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Plataea (DBM Order of battle

The third Greek command (the Megarans and others) had retreated as far as Plataea by the time the battle started. It starts off table and enters on a die roll. Main sources are Herodotus for the Greeks (he gives the numbers as 50,000 Hoplites and 25,000 Light Troops, including cavalry) - he gives the Persian numbers as 300,000! Dupuy reckons about 100,000 Persians and 80,000 Greeks, which is more plausible. The battle started after the Greeks tried a night retreat from the ridge of hills overlooking the Asopus river during which the three parts of the army became hopelessly separated. Mardonius, seeing his chance, attacked. During the previous 8 days, the armies had stared at each other until Persian cavalry raiding eventually made it hard for the Greeks to get water, forcing them to try and withdraw. Troop name Troop Type Elem Cost (EE) ----------------------------------------------Persians Main Command (Mardonius - Persians) CinC Reg Cv(0) 1 28ap Persian Cavalry Irr Cv(O) 6 42ap Skythian Cavalry Irr LH (F) 7 28ap Immortals Reg Bw(X/S) 6 42ap Sparabara foot Irr Bw(X/O) 6 27ap Kaspian Archers Irr Ps(O) 8(4) 16ap 30 183ap Demoralised after losing 10 elements Sub-command (Theban allies) Sub-general Reg Cv(O) 1 28ap Theban Hoplites Irr Sp(I) 6 24ap Paphlagonians Irr Ax(O) 7 21ap Mysians Irr Ps(S) 8(4) 24ap 18 97ap Demoralised after losing 6 elements Sub-command Sub-general Reg Cv(O) 1 28ap Persian Cavalry Irr Cv(O) 5 35ap Light Horse Irr LH(O) 6 30ap Skirmishers Irr Ps(O) 6(3) 12ap Parthian Archers Irr Bw(O) 2 8ap 18 113ap

5 elements Sub-command (Megarans and others) Sub-general Irr Sp(O) 1 14ap Hoplites Irr Sp(O) 11 44ap Skirmishers Irr Ps(O) 6(3) 12ap 15 70ap Demoralised after losing 5 elements This command starts off the table (in Plataea) and can enter in the Greek bound if the Greek CinC rolls LESS than the current turn number on 2d6.e.5 elements Sub-command (Athenians and other Greeks) Sub general Irr Sp(O) 1 14ap Athenians/other Hopl Irr Sp(O) 15 60ap Athenian archers Reg Ps(O) 6(3) 12ap 19 86ap Demoralised after losing 6. (i.Demoralised after losing 6 elements Total army size 393ap Greeks Main command (Pausanias .Spartans & Thesallians) CinC Reg Sp(S) 1 27ap Spartans Reg Sp(S) 7 49ap Thessalian Nobles Irr Cv(O) 3 21ap Thessalian Cavalry Irr LH(O) 5 25ap Thracians Irr Ax(S) 4 16ap Helots & Messenians Irr Ps(I) 10(5) 10ap 25 148ap Demoralised after losing 8. there is a 1 in 36 chance of it coming on in the third move) It enters in column along the road from Plataea Total army size 304ap PLATAEA Wargame layout .

City of Plataea is off this corner somewhere The hills do not count as rough going. but give a combat advantage if upslope .<--.