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Pathologic Translation Project (PTP) - Glossary


Allowed Disallowed Translation Translation
Bachelor (of medicine) Haruspex (plural haruspices) Impostress Daniel Dankovskiy Artemiy Burakh Klara Ripper, Emboweler A.k.a.: Daniel Dankovskiy Haruspicus Devotress A.k.a.: Artemiy Burakh, The Ripper A.k.a.: Klara, Devotress A.k.a.: Bachelor A.k.a.: Haruspex, The Ripper Clara A.k.a.: Impostress = Artemiy Burakh. Nickname. He does not like when one calls him like that, so this word is used by people who don't like him for dissecting the bodies, and only when "Ripper" is far away and cannot hear it.


Allowed Translation Disallowed Translation Description
The Inquisitor. Usually stays in the Cathedral (since 7th day). In fact, people thought that man will come - Petr Kroy, Mark Karminskiy or Gerrman Orf. But instead, this woman arrived as the Authorities emissary who is to find the way to stop the epidemic. So, before the day 7 all people talk about the Inquisitor as of the man.

Aglaya Lilich


Alexander Saburov Brother of Petr. Also is an architect, but he sees his destiny in helping his brother. He helps him make his projects real buildings, not just dreams made on paper. Andrei is the owner of twyrine den (tavern). Older Olgimskiy = Big Vlad. The owner of all meat industry which the city is based on. Abattoirs, Apiary, Factories, Warehouses, Station.

Andrew Stamatin Anna Angel


, Big Vlad/Fat , Vlad/Heavy Vlad .html

Pathologic Translation Project (PTP) - Glossary

Block Bugaika, Blockie Catherine Saburova


The general's surname.

, Elder of the Abattoir, Oyun Eve Yahn George Kain Gryph

Catherina, Katerina Elder Boyne, Elder Boyen, Foreman Eva, Jahn, Jan Georg, Georgiy Head of thieves and bandits. His real name is Gregory Filin, also known as Pope Gregory. Lives in the northern part of the Warehouses. Father of Artemiy Burakh, hierophant, very famous and respectable person in the city, especially amongst the people who believe in steppe rituals. He is killed in the night, just before the game starts (game starts at 6:00 am). Victor's son. Lives in the Polyhedron. He talks to player inside the Polyhedron in the place he calls Agate Hole. Daughter of cemetery keeper. Now, after his death, she is the keeper of the cemetery. Lives in the lodge at the cemetary, near the gates Daughter of Victor Kain Everlasting Mark Mishka Little girl who lives in car (railway carriage) not too far from the Station. Looks sleepy , speaks very unclear, like seer, so it's usually hard to understand what she says. Girl who left the Polyhedron and now lives in the Apiary. For some unknown reason she is the "sacred child" who all the steppe inhabitants in the Apiary obey to. Her name is Taya Tychik. Head of the Dualsouls. This boy lives in the southern part of the Warehouses. Gryph does not like him, but as Notkin boys' gang is not very harmless, he cannot do anything about it. Red Mistress Deceased wife of Victor Kain. She is the sister of Aglaya Lilich and they hate each other. Maria is Nina's daughter

Isidor Burakh

Julia Luricheva Ljuricheva ( Khan (Kaspar Kain) ) Laura Ravell Lara Ravel Laska Maria Kain Mark Immortal Teddy, Ted

Mother Keeper; (The) Great Mother, , Keeper(sometimes, in context) Notkin

/ Nina Kain/Lilich ( (Terrible Nina, , Scarlet Mistress) ) (, C ) Olgimskiy

Ospina ( AspaeEspe-inun Inun, Saba Uspne)

Peter Stamatin

Pyotr, Petr

Steppe woman that lives in the south-east side of the Earth (eastern part of the city). There are different rumors on her origin, she says herself that she is an evil spirit, but in fact she is an ordinary woman. Aspae-inun is her true name. Brother of Andrei. Architect who built "stairways to heaven" and the Polyhedron. Now drinks twyrine a lot as he cannot see the wonders of the Tower he created and for some other reasons. Alexander Saburov is sure that Petr is a murderer of one architect who was against buliding the Polyhedron - it is not true.

Saburov Alexander
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Pathologic Translation Project (PTP) - Glossary

Spichka / Stanislav/Stan Rubin / Taya Tychik General/General Ash Inquisitor Victor Kain Vlad Olgimskiy Young Vlad/Younger Vlad

Match Stakh Full name is "Stanislav", it is used several times. = Mother Keeper the General of the Army Alexander Blok.

Also full name "Vladislav" is used sometimes.

Victoria Olgimskiy

Kapella Faith

Chapel Vera, Belief

It is the name of Vlad Olgimsky's wife (she is already dead) and also a name of his daughter. His daughter also is known as Kapella. Usually when people say "Victoria" they mean her mother. Only a few times in game someone uses Kapella's real name, usually it is like "young Victoria" while just "Victoria" means deceased Mistress, wife of Big Vlad. A.k.a.: Kapella Vlad Olgimskiy's doughter A dancer from twyrine den, adopted daughter of usurer Var killed by Burakh.

Allowed Translation
Ayan Albino Harpist Arfist

Disallowed Translation

Steppe girl from twyrine den. Looks after the Bachelor from the Day 7. Metaphysical being, the embodiment of the disaster happened in the town. Lara's friend who helped her with House of living. Died on day 5. He was near the factories and saw Burakh arrested. He told this Lara, but died as he got diseased then. (is read just as it written: [baur meges]) an antology of Steppe tales One of the children who made the powders five years ago. Gangster-murderer, was a henchman of Gryph. Homeless child, Notkin's friend. Homeless child, Notkin's friend. "tame" steppe girls, dancing moonlighting. Soldiers with firethrowers, who came here with the Army on day 9. A group of children leading by Notkin. Typical citizen Twyrine Bride, Herbal Bride Homeless child, Notkin's friend. A.k.a.: The Bird Mask Typical citizen

- Baur-meges Boka Braga, Brag Bugaika , Blockie Button Dancer Disinfectionists Doghead Drunkard Earth Bride Enigma / Executor Girl Grave-digger .html


Pathologic Translation Project (PTP) - Glossary

Herb(al) Bride Var the Hunchback

A particular type of steppe girls who can call herbs (twyre) and increase the fertility of lands. Hump, Hump man; Usurer, former circus actor from the Caravan. His name is Var Humpback, Crook Little boy, younger brother of Kruzhka. He went to the infected district on the 3rd day to find the powders in the hiding place there. Kapella asked the Bachelor to finf this boy and get him out of there. An infected citizen A man who is believed to destroy town waterpipe system on day 4. Though it was because of some misunderstanding (he was said that the water is dangerous), many people were arrested, even these who could get some profit of this - for example, people who delivered water in houses. Jaklakh was one of the best patrolmen before he disappeared (he was afraid of punishment after destroying pipes) One of the Dualsouls, Notkin's boys. Mentioned only once, in the letter that Burakh receives on day 4. If it's "mate" then it is wrong translation Kruzhka is the boy. Several children made the powders during the epidemic five years ago. Kruzhka and his brothers are the ones who made powder that really cure. Also Lutik made good powders. Nuta made powders that cure Sang Plague, but then kill in several days or weeks. Typical citizen

Loafer Infected, Plaguebearer


Jaklakh (Daddy ( Jaklakh), Jaklah, ) Yaklah, Yaklakh

Rootlet, mate (without capital letter, in day 4th letter) Kruzhka, brothers of Kruzhka, Circle brothers

, / /

Little boy

Little girl

Typical citizen The boy who made powders five years ago, when the epidemic of Sand Dirt was in the eastern part of the town. He made powders that really cure, not kill. Lutik is dead now. Typical citizen Typical citizen Girl who made powders five years ago, during the epidemic. She was the first who made them. Her powders cured the disease, but the one who used it usually died shortly after. She is dead now. Nutka is familiar variant of her name.

Lutik, Ljutik Man Marauders Nuta (nutka)

Odong (plural A.k.a.: Worm; Human-like stepper inhabitant, the same as worm. Odonghe) Odonghe Plural form of Odong Officer Patrolguard A creature living in burrows under the Theatre. The embodiment of Rat Prophet Catherina's fears. Robber Salesman A salesman in stores Razors/Razormen Shavers/Shavermen Braga's confederates A way to call young men and women of Stone yard which is the , sign, signs most rich part of the town. Rare used term .html

Pathologic Translation Project (PTP) - Glossary

Soldier Stub Tavern keeper Teenager Tragedian Woman Worker Worm A boy, Spichka's friend. On day 4 he helped Burakh, when Spichka sent him to meet this boy near the cemetery gates. Password was "hlopotun" (if you want to translate it, this means "the person who bustles about a lot"). Typical citizen A.k.a.: the White Mask Typical citizen Typical citizen A.k.a.: Odong; Human-like stepper inhabitant, herder, who brings bulls to Abattoir from the Steppe. Typical citizen Typical citizen Typical citizen

Young man Sick Young woman

Allowed Disallowed Translation Translation
\ () Gorkhon Throat Vein


River to the north from the town Gulk Gorkhon's inflow closer to the Polyhedron Gorkhon's inflow closer to the Abattoir Western part of the town where Polyhedron is placed. Consists of Stone Yard two districts. Middle part of the town. There are Town Council, Theatre, Station and Knots Nodes Warehouses there. Consists of eight districts. Eastern part of the town. There are Abattoir and Apiary. Consists of Earth the Land five districts. The first most western district of the Stone Yard. There are Horns, Bridge Square Mistresses' Crypts, Cathedral. Leaves (mean The second district of the Stone Yard. There are Slough (Eve Yahn's Shell window leaves) house) and Hump's house Saddle The north-west district of Knots. There is Shelter (Lara Ravel's house) Backbone North-East district of Knots. There is Seine (Julia Luricheva's Rib district, Aarris residence) To the North-east from Theatre in Knots. There is the Town council Spinal (Spine) (not in use now with the prison inside) In the middle of the west part of Knots. There are the Theatre and the Hearts Lace square. Lace square Womb Kidney Muzzle Warehouses Factory(ies), Plants Works Buds district To the east from the Theatre. There is Clot (Olgimskiys' residence) To the north-west from the Station. There is one of the Stairways to Heaven ("half-destroyed colonnades") To the north from the Station. There is the Park. To the east from Muzzle. Warehouses of Gryph and Notkin, Rubin's dissecting room. On the opposite bank of Vein opposite the Warehouses. In the very south of Earth. There is the Factory with all buildings. To the north from the Factory. If to translate into English like it was in


Pathologic Translation Project (PTP) - Glossary



the original, then river is "Veinie" ("smaller" name), district is "Veiners" (persons or things somehow related to veins) and steppe term is "Boddho's Vein". If your language allows different shades of words or combinations of words like this, it's better to use different terms to make texts more clear. We preferred not to risk making funny words and chose Vein-Veins-Vein. Our translators were confused, anyway.

Leather block, In the very north of Earth. There are Isidor Burakh's and Spichka's Kozhevniki houses and Petr Stamatin's studio. Between Tanners' and Veins districts. There are Stem (Saburovs' Dubilschiki residence), Andrei Stamatin's twyrine-den and Verbae (Anna Angel's house) Crude Eastern district of Earth. There is Ospina's doss-house. The district Damp District Buildings is adjoining the Apiary and the Abattoir. Polyhedron The Crystal tower. Abattoir Slaughter-house. At the moment the building in the centre of the Spinal district is not Town Council Town Hall in use. There is the prison inside. Theatre Daily pantomimes are played there. Station Railway station to the south from Knots. Dormitory for the Abattoir workers, more like a big doss-house. Apiary Termite Lair Consists of two blocks: the First ("Long") and the Second ("Short"). the Horns Gorns, Manor (the The residence of Kains. Gornes, Gorny Horns) Mistresses' Crypts of Victoria Olgimskaya and Nina Kain. They are in the northrn Crypts part of the Bridge Square district. Cathedral In the southern side of the Bridge Square. It was never functioning. The square in the district of the same name. The square in front of Bridge Square the Polyhedron basis, between the Horns and the Cathedral. the Slough Whirlpool Eve Yahn's house. The Bachelor's scenario is started there. Manor the Shelter Laura Ravell's house Manor the Seine Julia Luricheva's residence Manor the Clot Manor Blob Olgimskiys' residence the Stem Hinge, Manor Sterzhen the Verbae Willows, Manor Verby (-) Stairway(s) to heaven Half-destroyed colonnades Park Deadblock branch line Silent house (silent houses) waste ground .html

Tanners' (Tanning)

Saburov's family house Anna Angel's Place. It is in the Veins district, on the river bank. Trial constructions of architects Stamatins. Made before the Polyhedron. Look like half destroyed buildings. The southern Stairway to heaven. It is in the Kidney district. The park in the Muzzle district. A stub railway to the south-east of the station. The name for the first diseased houses (day 2).



Pathologic Translation Project (PTP) - Glossary

Waste of the Bone Pillar

of the Bone Pole, Bone Pole wasteground

Large yard with big stones. It is between Tanning and Veins districts. Traditional place of Stepper inhabitants and workers' meetings in Earth. The fourth building of the Factory. Burakh's hide-out is there. Boiler-house of the Factory.

"" ,

Machinery Boiler Chopper, Corpulent workshop, Corpulent Factory Cemetery Rotten Field Raga Barrow Bog, swamp, marsh Carnal Backyard compact backyard, Mold district

The third building of the Factory.

Laska's Lodge is there. Ground behind the Abattoirs. A burial mound to the east from the Cemetery. Swamps near the Station to the south from the town. Yard in Earth (in the Tanners' district), where Vera was killed. Fighting "arena" to the south of Apiary's Long block. The First building of the Apiary. The Second building of the Apiary.

Suok's Circle Long Wing (of Long Block, the Apiary) long corpus Short Block, Short Wing (of short corpus, the Apiary) short hull

Allowed Disallowed Translation Translation
Adherents Agate Hole , () Bloody One Boddho, Mother Boddho, Bodkho Boos Boos Primigenius Boos Turokh, Turakh Bull Gullet (Gullet) Confidants

Citizens who are close to Simon Kain. Talking NPCs who should be saved. Place, "chamber" inside the Polyhedron where Khan stands and talks to you. The way Steppe inhabitants call each other. Something like a name for the Earth which is believed to be one of the greatest "persons" in steppe inhabitants' cult. The earth, ground is alive and she is wise, she is generous, but she is just and reasonable as well. Vein of Boddkho is also one of the terms. A way to adress the owner, master. Big Vlad is called boos among steppe inhabitants. "Big bull", aurochs. Physical embodiment of Boos Turokh. Ecumenical bull, cosmic divinity of steppe inhabitants. Gates of the Abbatoirs that are turned to steppe (eastern gates). Living bulls are brought into the Abattoirs through them by odonghe who guide them inside. Steepe inhabitant, a worker of the Abattoir.

Butcher Instigator/ fighter / (Dankovsky, day 6, Y.Vlad's .html

maniacs, burning the town under the Var's command.



Pathologic Translation Project (PTP) - Glossary

dialogue) Adherents Several adherents that character is responsible for. There are three groups, one for each character. Until all your charged are healty and alive you will not be able to get into the Cathedral on day 12 and make a decision on the Council. Other name for shabnak, steppe evil spirit. Is female-shaped.

Clay man-eater cannibal Diamond Ace caravan Dovecot Dualsouls\Dualsouls Earth Land, Ground

group of criminals disguised as a circus that kidnapped talented , the Caravan children and made them their members. They were destroyed a few of Ace of years ago. Only several people avoided the punishment. Anna Angel Diamonds and Hump (usurer Var) were members of this caravan. One of the houses. Was the powders hiding place. Its location in the city is unknown, never shown to the player. Name of the homeless children's brotherhood. "The Earth", usually in some poetical meaning, All The Earth. Boddho is this Earth, not earth. first epidemic of Sand Dirt, five years ago. Main gates of the Abattoirs, between the two Apirary blocks. Also known as Great Gap Southern gates of the Abattoirs, with railway. Are used to transport carcasses of slaughtered bulls to the Factories. Worms (Odonghe) that find and pick up the grass in the steppe - twyre, white whip, saviyur. Main gates of the Abattoirs, between the two Apirary blocks. Also known as Gates of Labor. The building in the town that is used to bring there infected people who are not dead yet and try to help them. After some troubles, Bachelor finally chose Theatre for making the Hospital inside

First Outbreak (of the First Flash epidemic) Gates of Labor Gates of Sorrow Gatherers Great Gap Hospital Infected district Inhabitants of the Steppe\Steppe inhabitants Inner Chamber Isolation ward, Insulator Karstic Fords The Legend of Daughters tales of daughters Collectors

Metaphysical concept of aloft. The term introduced by the Kains - the state of soul and the place the soul is simulteniously the building that was chosen to hold the people who are probably infected. Finally, at day 4 Bachelor chose Cathedral The battle took place there some years ago.


"lines" is a special game term. Should be translated as is. "the lines of body" may also be found. Closest analog is the lines on the palm of hand in chiromanty. This word is used in several meanings. For example, knowledge of the lines of body (knowledge of how to dissect body in a right way), to read lines <of destiny> (to see the future). The term and the expressions are invented and did not exist even in Russian as they are, so it's not necessary to find some existing
8/10 .html


Pathologic Translation Project (PTP) - Glossary

expressions to translate. The expression just should sound good and be pronounced by characters natural, as if it was already in the language for hundred years. Locked up district\Boarded up district Long Taglur Owner (in phrase "two Owners Maria and Kapella") district that was infected the day before. Now there is no infection, but there are marauders inside. District is guarded buy patrols. Group of people united by one destination, the term introduced by the Kains. Town Ruler (a wife of the Head of one of the ruling families), who has magic power. Nina and Victoria were. Catherina is now, nut not a powerful one. Kapella (young Victoria Olgimskaya), Maria ans Klara can become the Mistresses The respectful way the steppe inhabitants call wise men and scientists. A general name for "Gates of the Abattoir", without specifying which gates are meant. Usually main gates are, because player can use only them to enter. However, if there are general words about how these gates work, then all gates are implied A place where Diamond Ace Caravan was caught. It was surrounded near Orv. Perhaps, it is some town. All meat-making industry related buildings: Abattoirs, Apiary, Factories, Warehouses, Station - and the industry inself. Owned by Big Vlad. The disease in the town. Epidemic of Sand Dirt was already five years ago and was stopped by Isidor Burakh who is killed just before the game starts. At the beginning of the game noone knows how to stop it, how to resist, what it is and where does it come from. Demon from Steppe mythology, "clay man-eater", who wishes evil to people and carries out the will of the Steppe. Several spellings are possible in game (shabnak, shabnakh, shebnag with -adyr or -adyg). The word can be written with or without capital letter, depends on character, situation. Also known as mara (or, Mara, with capital letter). One of the places where children hid the powders. Only "dead" powders were there (the ones that kill), powders made by Nuta. Its location is unknown and is never shown to the player. House in the city, just to the south from the Theatre (if not consider stairways to heaven as the house). One of the places where powders (remedy from the Sand Dirt) were hidden. Mother divinity, bearing source in steppe inhabitants' kult. Ritual stone at burial mound, is used in some rituals of steppe inhabitants. Sugagh Hadug is one of the water springs. It is believed to be bad, evil spring, with bad water that is better not to drink Black, evil, weird source from the beyond in steppe inhabitants' kult. A name of Bachelor's laboratory in the capital city. It's now closed and is to be destroyed if he fails. Bachelor's superiour in the capital city. It's him that sent Daniel here. Of course, the Authorities asked him to do so but he also was interested in Bachelor's departure and probable death. A soul not transited to the beyond world in steppe inhabitants' kult.


Oinon The Opening

Orv, near Orv

Project of Bulls bulls project /, , , , Sand Plague, Sand Filth, Sand Dirt, Sand Mud earthen plague, pestilence, disease, sandy

Shabnack, shabnag (-Adyr ( / or -Adyg), Mara ), (mara)

Silly House

Splashes Steppe Stone of Kaga Sugagh Hadugh Suok Tanathica Telman Tekhe .html

the Order Hierophant

the Formation , Attendant, Minister, servant

steppe inhabitants society The one who serves the local cult (of Bull and Earth), knows how to perform rituals and dissect bodies in a right way. It's one os the steppe people, but not a usual one. Burakh is one of these hierophants The eye-witness of the Boos Primigenius's appearance at Wasteland. The most complicated term in steppe inhabitants' kult: the body including the world in it. Bos Turokh The way a higher steeper inhabitants names the lower one. Some bone, horn. The last, but not the leasts thing from the father's heritage that Burah received from Ospina

Trouble-maker Udurg Universal Bull Womb One Wudei