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Battle of Cowpens

January 17, 1781

GOL Scenario by Scott Monsour Backgroud: The American General Green had no desire to face the British General Cornwallis in a pitched battle. With that in mind, Green split his force into two. The majority of the force (about 2000) would remain under his command, while 1000 would be placed under the command of Brig-General Dan Morgan. Morgans job would be to harass Cornwallis advance, while Greene was going to threatened Cornwallis supply lines. Cornwallis seeing no other choice and sent Lt. Colonel Tarleton to sweep Morgan away. Cornwallis would take care of Greene. At Cowpens (a cattle range) General Morgan placed his forces in several lines. He hoped that these lines would wear out the British advance. He put his militia in the in the front, and layers of regulars behind. After three shots, the Militia retreated, and the regulars began to shoot into the British ranks. The steadier regular troops shielded the Milita, and allowed them to reform. The tactic was a success. The British were disorganized and fatigued by the time the British hit the Americans third line. (Cavalry) At that point most of the British troops were killed or captured. The cost to Americans was 12 Killed and 60 wounded. Ratings: (Fire, Melee, Morale) Scale: 1:20 infantry, 1:10 cavalry

American Forces
GOL Roster for Americans Commanding Officer: Brigadier General Dan Morgan American Volunteers/Commanding : Colonel A Pickens South Carolina Volunteers 280 men North Carolina Volunteers 160 men Georgia Volunteers 60 men Continentals/Commanding Lt.. Colonel J. Howard 1st Maryland of the Continental Line 300 men Beatie's Virginia Militia 100 men Triplett's Virginia Militia 100 men Tate's Augusta (Virginia) Riflemen 60 men Bucahanan's Augusta (Virginian) Riflemen 100 men Cavalry Wing/Commanding Lt.. Col. Wm. Washington Washington's Light Dragoons 80 men McCall's Mounted Militia 40 men

British Forces
GOL Roster for British Commanding Officer: Lt.. Colonel B. Tarleton British Regulars 7th Foot Regiment "Royal Fusiliers" 200 men

1/71st Foot Regiment "Frasier's Highlanders" 200 men Light Infantry (3 Companies) 40 men 17th Light Dragoon Regiment 60 men Legion Troops Tarleton's British Legion Infantry 340 men Tarleton's British Legion Cavalry 200 men Artillery Royal Artillery (2 - 3# galloper guns - 4 crew) Sources: The Road to Guilford Courthouse, the American Revolution in the Carolinas by John Buchanan. This Destructive War, The British Campaign in the Carolinas, 1780-1782 by John S. Pancake. From Savannah to Yorktown, The American Revolution in the South by Henry Lumpkin. The North Carolina Continentals by Hugh F. Rankin. The Whites of Their Eyes : A guide to the American Revolution, by The Canadian Wargamers Group