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I, the undersigned VAGHELA RAVI PRAVINBHAI as student of T.Y. BBA. Hereby declare that the project work presented in this report is my own work and has been carried out under the supervision of MR. HITESH BHATT, H. N. SHUKLA COLLEGE OF IT AND MANAGEMENT, and RAJKOT. I submit the report to Saurashtra University, Rajkot. This work has not been submitted to any other university for any other examination.

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World is widening up & we cannot be confined to one place. In the present era of globalization & liberalization it can never be possible to make a mark in today’s competitive environment. In India, business and industrial management activities is a base for the country. With an outlook of the importance of practical aspects of business mgt. Saurashtra University has subscribed the subject, “Industrial Training” as a part of syllabus of T.Y. BBA. Where by the students have to take initiative training in the field of marketing in a company & have to study various aspects of marketing. I am very glad to have got a chance of getting training in a reputed company – ‘TATA CHEMICALS LTD’ for a period of ten days on all the aspects of management especially in marketing field.


For giving me permission to take training under their unit. P. I also thank to all the people who supported me in preparing this report. Tank as a manager of SCM department for giving me the valuable information by sparing his costly time. C. I also can’t forget to thank my parents and friends for their co-operation with regard to project.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am grateful to the managers of ‘Tata Chemicals Ltd. Lastly. 4 Signature . Swati Doshi and Mr. Moreover. Abhijit Vala for their valuable guidance. Along with this all I also take an opportunity to express my thanks to Dr. Upendra Bhayani and Mr. I also express my sincere thanks to Mr.

5 .

4. 1. Particulars Introduction History & Development of the unit General Information Changing Role of Marketing 6 . 2. 3.INDEX No.

(a) Problem Identification (b) Objective of the Study (c) Scope of the study (d) Data collection Method (e) Analysis & Interpretation SWOT Analysis Suggestions & Conclusion Bibliography 7. 9. INTRODUCTION 7 .5. Introduction of the topic I Research Methodology I. 6. 8. Marketing Mix Study of consumer & Dealer’s Satisfaction I.

TCL plant is situated at Mithapur in Jamnagar District. TATA chemicals Ltd. “TATA CHEMICALS LTD”. Fertilizers. It is one of the biggest & the most competitive chemicals making company in Gujarat. and Cement. Salt.e. a flagship company of TATA group was setup in 1939.I have completed my project report work in one of the unit of TATA group of Industries i. This was started by TATA group and today this TATA group has multinational presence. This chemical industry has been recognized as an export house by the government of India. TCL was established in 1939. Bromine. Sodium Bicarbonate. Gypsum. 8 . It also owns a large size of land on lease as a part of township in Mithapur. The main products of this company are Soda Ash. Caustic Soda.

Plans are now under was to double the plants capacity & to setup bulk transportation Project for transportation for transporting cement by sea along with western coast of India.the company has been certified for ISO 9001:2000 and also ISO 14001. is a classical example of how the group caters t the specific needs of the economic environments in this case providing India with an excellent blue print of how a sick plant can be rapidly turned around. 9 . which is the country’s No. providing high quality raw materials for building up India’s industrial infrastructure & bringing in valuable foreign exchange. 1 priority today. TATA Chemicals Ltd. This industry is now one of the leading players in Indian and foreign chemical industries manufacturing different varieties of chemicals along with cement & it has emerged as India’s largest exporters in the field of chemicals.

10 .

History behind setting up this company is sea that yields its treasures to Tata chemicals to extract Gypsum. textiles. ceramics. is the largest chemical Industry.History & Development of the Unit TATA Chemicals Ltd. It was established in 1939 at Mithapur. and Potash Magnesium Salt which are then upgraded into numerous basic chemicals which are useful as a raw material for manufacturing of glass. etc. Salt Bromine. 11 .

were disastrous then an International expert advised Mr. A chemical engineer who has studied at Manchester University named as Mr. The maharaja of Baroda Mr. Kapilram Vakil could elect that the starting year of TCL. Sayaji Rao in whose territory Mithapur was wrote to Tata’s suggesting that they might like to assist with his national project instead of the best astrological forecast Mr. the western most tip where the Arabian Sea meets to the Rann of Kutch like many pointer he ran into trouble. After a survey of the western coast it was finally decided by Mr. His lifetime ambition was to establish a chemical complex based on seawater and lime stone available in abundance in Saurashtra.The search for a plant had begun before Tata’s came on scene. JRD Tata replied that when they go to that place they arouse hopes in people. Kapilram Vakil that on a point of seven miles from Okha. Kapilram Vakil (promoter) had a dream to raise its wealth of marine minerals of which salt was only the beginning. 12 .

At that time a chemical engineer named Mr. He was not impressed by what he saw. The formulae and process were well and secret of about six companies in the world. Tata agreed. Out of the 16 of management board only JRD. Darbari Seth had came back from America to visit German Firm. It was negotiating to a German firm to raise its capacity from 200 to 800 tones of soda Ash per day. he told that they could aim not at 800 but at 400 tones.The rewarding business was for production of soda Ash of high quality. Then Darbari Seth was asked to take over the design Fabrication and installation and to make new equipments and machinery to renovate the chemical complex of Mithapur. Darbari Seth and his team had to design and fabricate some plants to make Soda Ash. TCL has cracked the code. which was optimum capacity. Mr. After the plant was ready the team was asked to take on the operations and demonstrate whether they could produce 400 tones per day. expect each one and ensure that all of them worked right together. They worked with the missionary 13 .

It arranged for the suitable treatment. In 1962. At that time Mithapur was fed up by two lakes. company did not wait till the end of October. seawater to replace fresh water in plant operation and revised the necessary method including recycling. 14 .zeal and at the end of the first fortnight the plant touched a production capacity of 545 tones per day. For 3 successive years the condition remained same but the production continued to rise and Mithapur expanded to produce 1000 tones of soda Ash per day and now its production is 1500 tones per day. the rain failed where the average rainfall was 18 inches only.

Particulars Project at Glance Main Products 15 .General Information Index No. 1. 2.

Managing Body Important Bench Marks Awards & Achievements Corporate Values Vision & Mission TATA Group of companies 16 . 8. 5. 7. 4. 6.3.

Project at Glance Name of the unit TATACHEMICALS Ltd. : : Bombay 24. Homi Mumbai – 400 001. Registered office House. Mody Street. Year of establishment : 1939 17 . India.

Raiji & Co. Web Site www. M/S N.Form of organization Limited Company Auditors Billimoria & Co. (Chartered Accountants) Works Chemicals Gujarat. Fertilizers : : Inorganic Mithapur. Phosphates Haldia.B. West Bengal. 18 .P.M. U. : : Public M/S S.tatachemicals.

Bankers India Bikaner & Jaipur Bank of Baroda Honkong & Sanghai Banking Corporation Fax no. ICICI Bank Total Staff Cadre = 235 Skilled & unskilled workers = 1238 19 : : 91 (22) State Bank of State Bank of : = 300 Management Supervisors . 56658144.Email Address : spatil@tatachemicals.

Total employees = 1773 20 .

Main Products 1) Soda Ash Soda Ash Soda Ash : Light Medium Dense Soda Ash Granula r Soda Ash Soda Ash Fused 2) Sodium Bicarbonate Bicarbonate Technical Bicarbonate refined Sodium Bicarbonate Granular Sodium Bicarbonate IP/VSP 21 : Sodium Sodium .

4) Salt Vacuum Salt m Salt Pure Salt 5) Bromine Bromine Technical um Bromine Pq.3) Fertilizers Phosphate Fertilizers added Fertilizers : Value Nitroge nous Fertilizers Potosi Fertilizers Comple x fertilizers. Sodiu m Bromine Pq. 22 : Iodized Vacuu : Liquid Potassi .

Sodiu m Bromine Pq. Methyl Bromine Ethyl Bromine Hydroboric acid 6) Cement Ordinary Portland cement (Grade 43) Ordin ary Portland cement (Grade 53) Pozzol ana Portland cement 7) Caustic Soda : 23 . Sodiu m Bromine IP.

8) Gypsum 24 .

R. Mr. Ghose 25 : : : : : : Mr. Menon Executive Director Homi Khusrokhan Chief Financial Officer K. Mr. . Mr. P. Mr. Mr.Managing Body Promoter Kapilram Vakil Chairman Ratan Tata Vice Chairman Gopalkrishnan Managing Director Prasad R.

Kapur Mr. B. Nusil N. R. Mr. Mukerjee Dr. T. Kelkar Company Secretary Renganathan : Mr. D. Wadia Mr. Mr.C. L. R. Mahesh Rao Dr. V. 26 .M. Khanna Dr. Mr.V. Ghia : : Mr. V.Chief Operating Officer Mukundan Directors Keshub Mahindra D.

Striving to go beyond mere compliance the company has adopted “Responsible care” 27 . ISO 14001. OHSAS 18001 British Council frame work occupational Health Management System (OHMS). Health & environment Policy) through ISO 9001: 2000. health and environment by deploying the SHE policy (safety.Important Bench Marks In safety.

global initiative by the chemicals industry and the global Reporting initiative. The ISO / AUDITS / TBEM / RBNOA assessments provide the opportunity to improve process there by reducing over all costs of inspection and testing. Awards & Achievements 28 .

Receiving of 5 star certificates from British Safety Council in the year 2004. 2001. Mithapur works for completion of 3 million accident free man-hours and certificate of honour for salt works on completing two million accident free man hours in the year 2001. 1st rank. out of 11 prizes category. IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National quality Award and received commendation certificate to chemical division in 2002. Saurashtra Mines Safety week competition.Merit Award for excellence in cost management by institute costs and works accounts of India in March 2005. Gujarat Safety council Award. 1st price for TATA chemicals Ltd in the same year i.  29 .e.

These values continue to direct the group’s growth and business.IX Mines Environment and conservation week completion. The five core Tata values underpinning the way we do business are as follows: Integrity:  30 . 1st rank out of 8 categories.  Corporate Values The Tata Group has always been a value driven organization. 5-1st prizes for TCL and 2-2nd prizes for TCL Ranavav Limestone Quarries – 2000.

 Unity: 31 .  Understanding: We must be caring.  Excellence: We must constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standard in our day-to-day work and in the quality of goods and services we provide. respectful.We must conduct our business fairly. Everything we do must stand the test of people scrutiny. compassionate and humanitarian towards our colleagues and customers round the world and always work for the benefit of India. with honesty and transparency.

We must work cohesively with our colleague across the group and with our customers and partners around the world to build strong relationship based on tolerance.  Responsibility: We must continue to be responsible and sensitive to the countries. understanding and mutual co-operation. communities and environments in which we work always ensuring that what comes from the people goes back to the people many times over. 32 .

Vision & Mission Vision “Enrich the quality of life by meeting essential needs of people through chemistry and agriculture”. 33 .

Enhancing the value proposition to customers. innovation and teamwork. Employees are our strength. Improving shareholders value.Mission We shall be the most respected company the business and in geographies we operate in and our success will be achieved by a consistent focus on. Strengthening stakeholder relationship. and we will create an environment that fosters achievement. Achieving globally competitive cost levels. commitment to corporate social responsibility. Tata group of companies 1) Agricultural Inputs: 34 .

Rallis Jamipol compounds 4) Communication: Broad  Tata Indicom Band Services.Rallis Agrochemicals  Tata Chemicals Fertilizers  - For For 2)  Automotive: For Automotive For Automotive For Commercial   TACO components TATA technologies Services TATA Motors Vehicles 3)   Chemicals: Chemicals De-sulphurising TCL. 35 .

6)    Energy: Oil and Gas Power Solar energy Air-contioning For Steel & Tata Power Tata Projects Tata BP solar 7) Engineering: Voltas products Tata steel Bearings 36 . 5) Consultancy:  Tata consultancy services .Tele Communication.For Management Cons ultancy.

Telcon Equipments - Construction Engineering Industrial Engineering Precision Turbochargers Tata consulting engineers consultancy. Tata international AG For investment 37 . Tata Investment Corporation. NELCO electronics TAL manufacturing works Tata precision Industries equipments Tata Holset 8)   Financial Services: - Tata AIG Sector - Insurance Tata Asset Management.

9) Food Products:  Tata Tea  Tata coffee 10) Hospitality:  Indian Hotels 11) Information Technology:       Tata consultancy services CMC Tata InfoTech Tata technologies NELITO systems Tata interactive services 12) Infrastructure: 38 .

  Tata projects THDC 13) Materials:           Tata advanced material Tata refractories Tata Metaliks (Pig Iron manufacturing) Tata Pigments Tata conswood Tata TAYO Rolls Tata sponge Iron Tata Steel Tata Ryerson (Steel Processing) Tinplate Company of India. 14) Publishing:   Tata interactive Tata Mc Graw-Hill 15) Others: - For E – Learning Publishing  Tata ceramics 39 .

40 .     Tata ELXSI Tata Petrodyne Tata Tetley Titan Industries TANISQ.

Changing Role of Marketing 41 .

innovation in provoking.Introduction To-day marketing means to study and monitor environmental factors which helps the firm finding out detent needs as creating needs for new. emerging and dynamic class of consumer by using creativity. penetrating and positioning the product. 42 .

Customer at present is the queen. At present customer becomes a most important consideration for every organization. Consumer focus is a necessary in today’s competitive world. Marketing has become the centre point in the organization. In the words. it was given the equal importance like other departments than it was given more importance than other departments subsequently. which continuously offer some opportunity and cause some treats. measuring value and delivery system to survive and sustain in highly competitive environment factors. The role of marketing has been changing continuously. Competition global quality standards economic relatives create need of consumer orientation and 43 . since its emergence previously. And recently consumer has become the centre point and marketing has become its integrative function. customer is the passport to profit. creating value driven products.It is the process to know perceived value of consumers.

• Changing Business environment New Realities: Why Consumers focus? 1) The continuous entry of new competition is increasing choice for the consumers. focusing 2) 3) 4) Consumers are depending value for their money. Global quality standards are companies to deliver better products. Creating competitive advantage: • 44 . consumers are now become known for giving and choosing. Fast allying margins are cutting into profitability of many becomes the major function of marketing today.

2) Costs must be cut in order to deliver greater. 5) Brand must be developed to generate longterm value not short-term margins. what customer focus is and how it can be achieved. 4) Cycle timer must be reduced. 3) TQM must be introduced to raise product quality. The increasing importance of customer focus makes customer king of the organization and 45 . All the two points stated above reveal that how customer focus becomes important.Bringing competitiveness: How customer focuses? 1) New competencies must be identified and growth to serve the customer better. to reduce time-to-market and boost responsiveness. value at lower prices.

changing role of marketing from a central activity to an integral activity. moreover. 46 . changing environment has provided many opportunities and threats to the marketers who are how required to be more conscious and cautions about the marketing of their products”. Cement Industry and Marketing • What is Marketing? According to Peter Drunker “The modern marketing concept is a customer oriented backed integrated marketing wined at generating customer satisfaction as the key to satisfying organizational goals. • What is Marketing Management? Marketing management is the process of planning and executing the conception.

they have to adjust themselves to changing situation and up grade the technology. The major question therefore relates to efficient marketing arrangements. There exists very stiff competition among cement marketers.pricing. • What is need for Marketing of cement? It is found that cement plant works more than their efficiency even with large addition to capacity and the efficiency of new plants. widening of the product range 47 . Hence. goods and services to create exchange that satisfy individual and organizational goals. the operating ratio is not as high as it should be because of a slower growth in consumption and bottle necks in transport. the awareness in the growth of industry in early years may be come less pronounced. promotion and distribution of ideas. As additional companies have come up in the southern and Eastern regions.

48 .and use of different types of raw materials as well as effective marketing efforts should be undertaken.

But marketing efforts specially concentrates on the efforts done by a company to promote its products. Tata chemicals right from the beginning of the manufacturing activity marketed Tata cement. They started sales promotion efforts at the 49 . has done many efforts for the purpose of marketing Tata cement. Tata Chemicals Ltd. marketing as a discipline involves many functions.TATA Cement and Marketing efforts Tata cement has been the pioneer in the field of cement marketing.

of consumers to buy their product. no company sells its product without concentrating on its promotional efforts.consumers level and the dealers level. Therefore. in order to attract more dealers to sale their product and also in order to attract more no. this type of promotional activities were given prime importance. There exists a gap with demand supply of cement. Only integrated promotional efforts will yield trustful result to the company in the era to intense competition more over recession prevails in the market. Cement marketer has to push the customer to adopt their brand. Cement is such as commodity which in its marketing highest concentration on promotional efforts. 50 . Tata cement has created a brand image of its own through the unique advertising strategies.

Marketing Mix Index 51 .

4. 5. 2. 1.No. Particulars Introduction Product Mix Price Mix Promotion Mix Place Mix 52 . 3.

For each segment so selected. a marketer has to formulate a combination of a number of devices or types of marketing activities that are coordinated into a single marketing programme to reach a particular target or a market segment.Introduction Specific marketing tools are to be selected in form of market segments. return on investment. “The integration process of 4 P’s of marketing leads to the development o the 53 . and market share and so on. So that marketer can have a realization of the company goals such as profit. sales volume. The combination of this marketing methods or devices is known as marketing mix. Marketing mix offers an optimum combination of all marketing ingredients.

social. N. advertising and distribution channels promises the lowest costs. Product Mix 54 . The marketing mix will have to be changed according to changing marketing condition and also with changing environmental factors (’s marketing mix in which each subfunction and its programme is adjusted with other in such a way that their interaction in the market produces maximum impact”.H. economic and political) affecting each market. In simplest manner. International companies must decide how much to adopt their marketing strategy to local conditions. the basic marketing mix is the blending of the four inputs or mixes which form the core concept of the marketing system. . A Company Should use a globally standardized marketing mix for worldwide standardization of product. In short. it is a profitable formula of all marketing operations.

.Kotler & Armstrong Product is a thing possessing utility. The product mix is one of the elements of the product policy. Product fulfills the needs of the 55 . One major management aspect is the decision concerning product mix.Product mix is also known as product assortment. An organization with several product lines has a product mix. “A product mix consist of all the product line and Items that a particular seller offers for sale”. it is a list of all products offered for sale by a firm or a company. It stands for both goods and services that the company offers to the target market for their satisfaction.

It shows that the product is featured in many forms. Product represents bundle expectations to the consumers and society.society. TATA cement also has many features in it. Ordinary Portland 56 2) . symbol or design or a combination of them. In this industry TATA cement itself is given a brand name to its cement product’s range. which is intended to identify the goods. The brand identifies the product for a buyer and it gives a chance to seller to earn goodwill and good image in the market. There are different featured cement are introduced in the market for example Ordinary Portland Cement (grade 43). FEATURES: Features are the characteristics of the product. BRAND: of 1) A brand is a name.

cement (grade 53), Pozzolana Portland Cement. 3) PACKAGING: Packaging has many characteristics in it. Some of them can be described as; Packing is the means of advertising for the producer. It prevents the product from damages. It helps in easy handling to customers. Tata cement is packed in the big plastic bags for its proper supply to the dealers and consumers.


Price Mix

It is a unique element in marketing mix; price stands for the amount of money customers have to pay to obtain the product economists say, “Price as the exchange value of a product or service always expressed in money to the customer”. It is an agreement between seller and buyer. Price is a device for the translating into quantitative terms. The perceived value of the product to the customer. In the words of Philip Kotler, “Price is the only element in the

marketing mix that creates sales revenue, the other elements are costs”.


Pricing policy: It provides general framework within which managerial decisions are made on pricing. It must adopt changes with changing environment and changing marketing objectives. Over here in the products like cement, fluctuations in the prices are very often as compared to FMCG goods or others, there occurs a price change only after some stipulated period of time due to any market changes or technological changes and thus over here the pricing policy remains stable for a fixed period of time.


Pricing Strategy:


Pricing should be done through proper planning and considering the external environment.Strategy is a plan or action to adjust with changing conditions of the market place. Over here. 3) Discounts and Allowances: Discounts and allowances are price concessions offered to traders or buyers in the form of deduction form its original price or from the amount of will. in order to attract the customers and dealers the discounts are given here as the Trade discounts and the quantity discounts. Different kinds of discounts are trade discount. quantity discounts. 60 . seasonal discounts etc. cash discounts.


services or ideas. etc. Tools of promotion mix are given as under: Advertising: An identified sponsor can define advertising as paid communication of goods. It is a paid form of communication because advertiser has to pay for the space or time in which his advertisement appears for this purpose. resale. which is being promoted. radio. It is effort by the marketer to inform and persuade the buyers to accept. television. service or idea. magazines. 1) 62 .Promotion Mix stands for the various activities the company undertakes to communicate and promote its products to the target market. different advertising media can be used like newspapers. recommended or use of article.

Tata chemical advertises Tata cement through various means and methods like newspaper, magazines, Hoardings, Wall paintings and gift items. Personal Selling: Personal selling is also known as salesmanship. It is the best means of oral and face-to-face communication and presentation with the prospects for the purpose of making sale. There may be one prospect or number of prospects in personal communication. Tata cement follows the way of distributional channel and over here the direct selling as the product is cement, it doesn’t require much quality presentation against the consumers and thus over here the personal selling approach is not followed.




Sales Promotion: It is a short-term incentive given to the customer to encourage trial or purchase of a product or service. It stimulates consumer to purchase a product. According to American Marketing Association “These marketing activities other than personal selling, advertising and publicity that stimulates consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness such as display shows and exhibition, demonstrations and various nonrecurrent selling efforts not in the ordinary routine”. As a part of sales promotion Tata chemicals provides the customers with the free vouchers in which all types of details are mentioned of Tata cement and also draw system at dealer’s level of promotion.


Publicity: It is a special form of public relation program. It is non-personal stimulation of demand for a product or service by placing commercially significant news about it in a

publication or attaining favorable presentation of it upon Radio, T.V. or stage. Sponsor does not pay it. Tata cement is not doing any type of publicity as compare to the other companies.

Place Mix

It stands for the various activities the company undertakes to make the product accessible and available to customers. In today’s economy vast distances separate the producer and customer. So it is necessary to fill this place

Physical distribution is the ingredient in the marketing mix that describes how products are moved and stored. Physical Distribution: Physical distribution is looks after physical handling of goods and it tries to provide maximum customer service. It consists of all business activities concerned with stocking and transporting materials part or a finishing inventory. 1) 66 . Physical distribution can decrease costs and increase customer’s satisfaction. place mix is nothing but marketing activity in which movement or flow of goods or services are there from primary producers to ultimate and for that purpose some middlemen are there.

Study of Satisfaction level 67 .

I have selected to conduct consumer’s satisfaction survey and dealer’s satisfaction survey with special reference to Tata cement.Introduction of the topic As a part of my training. 68 .

A simplified model of customer satisfaction is as follows: Customer Expectations Perceived Delivery of product and services Match Yes No Satisfied -----------Dissatisfied 69 . Infect today customer satisfaction is the only justification for the existence of the organization.Customer satisfaction The whole purpose of the marketing process is customer satisfaction.

I decide to conduct a survey 70 . Every organization should bear in mind that unhappy customers tell everyone about their complaints. they have received a company should do something about its complaining customer which is a major opportunity to do the business some good. The very simple logic that firm produces goods and services solely to create customer satisfaction and the success or failure in achieving long term satisfaction in what producer or the firm sales.A simple method of studying consumer satisfaction is to look things from the customer’s perspective. unfortunately substantially more in value and frequency than satisfied customers talk about the good service. The firm may find itself amazed at how it seems to have set out to positively irritate and annoy the paying customers. Being a student of management and being aware of the increasing importance of customer satisfaction.

Sidhee and Ambuja. Ultra tech. A satisfied dealer can obviously perform well for his/her firm. Sanghi. In cement product dealers all the major part of the distribution channels. Dealers Satisfaction For every organization distribution is very much important without distribution a firm cannot even exit. In two days ever increasing competition every firm. Moreover being nearer to consumers they can also give some very good suggestions for the improvement of their companies. I conducted a survey in comparison of few major competing companies i. Hathi. I have tried to check the performance of Tata cement companies as far as dealer’s satisfaction is concerned.regarding customer satisfaction in Rajkot with reference to Tata cement. Must have effective distribution to compete well. Having this point in my mind. 71 .e. Tata. However.

which prompt me to conduct such survey. During this survey research methodology used by me was as follows: A. I decided to conduct a survey for consumer satisfaction and dealer’s satisfaction in Rajkot city with special reference to TATA cement with information taking from the various parts of Tata industry.Research Methodology According to our syllabus. were to know to what extent the consumers of Tata cement are satisfied as compared to consumers of other cement brands. Problem Identification The problems. 72 . we have to undergo training in large scale unit on any topic in the field of marketing.

Another problem was to know why Tata cement is not as much sold as Ultratech cement in the market.  To find out whether they are satisfied with the cement or not.  73 . Objective of the study The objective of the survey conducted by me was as follows: For consumer satisfaction survey:  To know the popular cement brand  To know the perception and preference of the consumer towards various brand cements. To know potential demand of the consumer. B.

To know the dealers suggestions for their respective companies. 74 . Most preferred brand of consumers. Brand loyalty of the consumers.  C.For dealer’s satisfaction survey:   To know the satisfaction level of dealers. Scope of study: Scope of survey deducted by me is as follows:     Factors influencing buying decision for cement. To find out the performance of various cement brand from the point of view of dealers. Information sources of the consumers.

000 & above.  D.000 20. Data collection Method For my survey purpose I have collected my primary data through questionnaire.000 10.000 25. The questionnaire by me is as follows: For consumer’s satisfaction survey: 1) Income Level: Below 10.000 – 25. Consumer survey for performance of TATA cement. Satisfaction level of dealers.000 – 20. 2) Whenever you purchase the cement which brand you preferred the most? 75 .

_________________ 3) Which factors do you take into consideration while purchasing the cement? a) Price b)Brand name c) Availability d)Quality 4) Have you purchased TATA cement? Yes 5) No From where did you first come to know about TATA cement? a) News papers b)Hoardings c) Wall Paintings d)Shop’s displays e) others 76 .

6) According to you TATA cement differs from the other brands? ___________________ 7) Does your preferred brand give you full satisfaction? If no. then what is lacking in it? Yes If no then lacking in. then which brand would you prefer? Why? ___________________ 10) How would you rate the performance of Tata cement? 77 . Price Availability Strength Quality Others (please specify) 8) No ____________ Would you switch over to other brand? If yes.

1) You are the dealer of which company? Tata cement Ambuja Cement Ultra tech cement Hathi Cement Sanghi Cement 78 . to make TATA cement more successful? ________________ For Dealers Satisfaction survey.Very good Good Average Poor 11) Your suggestions.

2) Since how long have you been the dealer of this company? _________________ 3) Are you satisfied with the level of support you get from TATA cement? Yes 4) No Would you like to change the dealership? Yes No 5) According to you what consumer expects while purchasing the cement? (Please give rank) Price Quality Brand Strength Availability 79 .

what a company should do to be no.1 in your city? ______________ 80 .6) How much is your total yearly sales with regard to cement? _________________ 7) How much is your yearly sales of TATA cement? _________________ 8) How do you rate the position of the following companies in the market? (Please give rank) Ultra tech TATA Hathi Sidhee Sanghi Ambuja 9) According to you.

It helps to develop relationship between the data and also to compare the data. 81 . Next stage after analysis of data is to interpret the analyzed data. E. Analysis and Interpretation Analysis and interpretation in one of the most important step in the research procedure. Make data meaningful we classify the data according to different variables to make it simplified. This whole thing is called analysis of data.10) Suggestions. The success or failure of the research depends on how successfully the analysis and interpretation is done. Then tabulation is done of the classified data main purpose of tabulation is to know the frequency of response. Interpretation means what does the analysis mean and on the basis of that to determine cause and effect relationship.

000 Above Income level From the above graph we can say that consumers having monthly income below 10.000 purchased the cement frequently.000 25. interpretation means to give meaning to over all analysis.In short. Of consumer in % 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 52% 34% 10% 4% Below 10. And a firm 82 . The analysis and interpretation of the consumer’s satisfaction survey and dealer’s research are as follows: For consumer Satisfaction Survey Chart showing the income level of the consumers: 60% 50% No.000 20.000 20.000 25.000 10.

Questions and Analysis 1) Whenever you purchase the cement which brand you prefer the most? Table: Brand Name TATA Ultra tech Ambuja Other Total No. Of Consumers 11 19 15 05 50 83 Percentage (%) 22% 38% 30% 10% 100% .should concentrate on them more to sale their product and should design the marketing programs and schemes keeping in mind their ideology.

it is clear that brand name (42%) is the top most criteria in 84 .Criteria for purchasing the cement are as under: Chart: 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 34% 14% 4% Others 6% Quality Availability Brand Name Brand Name Price 42% From the above graph. 2) Which factor do you consider while purchasing the cement? . it is clear that Tata cement is given the third priority as per the brand name is concerned with the rating of 38% pioneered by Ultra tech and 30% by Ambuja and followed by 10% by other cement Brands.From the above table.

because Tata cement is a popular and quality product in the cement industry. it is clear that 100% of consumer (sample size 50) at least once purchase the Tata cement.purchasing the cement followed by availability (34%). 85 . and others as (04%) at the fifth position clearly shows that consumer gives the first preference to the quality then price as price range in the product like cement is also same of all brands. quality (6%). So that number of consumers at least once purchases the Tata cement. price (14%). 3) Have you ever-purchased Tata cement? From the survey of Tata cement.

4) From where did you first come to know about Tata cement? Chart: 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 News Paper Hoardings 6% 24% 50% 10% Wall Paintings Medium Shop Display 86 .

in order to achieve all-round popularity in cement they should move towards marketing their strength 87 . how Tata cement differs from the other brands? From the survey. Tata cement is different from the other brands and 60% consumers says that because of good brand name and old brand it is good and differ from the other brands. So Tata has good brand name and better popularity than the other cement brands. 5) According to you.From the above graph we can say that the advertisement plays on important role in purchasing the cement. Now. and newspaper advertisement method should be used in a least manner as 6% of the buyers are only affected and attracted with newspapers advertisements. It shows that 50% consumers decisions are affected by the wall painting and thus for the sales of the cement they should use wall painting medium most which is also the cheapest one. 34% consumers says that because of good quality. and only 6% consumers says that because of strength of the cement it is differ from other brands.

of Consumer Yes No 14 2 10 12 06 42 2 1 3 8 Percentage (%) Yes No 28% 4% 20% 24% 12% 84% 4% 2% 6% 16% From the above table it can be said that the total unsatisfied consumers of TATA cement is more as compared to Ultratech cement i.and the quality of the product rather than advertising brand name of the product.e. 6) Does your preferred brand give you full satisfaction? If no than what is lacking in it? Table answering customer’s opinion saying both Yes and No: Brand Name Tata Sidhee Ultra tech Sanghi Total No. in the 88 .

ratio of 2:1. Total 4% of the consumers are unsatisfied due to the high price of the Tata cement from the 50 consumers surveyed. 7) Would you switch over to other brand? If you will then. And thus as compared to Ultra tech cement Tata cement has more unsatisfied customers but with compared to other brands like Sidhee and Sanghi cement they have less unsatisfied customers. Of Consumer No Yes 15 12 09 1 1 2 Percentage (%) No 30% 24% 18% Yes 2% 2% 4% 89 . which brand would you prefer? Why? Brand Name Tata Ultra tech Sidhe e No.

it can been seen that out of 15 consumers only one is ready to switch over to the another brand in case of Tata cement and in case of Ultratech out of 12 only 1 is ready to shift towards another brand thus as compared to other brands Tata cement enjoys the first position over here. 90 .Sanghi 07 3 14% 6% From the above data obtained. it can be said that Tata And Ultratech cement only has the more number of the brand loyal but over here Tata cement is one step ahead in case of brand loyalty as compared to Ultratech.

it can be said that there are 20% of average markings and 48% of Markings at good level.8) How do you rate the performance of Tata cement? Chart: 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Very Good Good Average Ratings 32% 20% 0% Poor 48% From the above graph. In order to convert these markings at very good level Tata cement 91 .

would you like to give. No other factors are given importance for the success of the Tata Cement by customers. And it seems very good for Tata cement that no one out of 50 customers has ranked Tata cement at poor level. 9) According to you which factor are most responsible for the success of Tata cement? From the survey. to make Tata cement more successful? Give discounts to the consumers Innovative schemes for consumers To improve more quality standards 92 . 10) What suggestion.has to travel a long journey and has to beat the competitors. we can say that 56% of consumers say that because of quality Tata has success in cement market and 44% of consumers say that because of brand name Tata has success in cement market and Tata cement has good brand name and image in the market.

For Dealers Satisfaction Survey: 1) You are the dealer of which company? Table: Brand Name Tata Sidhee Ultra tech Ambuja Others No. of Dealers 12 08 12 10 Please Turn Over 08 93 Percentage (%) 24% 16% 24% 20% 16% .

e. 2) Since how long have you been the dealer of this company? Table: 94 . Ambuja and Other local brands are kept by very few dealers i. 20% and 16% respectively which seems to have less dealership as compared to Tata and Ultratech. Out of total 20 dealers surveyed 24% of them sales Tata cement and apart from Tata cement they also sale other brands with it. As seen from table out of 20 dealers Sidhee. 16%.Total 50 100% From the above table. it can be said that Tata Company has wide spread distributional channel as compared to others in the case of cement.

No other brands have these muchexperienced dealers. Tata Cement dealers are the most experienced dealers in the cement dealings. Thus helps Tata cement to be sold more in the market as they have more selling experience and knows better techniques. 95 .Brand Name/ Years 0–5 5 – 10 10 – 15 Above 15 Total Tata 2 8 2 12 Sidhe Ultra e tech 1 2 1 4 2 6 3 11 Ambu Other ja s 1 3 3 7 2 2 1 5 From the above table it is clear that. which can be regarded as a valuable experience. at least 8 out of the 12 dealers have experience of 5 to 10 years in this field.

3) Are you satisfied with the level of support you get from your Company? Table: 96 .

Brand Name Tata Sidhee Ultra tech Ambuja Others No. Of dealers Percentage Yes No Tota Yes No l 11 03 11 05 03 01 01 00 02 02 12 04 92% 75% 08% 05% 29% 40% 11 100% 07 05 71% 60% Chart showing the opinion of dealers regarding their satisfaction with various brands in the percentage form: 97 .

But as compared to other brands like Sidhee and Ambuja cement over here the dealers are more satisfied. only 8% of the dealers are not satisfied with the Tata cement as in the sales of the Tata cement their profit margin is less as compared to other brands. 98 . But the persons dealing in Ultra tech is 100% satisfied as they get better amount of profit margin over here and also benefit of various dealerships level schemes.120% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% TATA Sidhee 8% 5% 0% 29% 92% 75% 100% 71% 60% 40% Ultratech Ambuja Others From the above graphs and table it is clear that out of 100% dealers of Tata who also keeping other brands with them like Ambuja. Ultra tech. Sidhee and various others.

4) Would you like to change the dealership within next five to six? Years? Brand Name Table: Tata Sidhee Ambuja Ultra tech Others No. of dealers Yes No 1 99 12 03 07 11 03 02 .

100 . this dealers can be motivated to become Tata cement’s dealer rather than becoming other brands dealer so that Tata cement can be sold more in the market. Thus this data can be considered valid up to next 5 to 6 years of dealership level and according to it dealership level strategies planning can be done to promote sales.From the above table it is clear that the number of dealer surveyed in the Rajkot city would not like to change the dealership for at least next five to six years. And also as seen above few dealers of other brands are ready to shift their dealership. especially in case of TATA cement.

5) According to you what customer expects while purchasing cement (Please give rank) Table: F Price Quality Availability Brand actors Deale Perce Deale Perce Deale Perce Deale Perce Rank rs nt rs nt rs nt rs nt Vote (%) Vote (%) Vote (%) Vote (%) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total 11 5 2 2 20 55% 25% 10% 10% 100 5 10 3 2 20 25% 50% 15% 10% 100 101 2 3 6 9 20 10% 15% 30% 45% 100 2 2 9 7 20 10% 10% 45% 35% 100 .

which should be within the boundaries of customer’s expectations as first and second preference. Marketer should then take brand into consideration. as 55% of the dealers vote for price in priority level followed by quality. it can be said that the 1st priority while purchasing cement is given to price by customers (according to dealers).From the above table. Availability is given the last priority over here because cement is such a product which is purchased at once only for the construction purpose and for that the quality is more important then availability. a person is ready to travel a bit more distance to get better quality. Brand and then by Availability. 6) How much is your total yearly sales? How much is your yearly sales of Tata cement (excluding other brands)? 102 . This says that while manufacturing cement the first aspect that should be kept in mind is price and quality of cement. in order to create a brand image in the customers mind. is given to them only.

Chart showing sales of different brands: 50 40 Sales 30 20 10 0 TATA Ultratech Brands Others 17% 40% 43% From the survey done of 20 dealers. 103 . it is found that (after taking all the dealers into consideration) the total sales of Ultratech cement is 43%. which has the first position in the market. This states that the major part of sales of cement is of Ultratech and the biggest competitor of Tata cement is Ultratech. which keeps TATA and Ultratech cement as their major brand for sales and other brands also but in minor quantity. TATA cement is 40% and of other brands is 17%.

8) How do you rate the position of the following companies in the Rajkot Market? Table showing different rates given to different Brands: Rank Tata criteria 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6 9 4 1 Ultra Ambuja Sidhee Others tech 10 5 4 1 3 4 9 3 1 1 1 2 10 6 1 1 5 13 Chart Showing the Final rank allotted to different brands: 104 .

Sanghi and Others are the competitor of Tata but not as a major part. 9) According to you. of Votes 10 8 6 4 2 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Ranks From the above graph and table. Other brands like Sidhee. what your company should do to be no.14 12 Others Ultratech Tata Ambuja Sidhee No. it is clear that Tata cement holds second rank in the Rajkot market as per voted by 9 dealers and the first position is enjoyed by Ultratech and third position is holed by Ambuja cement thus over here in the Rajkot market the main competitor of Tata cement is Ultratech and Ambuja cement. 1 in your city? 105 .

From the survey. Majority as a part of the suggestion says that supply is done in a proper manner sometimes and so it should be improved and more schemes at the dealership level should be given which encourages dealers to sale Tata cement more. 106 . the dealers suggestions for his company to be No.1 in Rajkot City is as follows:  More advertising through media  To give credit terms and discount facilities  Lower price 10) Your Suggestions.

SWOT Analysis 107 .

SWOT Analysis 108 .

The efficient management staff appointed to handle the activities starting from the production to sales of the cement products. The certificate received by the organizations like ISO. The awards received by the company from the organizations like Institutes of costs Accounts of India and 109    . TBEM and RBNOA assessments provide the opportunity to improve process there by reducing over all costs of inspection and testing. OAHS.1) Strength:  A strong brand image is the strength of Tata cement Tata cement made a good position in the minds of consumers in such a way that it reflects the strength and quality.

Proper Co-ordination between the workers and the managers is not found over here in the production unit. 2) Weakness:  Lacking in the part of advertising for the Tata cement. There is certain lacking part in the supply side as there comes complain by the dealers in case of supply of the cement.   3) Opportunities: 110 . Much use of media such as television is not done for the cement products.Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award helps in increasing the goodwill of the company.

And there are many opportunities like this way to receive many awards for excellence in their work. has a wider market to cover as a part of international market in the field of cement. still there is a wider area to cover. Though these products are exported to many countries.Tata chemicals Ltd. But it does have treats from the giant like Ultratech who is its main competitor in cement market. As looked over from international market point of view. 4) Threats: Tata Company doesn’t have much threat in the market as competitors as less right now in such market. every company has threats from foreign industries. And also with the changing rules of government and its policies. rules followed in that particular company and thereby customers acceptance of their product in that particular country. 111 .

I found that there is more need to frequent advertisement in newspapers. hoarding and television also.Suggestions The performance of Tata cement is very much better as compared to other brands in the market and also its brand name is very popular. But from the survey. Though 112 .

113 . Company should give more credit facilities and discount facilities at dealership level in order to encourage them to sale more. And to satisfy consumer more attention on quality at fair prices. To satisfy Dealers.advertisements are not considered directly in buying. but it’s essential to promote the sales.

114 . and done industrial project work on consumer satisfaction and dealer satisfaction survey with special reference to the Tata cement. I have visited Tata chemicals Ltd. And from the survey of dealer satisfaction. If dealer are satisfied with level of support they get from the company than adversely it affects the company’s sales. I also conclude that the company should also concentrate on the role of dealers because dealers are key factor for the cement industry.Conclusion As a part of my study. when they get what they want good quality at fair price. From the survey of consumer satisfaction. I conclude that consumers are king of the market and they satisfied while.

Bibliography 115 . I would like to conclude that Tata cement is one of the most reputed companies in the Indian market but still there are better scope of improvements to be market leader and challenger.Finally.

com  116 www.For the purpose of preparing this project reference is taken from: ‘Marketing management’ by Philip Kotler and  www.