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Hi to all, Could you please scroll down to the end of the table, right click on last entry, then in table properties choose add row below then add your photo and your introduction- here's a great site to resize photos so they're not to big then see this clip and the explanation in the comments if you have not uploaded an image to a wiki before :-) FYI If this is your first time editing a wiki please check this tutorial How to add an image Please check this page Also, you can click here to watch a video showing you how to add your profile to this page

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Luciana Gmez Perasso

Hi! I'm from Paraguay, South America, and I haveCopy ofteaching young been Syllabus Pages Files -and not so young learners, for the past then years. I have also been working as a teacher trainer for the past two years. I work both at a SideBar private school and an English Institution. This year I'll be working mainly in kindergarten and first grade, so I'm looking foward this Home course, which I'm sure will provide me with plenty of new ideas and SYLLABUS techniques to apply in the classroom. Hello dear international friends! Yahoo group I am Ruslana Shamanska. I am Ukrainian. I have been working at school in the small town for 10 years. I am Week 1 interested in CALL and Week 2 always try to motivate my students to use computer and Internet Week 3 for developing their writing skills. Week 4 Last year I participated in EVO session about Digital storytelling, Week 5 so I am sure the prosess of learning of interesting tools can not FAQ be finished, that's why I am here again. Sandbox My blogs - Help Desk
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Ruslana Shamanska

Figen Ouzmert
Animated earlier Merhaba everybody! I am Figen Ouzmert from Turkiye, Hatay.I today, full of enthusiastic #digikids am a teacher of english and coordinator for EU projects working for the ministry of education I try to keep up with the mindblowing 10 hours ago reply speed of technology for my personal and professional devolopment .That's why I am here. My skype :fkargi My SheptonDigiFest Let's Get Participants#view=page



DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants My

Buket Ertenu

Hi everyone:)I am Buket Ertenu from Izmir,Turkey.I have been teaching English as a second language at a high school for more than twenty years and I love my job and my students so much:) I take part in collaborative projects with my students and my Join the conversation students are eager learners of English language.I encourage my students to take part social responsibility projects and explore Edit the and youth dimensions of Leadership, Entrepreneurship sidebar Volunteerism.I am enthusiastic about this online program and looking forward to wonderful collaborations with colleagues Sharethisworkspace around the world.Thank you so much for giving us a great Add a new writer to the workspace. chance:)Regards. hi everbody I'm Sinem I work in a private college in Turkey.I've User settings been teaching English for young learners and i really enjoy with my little lovely students Hi everyone! My name's Sarah. I'm originally from Oxford, England Past Participants but have been working in Portugal for the last 5 years. I work for a created by Shelly S. Terrell language school teaching English in primary schools around the city as well as giving classes in our school (mainly to kids aged 4Welcome 15.) We're still using chalk and blackboards in edited of our S. Terrell a lot by Shelly classrooms so this is going to be a big challenge for me but I'm really looking forward to meeting and learningWeek2 you all and from edited starting to incorporate technology into my classes. by Jennifer Verschoor Hello everyone!My name is Christina Martidou WebinarArchives and I come from edited by Barbara Thessaloniki, Greece. I have been teaching English both as a Sakamoto private tutor and in private language schools for the past ten Week5 years. My students range from young learners to teenagers. I have edited by Shelly S. Terrell a keen interest in the implementation of technology in language teaching. I feel that we should exploit the endless opportunities Week5 offered by the new technologies to the full so as to remain by Mimi Kelly commented on contemporary and responsive to our students' interests and More activity... experiences. I have registered for this course because I want to learn more about digital storytelling& I really look forward to it!



Sarah Robbins

Christina Martidou

Maria Irene Albers

I teach English in the English major at the University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela. Besides teaching, I like being at home sharing with my grandchildren, 5 live in my home town, one in the USA. For them, and to train in-service teachers in this area is why I registered in this EVO session.

Maja Jerkovi

I am a teacher and a teacher trainer with a Master's degree in Linguistics. I currently work as a teacher of ESP in a Secondary Medical School but I am also interested in teaching young learners and have plenty of experience working with them. My interests include language acquisition at an early age and teaching through virtual environments. I have become a teacher because I have always wanted to share my enthusiasm, the ideas and experience Participants#view=page



DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants always wanted to share my enthusiasm, the ideas and experience of learning. I have joined this group to learn more about digital storytelling.

Steve Simon

I am an ESL teacher on the Burma border, with around 8 months teaching experience under my belt. I work with migrants and refugees at a post-secondary level, and mentor college students whose educations were interrupted as political prisoners. I want to get my students who don't like to draw more interested in storytelling, and hope this workshop's participants can help in that respect!

Yuly Asencin

I am an Spanish teacher at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. I work with future Spanish teachers. Although I don't work with young learners, my graduate students would likely work with young learners once they graduate from our Master's program in teaching Spanish. I want to learn about digital storytelling to share this educational resource with them and also to promote my daughter's language skills and creativity (she's 5) telling stories in a digital way. I'm an EFL teacher teaching Young Learners at a private primary school in Athens, Greece. I also teach teenagers and adults on a one-to-one basis. I'm currently studying for my master's degree in Educational Technology & TESOL at the University of Manchester. I love incorporating technology into my lessons and have found that students love it as well. I'm here because I want to furthur develop my skills and provide my students with more effective and enjoyable learning opportunities. Twitter: @SophiaMav FB: Sophia Mavridi Skype: mav.sophia SL: Soph Marville

Sophia Mavridi

Sanja Bozinovic

Hi! My name is Sanja Bozinovic and I come from Velika Gorica, a small town in the greater area of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. After getting my university degree, BA in English and Italian languages and literature, I started working as a teacher. That was 21 years ago and I still love my job. This is my fourth EVO and every year I learn something new and meet a lot of great teachers. I am looking forward to a lot of learning and sharing, Sanja My Yahoo ID: sanja.bozinovic Twitter: @bsanja Skype: msbozinovic SL: San Krokus Facebook: Sanja Bozinovic My blog: My wiki I created for my students:

Kathleen Kampa

Hi everyone! My name is Kathleen Kampa, and I teach in Tokyo, Japan. By the way, this isn't my car; I took this interesting taxi to the airport in Singapore. I teach young learners at Seisen International School and at a private English language school. I work with students from age 2.5 to 9 years. I use music and 3/20 Participants#view=page


DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants work with students from age 2.5 to 9 years. I use music and movement along with a lot of imagination in my teaching. Every day is filled with fun! I'm also a teacher trainer with Oxford University Press and have written a couple of young learners' courses. I love using stories with my students, and need to learn more about technology . . . I hope that I'm on the right track with this.

Helena Serdoura

Hello, everyone! I am from Lisbon, Portugal, currently working in the north of Portugal as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language with students aged 10 to 13 years. Since 2007 I have been introducing collaborative European project work and ICT tools thanks to eTwinning action. Intercultural issues, cooperative/collaborative projects and Web 2.0 have been my dear topics for the last years and I am always excited to learn new features that I can introduce in my teaching classes and help students in their learning experiences. I am looking forward to this new experience and meeting new colleagues from all over the world!

JoAnn Jacobs

Aloha everyone, I am orginally from Ohio but have been living on the island of Oahu for the past twenty-seven years. Currently I am a Curriculum Coordinator and Project Lead for Schools of the Future. A large part of my job is integrate technology into the classroom and making global connections. Prior to my current position I taught grades one and two. I love trying new things and am looking forward to learning and sharing with you. Twitter-@JoAnnJacobs68 Blog-Color Wheel Symphony

Daniela Monardez

Greetings everyone! My name is Daniela Monardez. I'm a Chilean English teacher, currently living in Brisbane, Australia where I grew up as a child. I love teaching, I love technology, I love art and design. I used to work as a teacher trainer and translator trainer up until I crossed the seas to my new home. I'm currently trying to find a way to unite all my passions into one wonderful dream-job (Sounds a little impossible, right?). I'm a dreamer. I believe education can change fates and language can change the world just as English can open doors for many. If you share any of these views drop me a line, add me or link me on any of these mediums: Linked-in: Facebook Teacher Profile: Participants#view=page



DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants Gmail: I'm more than happy to hear from you, collaborate or maybe even start some projects together!

Mariel Amez
I'm an EFL teacher and work mostly teaching Literature to EFL teachers- to- be. I have lived all my life in Rosario, Argentina My Yahoo ID: mamez Twitter: @mamez Skype: marielamez Facebook: Mariel Amez My blogs:

Mara Laura Bargas

Hi everyone! I'm Mara Laura Bargas from Buenos Aires, Argentina and this is my second EVO session. I teach at a bilingual school primary level and I'm eager to learn more about digital tools to enhance my lessons. Twitter: @mlbargas Yahoo: Skype: mlaurabargas

A.Beln Tur

Hello! I'm A.Beln Tur from Buenos Aires, Argentina also! Nice meeting you all! I teach at a bilingual school, I work as a Storyteller and I'm a member of the Executive Committee at APIBA. (Asociacion de Profesores de Ingles de Buenos Aires). I've never participated at an EVO session before so I'm really looking forward to sharing and learning lots of things from each other! Email: Facebook: Belen Tur Twitter: abelentur Yahoo: Hola todos! I am David Smart, a Canadian, living and teaching in Barranquilla, Colombia. I enjoy teaching and technology. My current goal is to finish my Med program in IT. I'm a first time EVO session participant and look forward to sharing and learning along side all of you. Email: or Twitter: @profesorsmart

David Smart

Valerica Danaila

Hello from Romania! My name is Valerica Danaila. I teach young students aged 7-10 years old. I teach different subjects to my students (I am a teacher for primary school) . I like teaching 5/20 Participants#view=page


DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants students (I am a teacher for primary school) . I like teaching English to the young pupils , that's why I try to bring something new and attractive to them. I am glad to be here and I am excited about this workshop. I have participated only at etwinning learning labs so far, so I hope to manage this time too.

Esen Sandraz

Hi from Turkey:) My name is Esen Sandraz. I am an english teacher and teacher trainer and I have worked as the head of foreign languages department in my school since 2000.I like to improve my personal and professional development via online workshops and etwinning (the community for schools in Europe) I am glad to be here and I am really excited about this wokshop Hope to see you tomorrow:) Hello my name is Jose Louwes. I love story telling and making, although I am an experienced online teacher these tools are new for me. I hope I do everything correct.

Jose Lowes

Crystal Brunelle

Hello from Onalaska, Wisconsin, U.S. I am a teacher/librarian at an elementary school. I have been teaching for 20 years. I love reading and encouraging literacy. I am very excited to be learning along with so many people from all around the world. It is also wonderful to be able to learn about using digital storytelling in the classroom. Blog Library site Twitter @librarygrl2 Skype crystal.brunelle

Nour_Eddine Laouni

Thanks for your help. It was not easy for me to add my introduction. That was my first lesson in all cases with you. Thanks indeed all of you. I'm Nour_eddine laouni from Morocco. I'm a teacher of English and a teacher Trainer. I'm also an iEARNER ( .I'm also the general secretary of a national and very dynamic NGO : Mearn I 'm really keen on learning about ICT tools for education . I'm also highly concerned in communication and CALL. I got my Master degree this year in communication and would like to share and learn from all EVO participants. One final point about my concerns falls within the scope of PBL . I really love project work a nd look forward to collaborate and exchange with some teachers here in this group. Regards fro a very Sunny place - Meknes

Elizabeth Anne

Hi everyone, I'm Elizabeth Anne from France. I teach English at the University of Grenoble to Physicists (only!!!) but I have five good reasons to be here, and that's Stephanie, Benoit, Natasha, Gabriel and Thomas .... my grandchildren. The first three live in the UK and speak mainly English, with wobbly French and the second two live in France, and their English is non-existant I'm afraid to say. I really look forward to learning from you imaginative people :-)


Dear all, I''m an EFL teacher and teacher trainer from Istanbul. I mainly teach teenagers. I've been using digital tools in my classes for over Participants#view=page



DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants 2 years and I love the impact on my teaching. Even the 3,2,,1 introductions can tell us how fruitful the sessions will be. I have a very heavy work load this week as we are reaching the end of first term but I still want to be here. It is great to meet all of you. twitter @evab2001 blog skype eva.simkes

Aleda Krause

Hi. My name is Aleda Krause. I teach children and future teachers of children and give additional training to current teachers of children. Originally from Michigan, in the US, I've been living in Japan so long I now call it home. I'm active in the Japan Association for Language teaching and its Teaching Children Special Interest Group. I'm also an author of SuperKids, SuperTots, and the Longman Children's Picture Dictionary. I feel I know so little about digital things, even the 3,2,1 introductions have taught me so much! This is a fantastic place to be. Skype: aleda.krause Greetings!I'mKimHorne.I'moriginallyfromSouthCarolina,USA,but havebeencrisscrossingculturessincebirth.Iworkedwithorphaned childrenasaPeaceCorpsvolunteerintheDominicanRepublicandlater asavideojockeyforaTVprogramthere.IlovedancingtheMerengue! I'vebeeninJapansince2000,thelongestI'veeverlivedanywhere.I belongtoJALT(JapanAssoc.forLanguageTeaching)andETJ(English TeachersinJapan)andamateachertrainer.CurrentlyIteachata privatekindergarteninGifuCity,Japan.I'mlookingforwardtobringing digitalstorytellingtomyclassroom.IknowmykidswillLOVEit! Skype:ckimhorne

Kim Horne

Helen Onyshchenko

Hi! My name is Helen Onyshchenko. I'm from Brovary, Ukraine. I've been teaching English for 8 years at state secondary schools. During the last 4 years I was teaching young learners. I like incorporating technologies into my teaching process, but I used to think that technologies are for middle-school and senior students, not for primary ones. I guess this great on-line course will prove that I was terribly wrong :)


Hi everyone! My name is Charlene. I am currently on maternity leave and I have a 5 month old gir named Ava. I am enjoying my time off but also looking forward to gaining some new adult knowledge. Participants#view=page



DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants I have an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Economics and have 6 years of insurance and investment office experience. I then decided to go back to school to earn my teaching degree. I have since been a supply teacher in London, Ontario, Canada. I teach grades JK - 6. This is my first EVO and looking forward to learnnig new things that I can take with me into the classroom and encourage students to have fun when writing.


Hello! I'm Alexandra from Moscow, Russia. I've been teaching English for 6 years and most of my teaching practice I've been teaching kids. I believe it's the most challenging and at the same time engaging and rewarding thing, especailly when at the end of the lesson your kids say: "Oh no! Is it really the end of the lesson?" I hope this online course will help me to make my lessons even more interesting and entertaining for my little learners.

Ellen Douglas

Hi! Im Ellen Douglas from Hickory, North Carolina in the southeastern US. Ive been teaching kids between the ages of 5 and 10 for about 14 years now and of all the jobs Ive had, its hands-down the best! I grew up in North Carolina but lived for about 20 years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after meeting my husband there in graduate school. We raised two children who are now out on their own. Ive lived in Austria, Germany, England, the former Yugoslavia (Serbia, to be exact), and we spent most of a year in the Galapagos Islands when our kids were 12 and 14. Were happy to have settled down in one place, though, where we can spend a lot of time in our vegetable garden and grow great things to eat all year round. I am very much looking forward to learning new ways of using technology with my students and especially to hearing about the experiences of people from all over the world! (The picture shows me in a Hmong rice paddy NOT in Thailand, but just a few miles down the road in western North Carolina! We have a lot of Hmong immigrants here.) Participants#view=page



DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants

Karolina De Vrgna

My name is Karolina De Vrgna. I come from Croatia. I am an EFL teacher to children with speaking and hearing difficulties at primary school. This is my second year in EVO. I am looking forward to learning from all of you as I love Web 2.0 Tools and exchanging ideas with fellow teachers from all over the World.

Carol Nelson

Hi to all! I am Carol Nelson from McPherson, Kansas (just about the middle of the US ). Currently I work with college students that are seaking Elementary Education training. I teach several of the methods courses and the Instructional Media & Tech course. Prior to that I was a 2nd and 6th grade teacher. Twitter: educatememrsn


Hi dear all, I'm Lena. I work in one of local language schools in Kyiv, Ukraine. I've been teaching for seven years and I've taught a range of different age groups starting from 4 years old. Looking forward to all your ideas!

Meltem pek ner

Hello everyone! My name is Meltem pek ner. I teach at Yeditepe University Preparatory School, stanbul, Turkey. I am also studying for my master's degree on Educational Administration and Supervision. I have never participated at an EVO session before, so this will be a great experience for me to learn new things and keep up with the changes. I love teaching, I love technology, I love teaching via technology, that's why I am here! I am looking forward to meeting colleagues from all over the world and sharing ideas with them. twitter: mltmpk FB: Meltem pek ner

Carter Winkle

Greetings. My name is Carter Winkle, and I am a teacher-educator for pre- and in-service PreK-12 teachers at Barry University in Miami Shores, FL (USA). I hold a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction (TESOL) and a Master's in Applied Linguistics. Participants#view=page



DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants

Hedy Sussmann

Hi all. My name is Hedy Sussmann from Sydney Australia. Have done some digi stories but my knowledge is very narrow. I'm not a teacher but would like to volunteer doing digi stories so this is just a great opportunity. If I seem to be lagging at the back of the pack, because I've not participated in this style of learning, bear with me. Will embark on a PhD this year, so will keep busy.


Hi everyone, my name is Anne-Maree and I live and work in rural NSW, Australia. I am a consultant to the Department of Education working to overcome the disadvantaging effects of isolation on the students in the Riverina. We use Web2.0 in collaborative projects to increase access to peers and curriculum opportunities. I look forward to learning more with the group. Although the time difference means I will not be able to attend the meetings in real time, I will 'meet' you all via the recorded sessions and contribute to the shared spaces created for this project. I am also happy to skype with others who are interested in working in collaborative projects with our Australian students. We begin again in February! twitter: annemareemoore skype: annemareemoore


Hi everyone, My name is Vesna. I'm from Serbia. I've been teaching English for 10 years at a private school and I've become interested in teaching using web tools, as a way to motivate and engage my students.I also like gardening and flowers very much and I often see the correlation between teaching and gardening:) scid=5125450&height=267&width=200

Cynthia Hitz

Hello everyone, My name is Cynthia Hitz and I'm from Lebanon, PA, USA. I teach Spanish in a secondary school. This is my first experience with EVO. I joined this group because I want to learn more about digital storytelling and how others use it. I look forward to making new connections with educators around the world. Twitter name: sonrisadelcampo Website: and Wow we are off to a great start! Good day & evening everyone. My name is Melissa Green. I am the instructional development coordinator (technology coordinator) at Sacramento City College in Sacramento, California. In my position I support our faculty in using technology in faceto-face classes and online. This ranges from Word and Powerpoint

Melissa Green Participants#view=page



DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants to-face classes and online. This ranges from Word and Powerpoint to Google Docs and Desire2Learn, the LMS our district adopted in 2008. I am interested in helping students build interactive multimedia presentations (more than PPT). I've been exploring using PDF documents as interactive study guides (forms with javascript to match answers). I just purchased HyperStudio 5 and hope to use it to build some iPad presentation (movies) as well as interactive online activities. This MOOC has me puzzled but hooked. See you online!

Kay von Randow

Hello, I'm Kay von Randow,originally from England, but I've been happily living in Germany since 1986. I studied Music and English at Birmingham University School of Music, followed by a PGCE, also at Birmingham University. I decided to move to Germany after visiting Wrzburg with the Southend-on-Sea Junior Chamber Music Group and falling in love with the beautiful trees in that city. My relationship to trees has flourished ever since. I've been teaching ESL in the Rhineland since 2000, in companies: in groups and one-on-one as well as giving English coaching to school children. My speciality is creating a Safe Space for my students so they can relax, feel at home and open up to actually communicating their thoughts and feelings. I love being generally creative, whether in the fields of music, vegetarian cooking, digital art, writing stories and articles, creating teaching worksheets ...... I just love the creative experience. I would describe myself as being a feeling, intuitive person, not someone born with a leaning towards technical aspects. It takes me on average longer than the 'norm' to understand the technical side of a software programme, and despite having designed my own website, used graphic art software, used Siblelius and Logic Studio to edit my music, I'm still rather daunted by new learning curves. My connection to children comes not only through being a mother and teacher, but also in a love of the innocence of childhood, and the sweetness of their excperience of Life. I really want to be able to create stories which link with feelings, and the digital field is exactly what I want to explore to see if i can use this medium ...... which is why I'm here. Being a composer, I'm also interested in using music.

Erika Oya

Hello everyone! My name's Erika and I am from Brazil. I live in Braslia and I work at a Binational Center named Casa Thomas Jefferson. I am originally from Santos, So Paulo. I have been teaching English for seventeen years and I love working with young learners. I believe that technology is already present in their lives since the day they are born, so it is important to connect to the digital natives using the same "language" and interests. This is my first EVO online and I hope to learn and share to improve my classes. I am sure this will be a great experience!!!


Hello everyone! I'm Daniela, but plese call me Dani. I am from Salvador, Bahia 11/20 Participants#view=page


DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants I'm Daniela, but plese call me Dani. I am from Salvador, Bahia in Brazil. I have been living in Brasilia for the past 5 years. I love it here, but I really miss being near the ocean and closer to my hometown's diversity. I have been teaching for ages... I started when I was 21, and I still do it passionately. I see my professional choice as a good fit for me, but I need to implement new ideas and to find new ways of doing things into my practice to keep me motivated and able to inspire my students to learn. It's a pleasure to be here! Ax to all of you. Dani

Dani Lyra
Twitter/danilyra Blog /Dani Lyra pb works/Username
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Chiyuki Yanase

Hi, everyone. I am Chiyuki Yanase from Tokyo, Japan. Am I a city girl? No! I live in Hino, located at the west edge of Tokyo, where two rivers flow and Mt. Fuji view can be enjoyed on a fine day. I love walking around the beautiful nature, swimming in a river and doing Yoga at a park when it is warm enough. I teach at a local nursery school once a week and have a tiny school, Sunny Field English, where I enjoy discovering the world of English with kids, aged 6 to 23. The most mischievous and cheekiest one of all is me, constantly coming up with new tricks to play on grown-ups. We, SEF gangs, love stories and our favorite activity is to make a ridiculous story as we laugh together. After learning Digital storytelling with all of you, I hope I can share some of our crazy stories with the world. Hello from Serbia! My name is Sasa Strahinjic. I have been teaching English as a foreign language at a state school for about seven years. I work with young learners and teenagers. I am quite interested in technology and innovative approaches. Having in mind that digital tools and resources are precious components of the process of teaching English, I find it extremely interesting to integrate them with the practice of storytelling. I hope that the use of web tools which will be introduced here will additionally motivate the kids I teach and enrich my teaching practice. Friendly regards!

Sasa Strahinjic

Cleide Nascimento
Hi everyone. My name is Cleide Nascimento. Im an EFL teacher in Braslia and Ive been for 21 years now. Im super excited to learn with you and share ideas about story telling. Im teaching kids (I mean, very young kids!) this coming semester and I have to admit that story telling is not my "forte", which is why I registered for this session. I hope to learn with you all. Im excited about it, seriously!

Mary-Ann Fuduric, OCT

Hello fellow learners! My name is Mary-Ann Fuduric and I am a Participants#view=page



Mary-Ann Fuduric, OCT

DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants Hello fellow learners! My name is Mary-Ann Fuduric and I am a new teacher from Ontario, Canada. I work for a non-profit organization as a teacher and I love it! This is a second career for me and I am enjoying it. Teaching has always been a passion of mine. This is my first time participating in an EVO and I am looking forward to learning so much and getting to know all of you!

Brandon Horst
My name is Brandon Horst and I am a K-4 tech teacher from Chadron, Nebraska. I have been doing this for 5 years now and am interested in learning more to help my students. I am a part time photographer ( and the now defunct and have a lot of other things that I mess around with.

Yitzha (Icha) Sarwono

Hello everyone! My name is Yitzha Sheilla Sarwono, but I am always known as Icha. I am a teacher from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am very excited to be here cause as you can tell, I'm no techno person what so ever, so this will embrace my chance to learn and be a good addition to my teaching in classroom. For the last 4 years I have been fortunate to teach early learners from Baby class to Kindergarten, and have been involved in Montessori teaching. Story telling is something dear to me as it has always been one of my ways to make my students understand what I'm trying to teach them, so I gladly take this chance to learn more! Apart from teaching , I love cooking, music and animal, especially cats! ^_^ And I am proud to say that those three have helped my teaching too! I am looking forward to know you all and share things. Ta ta for now............. Icha twitter: @yitzha_sarwono blog:

Paula Malone

Hello everyone. Nice to meet you all! I'm Paula and I'm a Year 4 teacher and ICT co-ordinator in a large primary school in Bath, UK. I haven't been teaching long - I'm only in my third year. I'm always looking for ways to get the children 13/20 Participants#view=page


DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants in my third year. I'm always looking for ways to get the children using ICT in different ways in the classroom and hopefully this project will help me start links with some other classrooms for some global collaboration! Apart from this, I'm passionate about empowering and enabling children to change the world (specifically regarding climate change). I'm a taekwondo player. I wish I had more opportunities to practise speaking Japanese. And (although I'm NOT a cat person), my siamese Myu is the thing that makes me laugh the most. twitter: @callmepolly

Claudia Leon
Hello Everyone. My name is Claudia Leon and I live in New York. I am a middle school ESL teacher. This is only my 3rd year teaching. I have beginners and advanced. I love using technology in the classroom and I am very excited about learning about digital storytelling. I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments and suggestions. Thank you to the moderators for all the fantastic tutorial videos. You are all amazing! Claudia

Hilal Dou
Hi to all! My name is Hilal Dou from Bursa /Turkey.I have been teaching English to teenagers for years,but this year I am also teaching to my twin daughters'class .They are just 1st grades and really difficult job:) But I really enjoy being with them.I like using technology which will make them motivated in my class and sharing ideas with the colleagues,so I am very excited to be here with all teachers around the world.Hope to meet you online! Hilal

Catherine Littlehale Oki

Hello. I live in Japan teaching EFL in 4 different contexts. 1) an extended program, where we do things like yoga, crafts and planting flowers or tracing our bodies to track growth. Whenever possible, I try to use a book to introduce themes, but I also use music and sometimes videos. 2) an English conversation school, where kids aged 2-6 come once a week for only 50-60 minutes. Here I use lots of music, stories and my own materials. The book I have been working on is called Happy Valley and is for kindergarten age kids. 3) an elementary school with 40 kids in a class, once or twice a week for 45 minutes. We use PowerPoint to make class content, using stories, videos and music. I teach 9-12 year olds. 4) an after school program at the elementary school with up to 12 kids and 70 minutes. We focus a lot on phonics, hearing stories and playing games. In this program I have made a huge library of readers for students to take home. I am discovering a real passion for teaching reading, but I also love using music, movement and many activities to build the foundation from which children can learn to read in English. Are others teaching in a similar context? I am really wondering about that and how you teach reading. I have an MA in TEYL from the Participants#view=page



DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants that and how you teach reading. I have an MA in TEYL from the University of York in England.

Luiz Eduardo

Hello people, I am still learning how to use all tools but I am really exited about learning to use new technological tools. I have been a teacher for 7 years. I love storytelling, because I am very kinesthetic and you can have a lot of movement during a storytelling. I hope to have a nice and productive course. Hi everyone. My name is Caroline Mahoney and I'm from Newcastle, Australia. I'm working as an Education Officer with the Community Languages Schools program and want to be able to show teachers how to use digital storytelling with their students.

Caroline Mahoney

Lenka Kroupov

This is Lenka Kroupov from Language School PELIKAN from the Czech Republic. Happy to learn WITH and FROM you!

Rabia Akay

Hello everyone, I am an EFL teacher for 9 years, from Amasya, Turkey. I have been working as a teacher trainer for the board of education since last year. I used to think that I was good at using technology but everything changed so qucikly. It is really difficult to keep up with it unless you attend courses like this and share with each other. I want to develop my skills and engage my students to my lesson through more enjoyable learning environment.

Dina Dobrou

Hello everyone! I am an EFL teacher and freelance translator from Athens, Greece and have been working for 16 years in language institutes in Athens, both as a teacher and a Director of Studies. I have also taught international students in the UK and experimented with bringing tech magic into their summer courses. I currently teach all age groups and levels and try to incorporate digital tools in all my classes.

I am as passionate about teaching as I am about learning which is why I joined EVO! Im particularly interested in digital storytelling as my YLs are really keen on technology. I hope to learn from you and connect with you all. See you online soon: Twitter: @DinaDobrou Facebook: Dina Dobrou Skype: Dina.Dobrou Blog: Participants#view=page



DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants


Hey Everyone, I am so sorry for being really late because I had trouble with internet connection here. Okay, I would like to introduce myself. I am Rida Afrilyasanti. I teach EFL in Indonesia. I have found my passion in teaching and love to learn and know more about it. That is why I join this program. Besides teaching, I also love writing especially about EFL/ESL teaching and learning. You can find my writing on My research on the use of Digital Storytelling as an alternative learning media from EFL learners has been published as a book.In

short,Idohopethatwecanboth,shareandlearnfromeachother. Thankyou. Email& Twitter:@fR1Ly

Heather Davis
My name is Heather Davis. I am from Ontario, Canada but am in my 8th year teaching Primary/Elementary students at an international school in Beijing, China. I have been a teacher for 38 years and have watched the classroom change from white chalk and blackboards to interactive boards and computers. The one part that has stayed the same is the students and the necessity to prepare them for their future which for the most part will consistent of careers and tasks that are as of yet unknown. Therefore, as I see it, my job is to prepare myself in whatever manner possible to support their education.

I became aware of all things Web 2.0 about five years ago and immediately fell in love with the possibilities. As I am a life long learner it is important and enjoyable to learn anything that will allow me to create authentic IT experiences in the classroom with hands on experience and not just pedagogy. This course will help in that pursuit. email - twitter - @toadie1951 Skype - heatheratschool

Jess Hardley

Hi my name is Jess. I live and work at Waihi Beach in New Zealand. I am teaching 5 year olds this year. I am still on summer vacation for another 3 weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy the beach if the weather improves and there will be no more debris from The Rena (a ship that has ended up on a reef by Waihi Beach). I love using digital technology to motivate my student and cant wait to learn about more tools. I am a Glogster EDU Ambassador if you want a premium trail, or want to know about being an ambassador, send me an email. Email: Twitter: @jess45387 Website:

DianeHorvath Hello, I am living in MetroWest Boston, Massachusetts (US). Although I was born and raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI and have also lived in Virginia Beach, VA and Columbus, OH. This is most likely my final destination:) I've been teaching special education for about 19 years. Most of my experience is teaching a self-contained classroom/program for Participants#view=page



DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants students with mild/moderate cognitive disabilities grades 2-5. In Ohio, I was apart of the development of the Virtual Public Charter School movement- helping to structure and develop online learning with the role as a curriculum writer/ special education teacher too. Now, in MA, I am back in the more tradition settingteaching in an inclusion setting for students with learning disabilities, dyslexia, autism, NLD, etc. However, my end goal is to eventually transition into an instructional or assistive technology specialist. (Wish me luck!) Being in this field, I have always searched for tools and resources to support students' motivation and individual learning needs/styles. Technology has been a huge component of that. I look forward to continuing to learn more and grow from this course and from all of you! Google+: dee horvath Twitter: @Batesdiane Tumblr: Edmodo: Diane Horvath Instagram: tula *if you are a dog-lover, my akita has her own blog at


Hello everybody! I'm Alfia Mironova from Moscow, Russia. I've been teaching English for more than 20 years. I work In an online school for children with special needs. At our school we work on Moodle and use technology a lot, children have many opportunities to use digital tools. In this workshop I hope to learn about modern tools for developing writing and reading skills. I'm looking forward to collaboration with colleagues all

over the world. Google: alftimart Skype: alifia_m email: AlisonMiyake konnichiwa! My name is Alison Miyake. I live in southern Japan where is it sunny almost all the time and we have two palm trees in our front yard. I am originally from Vancouver Island off the west coast of Canada. I have been teachingEnglish in elementary schools and a daycare in Japan for about 15 years. I love working with kids and look forward to learning more about digital storytelling. I love using picture books, have Skyped with classrooms overseas and look forward to giving my students more ways to tell me about themselves. They don't know a lot of words yet, so using photos and inages will be really helpful! google: miyake08@gmail,com Skype: alisonmbi Hola!! Hello to everybody, sorry I didn't add my information sooner, I've been very very bussy. But here I am to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Natzyelly Gonzalez I was born in Mexico I live in the northeast of my country in Tamaulipas. I've been teaching English for over 8 years so. Currently working in preschool. I love integrating digital tools to my teaching I have no doubt that my children enjoy working with them. I really enjoy working in join projects with schools form different Participants#view=page



DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants I really enjoy working in join projects with schools form different parts of the world, among our experience working with other schools is Canada, UK and USA, through Skype, e-mail and regular mail. Check out our wiki: You are more than welcome. I would love to learn more and more about differen tools. Regards Hi, everyone, My name is Caroline Liu. I'm from Taiwan. I've been teaching young children (aged 6-12) for over 10 years. I currently work in a public primary school in the north part of Taiwan. Since our native language is Mandarin and the learning time for students is limited to 80 minutes per week in school , my students' English proficiency is very quite limited. I hope I can learn from a lot of great resources here to help my students to advance their language skills. I also like collaborative projects from different part of the world. I look forward to my personal growth to benifit my students from sharing and giving. Check out my teaching blog at:


I am an English teacher from Ecuador in South America. I work with teenagers. I would like to learn more about how to use the technology for teaching my students. I am fond of writing stories. I have adapted a legend in a drama project and also I have created my own story to put it on an scenery.

Patricia Verdesoto

Hi everyone I am Turkish.My name is Lale .I work at a private primary school in Turkey.I teach to 10-11 year old children.I enjoy my job,and I am interested in learning new technigues in order to enhance my teaching and motivate my students.I can't wait to learn a lot from you all.

Hi, My name is Miriam. I am from the US and I teach in Brazil. I teach EFL to students of all ages. I haven't been teaching English as a foriegn language consecutively but when you add it up it's a little over four years. I am new to using digital storytelling in the Participants#view=page 18/20


DigitalStorytelling4Kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Past Participants little over four years. I am new to using digital storytelling in the classroom. I hope I figure out what I am doing real soon. Hi, I'm Luciana from Brazil. I could not participate affectively last week, but I'm trying to get engaged and do some of the activities. I would really appreciate any help. Well, I've been an ESL teacher for the past 15 years in Brasilia, Brazil. It's my second year in the EVO sessions and I love it. I'm also a mother of two great kids.

Tamaki Yoshizawa

Hello eveyrone! My name is Tamaki and I live in Tokyo, Japan. I work for a publisher - sadly I'm not a teacher now. I'm an editor hoping to go back to teaching someday soon. I do teach on weekends, though - I have one 3 year old student (my friend's daughter) and I recently started to teach at an English club where I get to meet 10-15 year olds. I've been having a blast with this course - I LOVE stories, making them, thinking about how I can use them in classrooms, editing them, drawing pictures for them - everything! :) My bookshelf is full of picturebooks for kids! Hi everyone! Sorry I am a wee bit late joining in. Contrary to popular belief, January is not a quiet month :) I am going to try to catch up with all of ye as soon as I can! Go go gadget brain. I have been teaching in Japanese high schools in Hokkaido for the last few years. This is my first EVO session. I came across the site by accident and I am so glad I did. It is great to have a space to practice using digital tools but more importantly, to have the support from others to learn from. Cheers. My students are all great at drawing and anime and stuff like that so I want to learn how to use more stories in the classroom instead of them drawing pictures of me because they are bored ( `) I am also taking part in the EVO Podcasting Session this month (lots of fun too!).


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