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Map Probkm No.


1071—C. * O. 8.8eh., Tort L«tv«aworth~-4-16-*t--iSftf

MAY 31, 1039.


Prepared by
Maloolm F. Lindsay, Captain, Infantry,
Class of 1933.

Dispositions of Russian Army of Manchuria. open p l a i n of the Liao v a l l e y . . 1SQ4.eavenwurth. HISTORICAL PACT3 RELATING T THE STUDY. No. After O the various reverses to th? Russian forces during the per period ous fros the 'niidl^ of June to the T a t t e r p a r t of July .-ry iiq. Aujurst 05 to b 5. i90< ­ J u l y i90<-. wh^r^ from August 15th to September 5th thr» b a t t l e o^ Liao Yang took p l a c e . 1204..r'cofi physical d i f f e r e n c e s . Plan of Japanese Attack. Ooramanrt General 3 W f School. No. 4 . August 23.. The Tai-tsu River. Tho b ^ t t l e f i o W of Li to Yans i s divide^ i n t j sec­ tlons of vi. September I I . a variety of Tilllet. No. All of the streams in t h i s area are e a s i l y for^ablo.l a n h i September 1. but l i a b l e to ludden flood. 1904. No. 8.1 ao Yang. No. Russian Defenses and D i s p o s i t i o n s (General). 6. f e r t i l e . 1013. "HE S U Y PRT23ENTED. Genera! plan for the Combined Japanese Army. The B a t t l e f i e l d of Llao Yan£. No. Annetea as follows: Ko.'nonpar*son of tho two h o s t i l e f o r c e s .iao Y-ias. u i *•(«: The D i r e c t o r . Kansas. t . M Yoar Class. Test of the Man­ darin Road l i e s the p e r f e c t l y l e v e l . which grew to H h e i g h t of I ^ ^ P ten feet ana wan close t o g e t h e r .1 . No. PAPER! ACCOMPANYING: 1. Dispositions of Russian A ray of . 3 . East of the Mandarin Road r i s e the spurn of the mountains. a t r i b u t a r y of I . and within a few miles the country la of a r e a l l y mountainoui c h a r a c t e r .--Tafl Marshall Oyana j u s t i f i e d T D in his a c t i o n s at the B a t t l e of Mao Yang. Kansas. A study of tho B a t t l e f i e l d of U a o Ynng. Dispositions of the Russian Army of Man­ churia. 3 . Plan of Japanese Attack. 5. 9. The vHileys between the h i l l s are c u l t i v a t e d in t e r r a c e s . Plan of Japanese Attack. 1C04. This area is a Jumble or h i l l s . 2. A bibliography for t h i s study. August 30. Tho Russian Defenses of 1. 18042 I I I . . At t h i s season of tho J e a r It was cov­ ered with c r o r s of which the p r i n c i p l e one was tcaollng. 1004. August 30.. ?. August 32. so»neti'ne<* covered with brush nond so^otlme-3 b a r e . Fort Leavonworth. Strength of the two H o s t i l e Forces* No. th« Russian Amy of Manchuria r e t i r e d to th* defenses of l. I .Fort J. May 51.

(?) North of th > rull-vay briage.^ain or Inner Position.and roliow­ ins tne crest or a line or heights whic^i run from h i l l 693. . cnia-fang towards Y«-yu-chl ana Hsic-pu. The Outer Position prtended from An-8han-chan on west through I ancr-tgu-ihan to An-ptng and une Mung­ «ha Ling on tho eastT a t o t a l distancw of approximately fifty-t1v* miles.ig too ox tensive for the Rus­ sian Ariiy or Manchuria under General Xuropatkin. ponton.Uo River. ThlV position wa3 a l i t >? t l e less than tan miles in extent and completely surroun­ £>e* th^ town with both Flanks re^tin« on the Tal-Tsu Ho. The space between the more Important works w^re filled with entan­ glements an* ^artous k^nis of position formed a £reat bridge-h^ad protootln3 the croisin^s over the Tal-tsu"Ho. (1) 0 Anno* No. These ^efonses were very carefully constructed anri a great amount of Tabor had been expended on then:. Ton or twftiv* miles nearer une cluy was me Advanced Position extending Irora 3hou-shan-pu through Meng. and since tho Inner Position was co?n«i«ndf-:d by tho Advanced Position. iX*jnton. Two o * trireu x mllen in roar of this position and completely dominated oy i t . ponton. (8) North of (?) anotbor brl^go ucro3 3*both branches : f tht: r i v e r . and th« 3ha south of the c l t j . ponton. . The Russian Defenses of Llao Yang. partly oV boats. O the south are n thr*u t r i b u t a r i e s of Importances tho L*n ana Tans 7 * ^ 9 rtait of LI 1 Yang. 1. flowi fro-. This position consisted of thr^e lines of fcr + s or THR outor line consisting of a series of eight *nut supporting forts extended from Huanj-chia-"^ 1 n^-tsu on the no^th bank o^ tho T^l-tiu H to ^rh-fa wbe^^ i t rested on o th^ hljrb ground north of the Plver. Tho following*bridges had buen constructed up to August 50th: (1) North of Hslao-tun-tau.*H r-i Lino Ya"f). then af t»r a sharp b*n* northwa^ I t turns V tho w-ist and then > south anrf nows Into tho T. A^v^ncud and Inner. 2. (C) Railway b r i i ^ e . Just west of Ihou-shan-pu to uxe Tal-tau Ho. {£) 100C yards ^orth.) 3) (3-7. Chinese boats. (3) (3oe Xnnex No. The defense-? of Mao Yan^ consisted of Uireo mc­ poslMons--the Cuter. was + < . (2) North of Yeh-nJ. the heaviest f i j h t l n ? took place alonjr the middle position. q nonton .-tsuan. (5) North of the north-^ast corner of tho city walls. redoubt* and vun poslt'ona connecting tb^ north west corner of the to^vn an^ Pun-ch?a­ chiao-r^o.8) . and in rear of t h i s s t i l l n third llrr* extending from the north-oust corner of tho d ty to Tuan-cMu-ohlao­ bo. The Outer Position w.••ho Ituo River. The Fattlef1. > (9) At tho bend in th* Rlv^r. th« e*it to Ltao Yans. (5) Erh-fu. In roar of t h i s lino was a second s^riei of f o r t s .

but i t has been generally estimated at 135.000 W 1 iin U KP l . The A» y Reserve (:j^ b a t t a l i o n s .T General Eil^orlVnc o/ten­ dori fron holorht 1400 through height 9100 to t. 180) 7) (4-334) . August 23.000 bayonets. Tho t o t a l of these detachments waa 14 b a t t a l i o n s .irtn Road nnfl o^Unrtlnfj fro"J the Nlu-?ouang--Uao Yan? Roud V.000 bayonets. 3ha-ho and Y p The abo<r«3 groups also included detachaant^ at Liaoho. (5* (6) ( ? ) . 35 HO. vldo In­ to four n^n Jroup*.000 sustt. cjnu-. 3. 52-l/'} ^ .!ukdon. sabres and 559 guns. o^ tn* .nflcj by ^ n . ' ^ r o n q an* ^33 cruns) corni^Mns o f t h e M HberJ^n lor?*. on the uop^i Tai-tgu H in o the neighborhood of Ta-lin. This was 13# of the whole Rus­ sian Field Am guarding points not directly threatened r y by a single Japanese soldier. Tho ? ^ t o m Group (6? b a t t a l i o n s .000 sabres and 559 guns.. The combined Japanese Army consisted of the F i r s t . 16.irf mainTi' of troopg of the 5th liberian was distributed chiefly at I. 32 q^uadron3 and 13 e. (3) (4) (See Annexes No*. 33 squadrons and 38 guns guarding the r i . Xuro­ patkln estimated his troops to be 128.ftt 0 U K Pl vldo In t l . at Hiin-min-tun. 115 b a t t a l i o n s . aid alon^ the T-ni-tau H between o Mao Yang and Pen-h«5l~hu. '0. and a point half ^as betw^nn Ta-van on tho Liao H o and Liixo Yan?..o i53. 1Q1 2 n n 3 ' w a B located at Liao-Yung. M squadrons and 470 guns. (5) (See Annex No. of which 110 were in­ fantry. and ? b a t t a l i o n s .n ^ P r S i 110.000 bayonets. 3. Strength of the Two Hostile Forces). 12.uns guarding the l e f t *fl'Ank. w 4.a«* Strength of the T o Hostile Forces. h t flank. Second and Fourth Arcaies.000 t. Thu 1 o u * > ^ Group o n i i 'Urn.000 sabres und 6?3 guns to 115.-san-Mvi In th^ v t i l e . the strength of theJaponeoe battalion was greater than the Ruisian b a t t a l i o n . Disposition of the Russian Army of Manchuria. The Rujiians. There are no accurate figures as to the ex­ act strength of the Japanese Field Army. While the Russians had more battalions than the Japanese. of th<^ 4*\ arid 1? S y r i a n Corp. on the extreme loft scattered around 3ln-t3in~tin and Wcitching the roads leading from the south-t-ast to Mukdun. 2 S'l rn con^l 4tl'.­ at Pen-h^i-hu and Ohiao-tou. Tho Run a Ian force u j already stated has bo en various­ < ly estimated from 1:38.. X Corpo an^ oart/of the XVII Corps unrt'. and Annex No.ecj we-^t of ivlulcden. how10} e«f ) ) (3-179.ho Tal-tsu General Re^™/* (30 b a t t a l i o n s . 1004). 2O-1/0 ^J ronq. r a l Zu­ I^ifctoa about 30 mile* smith of IUo Y*iS uatrido the U a ­ i. 13.

(3) On the '23d August Marshall Ojarnu l a r i e d hlq orders for tho attaolc."1 hui rotr-at>?d uithor through foroe or through uhoico.!*•" (8) (») () (10) (U) (18) (3-181) ((3 1 3 ) 31 (1-34) (8-103) (4-13) °X C ° r p q # Th0 r l 2ht flank of th ^ Position . T^ th t h i i object in view tho Plr-jt Anuj wa^ to gain po^cMiion of tho high 3*vvird weit of the Tang Ho and was to extend i t s lo^t jo 9/i <o Join v/ith the Fourth Ar vy • Tho Fourth Ar.­ though a nunibor of tho Runlan guni wore old patU«rn oven ttllo^lrw for t h e i e tho Ru-nt mi h ^ a l u p e r i c r l t y In guns. whi^h min-jtcl:' r e s u l i t e d t d i s p o s i t i o n of tho f o r c e s . In aVUtlon to the o J i e r a faot^rs unfavorable to tho R a g l a n s .h w-ii follo'voi shortly thor»>aftor tha by j now "T)i-ipon\t \on \To.s s ­ ful.\tont.' ^ .»ok the I Siberian Corps. tho l^-i? of hill f 5 south of Mon£j-chla-fan2--laji-8hia7t3U wi*h i t n extr«. The intontlon of the Japuno^e conainder­ In-ohiex"1 «-tj to drive the Ru*j3iam out of the Aa-^hun­ ohan — Lans T tzu-iliun p o s i t i o n . ^ . (1C) U l ) (13).nvwi o r t. The. mo d i s p o s i t i o n of the Russian troops 'vas as follows: Pro:u h i l l 5C5 to tho valley of Tnnu Bri. This order had thu e f f f e e t of uoolishing tae Southern and ia3t'ern Groups and thu indppondunt commands of Zarubaiev and B l l d e r l i n g .io*. In addition to thin fore* thero ^ s also in th.>s onij .nies on s.3C A'?su 3t General Kuropatkin cV^e"^ to withdraw fro:a the Outor Position to tho W Position an-i i^iiod "Disposition for tho Array of M a y. Dlapoaltion of R. tV«ir 0-? cit^nnUi pl. ^ i .rlslncrl. Pror. s i c x .. All of th» above factor* favorable to the '•(uni-.tao -"uan whH. Ajacrvn* 23.. 2M. (0. 2".J baUailorn. of both corp^ amount- in- to H onnadrons.en th* *£roi9or* and hvid boon vjtri. These r e t r e a t s h:tf da. during tho >il/ht 2S-. Ki the .? VAlLey or Tassu Brook tn^ c ? m ^ r .Japanese had b».ever. Tivi of Japanese Attick. 6". Thereafter these o f f i c e r s retained the coiiiuund of t h e i r reapellvo Corps. n t nnter 1eri»r>a\ ?nt^ov 6 squadrons o f A . 3^e :\nno-< No. «?hilo the H a n l i n ? hid b ^ n on th« d^funsive -J. H^twoen tne 1st and V Siberian Corps to ? euard the vi\io^ o f TaiS'J Broo'< Win nlncod a det»chm.ornM zed tho Pu-nian Lmy to some «:. 3. Ho.-io shv. avi W . front where they wo'ilcl bo able to ^tt-iOk the o^concl l l n ^ of tho *1o­ fon-ie. 13-^4) ^h tho^o citticka foro .a& !• ft iboMt Yi^^.y t^c Second Arrn> w-i-3 to asseii:­ blo on tho b'. und b^ the evenl^s of the 26th of Auju^t to placu h i ^ own fir. Pro'a ?i*-vi ^ n o i : to" h H i iceo i n c l u s i v e ./ a t ^ itren^th of 170f0C0 :oon.^ the Japancvv Field Ar:n. if pov*\Me. X904).'iy m ai to roach.o.. wero «rH«tlw superior In cavalry and In guno.m voro counterbalanced by the luoic of morale.nain unsucc 1 : ful. ihe 3d 51beri. h U l 1080 exclusive to the ?iv2r t h ??--!?!!. (3ee /Vrinex No. * .. August 30.4 3 8ian Arwj of tfanchuria.

(16) (1?) (13) U S ) .. ibCi) (13) (1-68. the 30th of Ausunt Mar«ihall Ov-'iaa j hi \ orders Tor th^ attack of t h a t ' p o i . (1-?) (11) (15)« (3eo Annex No. 10 squadrons -m^ 10 jun^ s c a t Thi^ 3lve3 H t o t a l of llfi b a t t ^ l l o n a .ind p a r t or the 5th ^ r l a n Corps nortn o l t n e Tai-tsu Ho on h i l l iC5? ami H i l l 9*0. On th* l o f t flank wero 4. T1 mo. 4^ b a t t a l i o n s .^l-sent waj to /?ttick the h i l l ? above .nrdlns the Liao Valley.ander­ in-chi»5f. 76) .an* was ocv­ V er«4 o? uiiu XVII Corps . (3ee Annex No. an'! 5C . an* 33 b a t t a l i o n s . 10.y an-ioted by the 30th Kbbl P. n i i 4 b a t t a l Sons and 16 £ua*5 nf. on Yentai. ? f Plan of Japanese Attack.l l . 6? b a t t a l i o n s . and Petorov and tov with 6 b a t t a l i o n s . 3 squadrom an^ 3 guns of the 5th Siberian Corp* at Pen-hsl-hu. Division an* one M euid 4th <UborUn Corps ani trio « a r r i son of M«n Vang.'-loaa­ ohlA-f-uir in conj-Mootlon "/ith th*> Fourth Array. I t was to bo as Tilted by tho 3'2 B r i d i e of th« li DYvii'on. but I t was ^DJI^rally un^^Vooo^ t h a t tho i3th Divis'on vm to e r o . i to tho ri.' 16 ^nM. To t h i * may oe added Orlov's oetachraont of 3 o a t t u i Ions.ick the p o s i t i o n be two en H^ln-li-tun -iid Tauo-fan-tun > fro>o th*> ^ i r i t Anr.:nUon ^an . 69.^ht bank of the T. l t Ion # The >^?o r w-\ to l^ave ons li^i^ion at tho 'H^poqal of tHo co oi. The 3d Di­ vision w*. unr* 13c ^in-j \a r e s e r v e . ' H I in p r o t e c t i n g deta^htnonts. Aujju^t 30.». ^"i^ cho a r M l i e r .i!-t<vi Ho i^ soon as poislbl-r.of tho ?^ Division.jqt -:o. *? squadrons and 70 Runs. 6. th». The. Al'tor f. riJ-nt Xossa-tovsfci with 8-1/'2 b a t t a l i o n s .l i n g . No fur­ V Mf t h e r :p.70. 43 s'lU-idroria anr* 4M . ir th^ noi^M^hood of the T a . 71) (4^18] (3-303. an* Orulov'a detaohmont of 0 b a t t a l i o n s . in^l was to bo foll.l » f t P. 9.i'i*idro'i*. The following aetauhimmta wore m a d d i t i o n : On ttu. 11) (5.Utloni for the Armj of Manchuria.. 4 squadrons arid * guns marehln?.t a n . ^ir-.\<i to utV. 33 S'>uad­ rcm*j.H^O an to ho . ^n.i1 TKV r of th». 90S) (1-75. 300) (IB) tl6) (17) (18) (19) U-8.Jabavln vith 13 squadron a e. and with the roinalninj t^o d i v i s i o n s was to 00­ C'-ny the hoicrhtn fro»r> h i l l 693 to H q l n ./ved by th* i : t n Brivja^. 9 3 juadrons and IS^suns near Ta-w*n.ho Ru-^ian^ hn^ H vH i fQ withdrawn to th^-Ad­ ^ .* to support tho Tho Fourth Ar?ay vt. l.b a t t a l i o n s . C s*>uai­ O ron°. a.s cov«rofl i n i t i a l l y by X ^ ^ n k o it Jl ^ f then D Srokov with 14 4.:t *\i??j 1J?H? tc bo umployed.un9 In tV? front l l n ^ i .-xnc-^ Position o*.r><* I jvin«.Pir-. r«. Haln­ lain-tun. 70) (14) (3-199. about. T«f 5 v. Th* rjonerui Raiurvo uon*i-steel of ^awisonov1 s Cavalr. 1004) .

1001 H I ) 88) (4-100) . 3 . l u « c h i a . c .c h i a . 3«ptoiabrr i . 1 for th« Manchurlan Ann.4g 1 a t or* moved to the Yentai Coal L l . Tho ono«». (3C) ( 3 1 ) .(eKclu<jivft).i-tou Ho -r o Ku-chang t-n Hgl-k M The Gonoral Rvivrvn* wan to take pO3i./ M * c r o ^ .k o u .he'r.' l vo Lh* north Mnk of th« unonx a further withdrawal. t h e 3d S i b e r i a n Corps lenvln-r jr:^ brigade and two b a t t e r i e s to take p o s i t i o n north of t h e c i t y w a l l s .lischenko t o 3 a i .fcfAcooKins to tho forosoino h i 3 t o r ­ l e a l i n r c r r / i M c n General Xuropatkin f 3 dv^oiiLon to^. The Vlss Division of lh»» 3th 3'. on the p«vt of h i s a u b o ^ i a a t o a .n of Jap-j. t h ' * 3 d S i b e r i a n Cor?3 from th^ r ^ i w « ' ( i n c ^ n i ^ ) to ^ r h ~ f a .nln P o s i t i o n o'.c h u a a s .n n R AfWr ftworal Xuropatkln Wtrn<* t h a t Uie -. It*i. r..h o .. t h e X Corng l e a v i n g one b r l j a d o and t h r ^ e b a t t e r i e s t o form up xt Hsln-cheng.l l e n . u ^ i a r u were r e t r e a t i n g b*j.tlon a* 1 s t 3i v '^r > lan Cor. and tii-j f i n a l " s t r e e t of t h e R u u U ^ .*oi.H3 ^o^?i of p r o s t ' U e anf t.r w ooft­ C l M ' H and i « thrLtonln* h l i Ur.nn Corp-i unrl one brlfitiide and throe b u t t e r i e s of t h e The XVII Corps *va'3 t o secure the l e f t flnnk bv ri >»y t.iT?u^«ion(.)S a t T .u. anfl" allo'vpc? con­ i l d e r ..a-jures adopted by Mnrihal] OjisMaH f o r f u r t h e r a c t i o n aro only i-nperf'^cLly known. and Gen e r a l I-Curo^.'*P­ ^ . ^oote.t u n . t Ar'. The Japanese followed up t h « Hw3ilan retlr«?ft»:>it to thn Main P o s i t i o n of T^iao Yanj on t h e worn ing of 1 3ep­ tfjjabsr. Ho wA^ o i / o r t t t i n j on I n t e r i o r l i n o s .fl the troop.l*'!^ around Manju YcbUci. V*. Apparant./ . The rqr. He w.\?ia0^ . HD IV• CPTNIO"! OF T .t u n .o r b .m Corps and t h e 54th D i v i s i o n u n i e r Gerior-il Orlov to Yen t a i n 3 t a t ! o n .i b l e latlLudt.« of o o ^ o u n ^ n M ^ o V d.^ to take up a oo w i t h i n t.> ralli-v:rt.tencnn? fro* C h l a g . P l . ser^raUi' us fol­ Th" 4 t h 31borl..m Corps w. b . t j c c n t r u t e .nco Attao-c. <S.i b e l l e v i n o t h a t the P . the Ruasiun SatiPct^r^atfejiv^: c o u n t e r " o f f e n g l v o . HU OPf.M^ t-iinert^r " K o U U o n .'-n'onr 1. F u r t h e r r e t r e a t p e r m i t t e d the yne. aJud 3i AuzuVt. an^>rlan Corps WHS t o tako p o s i ­ t i o n ri-riv the 3 d ' l * b e r i . (This c o r n i con<*l«jted on­ •ij^of tho 5th EH-)t 3lborl«n Riffl« Division in^ wun to oo r e i n f o r c e d by ono b^lsado arvi two b a t t ^ ^ i e a of t h e 3d 3lfcpri. (23) (300 Annex No. The cav-iirv wa^ disposed as follows: 3uasonov to 3 h a . p o s i t i o n s of t h e Faisal an Anay of i i a n c h a r i a .-nuko a Hand in t h ^ v l o i n l t j of I l a o Y-nn^ ' ^ q nourid fur t N . (See Annex No.' wa-1 <\T. L a t e r t ^ i ' j d i v i s ­ ion WHS orrV^e*"! t o H s l a o y t a .t u n to th. ^ ^ 1 ­ a .an the p u r v i i t which led up to the fl^ht. 1 J 0 4 ) .o hl:i: l0W5: ?) A!5i>>9hHl Oyania hntf t h r e e o l ^ (a) T attack o (b) To (0) To 30) (8-78^ V9) 81) (1-108.v h l a d i r e c t i v e 'J'-Olrt'? Por a "cntin»uUlon of the ^ t t i c ' * .ho p o s i t i o n * on th^ n o r t h bank or t h e Tf?. AUTHOR. 1004).

Me* ha'! f « h o i M l o . Tho R u s s i n m T»vere n o t a l o n e in co'nmiltln^ e r r o r s . an^ of coaoontratia»j.e?^ and ilurlng tho b a t t l e f u l l e d airain t o talce the o f f e n s i v e wh».in e x c e l l e n t op t-mity t o win th^ He was i r r e s o l u t e . ^ ^ a l ^ i t h a t of t h o Rus­ r n J r » u n e j . c o n ­ form t o h l i movem'-Ti**.^ p r o t e c t h i ? common i c a t ions whon by an en^r-^oti^ o f c e n ^ l v e h e niijht huve chnn^ed trte l ' o f t h e b a t t l e an* tho whole w a r . and would have been d i q a ^ t r o u s i f he had b^en con­ f r o n t e-3 by a more a g r e e s I v e and r e s o u r c e f u l Marsha"1. b u t ho had th^ advantage of T. and on more than onp occxsVon t h l g f a c t wa^ a source of c o n s i d e r a b l e worry to hire.^ r o n e r v e .rcj. ­ o f t h oo Jr»une-j«. >-n<\ kopt h l i a m y * l v i . Conclusions—Marshal O^ana was jusLined in ni8 actions at the Bat Lie or Liao Yang by tae vesuiis atLainecl Ac. A poor plan wen execuLeu is better than a -* plan poorly oxeouted. No no VI. d i d n o t u«*« h i s c a v a l r y and f r i t t ^ r c ' i nnf a-vay hl.«n by -JO doing he had :. and by hi* determination auu i n i t i a t i v e cre­ ated opportunities w. >» .iic* wero seized upon and exploited. Hl«i main i d e a was t o s t a v e o f f d»^fcat . 'in? n n r r ' j i nio n ^ is s l .«5 a^'-t^qt sMi'e^ior nuui­ o r n .ain^t a more ^n^r^etic .nd resourceful leader no was courting disaatrtr.j. conformed to t n e ono-ny.If hf d o s o « U h o r of t. o i m s . REC0:CTC^DATT0N3.*v> t h e R u n U n a U n * ^ / ' ^ to b*"in»* ' n T-. V. c h i e f c i r t i c i T m .s him would t u r n from h U t h e tioiaont he I f he attuol:o<?. 2. Inf an ivy \ . Ccr-T Japt iiin . in? . of t h e Japane •« commander wag hi^f-xx f a i l u r e t o c r e a t e an a p p r o p r i a t e re-jervn. ho 'vai coln. and </.h* l a s t t*'o > tninfc* I n i t i a t i v e . General Kuropat>3dn f a i l e d t o t n k e advantage of hiB i n t e r i o r lir\e>°> hy n o t attacl<in£ t h e J a p a n e s e Ar?ay w h i l e i t wo a di^ir'.or'i r ^ i ' i f o r c n i i o n t * . Ieadernhlp 'vas one decidiag factor in this battle.Korea a t h i s bvjfc **\<l t h e Chii<:':c who wore anl'3 -ip. Qyama WHS a* r e s o l u t e as h i s opponent was o!v>tc.a»:in?: t h e eneii. h i ^ n.

The Campaign of Liao Yang—Major H. Port Arthur. Official History of the Russo-Japanese War.i. The Ru a so-Japanese War (The Campaign in Man­ churia—1904) by Capt. .. A. Constable & Co. London. Liao-Yang. 2. Sedgwiolc (R. German Offlcian Account of the Russo.T> Key: (3-0. f text (below) pages 8 and 7. British Official History (Naval and Military) of the Russo-Japanese War. 5. Londo. Liao Yang.). London. Hugh Rees. Harrison and 3ons. Harrison & 3ona. Rowan-Robln­ sorv. Late Lieutenant 33 (Sast Prus­ sian) Fusilier Regiment. German Army. London. 1014.. 1. 101:3.. 1012. London. 4. 1000. R. R. Liao Tang.Japanese War. Part IV.A. George Allen and Company. prepared by the Historical Section of the Committee of Imperial Defense. Ltd. ?) « No. P.P. Ltd. Trans­ lator: Karl von -Donat. London. 1000. the 3ha Ho. 3.

1. c A \\ AnSnQn-\ \ m .•' V\> ".»/. -o Yen ^ft u / ''•!. „­ -f\\.-••-r\:- * ^ : BATTLEFIELD OFLIAO YANG is 0.. .. v ^ o \.«.000 10 i A/V/VEX At 0. . .A *»:­ ..' pfil-fajf S. ' V ^ ' /. . ' ' ­ y^'xA''­ i .\ MUKDEN o // C t i ^ v?i • |'"N < ' " % > " < . ' ' / " .

v i .

TO5» SCALE OF naes s~ to I yen 7<t» Hill 4 ^5ho w >SMn-pu <$* ^ .BATTLE" Or UAO-YANG £3* AUG. --^ x C W<-M 4/O&T / 4/Wtf <Joo foo KS-*/OO ' ^ OF L/AO .


19 11 13 6 3 3 3 e 36 36 36 ­ 6 108 33 16 4 —. 54 R o to OH 3d Siberian Corps Xth Corps XVIIth Corps 24 33 11 67 14 13 6 33 68 136 44 238 3d Division 4th Division 6th Division 11th Kobi Brigade 1st Cavalry Brigade 1st Artillery Brigade 4th Regiment Foot Artillery 3d Independent Battalion. Umezawa'a Kobi Brigade Hijikata Battery captured guns 13 13 13 6 — — 1 Total 113 33 470 Total 193 The strength of the Japanese Field Army was estimated at 135. Grekov 10 13 13 13 _6 30 13 34 3 5 3 __ __ 69 •S .000 men.000 men.05 o Japanese. . Total combatant strength of the Russian Army of Manchuria was 140. X 6 13 10 8 on w try a*! _ii 65 153 35 136 48 — 4 4 3 4 13 335 559 Guard Division 2d Division 13th Division Genl. a 88 33 33 6 153 to d C O a Ru9aIana. 41 17 3 3 6 3 3 3 4 378 36 36 73 36 36 36 6 6 6 CO 5th Division loth Division 10th Kobi Brigade In reserve at LIAO-YANG Garrison at LIAO-YANG At MUKDEN-5th Siberian Corps Garrison of MUKDEN Garrison PEN-HSI-HU At SAN-CHIA-T3U With Col.000 to 158. Foot Artillery 1 Battalion 4#3 inch captured guns 1 Battalion 6-inch captured hows. H 0$ o u f n 43 'i ro o m +3 0 5 TO CQ 1st Siberian Corps 5th East Siberian Rifle Division 4th Siberian Corps Mounted Reserve (Southern Group) 31 13 24 30 11 6 17 57 . Madritov At TA-WAN With MaJ«-Gen.

I * 1 o- i .

OF 23 P/a/7 of \JcLp a n e s e /jftac/c. jr. . T/L -YAHCr TZ \ u./A /!£0 ­ /Vo. y .#u s S.


N 5 IB. . LMO YAA/G mi* Situ *>tioh <it +h<* trte 1 J Scale 500. AC. 0/5 PO^IT/O/v OP TM& AfiMY OP 23. 000 0 1 10 i i 30 I Nt- No. TA 1 xx TZ \ #£14-00 CHMO-TOO BATTLE *«* OF.

. A r my Samsono* Con LIAO-YANG w. i'S l+oo . t. 3-' Si/..2005-2007 For Evaluation Only./V /Y £ X Jo. SITUATIONS 3Oth AUGUST..r. Cor/os 4-. A.Edited by Foxit Reader Copyright(C) by Foxit Software Company. A.. 1904 BATTLE OF LIAO Scale I' 84000 YANG —-i—^^rei ..... t<904-. .

/90+. - TAPANBSB .7 Jf UAO-YANG BATTLES OF L Sjxpa pahtse .

1904. Scale Mile I 4 0 I—r fc—i 1 2 1:84000 3 € Miles •14 * ' • XVIIth Army Corps ? A.C 1097 LI A 0-YANG o' 693 •') loeo SHA-H .D/3PO9/T/0/V3 OFTfiA /ff-JS/W/V A ft/*! Y QP SITUATIONS I st SEPTEMBER.

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