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OOB Germantown Order of Battle of the British Army Under General Sir William Howe 4 October 1777 Right

Wing (Major General James Grant) 1st Brigade 511 5th Foot 309 55th Foot 202 2nd Brigade 520 4th Foot 247 49th Foot 273 1st Light Infantry 510* Brigade of Guards 798 27th Foot 244 28th Foot 262 Queens Rangers 177 15th Foot 296 37th Foot 287 Left Wing (Lieutenant General Wilhelm von Knyphausen) Third Brigade (Major General Charles Grey) 552 17th Foot 260 44th Foot 292 Fourth Brigade (Brigadier General James Agnew (K)) 853 33rd Foot 270 46th Foot 246 64th Foot 337 Brigade Stirn Brigade (Brigadier General Johann Stirn) 906 Regiment von Donop 379 Leib Regiment 527 Hessian Feldjaeger Corps 341 2nd Light Infantry 550 40th Foot 246 Grenadier Battalion von Minnigerode 410 Total 7463 Reinforcements (Lietenant General Charles Earl Cornawallis) 1170 2nd Grenadier Battalion 465

Thomas Marshal--770 4th Virginia Brigade--B. Washington RIGHT WING--M. Nathanael Greene==4180 Greene's Division--M.G.G.100 1st Pennsylvania Brigade--Col. G.G.G. William Alexander Lord Stirling==1. William Maxwell--595 North Carolina Brigade--B. John H. Lamb's Continental Artillery Regiment Corps de Reserve--M.G. Adam Stephen=1680 3rd Virginia Brigade--Col. John Sullivan==2.G. James Potter 2nd Brigade: B.630 Sullivan's Division--M. Moses Hazen--440 Lincoln's Division--B.G.G.G. Nathanael Greene=1.600 1st Virginia Brigade--B. Peter Muhlenberg--700 2nd Virginia Brigade--B. Francis Nash (mw)--600 Pennsylvania Militia Division--M.G. Thomas Conway=585 LEFT WING--M.195 New Jersey Brigade--B.G.500 1st Brigade: B.Col.G.G.G. William Smallwood . William Smallwood Western Shore Brigade--B. John Armstrong--1. Anthony Wayne=1.G. Richard Humpton 3rd Pennsylvania Brigade--B. James Irvine Maryland Militia Division--B. Charles Scott--910 McDougall's Brigade-B.G.G. Thomas Hartley 2nd Pennsylvania Brigade--Col. George Weedon--900 Stephen's Division--M. Stone --505 2nd Maryland Brigade--Col. Alexander McDougall-=900 1st Connecticut 4th Connecticut 7th Connecticut 8th Connecticut Mansfield's Company.G.Grenadier Battalion von Linsing 410 16th Light Dragoons 295 Total 8633 Continental Main Army--Gen.G. John Sullivan=945 1st Maryland Brigade-.

Marching Militia--Col.200 Continentals 3. Marching Militia--Col. John Murdock Frederick Battalion. Somerset Militia 2nd Battalion. Monmouth Militia Eastern Battalion. Baker Johnson Ann Arundel Battalion. Somerset Militia 1st Battalion. William Hopper Kent Battalion. Marching Militia [Talbot Battalion. Marching Militia] [Dorset Battalion. Luke Marbury Montgomery Battalion. Thomas Dorsey Eastern Shore Brigade--Col. Marching Militia--Col. Darby Lux Prince George Battalion. Mordecai Gist 5th Maryland Regiment (Continental Line) Queene Anne Battalion.200 Militia . Morris Militia Total: 8. Marching Militia--Col.Baltimore Battalion. Marching Militia] New Jersey Militia Brigade (attached)--B.G. Marching Militia--Col. Marching Militia--Col. David Forman Forman's Additional Regiment (Continental Line) 1st Battalion. Marching Militia Caroline Battalion.