes. The curriculum is 'covered' in a poor manner. The academic values are brushed aside with nonchalance and the sole factor that governs the school authorities is the money that these large numbers rake in. Will the authorities look into this sad state of affairs and bring an end to this commercialization of education resulting in falling academic standards? Yours truly Rafeek

D. 1. late. 6. already. E. 1. Them 6. me 2. I 7. he 3. them 8. me 4. me 9. me 5. me 10. him 2. early 7. soon 3. fast. 8. up. 4. before. 9. Surely 5. yesterday. 10. delightfully.