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Learning Outcomes
• Learner can explain ASP.NET Architecture • Learner can describe the advantages of ASP.NET • Learner can describe the flow of ASP.NET process

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Material Outline
• • • • • • • • Introduction of ASP.NET Introducing ASP.NET Applications Overview of ASP.NET ASP.NET Architecture Understanding Microsoft Web Technology Making sense of .NET Ten Tips to success with ASP.NET Leap to Object-Oriented Programming

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Introduction of ASP.NET
• ASP.NET is a web application framework developed and marketed by Microsoft, that programmers can use to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. • First released in January 2002 with version 1.0 of the .NET Framework. • The successor to Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. • ASP.NET is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), allowing programmers to write ASP.NET code using any supported .NET language.

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The research for new web application model to solve common complains about Active Server Pages.) • History: – In 1997. by this point the new platform was seen as being the successor to Active Server Pages. – The initial prototype was called “XSP”.Introduction of ASP.NET . but it was soon decided to build the new platform on top of the Common Language Runtime (CLR) instead..NET (Continue. – With the move to the Common Language Runtime. – The research is done by Mark Anders. the initial design finished in two months around Christmas holidays in 1997. Bina Nusantara References: http://en. the initial development was done using Java.. a manager on IIS Team and Scott especially with regard to separation of presentation and content and being able to write “clean” code. XSP was re-implemented in C# (“Project Cool”) and renamed to ASP+.wikipedia. Duke University graduate who join Microsoft in 1997. and intention was to provide an easy migration path for ASP developers.

wikipedia. it was decided to rename ASP+ to ASP. Bina Nusantara References: http://en. Florida.NET” branding was decided on in the second half of 2000.. 2000 in Orlando.Introduction of ASP. The initial beta release of ASP+ came at 2000 Professional Developers Conference on July 11. as well as Python and Perl support by way of interoperability tools created by and C#.NET. 2000. – Once the “.) • History (Continue…): – ASP+ first demonstrated at ASP Connections conference in Phoenix. Arizona on May 2. and other languages such Microsoft’s new Visual Basic .NET . Fujitsu demonstrated ASP+ being used in conjunction with COBOL.NET.NET (Continue.. – During Bill Gates ’s keynote presentation.

2005 -Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) -Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) -Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) -Windows CardSpace .NET Released together with Windows Server 2003 and Visual Studio .0 November 6. Provider class model November 7.NET 2003 Codename Whidbey Released together with Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Web Developer Express and SQL Server 2005 New Features -OO web application -Based on Windows Programming -Mobile controls -Automatic input validation -GridView.NET (Continue. Full pre-compilation. DetailsView -SqlDataSource. Web parts.wikipedia. FormView. Skins.) • .NET 3.NET History: Date January 16. 2003 Version 1.1 Remarks Released together with Visual Studio .. 2006 Bina Nusantara Previously known as WinFX Released as an add-on to Visual Studio 2005 References: http://en. ObjectDataSource.0 1. XmlDataSource -Navigation controls. Master pages. 2002 April 24. Login controls. Themes. Support for 64-bit processors. new localization technique. Personalization services.Introduction of ASP.

codeproject.. Macromedia Visual UltraDev) – No real state management (Session state is only maintained if cookies supported) – Update files only when server is down (current components locked and new one must be registered) – Obscure Configuration Settings (arduous task to port from one server to another) Bina Nusantara References: http://www.Introduction of ASP.2003) .) • Problems with Traditional ASP: – Interpreted and Loosely-Typed Code (impede performance. Performance Tuning and Optimizing (Continue.NET Applications (Jeffrey Hasan and Kenneth Tu. late binding) – Mixes layout (HTML) and logic (scripting code) – Limited Development and Debugging Tools (Microsoft Visual InterDev.

NET-compliant language including VB .aspx.NET Class Framework -> benefits from an extensive API as well as all the benefit of the . Performance Tuning and Optimizing ASP.Introducing ASP.codeproject. and Support for compiled languages) – Built into the . C# . (State Management) – XML-Based Configuration files Bina Nusantara References: http://www.NET Applications (Jeffrey Hasan and Kenneth Tu.NET Applications • Benefits: – Developed using compiled code and can be written using any . and a just-in-time (JIT) compilation model that optimizes the availability and performance of the application at runtime. (Use services provided by the . including type safety.NET and J# .NET. (Separation of Code from HTML. optimized memory management.NET Framework) – Provides an extensible architecture that you can easily customize (direct access to context objects including HttpRequest. HttpApplication.NET. Multilanguage support.NET managed environment.2003) .com/KB/aspnet/aspnetintro. and HttpSessionState objects).

Performance Tuning and Optimizing ASP. – Provides several methods for authenticating clients including Windows.2003) . (drag-drop.Introducing ASP. – Graphical Development Environment with Visual Studio.codeproject. full intelliSense support for code.NET Applications (Continue…) • Benefits (Continue…): – The runtime engine executes in a separate process from Internet Information Server (IIS) and it delegates HTTP requests across a range of customizable handler classes. Applications (Jeffrey Hasan and Kenneth Tu. Passport-based and standard IIS authentication (impersonation). – Provides sophisticated debugging and tracing abilities. partial-page) and Cache API. – Provides several ways to cache page content (full-page.aspx. HTML and XML) – Update files while the server is running Bina Nusantara References: http://www.

NET Applications (Continue…) ASP.Introducing ASP.NET Applications (Jeffrey Hasan and Kenneth Tu.NET Web site architecture Bina Nusantara References: Performance Tuning and Optimizing ASP. 2003) .

can be edited with XML Editor in Visual Studio) – Optimized access to settings (configuration settings caches by runtime engine) – Automatic refresh when settings change – Extensible for adding custom settings – Protected settings Bina Nusantara References: Performance Tuning and Optimizing ASP.NET Applications (Continue…) • Benefits of ASP.Introducing ASP.NET Configuration: – XML-based file format (readable. 2003) .NET Applications (Jeffrey Hasan and Kenneth Tu.

NET Page: Creating a new website Bina Nusantara References: ASP.5 Unleashed (Stephen Walther.Overview Of ASP.NET 3. 2008) .NET • Simple ASP.

2008) .Overview Of ASP.5 Unleashed (Stephen Walther.NET 3.NET Page Bina Nusantara References: ASP.NET (Continue…) Adding a new ASP.

5 Unleashed (Stephen Walther.NET (Continue…) • FirstPage. 2008) .aspx Directive Code declaration block Server Control Label Control XHTML Standard Bina Nusantara References: ASP.NET 3.Overview Of ASP.

enumerating through directories and subdirectories. MSDN .NET (Continue…) • Framework Class Library – Examples: • File class -> represent file on the hard drive. • Random class -> generate random number. Bina Nusantara References: ASP. • Directory class -> creating. moving.Overview Of ASP. • Stack class -> a simple last-in-first-out non generic collection of objects. • Encoder class -> Converts a set of characters into a sequence of bytes. 2008).NET 3.5 Unleashed (Stephen Walther.

Overview Of ASP.NET (Continue…) Bina Nusantara References: MSDN .

for writing application using language such as Visual Basic . – These other languages that supported by . Scheme. Forth. Oberon. Small Talk. MSIL code compile into machine code by JITTER (the Just-In-Time compiler).NET (Continue…) • Common Language Runtime – Responsible for executing application code. etc. Eiffel. Fortran.NET Framework understand only one language: MSIL. Caml.NET and C# for .NET 3. Python. COBOL. RPG. (Microsoft Intermediate Language) – When the application execute. . JavaScript.NET Framework includes compilers for these languages that enable compilation of code using these language into MSIL.Overview Of ASP. PHP.NET Framework because . Apl. 2008) . PERL.NET: Ada.5 Unleashed (Stephen Walther. However. (The code compile is just the method that are actually called during execution) – In the reality. Pascal. – The code written is compiled into MSIL. Bina Nusantara References: ASP.

Login Controls WebParts Controls HTML Controls Bina Nusantara References: ASP.5 Unleashed (Stephen Walther.NET 3. tree views. rotating banner. 2008) . labels. Validation Controls Rich Controls -> calendars. multi-step wizards. input fields.NET Controls: – – – – – – – – Standard Controls -> buttons. file upload. Data Controls Navigation Controls -> menus.Overview Of ASP.NET (Continue…) • ASP.

5 Unleashed (Stephen Walther. 2008) .NET 3.NET (Continue…) • Handling Control Event Bina Nusantara References: ASP.Overview Of ASP.

NET 3.5 Unleashed (Stephen Walther.NET (Continue…) Add Event Handler from Source View Add Event Handler from Properties window Bina Nusantara References: ASP. 2008) .Overview Of ASP.

NET (Continue…) • View State <input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" id="__VIEWSTATE" value="/wEPDwUKLTc2ODE1OTYxNw9kFgICBA9kFgICAw8PFgIeBFRleHQFATJkZGSuffplQj7JA6gji4glg9AeFVY6yA==" /> Bina Nusantara References: ASP.NET 3.Overview Of ASP.5 Unleashed (Stephen Walther. 2008) .

NET (Continue…) • Show View State Size Bina Nusantara References: ASP. 2008) .5 Unleashed (Stephen Walther.NET 3.Overview Of ASP.

Overview Of ASP.5 Unleashed (Stephen Walther.NET 3.NET (Continue…) • Disable ViewState Bina Nusantara References: ASP. 2008) .

Overview Of ASP.5 Unleashed (Stephen Walther. 2008) .NET 3.NET (Continue…) • Using Code Behind Page Bina Nusantara References: ASP.

2008) .Overview Of ASP.NET 3.NET (Continue…) • Using Code Behind Page (Continue…) Bina Nusantara References: ASP.5 Unleashed (Stephen Walther.

NET Architecture • The Nuts and Bolts of IIS and Web Application Default Web Site Property of IIS Bina Nusantara References: Maximizing ASP.NET Real World.ASP. 2005) . Object-Oriented Development (Jeffrey Putz.

Object-Oriented Development (Jeffrey Putz.ASP.NET Architecture (Continue…) Application Configuration Dialog Editing the mapping of a file extension Bina Nusantara References: Maximizing ASP.NET Real World. 2005) .

2005) .ASP.NET Architecture (Continue…) Specify Default documents Bina Nusantara References: Maximizing ASP. Object-Oriented Development (Jeffrey Putz.NET Real World.

NET Architecture (Continue…) Partial List of Control. Application Events and Methods HttpApplication BeginRequest AuthenticateRequest AuthorizeRequest ResolveRequestCache Page Constructor fires Postback event handler methods PreRender SaveViewState method SaveViewState method Render method CreateControlColle ction method Init trackViewState method Init TRackViewState method LoadViewState method Load Bina Nusantara Page Control HttpApplication Page Control DataBind Load AcquireRequestState PreRquestHandlerExec ute RenderControl method Unload Dispose Unload Dispose ReleaseRequestState UpdateRequestCache EndRequest References: Maximizing ASP. 2005) . Page.ASP.NET Real World. Object-Oriented Development (Jeffrey Putz.

2005) . Object-Oriented Development (Jeffrey Putz.NET Real World.ASP.NET Architecture (Continue…) • HttpHandler Bina Nusantara References: Maximizing ASP.

Object-Oriented Development (Jeffrey Putz. 2005) .ASP.NET Architecture (Continue…) Custom HttpModules Bina Nusantara References: Maximizing ASP.NET Real World.

Object-Oriented Development (Jeffrey Putz.NET Real World.ASP.NET Architecture (Continue…) The role of HttpHandlers and HttpModules in the page lifecycle Bina Nusantara References: Maximizing ASP. 2005) .

ASP.NET 3. 2008) .NET Architecture (Continue…) ASP.5 Server Controls and AJAX Components(Rob Cameron and Dale Michalk.NET request data flow Bina Nusantara References: ProASP.

com/presentations/howaspnetworks/howaspnetworks.NET Architecture (Continue…) Bina Nusantara References: http://www.asp .west-wind.ASP.

NET 3.NET 3.5 For DUMMIES(Ken Cox. 2008) .5 – ASP.5 Framework – ASP.NET 3.NET 3.Understanding Microsoft Web Technology • Content-Creation Tools: – Microsoft Office – Expression Web – Expression Blend – Visual Web Developer • Technologies behind Web Applications – Microsoft’s .5 Extensions – Web Services – JavaScript and client-side code Bina Nusantara – – – – – – – – ASP.NET Futures – ASP.NET SQL Server Internet Information Services References: ASP.NET AJAX Dynamic HTML Extensible Markup Language (XML) Silverlight Language Integrated Query (LINQ) ADO.

2002) .NET • • • • • • • • • Web Services Compiled Code Common Language Runtime Truly Object Oriented Access the Entire Window System Proper Error Handling Server-Side Controls State in Nonstate Environment Event-Driven Programming Bina Nusantara References: Developing Web Applications with ASP.NET and C# (Hank Meyne and Scott Davis.Making sense of .

Ten Tips to success with ASP. Get a Good Answer • Get Free Peer-to-Peer Support – Join forums.NET • Google Is Your Friend • Read the Reference Documentation – Built-in online help – Web-based reference material • Ask a Good Question.5 For DUMMIES(Ken Cox. 2008) .NET • Stop Bashing Your Head against a Wall – – – – There’s a knowledge gap The code sample is wrong The documentation is wrong You’re up against a bug in the .NET Bina Nusantara References: – Find experts at platform or ASP.

5 For DUMMIES(Ken Cox.NET (Continue…) • • • • • Use the Starter Kits ( Site 4GuysFromRolla Bina Nusantara References: www.Ten Tips to success with Url Watch the Videos ( Use the Free Tools ASP.asp.NET Developer http://msdn2.dotnetbips. 2008) http://dotnetslackers.NET Visit the Expert Web Sites ASP Free ASP Alliance DotNetBips Dotnetjunkies DotNetSlackers EggHeadCafe SingingEels Read the Hottest Blogs (– – – – Fiddler2 Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Reflector Web Development Helper Center Code Project CodePlex CSharp Friends us/asp.aspx www.

NET Bina Nusantara References: Maximizing ASP.Leap to Object-Oriented Programming • Object Model Old-Fashioned ASP Getting Data in ASP.NET Real World. 2005) . Object-Oriented Development (Jeffrey Putz.

Leap to Object-Oriented Programming (Continue…) • Benefits of Splitting Application into Layers Application layers for an online retailer Bina Nusantara References: Maximizing ASP. 2005) . Object-Oriented Development (Jeffrey Putz.NET Real World.

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