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The Battle of Ramilles 23rd May 1706 (Thanks to Iain Stanford) French Order of Battle Officer Commanding: Marshal

l Villeroi
132 Squadrons, 70 Battalions & 70 Guns
Location in Blue Commanders in Green Units in Black Light Grey if Completed. Units Needed in Purple Unit Name Actual Unit Right: The Elector of Bavaria: 82 Sqns & 25 Bns Francnee and Taviers Garrisons 5 Bns Lt General A Grimaldi 5 Bns Nice Unit St Segond Unit Grimberghes (Spain) de Laernes (Spain) P Grimaldi (Spain) 1st Line: 33 Sqns Lt General Roquelaure 8 Sqns Leib Dragoons [2] (Cologne) Acquaviva Dragoons [3] (Spain) Royal Dragoons [3] Lt General Liancourt 13 Sqns Maison du Roi [13]

Sub unit if used.


Randy Randy Ian: have figures will paint. Have French Units for back-up. Ian: have figures will paint. Have French Units for back-up. Ian: have figures will paint. Have French Units for back-up.

Unit Sub

Warren La Rein (E)

In Progress

Warren has part of these and he Gary and I will complete. This is 26 squadrons in size as squadrons are twice as big as normal cavalry.

Lt General Egmont 12 Sqns Maine [2] Cousillon [2] Fontaine [2] Toulouse [3] Royal-Etranger [3] 2nd Line: 35 Sqns Lt General Rohan 15 Sqns Versailles Hussars [3] Aubgne Dragoons [3] Rohan Dragoons [3] Espinay Dragoons [3] Ferrare Dragoons [3] (Spain) Lt General DAlegre 10 Sqns La Mothe [2] Aubisson [2] Bellafonds [2] Toulongeon [2] (Spain) Bar [2] Lt General DAntin 10 Sqns Ligodez [2] Nugent [2] Cayeux [2] Harcourt [2] Beaumont [2] (Spain)

Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub

DAnlezy (W) Heudincourt (W) La Ferronay (W) Orleans (I) Bougogne (I)

Unit Sub Sub Sub Sub

Warren Hautefort (I) La Vrilliere (I) Listenois (I) Bouville (R)

Sub Unit Sub Sub Sub

Piedmont (W) Ian Barentin (I) Acosta (I) Brissac

Unit Sub Sub Sub Sub

Ian Choiseul (I) Forstat (I) Vivans (W) Bissay (W)

3rd Line: 14 Sqns Lt General Gaisson 14 Sqns Pasteur Dragoons [3] Rysbourg Dragoons [3] (Spain) M de Camp General Dragoons [3] Chassonville Dg [2] (Cologne) Bretagne Dragoons [3]

Sub Unit Unit Sub

Bouville (R) Ian Warren MdC (E)

Deployed to the Right of Ramilles 10 Bns 1st Line: Lt General St Maurice 5 Bns 1/Leib (Cologne) Unit 2/Leib (Cologne) Unit 1/Leib (Bavaria) Unit 2/Leib (Bavaria) Unit Grenadier [1] (Bavaria) Unit 2nd Line: Lt General de Maffei 5 Bns Provence [1] Unit 2/Bassigney [1] Sub Wolfskehl [1] (Cologne) 1/Kurprinz (Bavaria) Unit 1/Kurprinz (Bavaria) Unit Ramilles Garrison Lt General Carman 7 Bns 1/Picardy 2/Picardy 3/Picardy Clare 1/Grondin 2/Grondin Royal Italien

Warren Warren Ian Ian Ian

Warren 2/Provence (W) Bruce? Ian Ian

Unit Sub Sub Unit Sub Sub Unit

Ian 1/Boulonais (I) 2/Boulonais (I) Ian 1/Bourbonnais (E) 2/Bourbonnais (E) Ian

Deployed behind Ramilles 3 Bns (Part of Carmans Command) 1/Castellas Sub 2/Castellas Sub 3/Castellas (France) Sub

1/Royal (R) 2/Royal(R) 3/Royal(R)

Centre & Left: Marquis de Bedmar 50 Sqns & 45 Bns Deployed between Ramilles & Offus: 29 Sqns & 30 Bns 1st Line: Lt General Surville 17 Bns 1/Alsace Unit Warren 2/Alsace Unit Warren 3/Alsace Unit Warren 4/Alsace Unit Warren 1/Gardes Francaises Unit Bruce/Ian 2/Gardes Francaises Unit Bruce/Ian 3/Gardes Francaises Unit Bruce/Ian 4/Gardes Francaises Unit Ian/Bruce 5/Gardes Francaises Unit Ian/Bruce 6/Gardes Francaises Unit Ian/Bruce 1/Gardes Suisses Unit Ian 2/Gardes Suisses Unit Ian 3/Gardes Suisses Unit Ian 1/La Marck Unit Warren 2/La Marck Unit Warren 1/Montroux Unit Randy 2/Montroux Sub Lassay (R) 2nd Line: Lt General Birkenfeld 10 Bns 1/Villars 2/Villars 3/Villars 1/Greder Suisses 2/Greder Suisses 3/Greder Suisses Nassau (Spain)

Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub

1/Dauphin (I) 2/Dauphin (I) 3/Dauphin (I) 1/Gred Allemand (I) 2/Gred Allemand (I) Surbeck (I) Ian: have figures will paint. Have French Units for back-up.

Holstein (Spain) Fisileros (Spain) St Vallier 3rd Line Lt General Guiscard 28 Sqns Royal Cravattes [3] Rosen [2] Arco [2] (Cologne) Weickel [6] (Bavaria) Arco [6] (Bavaria) Garda Walloon [3] (Spain); Electoral Life Gds [3] (Cologne) Electoral Life Guards [3] (Bavaria)

Ian: have figures will paint. Have French Units for back-up. Ian: have figures will paint. Have French Units for back-up. Sub Bandeville (I)

Unit Sub Unit Unit Unit Unit Unit

Ian La Baume Warren Ian Ian Warren Ian

Offus Garrison: 3 Bns (Part of Horns Command) 1/Saint Sulpice Sub 2/Saint Sulpice Sub Isenghien Unit

1/Zurlauben (R) 2/Zurlauben (R) Ian

Deployed between Offus & Autre Eglise 21 Sqns & 15 Bns 1st Line Lt General Horn 7 Bns 1/Le Roi Sub 1/Nettancourt (I) 2/Le Roi Sub 2/Nettancourt(I) 1/Spaar Sub 1/Vermandois (I) 2/Spaar Sub 2/Vermandois (I) Courrieres Sub Agenois (R) 1/Zuniga (Spain) 2/Zuniga (Spain) 2nd Line Lt General Lede 8 Bns Lede (Spain) Bournonville 1/Vigier 2/Vigier 3/Vigier 1/Pfeiffer 2/Pfeiffer 3/Pfeiffer 3rd Line Lt General Crimay 22 Sqns Beringhen [2] Cano [2] Dobbelstein [3] (Cologne); Wolfamsdorff [6] (Bavaria) Costa [6] (Bavaria) Prinz Philip [3] (Bavaria)

Ian: have figures will paint. Have French Units for back-up. Ian: have figures will paint. Have French Units for back-up.

Ian: have figures will paint. Have French Units for back-up. Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Bourbon (I) 1/Champagne (W) 2/Champagne (W) 2/Champagne (W) 1/Dauphin (I) 2/Dauphin (I) 3/Dauphin (I)

Sub Sub Unit Unit Unit

Levis (I) St Pouanges (I) Warren Ian Ian

Allied Order of Battle Officer Commanding: Captain General John Churchill

123 Squadrons, 74 Battalions & 120 Guns
Left Wing General, the Count de la Auverquerque Facing Francqnee 4Bns 1/Dutch Foot Guards 2/Dutch Foot Guards 3/Dutch Foot Guards Friesland & Stad & Land Garde Companies

Unit Unit

Bruce Bruce

Facing the Area between Francqnee and Ramilles 1st Line Lt General Oostfrise24 Sqns Dutch Oostfriesland [2] Sub Auroch HK (I) J.K. van Eck [2] Sub Spiegem HK (I) Obdam [2] Sub Erbach-HK (I) Rochford [2] Sub Schulenberg (I) La Leck [2] Sub Briedenbach (I) Craligen [2], Sub Banier (I) Tilly [2], Sib Voights (I) Horse Guards [2] Sub Hanover Leib (I) Carabineers [4] Sub Fechenbach (I) Dorff Dr. [4] Sub Erb Prinz HK (R) 2nd Line Lt General Dopff 24 Sqns Dutch Wurtemburg [2], ? Tengnagel [2], Sub Sachsen H (I) Driesbergen [2], Baldwyn [2] Unit Ian Grovestins [2], Emmings & Vittinghoff [2], Erbach [2], Unit Ian Oranje-Friese [2] Sub Ostheim (I) Schmettau Dr. (Ansbach) [4], Unit Ian Baudissin Dr. (Holstein) [4] Sub Bibra (I) 3rd Line Lt General, the Duke of Wurtemburg-Neustadt Danish 21 Sqs Liv Regiment [2], Unit Randy Holstein [2], Unit Randy Ahlefeld Ku. [2] Unit Randy 2nd Jyske [2], Unit Randy 3rd Jyske [2], Unit Randy 5th Jyske [2] Unit Randy 4th Jyske [2] Unit Randy 2nd Sjaelland [2], Unit Randy Wurtemberg-Oels Dr [5] Unit Randy The Centre General Charles Churchill Deployed behind Auverquerque's 3rd Line Lt General Schulenburg 11 Bns Hanover Rantzow [2], Unit Tecklenburg Unit Schwartz (Munster), Aderkas (Holstein), Sub Barner (Holstein) Sub Albermarle (Swiss), Sub Sturler (Swiss), Unit 1/Orange-Fries 2/Orange-Fries Slangenburg Facing Ramilles 1st Line Lt General Schultz 12 Bns Dutch Deelen Nassau-Woudenberg Soutelande Tscharner (Swiss), Nassau Walen Hirzel (Swiss) Lorne-Argyll Borthwick Colyear Murray Churchill (British), Mordaunt (British)

Ian Ian Germans (I) Germans (I) Hirzel (I) Sturler (I)



Sub Unit

Luttisch (I) Warren

Sub Unit Unit

Dalrymple (I) Harry Ian

2nd Line Lt General Oxenstierna 11Bns - Dutch Grumbkow (Prussia), Sub Dedem Sub Heyden Sub Van Els Sub Huffel Sub Castell (Ansbach) Sub Keppel Pallandt Unit Ranck Sub Vegelin Sub Salisch Unit Facing the Area between Ramilles and Offus 1st Line Lt General Spaar 14 Bns Dutch Garde til Fods (Danish) Unit 1/Sjaelland (Danish) Unit 2/Sjaelland (Danish) Unit Funen (Danish) Sub Oldenberg (Danish) Kroonprins van Pruissen Sub Heuckelom Oxenstierna Unit Capol Grisons St Paul (Hanovarian) Unit Bernstoff (Hanovarian) Unit Brunck (Hanovarian) Unit 1/Kronprinz (Prussia) Unit 2/Kronprinz (Prussia) Unit 2nd Line Lt General Ingoldsby 10 Bns Schwartz (Munster), 1/Prins Carl (Danish) 2/Prins Carl (Danish) Wurtemburg-Oels (Danish) 1/Prins George (Danish) 2/Prins George (Danish) Evans (British) MacCartney (British) Stringer (British) Howe (British)

Wulfen (I) Von Hagedorn (B) Von Bulow (B) Beynhem (B) Friesheim (B) Heidebrecht (W) Ian Rechteren (I) Goor (I) Bruce

Randy Randy Randy Fynsk (R) Varene (I) Harry Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian

Unit Unit Unit Sub Sub Sub Unit

Randy Randy Randy Bruce 1 Bruce 2 Bruce 3 Randy

Facing the Area between Offus and Autre-Eglise Lt General Orkney 12 Bns in 2 lines British 1st Guards Unit Warren Godfrey (Derby) Unit Randy/Tim Borthwick (Fergusson) Unit Randy/Tim Lalo (Row) Unit Randy Sabine Sub Bruce 4 Webb Unit Ian Orkney Unit Randy Ingoldsby Unit Randy Farrington Sub Bruce 5 Meredith Unit Ian Tatton (Marlborough Unit Ian North & Grey Unit Ian Right Wing General Tilly 1st Line Lt General Lumley 15 Sqns British Stairs Dr [2] Ross Dr. [2] Lumley [3] Cadogen [2],

Unit Unit Unit Unit

Ian Ian Ian Ian

Schomburg [2], Wyndam [2], Wood [2] Lt General Dompre 21 Sqns Dutch Guard Dr. [5] Hesse Homberg [3] Dompre [2] Powell [2], Garde du Corps [1] Chanclos [2] Athlone [2] Pentz [2] Frechapelle [2] 2nd Line: Lt General Oyen 18 Sqns Van der Nath Dr. (Holstein) [4], Bussche Dr. (Hanoverian) [4] Heiden [3] (Prussian) Canstein [3] (Prussian) Hunerbein (Munster) [2], St Laurent (Hanover) [2] Artillery 24lb Guns [7] (Dutch) Howitzers [1] (Dutch) 9lb [3] (British) Howitzer [18] (British) Regimental Guns [18]

Unit Unit Unit

Ian Ian Ian

Sub Unit

Ausfess Drg (W) Ian

Sub Sub Sub Sub

Leib H-K (I) Bruce Bruce Bruce

Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub

Bothmers (I) Villiers (I) Beyreuth (I) Wartensleben (I) Nagel (I) Noyelles (I)

We probably have al the pieces but will need a few crews.